How to organize contacts in Texter’s Realm

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How to organize contacts in Texter’s Realm —

Organization is really key to navigating bulk sms messaging, especially when its so easy and on the web as enabled by the Texter’s Realm platform.

Since we created the platform, groups has always been a key feature that we wanted to incorporate and roll out for our customers. This provides greater abstraction for how to handle bulk texting and is an important part of the way Texter’s Realm works.

Organizing contacts in groups is a revolutionary feature on the Texter’s Realm platform and we believe it provides for better user experiences to our customers.

Every contact in Texter’s Realm must belong to at least one group. This one group, almost always, is the Default group which is a system generated and system enforced read-only group as we will see later in the post.
We provide avenues to attach additional groups (on top of the system generated Default group) during:

  • Contact creation (in the dashboard)
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notice the groups to link with contact section
  • Contact approval (in the case of on-boarding contacts through urls).
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notice the group contact section

Immediately we sign up bulk SMS customers (markerters), we create for them a system generated group called Default.

This system generated group is some sort of hidden ninja, since contacts can NEVER be removed from this group and all contacts always belong to the Default group, forever!

It is so hidden that it is the first group that is selected during creation of a contact.

As nerds would say this is a feature and not a bug! The Default group comes in handy when our customers want to text everyone in their Texter’s Realm account.
In this case, during composition of the text message, the marketer can select the Default group, and everyone gets a message. (Just like it would be in the Oprah show.. everybody’s getting one!)

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everybody gets a message when you select the default group*

As general counsel, we advise our customers never to include other groups after they have included the Default group in their text messages to prevent some contacts from receiving messages twice.

In addition to the default group, marketers can include other groups, specific to their organizations and unique to their needs, these groups can be created in the groups section of the Texter’s Realm platform.

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how to create a new group in Texter’s Realm

If customers wish to add more contacts to an existing group, they can do so in the individual contacts page by clicking the edit icon on the contact.

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clicking the edit icon on the right side of the contact enables for additional grouping
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marketers can then specify the additional groups to link with user.

Groups are a feature we love at Texter’s Realm since they enable our customers to become proactive in how they organize their contacts. Existing groups are listed on the groups page for the marketer to view or remove contacts attached to them.

Groups can have as many contacts as necessary, and individual accounts can have unlimited groups forever! No human is limited!

The possibilities that groups expose on the Texter’s Realm platform are close to infinite.

At Texter’s Realm, we are hard at work crafting experiences to dazzle our customers. We are even working harder to ensure we deliver these experiences in the simplest interfaces possible.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and learnt a thing or two about how Texter’s Realm enables bulk messaging on the internet for the average user. Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

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