Selling with Authenticity

The little things can go a long way

Today, there are countless articles, podcasts, webinars, meetups, talks, Snapstorms, and conferences teaching you how to run an ecommerce business and sell to more people.

Those are great… but don’t forget the basics. Like, be authentic.

Nobody wants to give their money to a computer, and most people don’t want to blindly pick something off of a conveyer belt. They want to buy from a brand- with a mission and with humans behind it.

Here are some things you can do today, for free, to portray a more authentic brand:

  • Email customers (random or all of them) a few days after they purchase to ask how it’s going
  • Share more behind the scenes photos and commentary
  • Use your name and your employees’ names in your content and on social media
  • Make sure your microcopy reinforces your brand
  • Remove fields from your checkout that aren’t necessary to complete the order (if it benefits you and not the buyer, get rid of it)
  • Write honest content on social media and your website (admit mistakes, share ideas early, praise competitors when it’s due, etc)
  • Answer comments on social media, and take an interest in the accounts of your followers (like their stuff, share their stuff, give them feedback)
  • Be genuinely excited about what you sell
  • Give, give, give for every take (always)

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