OST Alpha 2 Update

Start of week 4 out of 6

I wanted to share another update. I’ve finished most of the heavy lifting and am about to get into the “story” that I’ll use to get my concept across in the final video.

If you missed the first post, this is all part of a project I’m doing as a proof of concept for OST’s Alpha 2 phase.

I found the OST KIT API and interface super easy to use and really quick to develop with. I had no problems doing anything I needed to do to get my proof of concept up and running.

From both an entrepreneur’s perspective and a token holder’s perspective, it’s great to see that the product is useful, well-documented, and reliable. I have even more confidence in the project after playing around with it. I’m very convinced that a lot of businesses will find it useful and economical.

Here’s a quick video that shows some of the work I’ve done so far. It’s all real and working, so now I’ll focus on what else I need to build to tell a good story for the final video.

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