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Blue Horizon NFT ($BLH)

The explosion of blockchain news regarding the NFT sector has raised questions and, above all, a lot of interest. I can personally still relate to the feeling I’ve experienced in the past when I’ve decided to buy my first NFT. I recall reading of the explosion of the now internationally renowned collection CryptoPunks — that is, “the collection” that’s currently worth millions of dollars. Since then the trend has been exponentially upward and crypto users have also witnessed the involvement of so-called VIPs (just think, for example, of Twitter’s founder or even Snoop Dogg, who markedly both got involved in selling their very own, autographed NFTs).

Now, months later, we’re still seeing news and headlines about private investors paying huge sums of fiat money to get their hands on what many would see as a great investment in digital art. And while we know NFTs aren’t just about art, it is true that a great chunk of their actual, cumulative market share and utility value is represented by new works and masterpieces brought to life by talented artists, supported by dedicated platforms and projects.

One such project is Blue Horizon and, in today’s article, we’re going to get deep down into this project’s “NFTastic” characteristics and features.

  1. Introducing Blue Horizon

To explain what Blue Horizon brings about, I’m going to quote the team’s co-founder, who does an almost ekphrastic job of describing the project on one of his most recent AMA:

“[…] Blue Horizon is a platform that focuses on blending the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with immersive DeFi concepts to create an ecosystem that takes the NFT market to a new dimension. Developed by a team of blockchain geeks with experience in smart contract development, web development, user experience engineering, business development, the platform becomes the place where users can buy and sell NFTs on Binance Smart Chain with any of the tokens that are listed on the exchange. The platform comprises a curated NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell works from a growing list of exclusive artists, handpicked by the platform. The value of the NFTs is increased by the implementation of NFT farming and gamification on the horizon. […]”.

It is clear that the project’s mission and outreach has a dual directive, reaching out to both artists and collectors.

  1. A Vision Built For The Artists…

Blue Horizon’s creators designed the platform to accommodate and support artists & collectors who are interested in crafting and marketing high-quality NFTs, helping to bring value to those artists and collectors who create and buy NFTs through Blue Horizon’s platform, as well as those who hold the $BLH token.

Combining the world of NFTs with yield farming solutions provides benefits to both $BLH and other NFT token holders, maximizing their investment. On the other hand, artists will benefit from dedicated “spotlight sections” on Blue Horizon’s website, which they’ll be able to increase their creations’ exposure and launch unique promotional campaigns.

Furthermore, artists will also enjoy discounts and additional perks depending on their tier — artists and collectors will receive a percentage of the swap exchange fees and NFT marketplace fees as a reward for employing the Blue Horizon platform.

  1. …And For The Collectors

One of the benefits that we’ve briefly touched upon is Blue Horizon NFT yield farming: this feature allows Blue Horizon collectors to benefit from staking their artwork. On top of that, collectors can also enjoy discounts on the marketplace fees and get additional perks (again depending on the collector’s tier), by using the $BLH token.

Finally, collectors will have the chance to showcase their collections via an NFT gallery and mobile app, which will allow them to exhibit their NFTs anywhen and anywhere they are, while gamification concepts will also be introduced later on, making it possible to utilize NFTs for games and competitions.

  1. The Tiers Structure for Artists and Collectors

As described earlier, Blue Horizon supports a tiered structure for $BLH token holders, who are categorized either as Artists and/or Collectors. This structure’s dependency is based on the number of $BLH tokens held by the stakeholder — the higher the amount of $BLH tokens, the lower the transaction fees for purchases, sales, and, in general, for trading on the platform.

The following infographic provides a pretty clear synopsis of the benefits incurred by owning $BLH tokens:

Additional higher tier benefits will include:

  • Priority access to newly published, exclusive NFTs
  • (For collectors) Unique AMA opportunities and “direct line” with artists
  • Exclusive NFT airdrops
  1. The Blue Horizon Platform

The Blue Horizon platform is a complete platform for artists, collectors, and NFT/DeFi enthusiasts. With it, the team is building a comprehensive platform with diverse utilities, aimed to satisfy even the most refined and discerning palates.

On November 24th, Blue Horizon launched its Decentralized Swap and Farming MVP, consisting of several core utilities. These will be then enriched with enhanced functionalities over time, as per the project’s roadmap (more on the dedicated “Roadmap” section below).

The Blue Horizon platform boasts several highly advantageous and desirable features to its stakeholders:

  • The NFT Marketplace — where users can quickly and inexpensively trade artists’ NFTs, thus enhancing/completing their collection or profiting from a pièce’s sale.
  • The Coin Exchange — an exchange where platform users can trade NFT-related tokens and an NFT marketplace. The team’s plan is to connect these two together so that users can directly buy their favorite NFTs with any of the tokens listed on Blue Horizon’s DEX.
  • Rewards for Token Holders — $BLH token holders are rewarded with discounts on fees, liquidity pooling rewards, a share of the platform fees, governance rights, and more.
  • Spotlight for Artists — NFT artists receive exposure through the Blue Horizon platform and other advertising channels, helping them find new supporters and buyers of their works.
  • Token and NFT Farming — Users will be able to farm the crypto space’s most popular NFT tokens, as well as the $BLH token, for extra rewards. Yield farming of NFTs is also planned for Q1 2022.
  • Gamification — this will allow collectors to utilize their collections rather than just leaving them to sit idly in their wallets.
  1. The $BLH Token

Here’s some basic information about the $BLH native token:

  • Token Name: Blue Horizon
  • Ticker: $BLH
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Token Standard: BEP — 20
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Token Address Contract: 0x3465fd2d9f900e34280abab60e8d9987b5b5bb47
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 $BLH tokens

The $BLH token is a deflationary token (a “buy-back and burn” mechanism is being implemented as we write) and has several use cases and applications, some of which will be present from the get-go, and some others that will be added over time. These include:

  • A tiered system, allowing artists and collectors to lock up their tokens in return for various benefits, such as discounts on fees for selling and buying NFTs. Higher-tier users can expect further perks, such as spotlight advertisement on Blue Horizon’s front page
  • Farming on the swap exchange by providing liquidity
  • Means of payment for the platform fees
  • Governance token as Blue Horizon transitions to a community-centric model, allowing voting on proposals

The picture below shows Blue Horizon “trading distribution chart”:

As you can see

  • 20% of Blue Horizon Swaps goes to the Development Fund, while the Blue Horizon NFT & Gamification itself provisions amount to 25%
  • 40% from the Swaps goes to LP Pools. 5%, from the NFT & Gamification Protocol, goes to Charity.
  • The Collector Pool receives from the Swaps and Gamification Protocol 10% and 20%, respectively
  • The Artists’ Pool major contribution comes from the NFT & Gamification side — 40% — while also receiving an additional 10% share from the swapping activity.
  • Finally, both Swap and NFT infrastructure will support token burns — 20% and 10%

The final, yet fundamental details regarding $BLH Token Economics and Token Distribution are, once again, well complemented by the following visual graphic:

As you can see, the highest portion of the $BLH tokens (40%) is allotted towards LP % NFT farming, while the lowest has been for the token’s Seed round (3.5%). Also, according to the above, the total amount raised through seed, private and public sale rounds (the latter of which has been conducted via the Poolz and LuaStarter IDO platforms) has been $905,000. It’s also worth signaling that both the private and public rounds (October 26th and November 22nd) have gone sold out in a matter of minutes.

  1. Partners & Investors

Among Blue Horizon investors we can enumerate several renowned names in the space:

  • Poolz Ventures and LuaStarter (which have also provided the kickstarting infrastructure for the project’s IDO launch)
  • Moonlight
  • Chateau Crypto
  • Capture

And we can’t forget to list the latest and much celebrated recent partnerships, among which there are:

  • World of DeFish
  • GovWorld
  • Space SIP
  • Teneo
  • Manga FOMO Chronicles
  1. The Roadmap

Currently, Blue Horizon is in the process of completing Q4 of the Roadmap, which includes the Public Sale & TGE (Nov 22nd and Nov 24th, respectively), MVP, and LP farming. Tiers, NFT farming, and sales are yet to come, but their implementation is also deemed to be just around the corner.

Here’s a crystal clear infographic showing Blue Horizon’s future roadmap milestones:

  1. Conclusion

Blue Horizon represents a breath of fresh air that has all the papers in order to express its potential in the NFTverse. The synergy between DeFi products/services and NFT is still a relatively new, yet highly desirable value-packed solution, that is bringing about a much-needed kind of improvement and innovation — one that’s user-driven, potentially bringing together authors and collectors, and which both former and latter could easily recognize and embrace, thanks to a convenient yet tantalizing UX.

Through Blue Horizon’s ecosystem, digital creators and artists will have a concrete chance to showcase their work, gain exposure, and bootstrap their talents, skills, and careers. At the same time, thanks to the platform, users will have access to unique NFT drops, and enjoy enticing rewards by simply holding the $BLH token. The immersive NFT experience that the platform offers will be a plus, that — we’re convinced — few will be able to resist, as Blue Horizons ecosystems will grow and expand in the future.

  1. Community and Social Channels (as of December 30th, 2021)

Blue Horizon’s Website

For everything you need to know about Blue Horizon, visit the official Blue Horizon Website.

Blue Horizon’s Telegram

Join the conversation on Telegram to stay in the know about Blue Horizon.

Blue Horizon’s Medium

To keep up with the latest updates from Blue Horizon, follow them on their official Medium page.

Blue Horizon’s Twitter

Get in touch and social with other members of Blue Horizon’s community. Join the community on Twitter.




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