How to Use the Really Simple Books Spreadsheet

Really Simple Books is a simple income and expense spreadsheet to keep track of your business and be prepared for tax season.

If you’re a product maker who doesn’t care much for keeping books, this is for you.

This spreadsheet allows you to track income and expenses in a simple and organized way. Add each item as it happens (right from your phone), and the spreadsheet will be a realtime income and expense statement that you can download at tax time.

The Really Simple Books spreadsheet is FREE if you enter your email address. Get it now.
The Really Simple Books PROFIT/LOSS Tab

Note: This Google Spreadsheet is the “manual” way to keep books. Really Simple Store owners have this built into their dashboard. If you want to learn more about the platform, go to the Really Simple Store website.

Ok. If you already have the sheet, here’s how to use it…

Set up

The Really Simple Books spreadsheet is a Google Sheet. That means you’ll need a Google account (YouTube, Gmail, G Suite etc) to save a copy of your own.

The spreadsheet link you got in the email is to the master document. Save a copy of your own before starting by going to File > Make a copy.

To make it easy, use this for only one calendar year. On Jan 1, copy the document again and start fresh for the new year.


Besides the typical spreadsheet functionality, there’s one relevant part of the interface to notice- the tabs across the bottom.

The tabs are for the different categories of information. You can tell what each tab is by its title. (Parenthesis around the title means it’s an expense category.) The PROFIT/LOSS tab is the realtime profit and loss calculation. You never need to add information to this sheet. It uses the data from the other sheets to calculate information automatically.

Adding income (sales)

There are two tabs for entering sales- Products and Services. Click on the appropriate tab, and add a new row to the sheet, filling out information for each column.

As soon as you fill out information in any tab, the PROFIT/LOSS tab updates automatically.

💡 Add any additional columns that would be helpful for your business.

Adding expenses

Expenses work the same way as income. The tabs for expenses all have parenthesis around the title. For each business expense, decide which sheet it should go in (based on what type of expense it is), add a new row, and fill out each column.

💡 Descriptions can be as detailed as you want… or leave them out.

Sharing with your accountant

At any time, you can choose File > Download As to export the spreadsheet in a couple formats. Most accountants can use an Excel Spreadsheet format, but more forward thinking accountants can be shared on the Google sheet directly by clicking the blue Share button (top right on a desktop or laptop).

If you have additional questions or need any help, please reach out to me at! I want this to be helpful and useful for people, so I’m happy to get anyone started.

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