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Don’t you just wish you can escape for at least a week to somewhere where you can just chill, have fun and relax? Perhaps you love road trips as much as we do?

If you do love sometimes on the road, watching trees and the coal tar run past you, while you enjoy the wind blowing against your face and hair, then you would agree that the kind of vehicle you use can affect your whole road trip. Use a jerky, noisy and difficult vehicle and you would wish death could come upon you faster. Use a smooth-riding vehicle and you just might not want that moment to end.

Just like automatic cars came and introduced us to a new realm we never imagined while manual cars were still in vogue, electric cars have come to turn our heads to a new dimension. Do you love electric cars?

What’s there not to love about electric cars? You can almost feel like you’re moving on the wind because of how noiseless and fast it is. It takes away the bore and chore of driving a manual or automatic car, but it also requires a lot of energy. That part seems to be one of the downsides to this brilliant automobile upgrade.

Electric cars require a lot of energy and thankfully, renewable energy can work just fine for these masterpieces. In a world promoting sustainable engineering and predictive maintenance, this is simply great.

It’s pretty obvious that mobility is a very important part of our lives and our experiences as people in a modern world. How you commute matters a huge deal, which is why projects like bloXmove are solely dedicated to turning the mobility industry around. bloXmove has gone the mile to connect businesses to businesses and businesses to customers in the mobility sector. Believe us when we say you would love to find out more about this project, please tag along as we unveil this mobility wizard.

Introducing bloXmove

bloXmove is the next big thing in the blockchain-enabled mobility sector. It sees the future in mobility and is willing to create what others are merely dreaming of and predicting. There are a few things you probably didn’t know about the mobility sector, but we’re going to reveal them to you as we go on.

The world is changing and so is the mobility sector, the future of mobility is better and more structured than what you. bloXmove believes that the future of mobility is decentralized and it is the heart of small cities and urban development. The bloXmove team was able to figure out somehow that for such a system to thrive, there must be a collaboration between the public and private mobility media. And this is where it brings the magic of blockchain to the fore.

Blockchain, Decentralized Identifiers, and the Internet of Things are all important components of scalable, collaborative systems. Since bloXmove believes that the advancement of mobility rests in an ecosystem in which mobility services are available via software platforms, advanced technology has to be used to pursue this dream. bloXmove also believes that the advancement of mobility is based on a mobility ecosystem that is entirely predicated on a pay-per-use business model.

As a result, bloXmove is working on a versatile, easy-to-integrate, and automated solution. Its goal is to make the connection between this technological solution and current infrastructure as seamless as possible. This interaction would allow persons who provide mobility services to use a flexible and quick tool to improve and simplify their services while saving time and money.

bloXmove is on a mission to make the world of mobility better and easier. Its main purpose is to build an open mobility ecosystem that will allow people all around the world to use more integrated and open mobility services.

In summary, bloXmove is a protocol that supports Decentralized Mobility (DeMo) by creating and sustaining a shared transaction platform. It is built on Blockchain technology and decentralized identifiers (DID). Mobility service providers can provide verified services to verified users by connecting to bloXmove. Payment for services made can be fully automated and protected via the bloXmove’s token, $BLXM.

bloXmove is easy to use since mobility service providers on the platform can provide their own services or even offer the services from any other mobility service provider through the bloXmove application. Interaction on bloXmove will be live, real-time, and fully protected without centralized intermediaries claiming the customer relationship

bloXmove and Mobility Service Providers

bloXmove offers mobility service providers the best of the best services by offering better utilization and helping them reach a wider audience requiring their services. It also provides smooth revenue distribution and real-time liability settlement for these providers. Additionally, providers can monetize their data to build new insurance, credit, or financial products.

Mobility service providers will be able to build feature-rich solutions using the bloXmove platform without needing to possess and manage all of the assets required to provide the service. All of this must be done with the same ease of use, reliability, and flexibility that platform economics provides.

bloXmove will provide a common and shared transaction platform for service providers who offer a variety of services, such as public transportation, cab and ride-hailing, automobile sharing, and micro-mobility, as well as finance, renting, insurance, and fleet management. Participating service providers can access the bloXmove service network through open-source protocols and APIs and provide their own services as a verified ecosystem partner within the network.

In a nutshell, bloXmove is designed to:

  • Be efficient in terms of the resources required to convey rising numbers of people and quantities of commodities.
  • Provide customers with a versatile mode of transportation and vehicle according to their tastes and preferences.
  • Be competent in commuting people and things.
  • Enable urban planners to monitor traffic and the use of urban assets.
  • Provide market strategies that result in the provision of services that are particularly fit to urban policies and economic demand.
  • Allow users to choose their preferred service provider, services, and pricing models.

bloXmove is beginning to look like a dream come true in the mobility sector.

Meet the Brains Behind bloXmove

CEO and Founder

CTO and Co-founder

CFO and Co-founder

BLXM Tokenomics

BLXM Token Allocation

$BLXM is the official utility token for bloXmove. It is the mobility platform’s tool for rewarding and supporting carbon-neutral mobility, thereby promoting the use of sustainable energy today. bloXmove plans to use this token to encourage teamwork while also ensuring the authenticity and consistency of mobility services. $BLXM will be used to aid the connection of electric automobiles to the power grid to balance renewable energy generation à Power & Mobility.

$BLXM was launched on the Binance Smart Chain as well as on the Ethereum blockchain. Its overall supply across both chains is 50,000,000 tokens. 500,000 of these tokens were released at bloXmove’s Token Generation Event (TGE). 250,000 tokens were launched through PAID Ignition launchpad on Binance Smart Chain and another 250,000 was combined with 200,000 $USDC on the Ethereum blockchain using Uniswap.

bloXmove has been able to successfully maintain a link between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum with its utility token, and this is just one of the amazing aspects of this project.

Here are some of the deflationary aspects of the $BLXM token you wouldn’t want to ignore: bloXmove intends to burn 10% and 40% of all transaction fees paid in $BLXM. The mobility platform will stop burning only when the supply has dropped from 50,000,000 to 10,000,000. When it has reached this limit, bloXmove will start accepting other tokens for transaction fees.

Token Circulation Schedule

Token Utilities:

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