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How would you love to explore alien lands? If you’re worried that you’re human and can’t fight back if attacked, worry no more. In this kind of exploration, you’ll be equipped with superpowers and superweapons to help you succeed in all your quests. No villain can stop you if you have the right kind of weapons and strength combination to take them down.

You bet it would be very great to not just explore but to explore these worlds and conquer territories. And we know just the game that can give you all of these while letting you create and own NFTs. Look at that! That’s a beautiful opportunity to earn and own NFTs while getting some real Blockchain entertainment.

You too can become a hero who explores and conquers worlds if you read on to find out more.

Introducing Ashward

Ashward is an interactive entertainment powered by Blockchain technology. It is that kind of game that can make you rich while keeping you hooked to your screen for lengthy hours. Ashward’s play-to-earn model is simple yet intriguing and strategic.

Players get to complete diverse quests including daily, weekly, and special events. Also, Ashward aims to build a robust gaming platform where creators are able to play. Share, collect and trade without central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn profit.

This game will immerse players in a world where they will become virtual world explorers and conquerors, and they will be able to play cooperatively without the need for a centralized authority. Ashward gives creators total ownership of their creations in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTS) and rewards them with Ashward’s very utility token ASC for their participation.

The current game market curtails creator rights and ownership due to decentralized ownership and control of user-generated content. Players are unable to create fair market value for their creations because of central control over the trading of digital products created by them. Ashward aims to address these issues while also speeding up blockchain adoption to expand the blockchain gaming market.


Ashward has many amazing features you would fall in love with as soon as you start playing the game.

1. Awakening

In the Ashward metaverse, players upgrade by spending specific amounts of NFTs or ASC tokens. Sometimes these players have to spend both ASC tokens and NFTs to upgrade. Upgrading helps boost the player’s abilities and even unlocks new skills as the player goes on in the game.

2. Chest

Players receive loot boxes that are distributed by Ashward’s system. These loot boxes can also be purchased with ASC tokens. When players open a loot box, they receive a level 1 hero with any random grade of abilities.


Three main components make up Ashward’s gameplay; they are heroes, pets,

● Heroes

Heroes have unique features and special abilities that are best suited to the players’ tactics and play style.

● Pets

Pets are readily available to help heroes thrive. They enhance a player’s abilities and help the player win bonuses. They also add dynamics to the game.

● Items

Players can find supporting items in the marketplace to help players earn more rewards, and level up faster. Players can also buy these items for fun, you know…a little decoration doesn’t hurt.

There are also different game modes. Quickly, here they are:

● Casual (PVP — Arena)

Players will form a four-hero squad with the aim of conquering bosses with a variety of fight patterns.

● Competitive (PVP — Arena)

Players form a squad of four heroes and compete to rise through the ranks.

● Adventure (PVE)

In this mode, players can learn about the game’s plot and visit a variety of locations in a pre-determined order.

● Raid (Clan Mode)

In this mode, players will team up to fight the boss.

● Kingdom Guardian (PVE)

The battle will take place inside Arenas in battle royale mode. A fight will be fought between 50 players, with the last survivor being declared the winner and receiving rewards.

● Kingdom Guardian (PVE — Farming mode)

No, you don’t need hoes or rakes. In the farming mode, players stake to earn tokens.

Who created this game?

Meet the amazing team behind Ashward’s creation and operation.


ASC is a crucial part of Ashward. It is the official token of the Ashward platform. This token is a BEP-20 utility token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is the key to carrying out any transactions on the Ashward platform.

The two main uses of the ASC token are: (1) It is the system’s currency for in-game activities, and (2) a passive source of income by staking. To earn more and more ASC tokens, players need to complete daily, weekly, special events, fight in battles, rank up the leaderboard, and stake ASC tokens. ASC has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.


Ashward’s Communities

Ashward’s Telegram

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Ashward’s Discord

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Ashward’s Twitter

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Ashward’s Website

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