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How does KONTXT improve WordPress & WooCommerce?

Download our search and recommendations plugin for WordPress

Over the past year, KONTXT data scientists and engineers have crafted a suite of pre-trained AI / Machine Learning backed microservices that bolt on to existing platforms. We call it the KONTXT Demand Engine and it looks something like this:

KONTXT Demand Engine bolts on to your content, CRM, & commerce systems.

Last month, we released a new WordPress plugin that makes it easy to bring this demand engine into your environment. There are three areas of value that are enabled immediately through this plugin.

1: Improved search results

2: Content and product recommendations

3: Deep behavioral analytics

Tldr; — Try it for free by searching for KONTXT in your WordPress plugin directory or visit our official WordPress site to download it now. It works for WordPress core and a handful of popular plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and more on the way.

How did we improve the out-of-the-box search results? First, we wanted to make it as simple as pushing a button without confusing levers, knobs, and configuration. Then, we decided not to ‘bloat’ your existing WordPress installation by requiring a secondary search platform like SOLR or Elastic. Third, we introduced natural language understanding and keyword expansion in order to tailor the order of the results that are returned from your site. As an added bonus, we included a lightweight Pinterest-style results template in order to present your content in a way that visitors have come to love. Early results from customers show a dramatic increase in click-throughs and fewer abandons.

Simple, effective, unobtrusive recommendations.

Content and product recommendations are also simple to enable. Our Demand Engine observes traffic signals and introduces a light-weight unobtrusive recommendation slider in order to present the right mix of content based on what each user is doing at that time on your site. We look at behaviors like views, comments, purchases and ratings in addition to the entire path of the customer journeys.

Finally, we made sure the analytics presented to you are rendered in real-time. This includes mapping major points of the customer journey, identifying keywords and intent of your visitor, as well as the KONTXTscore(tm), a new comprehensive daily meter of your site visitors overall sentiment for your brand. It’s kind of like the Net Promoter Score, but without the need of a survey and interruption of the user experience.

How do your visitors feel about your brand?

Please give it a try it for free by searching for KONTXT in your WordPress plugin directory or visit our official WordPress site to download it now. We are releasing new enhancements each week. If you have any questions, comments or conjecture, please let me know!



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