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AMA Satoshi Club x NFT Stars, June 4th

We were delighted to welcome our guest from NFT Stars. The AMA took place on June 4th, 2021 and our guest was @AntonCheco!

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with NFT Stars! Welcome to Satoshi Club

D. Папа Роуч: today our guest — @AntonCheco ! greeting! welcome to Satoshi Club!

Anton Checo: Thanks a lot! It’s a pleasure to be here

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Hello, Anton

welcome to Satoshi Club!

Маry Satoshi CLUB: How are you today?

Anton Checo: Doing great! Preparing for an IDO for tomorrow

D. Папа Роуч: big event is coming

Маry Satoshi CLUB: That’s fantastic! Let’s start

Маry Satoshi CLUB: I want to tell, that we want to know all about NFT Stars, as we are a big NFT fans

Маry Satoshi CLUB: But first, let’s start with your intro

D. Папа Роуч: our first question in part 1 about IDO, so please don’t share too much information in the intro

Anton Checo: Glad to hear it!

Anton Checo: Well, my name is Anthony Checo — COO of the NFT STARS & SPACESWAP projects, previously worked as a COO and Business Developer at the Blockchain engineering company ( since 2014 — over 7 years of experience in the crypto industry and has helped over 350+ crypto projects.

We are in here today to talk about A revolutionary multi-chain NFT Marketplace with its own ecosystem that will change the NFT industry

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Very nice experience! How did you get involved in crypto?

Anton Checo: Oh shoot!

Anton Checo: Started with our own ICO but then decided to do services providing back then since it was in high demand

D. Папа Роуч: sure, after brief intro of yours

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Wow! You were fast, not everyone starting with own project

Anton Checo: Gotta move fast to get the cherry on the top of a cake

Маry Satoshi CLUB: But i see that ‘fewer words, more deeds’ is about you

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Thank you for your intro! Do you want to add something or we can move to the questions from our community?

Anton Checo: Once again- it is my pleasure to be here!

But yeah, let’s move on!

Q1 from Telegram user @imwiiw27

NFT STARS will launching tomorrow June 5th 2021, the public sale of its native token NFTD on BSCPad, CYBERFI SAMURAI and A2DAO LAUNCHPAD. Can you tell us the details of your IDO? Can anyone participate in the IDO? Are there certain amount needed to participate? And Does it need KYC?

Anton Checo: Great question.

Well, to begin with- every platform has its own requirements, so to not miss any details — I’d recommned you checking them out yourself.

They all will have different allocations as well.

As for the conditions: the price will be 2$ only per token

10% TGE = and then we will have an unlock of 22% every month for the next 4 months

Anyone can participate, there are no strict requirements

Anton Checo:

Here is the info pic for the total supply for Public Sale

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Did you have any private sales before?

Маry Satoshi CLUB: I need to tell that you give your members a lot of opportunities by choosing several platforms

Anton Checo:

Yep, we closed our private sales and here is the list of our investors

D. Папа Роуч: awesome!

Маry Satoshi CLUB: I need to say that this list impress

D. Папа Роуч: by the way, to clarify, will you conduct IDO on both network — BSC and Ethereum?

Anton Checo:

As for the private Sales- we have only 16.25% allocation for “Core Contributors” which are these companies on the top picture

Anton Checo: That’s correct. Only BSCpad will have the BSC All the other platforms (A2DAO/SAMURAI/FLYBIT)- are on ETH

D. Папа Роуч: nice! thank you, important to know that

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Thank you for your answers, Anton!

Anton Checo: No problem at all — all info is also located in here in case you need it

Anton Checo: No problem at all

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Hope everyone will be able to buy

Маry Satoshi CLUB: And are you ready to proceed?

Anton Checo: Of course! Let’s roll

Q2 from Telegram user @surendra040

NFT Stars wants to transform the NFT industry into all being into quality, not quantity which is a really amazing mission. How do you plan to achieve this? NFTSTARS also offers that special treatment that no other platform does to its STARS. So what is your special treatment about and how will it help to find truly worthy NFT?

Anton Checo: Okay, to begin with — NFT STARS is not just an ordinary platform but the whole ecosystem that has some really unique features in it that I will briefly tell you about:

1- AR-layer solution — an opportunity to get into the NFT AR gallery using a mobile application that will be no different to a real-life exhibition.

2- NFT Quests — First quests with the help of NFT in the world, also played a role in creative marketing for us as well as creating a big community for the NFT Stars.

3- Fractional Trading — sale of high-value tokens in parts for big players such as Beeple as well. (just an Example)

4- Initial NFT Offering — Creative Launchpad using unique Shadow Staking system.

5- Pricing Scanner is a unique tool for evaluating NFT in the current market

As you see, many of these products are very unique and will definitely have its place in the NFT industry by helping beginners as well as NFT professionals.

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Yes, that’s really unique system! I saw platforms which offered one or two, let’s say, similar features, but not all

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Tell us, who developed this? Who are in your team?

Anton Checo: As for the treatment- we will and already care for the NFT STARS users, that is why we have made all of the NFT Token minting absolutely for free!!

So there is no need to pay for minting, the commission will be withdrawn only after the sale.

The commission will vary on the type of your account:

General 2% / Premium 8%

The difference in Premium will be : a few hrs of a free consultation with our legal team / Personal NFT STARS manager and many others

But the whole aspect in here is that all of these commissions will actually go towards the NFTS Token Buyback as well as its burn right after.

Anton Checo: Sure thing! We have a public team located right on our website in here, which you could see me in as well Sure thing! We have a public team located right on our website in here, which you could see me in as well

We are very transparent and you could also see our activity in the NFTSTARS chats sometimes

D. Папа Роуч: this is very cool!

Маry Satoshi CLUB: And as i understand your marketplace will be available on both ETH/BSC?

Маry Satoshi CLUB: I love this!

Anton Checo: We will actually have 3!

BSC / ETH / and Huobi ECO Chain — that can be simply switched right in your Metamask wallet which will change the design of the platform as well.

I will give you a sneak pic of how it looks

D. Папа Роуч: sure!

Anton Checo:

Anton Checo: Well, 3 as for now.

We also have a few famous blockchains coming up soon

D. Папа Роуч: but how is it possible to mint NFT for free on Ethereum?

Anton Checo: Well, that’s when our team takes care for the quality of the product.

Which means that if you are a true artist that has passed our screening process (which is simple, you just have to verify the authenticity of your art works) — then the use and minting of the NFT tokens is free!

Anton Checo: It won’t be free for us, but will be free for our users

D. Папа Роуч: interesting approach, you will be a quite popular among artists

Anton Checo: We already have some really famous people on board

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Can you tell us their names?

D. Папа Роуч: great! i hope everything will get better and better for everyone who use NFT Stars

Anton Checo: I would love to, but we have an NDA signed.

I can give you a hint of the first one, his/her few videos on Youtube have gained over 40 mil views

D. Папа Роуч: that’s a definitely a Star

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Hmmm, i should go to YouTube and find

while i am checking you can answer the third question) ready for it?

Anton Checo: Glad we are on the same page then

Anton Checo: Sure thing!

Q3 from Telegram user @andrey_seleznov

Hi NFTStars!

Recently NFT STARS announced a new partnership with BitBook, a travel platform for booking accommodation and earning rewards for sharing travel experiences. Could you tell us more about this exciting partnership? What benefits will it bring to all involved parties? How does BitBook plan to use NFT STARS, a multi-chain NFT marketplace, do you guys plan to create something like unique travel destination NFTs for them and help with ad placement?

Anton Checo: First things first, all of our partnerships were built with one goal- gain connections and truly interested people in the development of the NFT STARS.

And we surely did!

After having hundreds of hours on the calls with different VCs and KOLs — we have reached the point of getting in touch with really famous stars as well as crypto-stars as well

On the other hand, once we were partnering with one or another company- we have gotten really great support of them and the development strategy using our partnerships.

I cannot fully disclosure of the BitBook plans since our platfrom is only about to launch, although I can assure you in something unique is coming for nearly all of the partnerships that we have

Anton Checo: As you know, all big companies as BitBook or MakerDAO have really strict disclosure policy which I cannot go beyond…

Маry Satoshi CLUB: You partnered with really unexpected project

Anton Checo: We have a strong reason for every partnership made

Маry Satoshi CLUB: So, how many partners you have currently?

Anton Checo: If my count is correct- over 20 large companies and around the same with Super Stars

D. Папа Роуч: partnership a travel platform and NFT project is kinda unique, probably this combo will bring to the world something very interesting

Anton Checo: Just like the rest of our products that we have in our Platform

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Anton, do you want to add something or we can jump to the next question?

Anton Checo: Let’s go on!

Q4 from Telegram user @meml97

I read that NFT Stars will implement something called “White Label Solution”, can you tell us more about this? How does this White Label Solution exactly work and for what kind of problem is this solution made for? How will this exactly help artists to get their own marketplace and at what cost by the way?

Anton Checo: Good one!

Anton Checo: White Label solution was actually made for any of the NFT STARS beginners that would love to create their own platform but with no enormous spending.

As you might guess, the marketplace development could cost you anywhere between 400–1mil$

And that’s where the White Label Solution comes in place.

Any big players such as Gucci / Prada / louis vuitton etc. could just purchase our marketplace for a symbolic 100–150k$ and get the better version of the platform with no time-waste.

Furthermore, all of the funds from the White Label solution will go towards the NFTS tokens buy-back as well, which will generate not only the demand but also lower the supply and further increase its value.

So we will become a provider of White Label solutions for exclusive brands, they all will have Different front-end, same back-end.

Obviously, The front-end will be personally customizable for each brand.

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Do you already have first clients?

Anton Checo:

So yeah, it is slightly more complicated than it sounds, but including the factors of huge brands coming into the NFT industry — that will be really useful not only for them, but for the NFT STARS users as well

Anton Checo: We have a list of 10+ clients waiting for the release of our platform.

Маry Satoshi CLUB: It will be awesome! Great idea!

D. Папа Роуч: also, curious to know, what features will your token have on platform?

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Hope we will hear your names very soon

Anton Checo: I am sure you will be surprised

Anton Checo: Talking about our token — (NFTS)

it will have quite a few features:

– A Governance token to create a DAO NFT community (to vote and select artists)

– Staking NFTS in our vault for a chance to participate in the Initial NFT Offering

– A Reward token for the most active NFT STARS users (Marketplace Mining)

– Owning a certain amount of NFTS tokens ensures eligibility for NFT discount

– Ability to participate in NFT MANIA QUESTS with NFTS tokens

– Platform Liquidity Mining using farming pools and vaults

– Buy / Sell NFTs with NFTS tokens for a discounted price

– Lower Fees for artists if they hold NFTS tokens

– Ability to purchase special status on the platform to enable extra features

Anton Checo: So all of these features are assuring of the need for the token as well as giving the promising future of it I’d say

D. Папа Роуч: nice list

D. Папа Роуч: thanks a lot for the detailed answers! ready for the next question?

Anton Checo: As always

Q5 from Telegram user @Jonahapagu

One of the unique features of NFT stars is its NFT Pricing Scanner which is used to analyze the market and the artwork of artists on other platforms to provide artists on NFT Stars with the best average price that they can sell their NFT for.. so what other platforms does you NFT scanner integrate with to scan for other artworks, what factors does it scan for or consider before determining the best average price an artist can sell their NFT for, do artists have other alternatives of deciding the value for their NT’s on your platform other than using your NFT Price Scanner, and how is this pricing mechanism a more better option than other pricing mechanisms..

Anton Checo: Well, we came up with this idea since once you are new to an NFT industry- and you have your own artwork — I’m sure you won’t have even the rough pricings of how much it will be going for.

And that’s where the NFT Pricing scanner come in place.

It is very simple to use — all you have to do is upload your picture and then it does the evaluation upon the similar looking pictures on other platforms (Rarible/Opensea/ Foundation etc.) which then tells you a rough price of how much it might cost.

At this stage, the Pricing scanner will not be a limit for your pricing but finding the similar works, so if you are sure that your picture is unique and it has no analogues — then the price will only be the Author’s decision- the scanner just makes a suggestion

Anton Checo:

It will look similar to this

D. Папа Роуч: cool! your pricing scanner something like oracle in NFT world?

Anton Checo: Exactly

D. Папа Роуч: it might become a game changer

Anton Checo: That’s what NFT STARS is about

Маry Satoshi CLUB: So, tell us how you will make decisions about your new authors? Will your accept only famous? What requirements you will have?

Anton Checo: We will have a few selection criteria for the authors.

At first- no people will be limited in listing their NFTs, however, they have to pass the screening process first

(Pass the Artwork’s authentication process)

As for the Exclusive drops — we will have 2 options there.

1- These will be famous stars that will have their drops up just by the Management decision

2- Even a usual user can get an exclusive drop if the community will vote for it!

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Excellent system

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Anton, thank you for your answers! Are you ready for the 6th and last question from this part?

Anton Checo: So long story short-

Prior to being listed on the NFT STARS Artists must

1- pass the screening process that will have an evaluation score inside our team.

2-Our screening team have to make sure that the posted art for sale lives up to its description or the promises made as well as confirms its authenticity.

Anyone talented can become a member of the NFT STARS by filling up our listing form on the website : and our NFT STARS manager will contact you.

Anton Checo: Sure thing! Let’s go for it

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Satoshiclubbers, it’s your chance

Q6 from Telegram user @Highpee

One of the concepts NFTStars will be promoting is Fractional Trading, a feature that will shred NFTs into fractional compartment thereby allowing users who are unable to afford the entire piece of NFT to own a small part of such symbolic art piece. So, how will NFT fractions be generated and how will its trading be facilitated? How can these fractions retain the identity and symbolic utility of the complete piece after such NFTs might have been shredded into fractional parts? Will your NFT fractions be accepted for trading on your marketplace only or will it be possible for Fraction Trading to be executed on external popular marketplaces?

Anton Checo: So, how will NFT fractions be generated and how will its trading be facilitated?

It will be simply implemented once the NFT get’s put into the Shredder. The Main NFT never disappears, it still stay in the system. Of course, just utilizing it would be a mess.

How can these fractions retain the identity and symbolic utility of the complete piece after such NFTs might have been shredded into fractional parts?

That’s more of a philosophic question in here.

When purchasing — you are not just purchasing a piece of artwork, you are purchasing a piece of history. Let’s say if it was Beeple- you would be purchasing a piece of history that the author was spending so much time at. Furthermore, you would still have an access to the Original picture of it.

Will your NFT fractions be accepted for trading on your marketplace only or will it be possible for Fraction Trading to be executed on external popular marketplaces?

Once the Shredded NFT is released- there is no matter what platform it’s being sold at- there are no limits.

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram User @highpee

You plan to host regular NFT ART EXHIBITIONS. I read that the first NFT meet up event was recently held in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. How was this event and how many artist or artistic piece you were able to exhibit? Which other locations will you be considering for exhibition? What will be the procedure for an artist to submit his work in order to be part of your NFT Exhibition?

Anton Checo: Good question We are actually running the event but from July 4–14 You can find more info in here : We are also planning to launch more NFT Exhibitions in Moscow and Dubai later on! The proceed you have to contact our NFT STARS team to be listed in there as an Author or if you’d like to come! The submit of work is the same as on NFT STARS platform

Q2 from Telegram User @Jonahapagu

NFT STARS is said to be introducing a completely new way to fund a business idea through what it calls an “Initial NFT Offering”, how will this new fundraising idea work, how can projects or users carryout out an Initial NFT offering on NFT stars, what will be the requirement for their participation, and how do community members who are interested in participating in your Initial NFT offerings become eligible to do so..

Anton Checo: This can be simply called a creative launchpad — an opportunity to make fundraising for a project in an unusual, creative way — by selling NTF tokens, which will bring you the tokens of this project. At the end of the NFT pharming period, the token will remain with the buyer as collectable and he can even sell it on the secondary market, if he wishes, or keep it as a souvenir. We’ve also implied the “Shadow Staking” technology from the SpaceSwap project to assure of avoiding the Pool Rugs when staking your NFT. Any users could be involved in it — it will be just a matter of voting or you could discuss it with out management team

Q3 from Telegram User @nadee5

Sir ,Can I make a passive income by holding NFTS ?

Anton Checo: I cannot make such strong statements, but I would not say that a constant burn from the total supply as well as the constant use of the token would dump the price

Q4 from Telegram User @cryptoneco

Although NFTSTARS is still a new project, it has announced partnerships with important projects such as SpaceSwap, Moma Protocol, Bitbook and Mobius Finance.

What could be the reason why you, as NFTSTARS, are considered important by other projects?

Will you continue to grow with new partnerships for the future?

Anton Checo: We will and we still are setting new partnerships up since we think that the NFT Industry needs a 2nd Breath that will change the industry in general. The reason of us being considered as important is due to the revolutionary ecosystem that we’ve built. Furthermore, Every partner loved out tokonomics based on the constant burn as well as the buy-back of the NFTS tokens seeing how transparent we are.

Q5 from Telegram User @Zidny_Lathifa

NFT STARS will launching tomorrow June 5th 2021, the public sale of its native token NFTD on BSCPad, CYBERFI SAMURAI and A2DAO LAUNCHPAD.

Q1. Can you tell us the details of your IDO?

Q2. Can anyone participate in the IDO?

Q3. Are there certain amount needed to participate?

Q4. And Does it need KYC?

Anton Checo: IDO Details- TOMORROW 5th of JUNE

The rest was answered as a previous AMA questions

Q6 from Telegram User @nadee5

NFT stars has a creative launchpad using unique shadow staking system …Can you please tell us more about this Shadow staking system ?

Anton Checo: Of course! We also have another project called SpaceSwap that was on HYPE due to the Shadow Staking system. This System is very simple to describe. It acts as a scanner on your wallet. So you do not have to stake your NFT physically, you could only press one button after which the Shadow Staking- acting like a Scanner will be watching your balance to ensure the existence of the necessary balance. Once it sees it there- it deposits a reward to your account. Simple

Q7 from Telegram User @arbestefy

What is your project mainly focused on?

Anton Checo: Changing the NFT industry from the the quantity to the quality side.

Q8 from Telegram User @Eminet001

Are you decentralized and global. As an African and a beginner can I also establish my platform with low funding?

Anton Checo: We are global, for sure. Although some countries might have restrictions, so please be aware of that.

Q9 from Telegram User @Tony253210

Exploring your website I realized that you have something that is called “customized AR rooms” so can you explain us what is this exactly? Is like a kind of virtual gallery where user can show their work?

Anton Checo: AR is a unique system, and you got it right! I could share you a video regarding its use : AR is an opportunity to get into the NFT AR gallery using a mobile application that will be no different to a real-life exhibition. So once you have your phone you could go to the AR exhibition and not only inspect it but also make purchases right through your phone! As for the private rooms — you could create your own private room with an exhibition if you wish

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of NFT Stars. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 300$.

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