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AMA Satoshi Club x Brokoli, October 4th

We were delighted to welcome our guest from Brokoli. The AMA took place on October 4th, 2021 and our guest was @monikabrokoli.

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello again, dear Satoshi Club community! We are pleased to announce AMA with Brokoli


: Our guest today is .@monikabrokoli

Welcome to Satoshi club

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: @monikabrokoli hello and welcome to Satoshi Club

Monika | Hello! Pleasure to be here, thanks for having me


: We are Glad to have you here..

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Nice to e-meet you

Monika | Same here

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Big thanks for joining

Monika | My pleasure

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Sorry for delay

Monika | No worries, the important part is we’re here

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Let’s start! Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Brokoli

Monika | Of course, I’d be happy to! My name is Monika, I am Brokoli Network’s CMO.

Recently marked our huge growth with a green hair moment:

Monika | Hello

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Oh! You are really beautiful

Monika | Thank you so much!

I first stepped into technology back in 2015. It was also the year I learned about blockchain because I had the honor to work with 150+ tech companies and their management

Prior to Brokoli I was Head of Marketing at one of the biggest AdTech platforms with the reach of 1.5B+ people and operations in 130+ markets. So dynamic work environment and tech is my thing

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Great background


: 150+

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Give us a brief introduction to the project. What is the essence of Brokoli

Monika | More than happy to

Monika | We combine NFTs + DeFi + Metaverse

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: it is very timely

Monika | One of the main attributes is trees in the real world and them being mirrored in the digital space as NFTrees

Monika | Let me share a video that sums up everything beautifully

Monika | Brokoli’s core platform: a green aggregator for token swaps, lending and yield farming. It makes every DeFi transaction climate positive at no extra cost for the user

Monika | API: Any GameFi and DeFi platform can implement the Brokoli API to make their transactions climate positive, generating more revenue, brand awareness and users for Brokoli

Monika | NFT Digital Forests: Users can receive seeds by using Brokoli’s green products or by completing quests. These seeds are turned into NFT trees after the DAO vote.

Digital NFT forests will be tradable as Brokoli Impact Credits with other users that want to move up the leaderboard of impact, and with corporates that want CSR (corporate social responsibility) — it’s a decentralized alternative to carbon credits

Monika | This sums up our essence

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Nice video! Thanks for sharing! by the way, you were on AMA at Satoshi Club not so long ago.

Monika | Yes, we were!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: please tell us what new has happened with Brokoli during this time

Monika | I’d say we developed the model in its entirety.

All dots were connected in full and we found a way to make even bigger impact than we thought of before

Monika | We’re introducing our users to the impact-to-earn model — each and every Brokoli user will be able to not only use a range of green DeFi solutions but also make positive climate impact while doing it

Monika | But this is not the best part

Monika | The best thing about this model is that impact becomes a currency

Monika | In our metaverse each tree you personally helped plant in Earth will become an NFT tree in your own digital forest

Monika | People will be able to either grow their forests, level up their characters and customize them or they will be able to sell the trees to other users and earn money

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: it’s amazing how much you did in this short time

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for great introduction, we have several questions which were selected for the 1st part. Ready to start?

Monika | Sure thing, let’s go

Q1 from Telegram User @Pavel_Jarosh

Nowadays, the green initiatives are supported throughout the world by goverments, NGO and trans continental corporations including additional financing and mass advertising. Looking at the example of El Salvador with their green energy Bitcoin mining initiative, do you plan to enlarge your presence by any partnerships that would make anyone know about Brokoli and its climate protecting vision? Thank you!

Monika | Thanks for the question — a very good one

Monika | Partnerships are key when it comes to creating impact, that’s a fact. We are making three types of partnerships:

Monika | 1) The community. Nothing on Brokoli will move if the community won’t be using our products and casting their votes on which initiatives to support. So our biggest partnership pact is with the community

Monika | 2) Global initiatives. Three key areas for that: renewable energy, e-waste management and recycling, tree planting and forest conservation

We’re onboarding projects from these areas as we speak and we’re aiming to get as many global initiatives as possible.

Some names were already announces — Sadhana Forests, Ripple Africa, FOROS… Many more to be launched in our news

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: gold words! the community is the engine of the project.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Yeah! You are green

Monika | 3) Green API integration. Any GameFi and DeFi platform can implement the Brokoli API to make their transactions climate positive, generating more revenue, brand awareness and users for Brokoli.

What it will look like is an additional checkbox at the project’s transaction step where a person will be able to choose does he/she want to support Brokoli’s work with 1–1.5 dollar or not

Some announced partnerships include XCAD, VAIOT, Coinburp and many more

Monika | Will look something like this


: Is 1.5$ the max?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Looks really great

Monika | For now that’s how much we’re planning to place but you never know


: Great.. Thank you for your answers..


: Ready for the next question?

Monika | Of course

Q2 from Telegram user @KathDM

You mentioned that the more we use the Brokoli Network products, the more trees we plant (in both real and NFT forests). How wonderful! The idea of trees in real forests seems like an excellent initiative to me. Is there a maximum limit of trees that each person can plant in a given time? For example, how much is the maximum number of trees that we can plant monthly? Can we decide in which real forests these trees will be planted? Will we have any proof that the trees were actually planted?


: An interesting one

Monika | Yes, awesome question!

Monika | We don’t have a cap placed on how many trees a user can plant — the more impact, the better for blockchain and the planet

There might be a tree shortage to plant on the partner’s side if we go full force with the community

But that’s why we’re onboarding multiple projects in those key areas, tree planting being one of them

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: with whom you are already working in this direction

Monika | As for traceability and picking global spots — totally!

Traceability and transparency are blockchain’s beauties. You will have a real-time personal dashboard that will show you just how much trees you yourself helped plant:

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: You are absolutely right! It’s a good use for blockchain

Monika | This will always be updated, we’ve agreed with our partners to have constant info flow.

And yes, you will be able to pick where those trees in the world should be planted because you will cast your vote which initiative should receive the financial support.

Sadhana forests operate in India, Ripple Africa works in Malawi, FOROS works from Lithuania and more choices are incoming

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for sharing

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Ready to proceed to the next question?

Monika | Yes

Monika | This is the same I just answered


: sorry

Q3 from Telegram User @yellowchamp

Before the end of this year,you plan to develop the second product of the green DeFi ecosystem and you also plan to launch the API integration for other blockchains (chain-agnostic integrations). So,could you give some hint what kind of second product you are going to develop before the end of 2021? What is the essential use of this 2nd product in Brokoli Network? As you also plan to launch the API integration for other blockchains (chain-agnostic integration),can you tell us what blockchain you are going to integrate with in Brokoli? Can you describe more about this chain-agnostic integration? What maybe the impacts that this integration would it bring to your platform and to your community and investors? Thank you

Monika | A long one

Thanks for the question! So:

Monika | We have a range of DeFi products that we will be building. Currently our team is developing the green DEX aggregator which you yourselves can test out by going to our website and pressing “Launch Demo”

Monika | Feedback is always very welcome — we even have a testers group comprised out of community members to understand what is the best solution there can be

Monika | Then the next step is to launch our NFTs, we’ve set for distribution in Q4 and that’s what we’re aiming at

Monika | Green integrations (or API) is one of the most awaited solutions so unless our tech team sees a change in priorities or any other force majeur — green API should come next


: Great idea.. how can one become a member of this testers group?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for answers. by the way, share your road map. Is everything going according to plan?

Monika | You can reach out to me and I will let you know how many tester spots we can generate for our community

Monika |

Our entire roadmap as well as the team is visible in our website. Here’s how the plan which is going smoothly now looks like:

Monika | — everything you might want to know is here

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Don’t miss great opportunity for testing, Satoshi Club

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks a lot for the answers

Monika | My pleasure!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Let’s proceed to the next question

Q4 from Telegram User @NataliyaKil

You recently announced a collaboration with CoinBurp, a leading crypto trading platform in the UK. What are the benefits of such cooperation? I’m also wondering if the CoinBurp community will be able to get green NFTs, participate in the tree village and earn passive income? Do you provide such opportunities to any of your partners and their communities?

Monika | Thanks, this is a good example of the green API I was talking about

Monika | CoinBurp users will have the chance to plant trees with every transaction on Coinburp using Brokoli’s 1-click solution on the network, making transactions on the CoinBurp platform climate positive

This is the transaction step I mentioned and the checkbox function I showed:

Monika | At the transaction point on the CoinBurp platform, we will add a checkbox should the users wish to go green. They perform the entire process in real-time, and a seamless user experience is guaranteed

Monika | The partnership announcement can be found here:


: What platform is next?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for your great answers

Monika | As for the NFTs, digital forests and other Brokoli solutions, anyone can use them — we welcome everyone, crypto beginners or pros, members of other project communities too. Anyone can create impact

These partnerships gives us bigger coverage to create more positive impact and get blockchain closer to global adoption. The climate impact it currently creates is stopping it from becoming so

Monika | I think this covers the question


: Yes.. great answer


: Next question

Q5 from Telegram User @Cheriemike

I read in your article that Brokoli closes a $1.9M private round Led by the number 1 launchpad in blockchain DAO Maker and some founders of major DeFi and NFT projects that you proudly call partners such as DinoX, Poolz, VAIOT,PolkaFoundry not only that but also with some country managers that have spearheaded your growth in local communities across the globe they are Raptor Capital, ReBlock and Cryptokudasai etc,you are indeed backed by some good and life time partners that will be your backbone till the end of time.So how will the fund raised enhance the growth and success of your project?What are the expertise and experience these partners will contribute on your platform to make Brokoli the best climate platform amongst others?In the future,will you still hold more private round when the need arises? Thanks

Monika | Thanks for the question!

Monika | These backers and advisors are sharing with us all the accumulated crypto experience they have and are helping us to sharpen our metaverse to its finest.

They’re sharing with us know-how of growth management, marketing tips and tricks and more — anything that could come of help

They all have the same interest — bring blockchain closer to global adoption by making it green

Regarding another private round, currently we’re living in this moment as we’re having the biggest events of the project — we’re listing tomorrow! And the future will show if more rounds will be needed

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Wow!


: Awesome..

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Good luck with your listings

Monika | Thank you!


: Ready for the last question for this part?

Monika | Yes, please

Q6 From Telegram user @ItsMelissa3

You announced that Brokoli Network is looking for project ambassadors to spread the word about you and your goal. I love that idea. I noticed that the link to apply to be ambassadors is closed. Will you reopen it soon? Has the first group of Brokoli ambassadors been selected yet? No chance to participate anymore? I read that Brokoli ambassadors will be rewarded in points. What do the points that each ambassador receives depend on?


: Dear community, we will open the chat soon. Please prepare your questions. Brokoli Network guest will select 10 of them. Please remember the rules

-Only genuine questions will be rewarded. Copied questions will be disqualified

— — — -Read the rules here

– ( Part 2 of the AMA, every user will be allowed to post maximum 3 questions. One message should contain maximum 1 question. If you post more than 3 questions, you will not receive the reward if selected. Thank you for understanding and good luck!

– — — — — — — — — — Also, don’t forget to join @brokolinetwork

Monika | Great question, thanks a lot

Monika | Yes, we do have an ambassador program and yes, the first batch has been selected. We got 1200+ applications

We will have more ambassador rounds so stay tuned for an announcement once we open it up again

Ambassadors are completing tasks which are then rewarded in points. Points are in order to rank the best performing ambassadors and distribute monthly prize pools in a fair manner — those that accomplish the most are rewarded the most

So all you have to do is await the next round


: Great.. please do share with us when the next round is opened

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Awesome system. many chances!


: I’m sure alot of our members will be interested in joining


: Thank you for you answers for this first part

Monika | Happy to provide all answers to your community

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram User @vorvora40

CAN you explain the background of your team? How will you and your team carry out this project during this current pandemic????

Monika |

This is a good question to kick off from — we have a strong team behind Brokoli

Haroldas is the CEO of Brokoli — his background comes from doing marketing with companies like Nike, Adidas, Lavazza, PayPal and Venmo among others

Matas, co-founder and CBDO comes from a venture capital background at a sustainability oriented fund. He has worked in investment teams collectively managing $10bn+

Dejan, our CTO is a former Team Lead and Head of Engineering at Gatehub — №1 XRP Ledger wallet since 2015, XRP exchange and block explorer

Me as the CMO

And Saule, our Head of UX/UI who makes us stand out and grab your attention. Previously in charge of UX/UI at Citrus Accelerator, an e-commerce growth platform that has scaled 10+ brands to 7–8 figure revenues in the health and wellness industry

As for the pandemic — it’s actually not affecting Brokoli but is bringing more people into the digital space. The more users we have, the more impact we can generate

Q2 from Telegram User @Ishan1_7

Why did you choose “BROKOLI” as your name of your project? You mean Is that a broccoli vegetables?Kindly share with us if there is a story behind your project name?

Monika |

Hah, this is a good one!

We’re often asked this and it’s simple actually:

Haroldas and Matas named their previous business Citrus Accelerator, so again — food. Once they stepped into crypto, they decided to continue the tradition and Brokoli was born

Reason no. 2 is because broccoli is shaped like a tree and is green — so healthy message from it immediately

But I have another reason as a marketer — have you seen a broccoli be branded in any way? We have avocados, oranges, apples, even potatoes but no broccoli. And this vegetable is sitting in my households just like that — a green DeFi symbol in the making.

Q3 from Telegram User @SHELBYWINAMA

Can you tell me what is the competitive advantage that the BROKOLI project has? And do you believe that BROKOLI’s competitive advantage is not shared by other projects?

Monika |

I can name a few advantages that come as a combo. With a single project we:

– create an NFT metaverse

– where created impact is currency

– which allows you to earn money

– save the planet

– and push blockchain towards global adoption

It’s a win-win for all — community and the planet

Q4 from Telegram User @Sourava12

I Want to Know What Primary Role Does $BRKL Token Plays in the BROKOLI network and What Incentives and Benifits I will get by Holding the $BRKL Token ?

Monika |

The $BRKL token is key in two things:

– Governance (we are a DAO)

– Metaverse and NFTs

First, the governance:

90% of the fees we collect go towards climate positive impact. These are controlled by the DAO — the vote distributes the funds on three causes

1. Tree planting

2. Renewable energy

3. E-waste recycling

So every token holder has power over global climate decisions — it’s the first in history. Before Brokoli, only the most powerful politicians and billionaires were able to make global climate decisions. Now we put that power in your hands

The second area of use cases is the metaverse and NFTs. Everything inside of the metaverse can be bought or sold by using $BRKL

You’ll be able to purchase them for $BRKL tokens. The NFT characters then collect NFT Trees which you plant by using our products

These guys

Q5 from Telegram User @taemin_vj

You recently mentioned that we can choose the place where we can plant the trees and you also mentioned that “Sadhana forests that operates in India, Ripple Africa that works in Malawi, FOROS works in Lithuania and that other options are yet to come”. My question is, is Latin America and Europe included in those other options? Is there a probability that Latin American countries can be part of a project as beautiful as Brokoli is?

Monika |

Yes, it definitely is. As I mentioned, not all partners have been announced yet — we’re prepping the news.

Only global impact is on our radar so we’re onboarding projects who are not settled in one place but can be found in multiple countries, on different sides of the world

Q6 from Telegram User @cindy_crypto

Still most of the people in the world don’t know anything about crypto and blockchain technology so how can Brokoli help people to understand and get them into crypto?

Monika |

Education is a goal of ours — for this reason we’ve launched the Brokoli University program. The first university that pays you in NFTs because you study

In 9 months we’ll launch 9 programs to reach 9 levels. Each course comes with a test at the end to proceed further. The programs teach not only about Brokoli as a project but also about the issues we solve, why a solution like ours is necessary in the first place and more.

Join here:

Q7 from Telegram User @vedamatrix

English is like to be the main language on crypto world but actually world is much bigger than English so do you have local communities or do you plan to build for Brokoli?

Monika |

Yes, we have plenty of local communities both on Telegram and Discord:











Or you can join our Discord server:

Q8 from Telegram User @foridgfa

Hello Sir,Do you have AUDIT certificates? Or Are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

Monika |

Yes, we are audited by Hacken and are certified safe

You can check out the report here:

Q9 from Telegram User @Emidm28

You recently shared with your community the announcement of the $20,000 AIRDROP on CoinMarketCap. Are we still in time to participate? When will the airdrop end? How many winners will there be? What motivated you to organize this great airdrop for the Brokoli community? And why did you decide to organize this airdrop with CoinMarketCap instead of doing it on the Brokoli Network platform? Will the prizes be distributed in BRKL tokens?

Monika |

Yes, CMC aidrop is still ongoing.

20k will be distributed to 200 lucky people who fullfil all the rules. They can be found here:

This aidrop is ongoing until 10th of October so you definitely still have time

Q10 from Telegram User @jameslekan664

Any project’s community is a valuable resource. How will you convince us that the initiative you’re proposing is long-term? Do you have the funding and a solid team in place to continue developing this project?

Monika |

We do have a solid team — you can see everyone in our website too:

As for funding, absolutely — recently announced that we closed the private round with $1.9M raised:

As for the long-term vision — what we’re trying to achieve is not solvable in a few days or weeks. It will take time and effort. Brokoli is a project not for the team behind it but for the crypto community. Like I said in the very beginning of this AMA, nothing will move on Brokoli without you. So I invite you to join our mission

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of Brokoli. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 300$.

For more information and future AMAs, join our Social Media channels:
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Our partners: Brokoli Website —
Brokoli Telegram — @brokolinetwork



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