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KONTXT brings AI to Product Search and Recommendations

Integrate KONTXT within your e-commerce experience

AI will be the key to optimizing and fusing the UX bridge between customer demand and product supply. Having the supply in sync with the market’s demand is a struggle that can be seen within larger retailers with distinct divisions across marketing, commerce, and supply chain — corporate domains that are, at times, at odds with respect to silo KPIs. Smaller companies still have these issues, but decisions are largely consolidated within one or a few individuals. Larger companies generally have capital available to invest in AI in order to help their respective teams surface problems and automate decisions. Both large and small companies can benefit by using AI to identify signals of demand in the day to day interactions with their customers, and plan their supply accordingly. Our mission at KONTXT is to bring enterprise-class AI optimization and insights to smaller businesses through directly accessible, push-button enabled functions within the systems they use today. Our first step in this direction is the KONTXT Demand Engine™ for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Download the plugin | Contact us for a demo or non-WordPress extension

KONTXT Demand Engine improves WordPress and WooCommerce search results and provides both content and product recommendations through simple on/off controls. No confusing controls, screens, or configuration. Our plugin operates for both content sites or storefronts, and sites with a mix of both blog articles, FAQs and products.

How does it work? KONTXT Demand Engine analyzes all interactions between your customers and your brand to create AI-powered search results and recommendations. Deep journey, intent and sentiment analytics are included out of the box. With KONTXT, we help you answer the question “why is the customer on your site and what do they really want?”

Our latest free upgrade includes deep journey analytics that help plot site interactions against common retail and content goals like conversions, registrations, search failures and one-hits.

Features of our WordPress plugin:

  • Improved search results including Pinterest-style masonry template without requiring additional software like Elastic or SOLR that bloat your WordPress installation
  • Content and product recommendations widget
  • Natural language understanding for core WordPress functionality as well as popular plugins: WooCommerce, bbPress, Gravity Forms, and Contact Form 7
  • Customer journey path & flow analysis
  • Customer intent detection and analysis
  • Tone, Sentiment & Emotional analysis
  • Keyword extraction to help optimize search advertising bids
  • KONTXTscore — your daily customer sentiment score — like NPS but not intrusive

Our beta is open now, is free to use, and we are deploying new features weekly. Search for “Kontxt” in the WordPress plugin directory embedded in your site’s administration portal, or download the zip below and upload to your site. Please give it a try and let us know what you think — or PM me if you need some help. Our engine was constructed to be flexible and can be integrated within other commerce systems, so if you’re not running WooCommerce, let me know and we can help.

Download the plugin | Contact us for a demo or non-WordPress extension




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