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The limited ability of humanity can sometimes create in us a covetous craving for superpowers or the desire to be able to transform from our natural state into a divine being. Like me, I sometimes wish I could have the ability to recreate a perfect world using celestial effect, weave back the rolling cycles of space time in order to be able to make adjustment to past life and decide the sequence of events in our present universe.

To exert the power of supernatural is something that can be fascinating. But I think what will be more intriguing is what your answer will be, if you are asked what would you do if you suddenly discover that you have celestial ability to ascend to cosmos and apply cosmetics combinations to infuse a planetary cycles that can reshape your planet into a perfect universe?

How perfectly will you be able to play a god role and how will you wield the power of creation and destruction if it finds its way onto the palms of your hands? If you are still thinking of how best to answer, then you have to be fast about it because today’s project, Apeiron, which I will be reviewing wants to handover divine power to be a god to you, and you will be expected to use this power of good and evil to guild the rise and fall of civilization.

As a result of its diverse applications, community governance, ability to deliver complex scenarios and technological evolution, many projects have already build on the possibilities of blockchain technology and the rise of the crypto economy has benefited the gaming industry. Although there are numerous projects that are based on the play to earn game system already, as the first world god game with NFTs, Apeiron intends to champion the new generation of play and earn games, which puts gamers first. Blockchain opens the door to a metaverse of interconnected game IPs, and Apeiron aims to be at the forefront of this new wave.

This review is set out to explore the Apeirion play and earn god game and how it enables players to ascend into Godiverse Mythical Galaxies, explore its cosmogenesis, key testament features which are built on the sacrament of blockchain technology and enable you to become a godling with divine powers that can be used to reshape the planet. I employ you to follow me gallantly with a determination to become a god and an adventurous heart as we start the journey into the godiverse.

  1. Apeiron: The Ascension into a God Simulation Hybrid Metaverse

Apeiron is the world first play-and-earn god game on the blockchain game. It has integrated gameplay inspired by classic god games such as Populous and Black & and white. In this game, players can take up roles of deities, godlings, and use divine powers to perform miracles and build up planets.

This epic game has been able to perfectly utilize Unity rendering flexibility to capture an enigmatic EDEN structures scattered around Mythical Galaxies; the combination of which has resulted in an enthralling simulation and action-RPG genre. It perfectly combines classic and modernity using the power of tangible-assets and a player-driven economy.

Apeiron is on a mission to create a dynamic economic that mirrors the real world using gameplays which revolve around Planet Simulation, World Exploration and Galactic Progression.

In Planet Simulation, players obtain a planet NFT and can perform elemental miracles involving rain storms, gentle breezes, mountains shattering and spontaneous fire to grow the planet into a world to fit their divine plan. These actions allow players to gain support of Doods followers (chubby little creatures that inhabit the planets), grow their power as god, create natural wonders and manifest their divine will as a fully-controllable avatar.

Players with good numbers of Dood followers can summon their Planetary Avatar and open up another realm of experience of world exploration. Planets have customizable Avatar which can be used to explore the worlds, solve puzzles, and fight fearsome monsters in dangerous dungeons to collect epic items, and progressively unlock further planet development.

Players who have grown in power can roam beyond their galaxy into other galaxies as provided by the intuitive galactic map overlay in Apeiron. As the players builds up their planets to its most powerful form, they can then take their Avatars, along with Dood Apostle heroes who they may have found in dungeons, to battle other players across galaxies as they continue their Galactic Progression. These galaxies have their own unique experience and there are even opportunities to explore specially created galaxies based on notable brands and IPs which Apeiron will be collaborating with.

As gameplay continue, planets may reach the end of its play circle and players may decide to reset their planet through an Armageddon event, an action which will grant a large amount of resources to level up player’s account, thus providing a path to long-term progression.

2. Free to Play and Play to Earn

Free trials are essential to reduce barrier to entry and ensure that users can try out the features of games before making a decision on investment. Due to the nature of blockchain, many blockchain games are unable to support free to play.

Apeiron aim is to be the catalyst for blockchain gaming adoption and it has introduce Free to Play element by providing free Seed Planets each month for new players’ first entry into Apeiron on a subscription basis. Players can start their game journey using this seed planet and earn tokens and other resources which they will be able to trade on the marketplace. They will be able to purchase and exchange earned items on the marketplace and then unlock high-levels of play, thereby introducing them to the world of crypto. This is a laudable idea which I believe will help to bring in flurry of crypto and non-crypto gamers into the Apeiron game

3.Apeiron Testament and Features

Apeiron’s gameplay is built upon three pillars: god-game simulation, action roleplaying game, and NFT Ownership. I have already talked about the god-simulation gameplay hybrid in the previous section but permit me to add some few more points below as I look at the 3 pillar features of Apeiron.

God — Game Simulation — This is the first pillar feature of Apeiron god game. A player will need a planet NFT which can be obtained from the marketplace or Stella Tabula Chest in order to start the game, control planet’s element and grow their environment. In addition, Apeiron plans to support a scholarship system which allows players to rent out their planets to others and earn additional incentives while doing this.

Every planet is made up of four elemental traits which are water, air, fire and earth, and players can perform miracles tied around these elements. As players perform these miracles, their alignment can either shift towards being good or bad, each opening up special skills and quest that can make their world to be heaven-like or a demonic landscape.

Players who desire to go far in the game and will need to be active in Apeiron marketplace using the game tokens. This gameplay loop keeps player invested and ensure an increase demand for token which will aid its value and create a sustainable game economy.

Action RPG: The Role Playing Gameplay mode involves a combat system using Avatars and Apostle Squad (made up of Dood that have been saved by player divine power from dark dungeons and they now support players exploration battles).

Avatars have access to powerful skills that players can use to move and attack enemies. Players have the ability to customize their suite of Avatar skills for each combat they encounter.

Players will be able to put their Avatar and Apostle Dood into the Galactic arena for a 1 v 1 Player vs Player battle experience where their ultimate abilities will be put to test against other players. Players can earn ANIMA, the in-game reward token by completing dungeons and battles which they can exchange on the marketplace for cryptocurrency or spend to create NFTs during planet reset. Winning matches allow players to climb higher the galactic leaderboard. At the end of a monthly season of play, participating players share the rewards at stake, with the lion’s share going to those who fought their way to the very top.

NFT metaverse: Apeiron god-themed game has fully incorporated NFT metaverse to fulfill its grand vision of an integrated virtual world where players are able to not only easily exchange their assets from one game to another, but expand digital asset applications and immersive game experience. There are three major NFTs in Apeiron which are Planets, Stars and Relics.

Planets are where the main gameplay loop activity takes place and it is a major requirement to play Apeiron. Planets have 100 elemental points that are distributed among the four traditional elements traits of earth, fire, water and Air. The allocation of these elements determines the attributes of planets which directly impact gameplay and the types of player or Doods it can grow.

When players own more than one Planet, they can perform Celestial Conjunction or make incredible Primal Planets which can boast traits inherited from their parent planets.

Like planets, Stars are NFTs that can be bought and exchanged too. They possess passive traits which can provide either cosmetic or gameplay bonuses. Owners of Stars can receive bonuses from other player activities happening within their star’s system.

A total of 11,498 Stars will be made available for Sale in Stella Tabulas. Stella Tabulas are chests containing Stars from across the many galaxies of the Apeiron universe. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this sale because apart from being guaranteed a Star, the chest may also contain up to ten Celestial Items to customize your star.Relics are unique NFT of NFTs that can be openly traded with others. Relic can reflect permanent progression for players and they can also serve as an incentive to interact with the marketplace.

As player journey through planetary cycles, they can come across various items and objects such as Apostles, Equipment, Skill Cards, Cosmetics or even rare Planetary Wonders that might otherwise be lost during reset. These items can be forged into Relics and they can be installed into Planet’s Relic Slot.

After launch, all of these NFTs will be available for trading in Apeiron public marketplace which will uses WETH as its native currency. Apeiron is well aware of the gas fees fluctuation of ETH and already planned the implementation of sidechain technology to ensure that the effect of gas will not impact trading experience.

4. Triple Tokens Economy Model

In contrast to the dual token model used in other play-to-earn system, Apeiron marketplace and monetary economy is built around a tri-token system (APRS, AMINA and RINGU) which work together to foster roles and relationships between players, enabling them to exchange contributions and effort seamlessly through the marketplace.

Apeiros ($APRS) is Apeiron governance token that grants voting access and enable players to stake a claim in the universe. Apeiros has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and it is needed in the game to perform Celestial Conjunction, forge avatars and covert Apostles or other galactic elements into Relics.

Anima ($ANIMA) is Apeiron’s Play-To-Earn Token that is issued as game reward for completing dungeons, missions, winning PvP encounters, perform a Celestial Conjunction, among others. The supply of ANIMA is not fixed and each token is minted whenever a player certain game task. However, the daily generation of AMINA is monitored to avoid abnormal inflation. Ringularity ($RINGU) is Apeiron’s premium token that is meant to promote high-level social gameplay and commitment. Players are able to earn it when they engage in sustained commitment to ecosystem events or participate in alliance-level player-vs-player game content.

The triple token structure and NFTs system has ensured that Apeiron can operate in tandem with a functioning and sustainable economy that drive off inflation and enable a dynamic economy at all level of play. It will not only allow developers to have better control of the game economy, it will also empower players to influence game design as well as grant better incentivization and corresponding reward to different players in different parts of the game for their interactions.

5. Closing thoughts

Apeiron is an interesting blockchain project that is set to champion the lead of the next generation of play and earn game movement. Besides being the first god game on blockchain or its ability to galvanize gamers passion with gameplay coherently, its sustainable gameloop economy structure, based on a triple token system that reward effective strategy, commitment and social alliances, has resulted in making it one of the few games that has a natural template for long term project sustainability.

In Apeiron, barrier of entry and game adoption has been removed because players can easily subscribe for a free seed planet to start their game journey and earn game assets, before deciding to invest. Whether you are a star player, pro player, regular player, socializer or new player, Apeiron offer you an opportunity to engage with the galaxies, be the god, discover your own strategy, and get rewarded based on a fair, open and fun economic model that will make every penny of your investment and time count.

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