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Casino Betting Coin x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 25th of February

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Casino Betting Coin and our guest was Ed Brennan CBC — President of Casino Betting Coin. The AMA took place on 25 February.

The total reward pool was 3000$ and has been split into 3 parts.

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Website

Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with Casino Betting Coin! Welcome to Satoshi Club

Hello Satoshi Club!

@EBrennanCBC welcome here

@EBrennanCBC welcome to Satoshi Club! good to have you here!

Hi everyone,
I’m glad to be here. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Let’s start our journey with Casino Betting Coin

Ed, could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about Casino Betting Coin!

Hello again,

I’m Ed Brennan, President of Casino Betting Coin. I have over 25+ years combined experience spanning Internet, Software, Hardware, and Financial Services industries, supporting all operational functions at Fortune 500 companies including Merrill Lynch, Seagate, Adobe, Microsoft, and NexTag.

Incredible experience

Thank you, Mary.

And what about Casino Betting Coin? Could you tell us how it started? And about its main concept

Sure, I’d love to.

Casino Betting Coin ( (CBC) is a crypto acquisition by Greentube (, the interactive division of Novomatic.

Novomatic ( is one of the largest gaming technology companies in the world with more than 22,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of around 2.6 billion EUR in 2019.

To learn more about Novomatic and how mind-blowingly big it is, please visit:

It’s really huge

This is an industry GIANT going into crypto.

CBC represents industry adoption of crypto.

Very few crypto projects, even those in the Top 50, can claim to be backed by a multi-billion dollar enterprise that is among the leaders in its industry.

Yeah, i have heard about Novomatic, I paid for slots games online, a couple of times


CBC is already being used at GameTwist, a leading social casino with over a million monthly active users. Beyond this, we are in discussions with a number of other casinos and platforms to integrate CBC. Keep posted for the latest.

Feel free to try playing a bit on for free!

I will try after AMA

Actually, I am no so lucky in gambling, but for free I can try my luck one more time

Thank you for the awesome intro @EBrennanCBC! are you ready to start the first part of our AMA?

When you do, you can also check out how CBC can be purchased directly in the casino too

Yes, I’m very excited to proceed.

Sure, in trading and holding I have more luck

your users have choice

Q1 from Telegram user @KevSalom

It’s true that one of the great things about casino tokens is that they have direct utility for use by a ready market.

After all, mankind has been known to engage in betting since the dawn of history.

Casino tokens having a ready market is especially true for Casino Betting Coin that is supported by one of the biggest companies in the industry, with all the casinos and platforms in its ecosystem.

There will be no lack of users.

Integration into the Novomatic ecosystem, starting with, has been a game-changer for us.

We are now being approached by other casinos very keen to integrate CBC. We are picking the best options and moving forward.

We are also in discussions with another top-tier exchange regarding a listing and a potential investment in CBC.

We are building momentum, and truly believe CBC has a greater potential upside than Bitcoin right now.


As you are integrating with casinos which requirements for this they have? Do your users have to pass KYC for example?

CBC is open for everyone to hold and use subject only to the requirements or restrictions of each casino, which may differ by jurisdiction.

That’s even greater! Everyone is welcomed

Thank you for your answers! Everything is clear to me! Ready to proceed?

Yes, happy to proceed.

Let’s do this!

Q2 from Telegram user @JesusFre1tes

Yes, with MoonPay, players don’t need to know about crypto to buy CBC on with any MasterCard or VISA bank card, or via bank transfer, and receive playing chips (on GameTwist, these are game credits called Twists).

People can now “use blockchain without knowing that they’re using blockchain” like this, which marks how mature the technology has become.

For those who do know crypto and hold CBC purchased from exchanges, an option is also available to send CBC manually for playing chips (i.e. Twists).

Buying CBC on GameTwist — either through a bank card gives players a 750% bonus to their received Twists. Check it out by going to, logging in/registering an account, and going to Shop.

Can we withdraw CBC from Game Twist?

Or we get just Twists there?

CBC is bought to play games on GameTwist, but you can’t withdraw. It’s a social casino focused on providing entertainment.

You’ll still need to pay to continue playing, for example how you would pay to play a non-casino game online. Except here, of course, we’re talking about games that you’ll find at a casino.

It’s not for hardcore gamblers, but there are also lots of people who enjoy just playing, and are paying for that entertainment. GameTwist has millions of active users.

CBC will also be integrated into more casinos of different kinds.

Got it! But you really have great insensitive to use CBC

Indeed, buying CBC on GameTwist gives gamers a 750% bonus in playing chips, i.e. Twists, received.

Btw, I already collected my bonus

We Will continue after AMA


Ed, ready for the next question or you want to add something?

GameTwist is fun and everyone should try to at least check it out and play a few games. Of course, if you want to continue playing, you might want to purchase some CBC to use there.


Q3 from Telegram user @ovkneze_big

Others have also asked a similar question — why not mint new tokens to replace those locked or lost on KuCoin? This is not possible since CBC is a truly decentralized cryptocurrency, with no unli-mint function in the token smart contract. No new tokens can just be created.

As for doing a token swap, that’s also impossible because of several reasons. I’ll just talk about the biggest ones. A swap can only go ahead with the cooperation of many parties and will affect many stakeholders. This will be troublesome to:

1.) To the token holders and users:
CBC is a utility token and is already live at a social casino with millions of users. Imagine holding it for use at a social casino, and then finding out you can’t, because you need to first do a token swap that would cost you gas, all this because of something unrelated to you having acquired the token for actual use.

2.) To other exchanges where CBC is also listed:
They would not want to go along with a swap just because another exchange got hacked. If this were to be the practice, then tokens will need to swap for every hack, and every exchange would need to work on supporting all these swaps. That would be a very bad practice and is also not the current practice. Users of DEXes would be unduly affected too with permissionless listings and liquidity allowing them to buy the old tokens even with a swap underway.

3.) To the casinos and other platforms and services we are integrated into:
A swap would pervasively affect CBC integrations with, not just casinos, but payment providers, etc.

4.) To Greentube Novomatic, which is an established corporate entity operating mostly outside of crypto and that needs to follow corporate laws, rules, and regulations in different jurisdictions.This is a big company that can’t just swap a significant balance sheet asset for another. Imagine if it’s any other asset — let us say, gold. Greentube can’t just switch assets because of an issue with the gold depository, for example. The depository is responsible for resolving its own issues. That’s how it is professionally done in the real world, and CBC is a real world asset with real world active utility.

Just to name some.

Kucoin has acknowledged responsibility for the hack and the losses incurred because of it. We are waiting for Kucoin to finish resolving this like it has done, and rightfully so, for other tokens.

For more context, please refer to our statement on the KuCoin hack:

Thank you! Definitely, there is a lot of sense in your words and i know that a lot of projects have the same position.

Do you know how many tokens now are locked on KuCoin?

I mean CBC tokens?

We hope you will solve the issue with Kucoin as soon as possible, it’s really unpleasant situation, which affects a lot of people. and yes, many other projects are still suffering from that hack as well

Around 7M, if I’m not mistaken.

We also do hope that it gets resolved soon as well.

Thank you for the great answer! ready for the next question?


Q4 from Telegram user @Highpee

Greentube Novomatic’s acquisition of CBC birthed Casino Betting Coin, which is a different brand and project from before the acquisition. The token remains the same and there has been no token swap (to, for example, maybe signify that it’s a different brand and projects) because Greentube respects the sanctity of decentralization so central to crypto.

Casino Betting Coin represents industry adoption of crypto.

From the time of the acquisition, Greentube has been busy integrating CBC into casinos and platforms in the Novomatic ecosystem, starting with where CBC is already live for its millions of active users.

CBC will also be integrated into other casinos in the future, both from within the Novomatic ecosystem as well as others outside of that ecosystem.

CBC, as an open crypto utility token, allows for widespread use across different platforms and ecosystems.

How many new users did you get recently? Or, let’s say, did CBC holder’s number increased after these changes?

We can’t share commercially sensitive data from GameTwist, but let’s just say we have enjoyed a large increase in interest and users for CBC. GameTwist attracts over one million active users per month, which gives you an idea of the scale.

Understand you

thank you for your answers!

Sure you attract more and more every day

Ready to jump to the next question?

Let’s do it

Q5 from Telegram user @lzamg

We are building out a couple of fantastic loyalty programs with casino operators which will return considerable benefits to those who hold CBC. For now, those who choose to make purchases with CBC at can qualify for bonuses of up to 750%.

Beyond that, we can’t yet give you the details of future loyalty programs and reward schemes, but we are working hard to ensure CBC users receive the very best bonuses.

Where we can read more about this program? Do you have some articles about it?

Btw I want to ask, can people able to buy CBC on via bank card from any country? or there are some restrictions? like, some countries can’t do that?

There are some restrictions imposed by our fiat on-ramp in adherence to internationally accepted legal standards, but most of the world qualifies.

For details on the Gametwist promotion, please visit:

We will be sharing details on future promotions in due course.

Thanks! A lot of info

Can we go to the 6th and last question from part 1?

Sure, just sharing our Telegram group link here again for people to join and check us out:

Satoshiclubbers, join here

Q6 from Telegram user @garrinepotter

CBC is all about real adoption and being integrated into more and more casinos for use by more and more players. The utility is very direct and development is geared only onto that one focus. There is no building out experimental technology for untested use cases.

Having said that, our 3 priorities for 2021 are the following:

  1. Proliferation of the use of CBC through the Novomatic ecosystem and beyond
  2. Layer 2 solutions to improve gas fees and speed
  3. Active thought leadership and awareness of our unique position within crypto & gaming

Nice priorities! Do you already know which Layer 2 solution will use? We like secrets here, in Satoshi Club

We are looking at several scalability solutions and are keeping an eye out for options.


but please, when you will have news, don’t forget to share it with us!

And gates will be open soon

We will. Thank you, Mary.

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @cengizhantekin

Absolutely. We are in advanced discussions with a number of other casinos to integrate CBC. is just the start!

Q2 from Telegram user @feranno

There are approximately 150M issued tokens (circulating) of a total of about 400M. The total is a hard cap and included as part of the token’s smart contract design.

Q3 from Telegram user @tuvalunia

We are always looking to improve access and add more trading platforms. Currently, you can find CBC on:




Q4 from Telegram user @BERTA2020

Gas can be an issue at times. We are currently exploring a number of second-layer options which will increase the speed and efficiency at which we can transact CBC.

Q5 from Telegram user @Ebelto

I’m having a blast chatting with the Satoshi Club community. It is great to see many of you joining us over in the Casino Betting Coin channel as well. I hope many of you take a closer look at CBC after this AMA, as I truly believe this coin is one of the highest potential, low-cap gems out there.

Q6 from Telegram user @Karoceh

Greentube Novomatic is our biggest holder, and one of the biggest casino companies in the world, so we are excited to explore ways we can innovate in this sector. The gaming and gambling industry is moving quickly, and we are well placed to capitalize on this. More and more casino play is moving online, and we feel that CBC really does add something to this area.

Q7 from Telegram user @KeymerS

We see more utility for CBC as a supporting token in the gaming industry, rather than a wagering currency. We won’t rule anything out, but we can bring real value for users when holding CBC qualifies them for big bonuses. We find that people generally prefer to wager cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or standard fiat currencies. We want to ensure the whole experience is boosted for CBC holders.

Q8 from Telegram user @BboyForteVZLA

This question goes straight to the CBC token utility and economics, which should be explained in detail.

CBC is a crypto acquisition by Greentube Novomatic. Novomatic is one of the biggest (multi-billion dollar) casino companies in the world, so while other crypto are tokens waiting for users, that’s not a problem for CBC.

CBC is already being used on (, a leading social casino with more than a million monthly active users. It will also be integrated in more casinos in the future.

CBC tokens used in Novomatic-affiliated casinos go to Novomatic and don’t return back to the marketplace, effectively burning them. This decreases supply, while more adoption by more players in more casinos increases demand. This tokenomics is intended to increase the value of the token over time through actual utility.

As to why we think CBC is better than BTC for the casino crypto use case, I’ve written about that where I gave 15 reasons why:

Q9 from Telegram user @rhedd

The house always wins in the long run. A quick walk down the strip in Las Vegas will show you that. By owning CBC, you get to have a stake within a project which is creating innovative new use cases across the casino industry. Holding CBC is the easiest way to become the house!

Q10 from Telegram user @nadee5

You’ll be given some “chips” (Twists) to play for a while, and then you can buy CBC to continue playing.

To qualify for the 750% CBC bonus at GameTwist right now, you need to purchase a Twists package worth more than 24.99 euros.

Q11 from Telegram user @centoscu

NFTs are a really interesting area. We think there may be some great applications of them into the gaming sector. It is certainly something on our radar.

Q12 from Telegram user @atillayeni

Unlike other crypto casino coins, CBC is backed by one of the world’s leading gambling companies and is already being used at one of the world’s biggest social casinos. We also have grand plans for future expansion that will bring even more utility to the CBC token. Most other platforms are struggling to find players, but that’s not a problem for us.

We see huge potential at the intersection of casino and DeFi. Most traditional casinos do not have a foot in the crypto world. That’s what makes Greentube Novomatic such a progressive partner. This is a huge, traditional casino giant which has understood how crypto is going to revolutionize our industry. We are working alongside them to make this revolution a reality.

Q13 from Telegram user @JoanaZ

We have been building a strong community over the past few weeks, while also expanding our marketing efforts. As we go live with additional use cases, we will tap into the marketing machines of our partners to ensure CBC is put in front of a large, global audience.

Q14 from Telegram user @chzrles

Yes, multiple audits were performed, Oyente Solgraph Mythril and Mainan tests were completed. Two audits were done by an outside auditing team including two prominent blockchain developers supported by co-founders of Ethereum and ConsenSys.

Q15 from Telegram user @leixagarcia

Although our focus is on betting and casino, we don’t limit ourselves to this. We see some interesting opportunities across related sectors. Esports is one we are looking closely at, as well as the broader gaming ecosystem.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part, we tested your knowledge in terms of Casino Betting Coin. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for the quiz was 2500$.
English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

Casino Betting Coin Telegram community:



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