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Assent Protocol x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from the 14th of March

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Assent Protocol and our guest was. The AMA took place on the 14th of March

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $500

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&WebSite

Hello Dear Satoshi Clubbers welcome to another AMA session

Hello everyone and welcome to our next AMA Session with Assent Protocol!

Let us welcome our guest @banker_charles

Our guest today is @banker_charles

Hello welcome to Satoshi club

A few minutes of patience, please

We should be good to start now!

@banker_charles welcome to Satoshi club

Eyy, here we go. I lost my speaking rights there for a bit

Sorry about that

How are you doing today

Hello everybody, very nice to e-meet you all. I hope everybody is doing well

I am doing great my friend, just got back from the gym

Now, you have everything you need!

Hahah let’s hope it doesn’t get taken away again

Hope you had nice warm-up!

Hell yeah, my fingers will be working hard during this AMA

so much work

Let’s start a real action now!

Can you please introduce yourself to us how you got into crypto and how the project started?

Sure thing!

So my name is Charles and I am 1 of the 2 marketing managers over at Assent Protocol. I started investing in crypto early 2017 because I looked into it and started to see it as the future

I have experience from working as a marketing manager all over the place in DeFi since last year january on multiple chains and got all my contacts in place to make assent protocol a succes. I have kyced with rugdoc poocoin and coinzilla btw.


Assent protocol is created out of the idea that DeFi could really use a stable banking system for both investors and projects

So what is Assent protocol all about?

Let me tell you about Assent Protocol

Assent Protocol is a DAO ecosystem that aims to become the #1 multi chain DeFi bank for both investors and projects alike. We will do so in a way no other project has done before. By solving the main DeFi 1.0 and DeFi 2.0 problems, Assent Protocol is introducing

DeFi 2.5.

DeFi 2.5 will fight perpetual inflation on the native $ASNT token by rewarding loyal ecosystem participants in stable coins for the majority and in the meanwhile maintain sustainable APRs. DeFi 2.5 will also provide the native $ASNT token with utilities within the Assent Protocol ecosystem.

So much to look into

Looks promising!

How many people do you currently have working on the project?

We are currently hosting our public sale:

We have a soft cap of 100k to get started

Currently we have 6 people working at assent:

– eric: my other marketing half who has worked alongside me on all our projects. He is working for samsung irl as a main marketing guy

Everyone based closed to each other?

– Dan B is our frontend dev who has worked on a very big eth project and is on an NDA together with our main dev and CEO jerome

– we also have Louis, who is our business development guy and the one who will be taking care of partnerships and relationships

We also got an amazing admin: Harvey who controls our TG community

Me, louis and harvey are based in the netherlands. Eric in the states and jerome and dan in france

Is there Plans of expanding anytime soon?

International cooperation!

The plan is there and we really hope that we can achieve this goal because it will mean that we can’t handle the project anymore with 6 people

But first we need to focus on a successful launch and post launch marketing

True One step at a time

Thank you for the introduction

We will now like to proceed to our community questions are you ready for them?

Hell yeah, let’s open the gates

Q1 From Telegram User @Rozielyna

I learned that Assent Protocol investors benefit from staking $ASNT, getting rewards for staking $ASNT and for auto compounding $ASNT. Can you explain more on your staking mechanism? how does Auto-compounding $ASNT Works and what are you the rewards? Is there a Minimum or Maximum time for which investors can stake? Can they Unstake anytime of their choice? What are the benefits of staking $ASNT for a long term? Lastly I noticed that you also have a “Lock for rewards” feature called The locker”: A place users can lock and earn from their assets. Can you tell us more about this Feature and how it works? What will user benefits from using the lock for rewards features?

So staking will be the same as on any other farming platform in DeFi. In general you stake your tokens in a pool or farm and you will generate yield from staking.

We are adding special locker systems to our protocol to better control the circulating supply of $ASNT. An investor can choose his own desired time of locking inside a staking pool. The longer the chosen lock period the more rewards will be generated.

This special locker feature is a key factor in our 4,4 gametheory

Is there a minimum or maximum amount to stake?

No there won’t be any limits at the start. But we are looking into deploying farms/pools where the less is staked the more the APR will be. So big whales will get a smaller APR than smaller investors.

This is to control whales as good as possible

Great Initiative

Thank you for your Answers

Ready for the next question now?

Hell yeahh

Q2 From Telegram User @GracieEne

With regards to the Assent Game theory, It was stated that The Assent Protocol will incentivize the whole protocol and your community to go for 4,4 and/or 3,3 theory and will also reward all its loyal ecosystem participants that choose to go for them only if they adhere to some instructions. How does this 4,4 and 3,3 theory work? What would happen to other participants that do not go for the 4,4 or 3,3? Will there be other benefits for them? Among the instructions to be followed is for participants not to sell $ASNT. Is this just for a certain period of time?

So our 4,4 gametheory is based on our ecosystem making decisions that will have the best outcome for everyone.

The only time people will be negatively impacted is when investors sell, all the other options either give a net neutral, slightly positive or very positive outcome

Out of 16 possible actions there is only 1 with negative impact.

Assent Protocol will incentive people to stake and/or lock by introducing a “loyal reward system” where stakers and lockers are eligible for weekly stablecoin airdrops

If people unstake, or sell they disqualify from the weeks airdrop and need to start over again next week

How much are you allocating for the weekly airdrops?

So, the conclusion is obvious here — do not sell! Lock, stake, bond and users will surely get profit

That depends on the trading volume in our DEX and we will decide the amounts when we have launched because right now we don’t have any clue on the trading numbers yet


Well understood

Thank you for your Answers

Ready for the next question?

Sure am

Q3 From Telegram User @QuianaV

One key feature of the Assent Protocol is a Decentralized Exchange(DEX) and the DEX will make it easier for investors to trade on the Assent Protocol Platform. Can you elaborate more on the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) in Assent Protocol? Would there be any security Protocols to check and ensure that all DeFi Projects listed on Assent Protocol DEX are safe for all users and investors? What are some of the benefits which Assent Protocol will offer to DeFi Projects listed on its DEX?

Very good question. Safety is something that should always come first in all DeFi projects.

Our DEX code is fully audited by obelisk, so our DEX is SAFU.

For the second part of the question i would like to show you all our pitch deck



In the last 2 slides of the pitchdeck you can find the benefits we offer projects that are listed in our ecosystem

This is clear and simple

And yet no other DEX is providing its ecosystem participants with enough benefits.

This is great and Exciting

Thank you for your answers

Let’s proceed to the next question now

Q4 From Telegram User @sunny_steel

The nature of the whole Assent Protocol project is to become the number one DeFi bank for both investors and projects alike becoming a multichain project on the way. To reach these goal, I see some primary objectives to be done first: strong partnership base consisting of DeFi projects which are ready to join Assent Protocol and numerous and active community to support, promote and invest in Assent Protocol. Please tell us about the successes already reached on this goals and your future plans referring to these elements of Assent. Thanks!

Sure thing! So far we have managed to host a very successful whitelist presale.

We have kyced with rugdoc and got an awesome review from them, which you can find here ⬇️

In matter of partnerships we are talking to multiple projects, amongst them a few very big ones.

We totally agree with your point of view and a lot of partners will have to be made. Luckily for us, me and my other marketing half know almost everybody in DeFi


Agree, this opens a lot of doors!

Our future plans are to get Assent Protocol a well known established protocol and from there we will expand

How close is it? I mean timely

We should be able to get ourself established with a household name within a month.

But like i said first we need to host a successful public pre-sale


Thank you for your Answers

Perfect! We still have a question on public sale. So, let’s keep it for a moment

Let’s see the question nr 5!

Q5 From Telegram User @iceVermithraxx

Assent Protocol will Combine all the best features for DeFi 1.0 and DeFi 2.0 to create the future of DeFi: DeFi 2.5. can you explain more on the features DeFi 2.5 which Assent protocol aims to create by combination of DeFi 1.0 and DeFi 2,0? What are some of existing problems in the DeFi system which Assent Protocol DeFi 2.5 aims to resolve? I also saw that in Assent Protocol, all Native Token holders control the protocol, can you explain more on this feature?

DeFi 2.5 will fight DeFi 1.0 its biggest problem: perpetual inflation on the native $ASNT token by rewarding loyal ecosystem participants in stable coins for the majority and in the meanwhile maintain sustainable APRs. DeFi 2.5 will also provide the native $ASNT token with utilities within the Assent Protocol ecosystem, which DeFi 2.0 currently isn’t providing.

Assent Protocol will be a DAO ecosystem which means that all native $ASNT token holders will be able to vote on proposals. Their voting power is directly proportional to the amount they hold.

What will be the utilities of $ASNT?

So $ASNT will be the main token in the Assent Protocol ecosystem.

$ASNT will be used for:

– our DEX token

– DAO voting on proposals

– borrowing and lending

– staking for sustainable APRs

– locking into special locker systems for extra rewards

– it will be our launchpad token

And we will add a lot more usecases and utilities as we go

Thank you for your well detailed answers

Ready for the next question now?

Yes sure am

Q6 From Telegram User @ghostofcharmeleon

Hello, Accent Protocol team.

You have a round of public sale of #ASNT tokens starting today. According to your tariff investment plans, you can invest either $ 200, or $ 1000 or $ 2000. What should I do if I wanted to invest more than 200B but less than 1000? Can I, for example, take 3 packages of $ 200 for one wallet number? Or do I need three different wallets with amounts of $200 each?

So this is not totally how it works.

Everybody can invest in our public sale here:

We have a max spending limit per wallet of $30k.

Our vip system works as follows: if you spend betweet $200 and $999 you are vip tier 1(banker)

Between $1000 and $1999 you are vip tier 2 (teller)

Between $2000 and $30k you are vip tier 3 (executive)

But everybody is free to contribute as much as they want up to $30k

Clear enough

So when the presale opens and closes?

The presale went live this morning and will last until the 17th of March 8AM UTC.

Few more days to go

Satoshiclubbers, do not waste time and join the presale asap!

Thank you for your Answers in this first part of our AMA

We will now like to proceed to the most exciting part- Live questions

The storm is coming!

Let’s open the gates

Chat will be opened for 120 secs

Opening Chat now

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user

You mentioned about softcap which is only 100k. Do you have any priority for elite investors who invest in large amount? How long will be your public pre-sale?

We have our vip system

Where big investors get multiple project benefits such as deposit fee discounts and dex trading fee discounts. Our public sale will last for 2 more days until the 17th of March 8AM UTC

Q2 from Telegram user

I noticed that you will reward investors who invest up to $200, $1000 and $2000 during the public pre-sale. Why did you decide to reward the first investors with additional benefits?

As DeFi is struggling with so many rugs and scams, hosting presales is getting a bit more difficult. With these additional benefits we hope to incentivize investors to join the public pre-sale

Q3 from Telegram user

How can we buy your token?

You can contribute to our public pre sale here:

Q4 from Telegram user

Assent Protocol has been Reviewed by RUGDOC , May I know More about it , What was

the Main Result of this Review, Will You please talk About it ?

We have been reviewed by Rugdoc and they gave us a “some risk” badge, which is really positive. We are also kyced with rugdoc

We have been talking to rug doc herself and our risk rate will probably become even lower when we have locked liquidity

Q5 from Telegram user

As Many projects are Going live on various chains,

Do you also plan to support many other chains in future?

We are planning to be operating from 5 different chains.

– BSC will be our first and after that we

Will look into the most hyped chains that are available at that time

Q6 from Telegram user

What is meant by Rugdoc Kyc? how can we trust your project is legit from it? Does this mean has your team done kyc too?

Yes it means that we have send our identities to rugdoc. Also we have done 2 audits which will even give more assurance to investors

Q7 from Telegram user

IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

This project is open to everyone. Everybody is welcome to join our awesome community and its not only for the elites

Q8 from Telegram user

I Got a Message From any Representative of the ASSENT Protocol, Is it Real or Fake , Can you please guide us How Can your Users be Safe From these Scammers ?

It’s probably a scammer impersonating to be an official Assent Protocol representative.

We are warning our investors daily on our socials to be aware of scammers.

Official Assent Protocol representatives never DM first

Q9 from Telegram user

What is the form for enter in the public sale

There is no form, everybody can just click on this link and contribute ⬇️

Q10 from Telegram user

Can you tell us how Assent Protocol provides a solution to IU problems? Does Assent Protocol provide an interface that is accessible and easy to use by everyone?

Our UI is very easy to use and easy to understand for all. We want to reach the people outside of crypto as well so this was one of our huge focusses when developing our website

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

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