Spotify Connect — Everything you need to know

I wouldn’t regret the decision getting a Spotify premium subscription. Just so you know Spotify freemium would work fine as long as you are in a country that Spotify is officially supported. As Sri Lankans we have to trick the Spotify every 14 days by using a proxy. (Well, I was doing the trick for more than a year :D)

Everyone knows about Spotify and its features. I want to talk about this specific premium feature Spotify Connect which I’m loving it so far.

Spotify Connect lets you set up a connection between the devices over the internet so it could stream music from any devices connected with your Spotify account directly. This means you don’t run your phone down, it simply acts as your remote control. Think of the possibilities, you can control/sync your audio set in your car or room by using one device.

As per competitors there is Apple’s AirPlay and Google Cast. By comparison, AirPlay which uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to stream music directly from the phone to the receiving device, which can wear down the battery more quickly.

Google Cast, available on devices like the Chromecast, Android TV devices and other compatible audio gears.

Spotify just works for me IMO. (Sorry Apple Music)

Few screenshots from the devices my Spotify is connected to.

In my lap — SL1-L0009


In my iPhone -


Happy Listening :)

Source : CNET

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