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AMA Satoshi Club x YouClout, October 21st

We were delighted to welcome our guest from YouClout. The AMA took place on October 21st, 2021 and our guests were @mincua @Oldschoolchap

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

Greetings dear Satoshi Club

We are pleased to announce AMA with YouClout

Hello everyone,

My name is Vlad Ionut Stefan and I am the CEO of Youclout.

I’ve managed more than 20 projects since early 2017 and now I will be presenting the project. I’ve been working on for around 1 year.

My experience is vast in project management, go to market strategy, partnerships and all it takes to make a project great.

As per education I’ve finish the Business Management in German language University in Bucharest and have a master degree in financial consulting. Made a short presentation of myself.

Today our guests are @mincua @Oldschoolchap

Welcome to Satoshi Club.. @mincua @Oldschoolchap

I see you are very much prepared for today..

Nice to e-meet you

welcome to Satoshi Club

Hey all! Thanks for having us here!

Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club

We are Excited to have You here

I’m Alex and I’m the CTO of YouClout, I’ve been building software for 25 years, from big web platforms to mobile apps, and enterprise apps. I’ve been in crypto for 8 years, and built different end-to-end solutions on the web, different blockchains & mobile.

YouClout is a great pleasure where we can put all the skills the team has learned to work building a solution that bridges from mobile to web to multiple blockchains.

@mincua @Oldschoolchap great background guys

With very relevant Experiences

Give us a brief introduction to the project. What is the essence of YouClout

So everything started one year ago in a zoom conference which we had to remake cause of disconnects and other bugs, that was the moment i said i will make a conference platform in which i will integrate a tik tok style marketplace for video NFTs. And that was the birthplace of YouClout. And I’ve been working on it ever since. And I’ve been working on it ever since.

Now everything scaled to a big metaverse where people will buy land and we will hold events and nft sales on it.

absolutely in the spirit of the times


Also we would like to know more about your team. Who is on the project team core?

@mincua is my CTO and will let him introduce himself

I am the CTO and tech lead and the one in charge of building all the very nice features we discover our users need. There are 18 other developers in the team right now working on either frontend, backend or smart contracts for different chains.

and this is the core team

Oh wow 18 developers

From what regions are your Core team Members?

Wow! Dream team

There’s a lot of work to be done, the team is constantly growing.

All are romanians, eastern europe.

I’m your neighbor

I am from Ukraine

Yeeeey, where are you from ?

Aaaaa nice, been in Ukraine 2 times until now. Like it alot

Tell us about the benefits of YouClout . How is it different from others?

1. Easily create a fanbase around your video content with our powerful decentralized feature set.

2. Tokenized membership in one click. Easily create a free channel with exclusive content for your ytoken holders.

3. Scale your reach. go from small session to a full blown virtual conference or event.

4. Blockchain powered. Transparent, censorship-resistant and no middle man. Value goes to you.

5. NFT ready. Easily turn any content into an environmentally friendly NFTs.

6. A full blown marketplace. Trady ytokens and NFTs in our bespoke marketplace.

7. Dedicated artificial intelligence enhanced content feed ensure the right content finds the right audience

8. Virtual events that can match a Woodstock/Coachella scale or a big expo is now possible with Youclout

9. Discover creators with our category leaderboards based on ytokens, engagement and quality of content.

10. Brand new tools for interacting with fans and brand new ways to earn more as a creator!

11. Fully decentralized mean creators own their content 100%!

12. Buy land and host events

13. Hold YouClout for random ticket airdrops to events.

Wow so many

All these plus any digital piece of content that can be presented in a short form video can be sold on the platform, this includes almost anything. Users can create multiple videos for one piece of content to present multiple facets and just tell a better story.

a lot of cool features


You have the opportunity to revolutionize social media, as Zuckerberg did in his time

We really hope to !

Thanks for great introduction, we have several questions which were selected for the 1st part. Ready to start?

Sure, lets go

According to YouClout Roadmap, you hope to launch custom NFT avatars for all YouClout users. I want to know, Can we create our own avatars or Will your team provide the avatars for users? Will you incur a fee for this event? Will this avatar have a price evaluation? If Users can create their own avatars, What kind of creating tools, you offer through YouClout platform? Please give us a sneak peek about this upcoming Custom NFTA avatar event in Q1–2022?

I’ll take this one

So the custom avatars will be designed in an editor or generated with our AI from other photos users upload. The avatars will be NFTs so will be sold on the platform and we’ll also have a verified ownership feature like Twitter.

No fee will be incurred for generating an avatar, just like no fee is incurred for minting any NFT on the platform.

What tools do you offer users?

A custom editor based on a generative neural network that users can tweak to generate designs to their own liking.

And… Please give us a sneak peek about this upcoming Custom NFTA avatar event in Q1–2022?‌‌ ©

it is very important. Thank you for the clarification

We will have a live event in the platform, which people will join with their avatars, but this is a small sneak peak

And everyone can do so? What skills will they need?

We can’t release too many details yet, there’s a lot of deals getting signed with influences, etc for the event

but everything will be disclosed in due time.

Yes, anyone can do it, you can do it by just moving some sliders, it will be very easy to use

It’s understandable

but we had to try

No worries, we appreciate it !

Thanks for your answers

Ready to proceed to the next question?



Please correct me if I’m wrong but the Y-tokens that can be created by influencers are planned to become the main product on your marketplace, same as their content (video, presentantions) sold as NFT. Are you planning to add a portion of free NFTs or content to your marketplace? In order to sell such products your influencers should be someone with a name in crypto. Have you already partnered with any personality? Thank you!

Sure, we are going to start a NDO

and offer to our Community different NFT project that we and the community find viable !

The main influences will decide what content they want to release to the public, for free of with a charge in their Y-Token

We are going to make votes on which to choose!

Oh great.. by the way can you share your Tokenomics with us

It’s public on the website, anyone can access it from the Pitch Deck button

Or here’s the link:

Thank you for sharing..

Thanks for your answers

Do you want to add anything or can we proceed?

Here, got it for easy access

We can proceed

I notice that there is a 50% discount on NFT purchases for those who have memberships tokens. To be eligible for this discount, what is the minimum number of tokens that a buyer should hold? When you offer this discount for buyers, do creators get the full payment? Does YouClout give the reduced 50% to the creator? Is it profitable for you to give this type of considerable discount to encourage users to hold tokens? In a similar manner, is there a mechanism for sellers to get bonus earnings by holding membership tokens?

Looks good

The discount is offered to the members who own membership Y-Tokens for each creator, each creator can set the number of tokens needed to get the discount. This way they create their own tokeonomics.

The minimum hold amount is 250$ in YouClout token.So the fees on YouClout are shared as following :

25% — Goes to revenue

25% is Burned out of the team tokens until 75% of the team tokens are burned

50% — Goes to the seller as a reward for using our platform

Hmm .. that’s generous enough for platform users…

Oh I see.. but can the creator also adjust the discount percentage?

Yes, he can.

Yes they’re able to do that for their Y-Token. Vlad also answered how the main YCT discounts work.


Do your users need to pass KYC?

No, it is fully decentralised, people just need to connect with their wallet.

Thank you for your answers

Thanks for great answers

Ready to proceed to the next question?


My questions are about the VIP lounge. Firstly, what criteria do you use to rank a user as an influencer? Is it their celebrity status, their large followership on othet social media platforms or activity engagements on Youclout or their acquisition of particular amount of $YCT token?

What are the types of activities that can take place in the VIP lounge? What level of control does the influencer who created the VIP lounge has on the community activities? Are there taxes on activities in a VIP lounge? Who pays the tax, the influencer or the VIP lounge members?

Lastly, does the members in the VIP lounge get rewards or it is a case of “influencer takes it all”?

The criteria is mixed right now, since our platform was just launched at the IDO we don’t have concludent data yet only on YouClout, for that reason we need to include other social networking channels as well.

The VIP lounge is designed to be a private space shared between the influencer and their most devoted followers, they are the ones setting the bar on how it’s monetized, not us. We provide them with the tools so they can interact with their followers

Btw, what were you guided by when building the metaverse on Cardano?

Cardano has a lot of potential and we belive it will be one of the main platforms people use in a few years

and with which influencers do you already have agreements?

Absolutely agree

you confirm my opinion

I don’t know if we can disclose this yet. @Oldschoolchap ?

No, sadly we cannot disclose that yet, it will be like a festival banner, that i can assure you!

Little hints

Can’t wait for this..

then promise us to share it as soon as possible

We promise that Satoshi community will be the first one to receive the news when we share it!

Thanks for honest answers

Let’s proceed to the next question


Going through your content i noticed that creators are being rewarded with “Influencer Badges”,What is essence of those badges?Will the badges serve as a means of identify from platforms who pose as YouClout?Are the badges for every one or its just for some selected few?Is there any charges fee associated with one being entitled to a badge?Can we have a sneak peak of those or is it private and will later be given to those who deserve it? Thanks

Nice question


nice question

alex please take it

So, the badges will be awarded to all Influencers

The badges are awarded based on how influences or users use the platform, we’re targeting specific use cases like posting at least once a day for a whole week, etc. And ones that are harder to get like top sales, best NFT of the month, etc

All those badges are also NFTs so they can be monetized if people want to do that.

They will open certain doors that are only available to the holders

Great.. apart from this does getting the badge come with other benefits?

They can be transformed in an Unique NFT for each influencer, but that will come along the way

It will also depend a lot on the specific badge, some will have other interesting properties

Yeah makes more sense… Overall this is an Impressive feature I must say

Ready for the last Question from this part?

can you even imagine how I want to see these tik-tok style NFTs… do you have something to satisfy my curiosity

The platform is continously being developed so new things pop up almost every day

@GoldRocket27 Sure, you can enter on your mobile


it is already a working product

Within the periods of Q4 2021 to Q1 2022, YouClout hopes run its first land offering, conduct it’s first governance vote on land rights, as well as buying land in metaverses where YouClout events will be held. Even as we anticipate the launch of these memorable events, can you kindly shed some light on the features and importance of each, what are land owners and users expected to enjoy from these launches? Also, talking on your first governance vote on land rights planned within this quater, what should we expect? Can you let us know the overall structure and functions of governance team?

Based on where their land is and the interest in it they can rent it for ads/events on the platform or build their own land in Q2/2022

The governance on each land will be based on the Y-Token holders for that land

This way anyone. Influencer or not can control what happens on the platform

On some lands the creator will have control power. Others will be community owned

Will this be the choice of the creator to give the community power over their land?

We have multiple uses for that land that are being developed. From events to ads to music, and may more

remind me please where can we buy your Y-tokens?

The main token of the platform is already like on pankake swap

I’ll post the link shortly

These will be used to decide the initial ownership of the first lands in the meta verse

by the way what is your favorite land in this metaverse

Thanks for sharing

very hard to choose sincer we’ve put so much effort in all of them, I would say the main lobby is my personal favorite now. Everyone will land there when entering the meta verse

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Not every crypto blockchain projects do care this about but there are many people in the world who is not speaking English so I want to know if do you plan to create a local community for Youclout?

Sure. We already have one for China and one for Korea. Others are coming too.

What is the use of the $YCT token? What are the advantages of the $YCT token? and is there a minimum amount to stake $YCT tokens? and where is the $YCT token available? Can you tell us all?

YCT can be used to pay for fees and very soon will be the main coin NFTs are transacted in on the platform.

The coin will also unlock different features for creators in the platform, we have a bunch of features that are being developed right now that you can only use if you own YCT.

There is also a staking program coming too, join out telegram channels we’ll announce everything there.

On what kind of devices will I be able to use YouClout and enjoy its 3D graphics? Will a mobile phone be enough?

Yes, a mobile phone will be enough. We’ll have mobile apps to access the metaverse from mobile and a WebGL interface to access it from the desktop

In Your Website , I found that YOUCLOUT Has only 2 Backers ,

18 VENTURES and EXNETWORK CAPITAL , Are you planning to get Support of other backers and Investors also ?

Hello Sourav



moon inc

Kha Nguyen(Tomochain)


Evan luthra


Wise advice

Nft technologies

Mario Awfal

Maximus Capital

Gains capital

Nabais Capital

AU21 Capital

LD Capital

Genblock Capital

Basics Capital

Polygon Foundation

Mars Academy CEO





These are all our investors!

You said you are built on CARDANO but you just shared a link where we can buy your Tokens on pancakeswap. Are you also built on BSC or do you have tokens on both Cardano and BSC at the same time?

The coin launched on BSC but the marketplace will support multiple chains. Cardano is one of the main ones, others coming soon will be ETH and Polygon.

Everyone knows now if your smart contract is not secure it is just a time matter that some hacker exploit the smart contract and get all the liquidity and when it is done there is nothing to do so what’s the things you have done to secure your smart contract?

All smart contracts are audited and we implemented all security recommendations. Everything is secure and decentralized and public so no hacker can get access.

Only creating a project with great properties is not enough for success so do you have any partnerships to grow together as YouClout?

We have alot of partnerships incoming, 2 of them are top 10 projects and we will announce it in due time !

In the VIP lounge, each influencer will have a limited number of seats in their community with the option to increase it if they run out of seats. What is the limit to these seats? How will influencers be able to expand these seats if they run out?

The influences will decide how big their VIP lounges are, they will be able to increase or decrease the number of seats as needed.

im just curious, do YouClout have burn feature for your token, can you explain how does burn work for $YCT token ? what event trigger the burn ?

25% of the transaction fees are burned by the platform once per month.

What is YouClout’s marketing strategy to attract both attendees and users? What are your plans to convince them to buy $YCT?

Hello Sophie,

the first event we are going to hold on our platform will have a big impact on everything, taking in consideration how many followers each influencer has, we will hold it as a game, where people join with their avatar and interact with the influencer himself

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of YouClout . They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 300$.

English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:

Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

YouClout Website —
YouClout Telegram — @youclout



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