How we handle airtime at Texter’s Realm

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How we handle airtime at Texter’s Realm —

The ability to purchase airtime on site has been very critical to Texter’s Realm since the day of inception.

A little background on our company is that we send text messages to whoever our customers want to send messages to (typically their audience), whenever they want us to!
To do this we ride on Telco operators within the country. These Telcos usually charge (as they should) to send sms messages on their network.

At Texter’s Realm, our goal is to provide painless web based bulk texting for average users. We provide a simple and intuitive dashboard, where users can sign up, login, create contacts, and with the press of a button, send messages like these ones shown below:

Chasic bank would like to wish you a blessed week ahead. @Chasic

Dear member, please be notified of our annual general meeting tomorrow 2PM at Safari Park Hotel. @UCLSacco

These simple messages are the foundation of Texter’s Realm, and our promise is speed! To do this, we have to make sure our bulk SMS customers (marketers) can buy airtime quickly and easily. After all, this is just the first step in the journey to texting users.

  • To buy airtime, customers will be greeted by the very bold airtime management link on their dashboard.
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airtime management link on Texters Ream dashboard
  • Clicking the link redirects the marketer to the physical page where they can purchase airtime.
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page to purchase airtime
  • Entering an amount displays the buy button, in this case, the marketer has chosen to buy 500 shillings worth of airtime. The minimum amount is limited to 50 shillings.
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  • Clicking the buy button opens up a new screen for instructions on how to purchase and how to enter confirmation codes for the various payment channels supported.
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payments form showing the accepted payment methods including mpesa
  • Once the transactions are validated, the dashboard will then bump up the airtime amount purchased to the current balance.
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notice the 500.10 kes balance
  • Texter’s Realm will send an email and a receipt confirming your payment which the organization can use for internal purposes.

The marketer can then start texting and sending messages immediately.

Texter’s Realm considers on site airtime management to be a key feature for our customers as it enables the entire platform.

We hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something or two about Texter’s Realm. Feel free to subscribe to our publication and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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