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AMA Satoshi Club x Ragna Maple, November 9th

We were delighted to welcome our guest from Ragna Maple. The AMA took place on November 9th, 2021 and our guest was @kimwm300.

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

Hello again, dear Satoshi Club community! We are pleased to announce AMA with Ragna Maple.🥰

Today our guest is @kimwm300

Hello all!

Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club😄

I am glad to be here with you all

How are you doing😊

Yes.. we are really excited about upcoming AMA with you❤️

Welcome @KimWM300 we are glad to have you here

Being very very busy with the game development

Nice to meet you Jonah

a lot of work… we understand.😁

Let’s start! Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Ragna Maple

Yup, we are getting coverage from Bloomberg tomorrow, very excited

Wow! It’s incredible🔥🔥🔥

You guys will even see us on yahoo finance perhaps by tomorrow or on 11th nov

Sure let’s start!

I am in crypto since 2015

early bird 😁

If there are members here joining btc army since 2015 or earlier, you will know how fun it was when seeing the price plummet and rise from time to time 😂😂

You’ve already gone through several cycles. 🔥

Well sorry I didn’t really introduce my name.

I am Kim Woo-Ming from Korea, currently working for our brand new play to earn game — Ragnamaple in our game studio in Sydney, Australia.

Nice to e-meet you Kim Woo-Ming😊

Ragnamaple is a game inspired by Ragnarok Online and Maple Story, we used to play this game as a teenager and end up we have decided to recreate a game with similar features of these 2 games + some pokemon features, and with play to earn as the main attraction to achieve mass adoption.

Nice to e-meet you too Gold Rocket! 😜


Give us a brief introduction to the project. What is the essence of Ragna Maple

Well, Ragnamaple is a metaverse/open world turn-based RPG (Role playing game). First you need to use RMP to purchase 5 characters, then embark on the adventure to fight monsters and ultimately reach the Great Mother Tree, which is the key to saving the Ragnamaple world.

real adventure😁

In between the journey, you may capture some monsters to be your companion. Train them and make them fight for you in battles. Different character and monster comes with different skill, so it is best to have a variety of strategies for different enemy or boss encounter.

Some boss yield really good reward = up to 10000 BUSD

Also we would like to know more about your team. Who is on the project team core?

This is great..

It would be me, Marcus, Logan, Jane, Chris, and 11+ team members covering all the game development, blockchain integration, art work, animation and so on

Is your team anonymous?

We have just onboarded another music composer for our BGM composing

We are here alive and well, doxxed 😂😂😂

Dream team👏👏👏

Great 👌

Some members of us work remotely from different country

Thanks for great introduction, we will have several questions selected for the Part 1. Ready to start?

For example Jane is a thai, while Chris is from Taiwan

Sure, let’s go~

With Ragna Maple,we can make additional revenue, collect and upgrade NFT weapons, equipments, and accessories, or train NFT characters to new job classes and sell them on the marketplace. So,for all this services you are offering do you charge fees with your users? To collect and upgrade NFT weapons, equipment and accessories what may be the win-win benefits you may get from users? Does this also includes customization of NFT items? How can we train NFT characters to new job classes?Do you have any guide or tutorial video on how to train NFT characters? Literally,how can we sell it in your Marketplace and who will be our target market? Thank you

This is a common thing in our times 😊

Well it is a long questions

Yeah.. 😁

Yes we do charge fee for all the actions above, for example everytime a player wishes to upgrade their weapons, or change the character job class to advance tier, fee in the form of RMP or zeny will apply

These fee will then be channeled to RagnaVault for our treasury holding

For your information, we have this 100% revenue sharing for token holder (inspired by Iluvium) which we can explain later

Wow… 👍

As for the details of how to perform the above actions, tutorials will be available in December to get all the players ready for the January 2022 beta launches

We hope that everyone can be patient as we have planned it well and we will ensure smooth gameplay for all the above features


by the way, share your roadmap with us please


As for roadmap, we are currently busy with our whitelist campaign and getting ready for the presale on 11/11/21 12pm UTC

Thanks for your answers ☺️

Few days from now 👏

Ready to proceed to the next question🚀

While there will be multi-IDO by end of November along with token listing, ideally also end of November.

Security audit will be performed in between November/December which we will hire 2 audit firm to do the work. We have shortlisted Certik, quantstamp and peckshield for the time being, but only 2 will be chosen.

We will then proceed to our NFT lootbox sales / land sales (metaverse) and character sales in December 2021.

And finally game beta launch in Jan 2022.

Warrior, Archer, Healer, Magician and Thief are the classes of characters on Ragnamaple’s open world gameplay platform. What are the unique abilities of each of these Characters classes? Also what are the new uniqueness of these characters when they gains enough experience points to change job and skills? What are the criteria used for this experience points and what benefits does a player get when the job and skills of his characters get upgraded?

Wow this is an even longer question that I can’t really answer in details, If not it will end up become an article 😂😂😂

Allow me to summarize it

Feel free😁

As per the job class title, I believe you all know what these characters good at:

Warrior = tanker/close range combat

Archer = long range/ high physical dps

Marian = elemental/ high magic dps

Healer = support/ anti demon&undead

Thief = agile / high dodge / poison

When these character gain enough experience points, player may help these character to change class to an advance tier, where new stronger skills will be available

With stronger skills and stat, the stronger your team and you can beat stronger monsters! Or even take up boss easily and earn more $$$$$$$$$ in the process 🥳

Asides experience points what do players need to change their classes?

Player need to pay some RMP to get the job change done

We want to make sure RMP come with a lot of utility 😎

By the way, you have very beautiful graphics. 😍

What’s your favorite character? 😊

Thank you, we are going to improve it further 🥰

I am a wizard person

So we want to make sure the wizard is sexy enough 🤪

I am the one who decide that the wizard has to be a female

I would choose Healer 😍

Kind-hearted person you are 👍😊

perfect solution 👏👏👏

Thanks for your great answers😘

Ready to proceed to the next question?

Welcome Goldy!


Ragnamaple stands to be willing to work on several techniques to ensure the game meets the different needs of the players as play-to earn games are often said to be less pleasing. And one these means is massive reward that is awaiting everyone who joins. Could you share more details regarding your rewarding system? Does it only include financial rewards or game perks such as additional equipment for heroes, or access to VIP leagues? Thank you!

Yes, not only the rewards come in the form of real world money, rare weapons and equipments will be available to those who play hard too!

In some of the event, for example the $10000 BUSD boss

And why BUSD and not RMP you may ask? Because we do not intend to give out massive reward in native token which will hurt the pricing of our token. We need to make sure that the token price is stable so that users and investors are happy to stay with us.

it’s really generous😁

This is a great Initiative

this is a smart move on your part😊

In order to achieve mass adoption in the shortest time, $ reward is most effecient, and we have a mechanism to ensure sustainability of these rewarding system

Which will involve our RagnaVault and NFT sales that helps in future game development and rewards giveaway

We urge investors to look into our whitepaper to understand more about how our tokenomic works


Thank you very much for the information about your tokenomics.😊

It was detailed enough. I suggest jumping to the next question😁

I Understood there are 3 categories of NFT’s items in your platform, NFT loot box, NFT land and NFT characters,I would love to know main the role of each of these NFts item.? how can a user own An NFT land? What qualifies a user to be able to own An NFT land? Also Ragnamaple is a play to earn game, do you have maximum number of token a user can earn per day? Also I understand you have two in game currency Zeny and zRMP,why have two in game currency, can these currencies be converted to each other? What are the usecases of these two currencies?

NFT loot box = bundle of character + weapon/equipment/accessories/item

NFT land = farm and mine (to mine ore for weapon and equipment upgrades)

NFT character = character with random stronger stat

NFT land will need further elaboration.

Player or investor can buy a land plot which will be part of the metaverse implementation, where owner can tax miner for extracting ores from their land, or tax vegetation from the farm other players harvested

Farm ingredients are items that will be needed in alchemy, potion creation and so on.

While different ores are needed to fulfill certain weapon upgrades

The land will be sold in packs. As far as I understand. What’s the planned starting price?

Yes we do have maximum token a player can earn per day. But players are always free to continue roaming the continent to fight monsters or even fishing or mining to earn more ingredients, but there is a catch, once the limit is reach, the drop rate for all the activities will drop significantly

The details of land pricing will only be revealed in December

What is this maximum number set at?

I will wait for the news. 😊

Yes, there is 2 in-game currency:

zRMP = more to usage in marketplace and RagnaDex, in which users need to burn RMP (and remove it from the circulation) to convert it to zRMP.

Why doing so? Because you can then use zRMP to entitle up to 20% discount on items selling in the marketplace

Zeny = standard in-game currency where players can earn from killing monsters, completing daily task and so on.

Player can convert Zeny to RMP and cash out to real world money.

In short, zeny is the main in-game currency that will be needed for most trading activities


Thanks for your great answers 😃

Ready to proceed to the next question? Or want to add something?

Sure next question please

I read that Ragnamaple, players travel across continents to fight and collect monsters with great abilities to trade with other players in an open world turn based adventure role playing game built on Binance Smart Chain. so firstly could you tell us, how many types of monsters there are, how many abilities each of them can have and how they differ from each other and secondly and lastly, could you tell us, how many roles there are, what each role depends on, and what does it mean that they are turn based?

There are more than 274+ monsters available at first (and more to come)

Each monster come with 2–3 skills, they have skills that compliment each other, or even very effective against some other monsters.

Player can enlist captured monster into the team and use them in different situation, this will help players in some difficult gameplay when human characters won’t be able to perform their best

For example, there are some bosses that are weak against certain skill, and player will want to capture these monsters to help in the boss fight.

With this system, the game will end up with robust trading of monsters in between players to achieve different goals.


It’s interesting how you’ve designed this to work

when is the Marketplace planned?

Marketplace will have to launch together with the game

Thanks for your answers ☺️

As players will need a venue to trade their nfts

This sticker was supposed to show the wolverine is weak against green slime

It will slow down wolverine dodge rate, which end up player can defeat this boss with ease

i dream to play it😁

Thanks for your answers

Let’s proceed to the next question


You aspire to build a play-to-earn community yield guild through the process of lending in-game assets, introducing forums for players , creating scholarship programs and other activities that benefit the community.So when will all of them be featured on your platform and what do you mean by introducing forum for players?I am very much interested in the scholarship program you will introduce to users in your community,at what specify time will this scholarship program start?Can you tell us more about this scholarship program and what it entails?Will it be open for everyone to attend or will be open to those who hold large amount of $RMP? Will there be any form of KYC to join in your scholarship program Thanks

In the initial stage, we will be creating the yield guild and scholarship program by having partnership with existing guild in other famous games in this industry ( I believe you guys know what game it is ), we have already received many application for the collaboration, which is a good start to ensure some new players are able to play the game without using their own money from the start

Player definitely will not need to hold large quantity of $RMP in order to receive the scholarship, as for KYC or not, it really depends on each entities, which we are trying to not interrupt in the process. After all this is a community based project

It’s great that you give a chance to all players in any pocket.

Telegram group chat:

Telegram announcement channel:


Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Hello Kim Woo-Ming

What are the unique features that distinguishes your platform and gives you competitive advantage over other gaming platforms like StarMon and Axie Infinity?

If you follow closely about the feedback from other play-2-earn community, reward is the biggest concern at the moment, that is why our approach is to give out massive reward in a sustainable way.

Through the Ragnavault, burning mechanism and NFT sales which you can refer to in our whitepaper.

It strikes me that they say “tactically challenge your opponents in PvP”, but could you really tell us what strategies can be used in these battles? Will they be referred only depending on the character that the player and his competitor have? Or will there be other factors to consider?

Players will be able to climb the leader board and earn massive reward the better they perform.

And besides referring to each team member formation, skill selection also play a vital role as each character is only able to equip with 3 skills at one time. Other factor such as different character stat also will affect the result of the pvp.

im really excited with game Ragna Maple, its looks fantastic game. so where do i possible to buy the NFT and $RMP token ? how about presale and public sale?

The first round public investors are able to buy RMP is through the upcoming 11th Nov 2021 12pm UTC community presale, where the price per token will be set at $0.01.

The second round investor can purchase more RMP will be through the multi-IDO happening this end of November/beginning of December. In which the price is definitely more expensive compare to our presale.

What does the Ragnamaple word means?

I always love this question.

Ragna = Ragnarok Online

Maple = Maple Story

These 2 are some very famous online game back in 20 years ago, which is still trending in certain community and appstore now.

What is the RagnaDex going to be used for ? is it going to be only used to swap bnb or busd to $RMP and vice-versa ??

RagnaDex consist of 2 part:

1. Decentralized exchange to swap between BNB/BUSD/RMP/zRMP

2. NFT marketplace to trade our game NFT, similar to our in-house opensea

Whats the difference between the various jobs beginner, intermediate and advanced and if we are beginners how can we get the upgrade ?

The difference will be stronger character with more powerful skill in higher tier.

You may change the job class of your character after you have train them to certain level, for higher tier, certain condition has to be met to be able to change job to even higher tier, such as completing certain mission to unlock that feature.

Initially the game will be launched in broswer, so no high end computer is required.

While android version will be ready in February or March 2022

I noticed on your website that players can catch monsters and transform them into a stronger form, but will these monsters be NFTs? What can I do to improve the monster, what can I do with this monster in the game after I develop it?

Yes these monsters are all in the form of NFT once captured.

You can train the monster to higher level and evolve them to even stronger form, similar to the feature of Pokemon.

Can I earn a passive income from $RMP? Are there any staking options available for this?? What will be the benefit for holding tokens in long run?

Well well, there are a lot of benefits for staking RMP, which will be available in december 2021.

Benefit of staking RMP:

1. Earn RMP reward

2. Earn 100% revenue sharing from the fee of RagnaDex and marketplace

3. To be eligible to the upcoming NFT sales

4. Participate in the governance of the game

5. Higher chance of getting rare items in the gameplay

I’m thinking of joining and investing the Ragna Maple project but I’m wondering if it might be better for me to buy and hold the token for a long time or just sell after the next hype so could you please tell me why should I be a holdler?

This is an interesting question, some of our token features are inspired by Iluvium, in which those who holds and staked the token have end up earning more than x20 in just few months.

We won’t be able to give you the answer, as you are always responsible for your investment decision.

But we can just tell you that, there will only be more utility for $RMP in the coming months, which is part of the reason the team and private sale investors are comfortable with longer vesting period. Because they have great confident in thid project.

Thank you.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of Ragna Maple. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 300$.

English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:

Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

Ragna Maple Website —
Ragna Maple Telegram — @ragnamaple



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