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Karitha Weekly Report

A recap of Karitha’s progress for the month of July as we continue to build and improve 🛠

Twitter thread:


  • Potato’s Florist

Some behind-the-scenes of Karitha Games Nights. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

  • Battleship
  • Mini Gold Club
  • Fixed word repetitions in the drawing game
  • Fixed entering doors and houses
  • Real-time updates for building items
  • Disabled selecting the player on Building Mode
  • Better visual representation for placing item error
  • Fixed side notifications messages issue where it was not showing properly
  • Realtime update for the navigator when buying or selling houses and land
  • Realtime update when selling or buying a house (it will appear on the land for all players on that land)
  • Updated the items data both on the game and server
  • Updated the mannequin sprite sheet
  • Completed South-West and East directions within the map
  • More sketches for in-game building exteriors:

🔹 9 lamps
🔹 1 chest
🔹 1 closet
🔹 1 gate

  • Sketches for in-game

🔹 Phase 1 Buildings and various accompanying build (shacks, towers, ramparts, etc.)

  • Organised and improved logistics of games nights
  • Improved reporting for game testers
  • Updated temporary Faction wallets mechanism
  • Improved Medium Publication homepage
  • Updated the latest version of the Pre-Alpha game

Over the past week, Karitha Discord server has:

🔹 Weekly Visitors: 439 visitors
🔹 Weekly Communicators: 91 communicators
🔹 Weekly New Members: 3 members
🔹 Weekly New Member Retention: 40.7%



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Realm of Karitha

The Realm of Karitha is a 2D Metaverse based in a medieval fantasy setting where players are able to embark on their virtual adventure.