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Bazaars x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from the 12th of July

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Bazaars . The AMA took place on the 12th of July.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $500

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&WebSite

Hello Satoshi Club community ! We are pleased to announce today AMA with Bazaars

Hello everyone and welcome to our AMA Session with Bazaars!

Let’s welcome our guests!

Today our special guests are @RALKH and @CryptomoeBZR

Hello everyone


Welcome to Satoshi Club! How are you?

Welcome to Satoshi Club Cryptomoe and Raja

We’re very excited to be here

Great thanks looking forward to the AMA

Great! We are also very excited to do AMA with Bazaars

So as we are — excited to see Bazaars here!

Let’s start our AMA !

@Pratze , Let’s go!

Can you please introduce yourself and your team. How did you get to be involved in Cryptocurrency & Bazaars Project?

Hi, I’m an ex-Vodafone executive and spent many years in the telecoms industry then was involved in a few startups

Wow! I have some colleagues here

Cryptocurrency and Bazaars grew out of one ecommerce start up for emerging markets where we identified a need for easy transactions

After a career with GE Capital I started trading in crypto and realized that it was only used for speculation this was the next natural evolution

Great background both of you have here , by the way how big are Bazaars team right now ?

There’s a lot written about cryptocurrency risk but fiat currencies are also very volatile. The main issue with crypto as we see it at the moment is that it’s very difficult to convert its value into goods and assets. We want to change that

We are 16 people.

Fully agree with you!

So what are the areas of ecommerce you support or it covers everything that can be traded?

We want to grow the marketplace into one of the largest and we believe this can be best be done by making it easy to trade peer-to-peer.

We have a catalogue of high value goods and also vehicles and properties listings

Our aim is to grow this over the next few months. We only launched the app last week!

Great to see your enthusiasm! And let’s hope it will only grow day by day!

Thank you for the great introduction

We are currently shipping items to 52 countries

and anyone can list property or vehicles for free

Let’s talk about it in details once we see 6 questions from our community chosen for the 1st part за our AMA!

Ready for the first one?

We have collected 6 community questions for part 1 from Satoshi Club community,

ready to proceed?


Q1 From Telegram User @UniqueVicky

You made us to understand that Bazaar’s project is split into 4 stages, THOMAS EDISON, YURL GAGARIN, IBN AL HARYTHAM AND PENNSYLVANIA MUTINY. I would love if you could provide extensive analysis of these stages of Bazaar, it’s functions, features, characteristics, the benefits and advantages it will bring to the platform and the community at large. You said when all stages are complete the Bazaar’s network will be fully decentralized, open source, led, controlled and owned by the Bazaar’s community. So when will all stages be completed? Which of the stages is your top priority now and which are you currently working on now? What requirements will bazaar community meet to control and led a particular stage?

Hi, all the details about the different stages are described on We have completed Stages 1 & 2 and are finalizing Stage 3. We are hoping to complete all stages by December this year. Once Stage 4 is complete we will handover to community governance. If members of the Bazaars community are interested in driving the project in a particular direction before then, they can connect with us on any of our channels and provide feedback

Can you please share the roadmap from Bazaars project ? do this 4 stage also include on your roadmap?


its on the homepage of the website

Stage 4 is detailed here


we plan to complete all stages by december

Should we expect the appearance of new stages after December?

Definitely, but that will be decided by the community

When we do the community handover, we will be establishing Bazaars as a foundation with elected board members from the Bazaars community to drive Bazaars forward.

I see, so how will your DAO look like?

What should the community own to have voting rights?

BZR tokens

0x8d96b4ab6c741a4c8679ae323a100d74f085ba8f Contract code

I see, so DAO will start operated on December 2022 right

The DAO rules if you want will be one of the first tasks for the board.

Probably from January 2023

Thank you for the detail answer, do you want to add anything or we can go to 2nd question ?

We can go to question 2

Q2 From Telegram User @Crypt0ana1yst

After i check on Bazaars telegram, i understand that Bazaars is a marketplace similar to e-commerce business where user can exchange crypto for physical asset, so is that mean we can use your token $BZR to buy and sell product inside Bazaars? I am also still don’t understand why do we as buyer/seller need $BZR token to do transaction, can you please mention other use-case & function from your token $BZR, do user will have some discount or reward if using $BZR?

if @uniquevickuy is happy with the answer

Only buyers need BZR tokens to transact, it is an admin fee to run the platform and in future fuel transactions. Token holders will from January 2023 be rewarded with a percentage of the transaction fees so their investment in BZR will grow.

Cool ! there is a reward for holder ? how much percentage of the transaction fees for the reward? and do the reward claimable everyday?

Token holders will receive a percentage of the transactions fees. The rewards will be airdropped quarterly


So what cryptocurrency can be use to do trade inside Bazaars ? only BTC ?

Ether and BTC can be used to buy items

and we will be adding other major cryptocurrencies

the sellers can list a property or vehicle in any currency they choose

What about fiat? Do you also plan to add it?

ETH and BTC, nice…. thank you for the answer

We are not planning on adding fiat as there are many marketplaces that cater to this.

Our aim is to give cryptocurrency holders a way to convert their currencies into things you can use everyday. And we believe this is the future.

I see, fair enough

Yes i also believe Cryptocurrency is the future

Perfect! Thank you for detailed answer. Let’s proceed to the next question

Let’s continue to 3rd question

Q3 From Telegram User @Cheriemike

For Bazaars app V2.0,it is stated that new releases of the Bazaars crypto marketplace app will incorporate new features.So what will be the new features that will be incorporated to V2.0 that will make it stand out from other crypto marketplace app?When will this new releases be added since you didn’t specify it in your roadmap?You also said that all crypto assets gained from Bazaars’s transaction fees on the Bazaars app will be divided amongst token holders in form of Airdrop.So will there be an amount of $BZR allocated for the Airdrop from the transaction fees or all that is gotten from the from the transaction fees are to share to all $BZR holders?Or will it be for those who hold huge amount of $BZR token?Will this happen on a regular basis?Please explain Thanks

The new version will accept additional cryptocurrencies as payments, enhanced UI, wallet, and be available in more countries. Will also have a light mode and dark mode.

Regarding transaction fees, these will be split among all token holders. Of course, if you have more BZRs you get a bigger percentage. We will be doing this on a quarterly basis

Just to add, one of our USPs is our partnership with Aramex, a global logistics provider so we are able to support shipping across so many countries.

So Bazaars it self or token work under ETH(ERC20), don’t user will get problem with high fees regarding transaction fees?


Bazaars app accepts BTC or ETh as payments

If on that day the bitcoin network is cheaper for transactions the user can use BTC to checkout

Could you share screenshots of your app?

Better, you can download them from here

Thank you for sharing this

Regarding transaction fees, in future once the full Bazaars network is deployed, fees will be minimal

you can see the app on both android and ios

Let’s download them Satoshi Clubber

Thank you! Ready to move to the question nr 4?


Q4 From Telegram User @yellowchamp

As your mission is to provide an e-marketplace where cryptocurrency can be exchanged for physical and digital assets, goods, and services,upon studying your Bazaars I just found out that partly of this mission is already realized since you already have an app that offer P2P payment in exchange of an items using a crypto currency so as you already have an app,what’s next step we can look forward from Bazaars? Do you have any plan in the future to build something like a crypto currency exchange for people to easy connect with your exchange as well as your app and are you also considering NFT or gaming services to be associated with in Bazaars? As you only have crypto currency as your mode of payment,do you have plan to also consider fiat currency as an additional payment options to your buyers? As an online shopper,I saw some online shopping platforms partnering with some popular companies to sell their products in their platforms so with Bazaar,are you also planning to collaborate some big platforms to sell their products in Bazaar? If yes,could you tell us in advance what companies or platforms you are eyeing to collaborate with? Thank you

We have completed Stages 1 and 2 of our roadmap which include our peer-to-peer marketplace. The next steps are outlined in Stages 3 & 4. We are working on a wallet and deployment of our own blockchain network. We are not planning on launching an exchange at the moment. We are open to having NFTs, gaming services and other services to be listed on the marketplace. We are not fiat currency as there are many marketplaces that cater to fiat payments. However, we are thinking about an easy way that users can convert cash to crypto. We are considering partnerships but our priority is on encouraging peer-to-peer trading.

You said you currently ship to 52 countries. But what countries are opened for listings? Are there any geographical limits?

also 52 countries

So Bazaars maybe possible to convert Crypto into cash ? is this mean you will do partner with some Bank in the future?

you can list items and vehicles in all the countries we have launched in

No limits for listings however we can only offer shipping from and to 52 countries.

you can convert crypto to items

We will be adding to this in future.

We want to be able to allow people to easily convert cash to crypto but this is still in the idea stage

Will be following Bazaar then for more updates to come

Thank you for the clarification, do you want to add something else or we can go to next question?

We can go to the next question

Q5 From Telegram User @Chairmanw

Bazaars mention about ‘trust’ by only using phone number and email to register into your app, but i believe this system is not safe since user can use fake email or fake phone number to harm other user and your company. So how will Bazaars prevent scam like this that doing by seller for example send empty box or fake transaction ?

in today’s online world anyone can fake phone numbers, emails as well as addresses. On the Bazaars marketplace sellers are not paid until buyers verify that they have received goods, similar to paypal today.

Sellers are also reviewed by the buyers

all sellers will be reviewed by the community

Speak of safety, how about audit for smart contract ? did you already do audit?

you can dowloand our security audit at this link

Do you also plan to add a kind of ratings for sellers and buyers?

we already have it for sellers

we have a 5 star review system

Great! That also helps to identify those who manipulate while selling or buying

Thank you for the great and detail answer !

Let’s continue to last question from part 1

Q6 From Telegram User @KhaleesiKhalee

In the website, it mentioned there that Users can produce and deploy smart contracts and dapps individually or collectively, without an intermediary or third-party or the use of an incorporated entity. So, how is the process of deploying smart contracts and dapps in Bazaars platform? Do you have any tutorials or videos as an instruction to follow especially for non-programmer users? Please provide more information with regards to smart contract and dapps deployment?

This is coming soon! It will be available once we complete all stages in December.

So another think to look forward to

Please update them again with Satoshi Club later

Of course!

Thank you! it has been an amazing time in this first part of the AMA

Thank you!


Before we proceed to LIVE part, could you share your official links/groups

Now is time to proceed with the second part, the live question part 2

My Linkedin profile

Satoshiclubbers, do not forget to join Bazaars!


Thank you . Let’s join now Satoshi Clubber so we can now all new update regarding Bazaars

Are you ready for the storm of question?

Thank you and let’s get ready for some action now!

We will open chat for 120 seconds

Fire away!

Once we close it back please choose 10 questions to answer

Please do not answer any questions during the storm

Let’s FIRE!

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user

On your website you have mentioned that we can get percentage of profit from your marketplace if we hold BZR token, so can you please tell how much token we have to hold for it and which wallet are you going to support for the profits or airdrop?

You can hold as many tokens as you want, of course if you have more tokens, you will receive higher percentage. Initially Ethereum wallets

Q2 from Telegram user

From What Different markets, will You list your Products on Your Platform?
Please tell?

Most markets, they are listed when you download the apps and use them

Q3 from Telegram user

You guys say “All BZR token holders are responsible for keeping their own tokens safe”, but really isn’t the Bazaars app secure enough to store my assets on it? or do they really recommend that we deposit them in other wallets?

The tokens are separate to the app marketplace. These should be stored on token holder wallets. Therefore token holders should keep their wallets safe

Q4 from Telegram user

I read that in terms of getting a product,most of the products in your app are shipped directly by Bazaars’s partner, Aramex, a multinational logistics, courier,and package delivery company based in
Dubai,United Arab Emirates.So will Aramex be the only partner Bazzars will work with to deliver products to buyers?Please explain Thanks

Aramex is our international partner and we have many local delivery partners

Q5 from Telegram user

Bazaars app can solve so many problems on crypto industry and cut the middle-hands , i wanna know will you also provide a loan system on it for giving loan by $BZR token to users ?

We are in negtotionations to be able to provide our customers with crypto loans to purcahse items

Q6 from Telegram user

Can you please share us why you named the project Bazaars?
What do you sell?

Bazaars means marketplace. Bazaars apps provide a peer to peer marketplace so users can sell anything legal in their jurisdiction.

Q7 from Telegram user

About the team members of bazaars ecosystem i wanna know are they anonymous ? If yes may i know why ? If no are they fully doxxed right now ?

The team members are listed in the white paper which is available to download from We also listed our initial investors, some have chosen to remain anonymous.

Q8 from Telegram user

Can I buy BZR tokens on any exchanges? Where is it listed and is it available on your website ?on what blockchains is your token launched?

Q9 from Telegram user

What kind of data Bazaars app has access to them on our phones ?

Do you sell The data of users to some third party companies for marketing or other purposes ?

No access to any data. And no we are not planning on selling user data. We only collect data that is required by Google and Apple to have our apps on their stores. That is really minimal data. This is to protect user privacy

Q10 from Telegram user

From day 1 only , many projects make many goals but they are not able to stay up to date with the roadmap and their goals,Please tell about your Nearest Goal that you want to achieve this quarter?

we launched from day 1 with a working app and have met all our deadlines. We are a working project not just an idea

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

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WebSite —



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