Electric cars — Tesla versus Faraday Future prototype

FF-91 unveiling at CES 2017

Faraday Future has made a quite a buzz for weeks since CES 2017. Everyone’s been talking about Faraday Future prototype FF91’s crazy spec.

Even Faraday Future have a say on this. They have mentioned that FF91 claimed to be the “quickest production car in the world.” This is proved in a head-to-head acceleration trial with a Tesla’s flagship Model S P100D.

0–60 — Tesla Model S P100D — 2.5 seconds

0–60 —Faraday Future FF91— 2.39 seconds

Well, It seems like Elon Musk didn’t take months to come up with a car to beat the 0–60 record. Oh yeah Tesla has made a race car, set for the Electric GT championship that’ll kick off later this year. And golly, have they gone all out.

0–60 in just 2.1 seconds

(Source: Top Gear )

But I’m pretty sure there are other aspects which need to be compared when you really compare two cars right.

Talk about comparing now I just can’t wait to catch up a drag race between them.. until then. :)

Have a look at MKBHD’s first impressions on FF91 (Just so you know he is a pro Tesla user :D)

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