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Karitha Weekly Report

@oReXo3 ‘s Protectors of the Realm has officially started!! Good luck to the 12 Protectors ⚔️

  • Mini Golf Club
  • Battleship
  • Kahoot!

Thank you to everyone who participated in @karithaio Games Nights and congratulations to all winners!

If you want to join the games, please visit our discord server to find out more

  • The Birth of an in-game building (sketch phase)
  • Finalised and completed all UI scaling
  • Fixed Drawing game bugs
  • Enhanced and improved the Drawing game UI
  • Added a feature to store or take all items from Storage at once
  • Added Zoom in/out feature
  • UI improvements
  • Added Many new items (WIP)
  • Created some mock isometric cityscapes within Valgarde’s city walls of how it might look (build-wise)
  • General Store in-game building
  • Various buildings of different shapes and sizes

Over the past week, Karitha Discord server has:

🔹 Weekly Visitors: 409 visitors
🔹 Weekly Communicators: 48 communicators
🔹 Weekly New Members: 4 members
🔹 Weekly New Member Retention: 50%

To view @karithaio past updates and accomplishments, check out Karitha Progress Page here:



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Realm of Karitha

The Realm of Karitha is a 2D Metaverse based in a medieval fantasy setting where players are able to embark on their virtual adventure.