OST Alpha 2 Update

Week 3 of 6

The OST Alpha 2 Proof of Concept project is going really well. I’m super excited.

To demo the token economy stuff, I’ve recreated the API, cart, and products dashboard so far, working in the new token-related components.

In the process of recreating, I’m improving all of the underlying code and foundational stuff for the whole platform. It’s long overdue, and it feels really good.

For now, though, I’m doing only what’s necessary for the demo.

I still need to create the front end store piece and the backend store admin, and there are plenty of details left, but I’m up and running with the OST API and making great progress every day.

Here are some screenshots of the new interfaces. The design is simpler, and the UI animations are really 👌.

Work-in-progress product dashboard with “marketplace” info for token economy
Work-in-progress cart
Work-in-progress cart
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