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Dark Frontiers

Ever wondered what the end of the world would be like? Scientists predict many ways the Earth could die. Some think the sun would expand, pull the Earth towards itself, and incinerate every life on others. Others think that the sun will expand and push the Earth out of orbit, turning Earth into a frozen rogue planet. Whatever it’ll be, many Earthlings hope that Mars will be ready for habitation before the disaster strikes; if not Mars, some other planet.

We do not know the day the world is going to end, nor do we know the month or year; although, scientists have their many predictions. Although not everyone would agree, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start learning survival tactics for when the world would end. There isn’t such training in the real world, but if we look outside our universe, and into the universe, we’ll most likely find something. We, at Satoshi club, found a little something in the metaverse that’ll help you peek into what the survival of Earthlings on alien planets would look like. What did we find?

Drum roll …. Dark Frontiers!!!

We’re confident you’ll love to learn more about this project so let’s delve into it.

Introducing Dark Frontiers

You’re probably already eager to know what Dark Frontiers is all about, and how it relates to the end of the world. There’s nothing to be alarmed about, rather there’s everything to be excited about.

Dark Frontiers is a game that is all about surviving and solving mysteries in breathtaking, but often lifeless landscapes. It might be a game, but it isn’t child’s play. To survive, players must be innovative and resourceful; they must also have a rich imagination. You’re probably wondering where the game got its name dark from. We’re talking about outside Earth here, and as we know, space is pretty dark; also, the game has beautiful dark sceneries players won’t help but fall in love with.

It’s no play, no gain for Dark Frontiers players as they earn juicy rewards as they explore the darkest and creepiest parts of these planets. Geometric puzzles presented as prehistoric structures. Players unlock NFTs which can be minted and sold for fiat.

The game is based entirely on NFTs, giving users complete control. The marketplace is the hub of this virtual universe, where players cross paths and trade their peculiar assets with other spacecraft-riding explorers trying to make a profit from their labors or simply sell their space junk that is within their control. Dark Tokens will be the galaxy’s currency that will power all trade.

Dark Frontiers, just like many other GameFi projects, is very interesting, and its cold eerie sceneries make it an exceptionally great experience for any game lover out there — especially those who are sci-fi freaks. You get to even own unique resources, including NFTs on the Dark Frontiers’ metaverse. One of the most interesting and useful items you would need to thrive on Dark Frontiers is a spaceship. Let’s explore some amazing parts of this NFT.

You get a chance to own a NFT spaceship

Dark Frontiers is all about enabling you to take over the galaxy, with all the tools you could ever need. Imagine exploring planets and extracting valuable items from them — sounds cool, doesn’t it? Do you know what sounds cooler? — Owning a mouth-dropping spacecraft.

Without spaceships, it is impossible to navigate space or move from one planet to another. Spaceships are also some sort of home for storing all your stuff so they don’t end up floating around in space. Besides being cool and a good place to keep all your stuff, spaceships are highly sophisticated and they protect you from dangers outside. They also help to keep you alive in areas with low oxygen levels.

If you want to explore new galaxies and stretch your traveling, you will need to constantly upgrade your spaceship. To improve your vehicle, you’ll need to merge 2 spaceships. By burning 2 NFTs, you could even forge a sleeker, faster, and more efficient spaceship. The product of your merge is random, but you’ll surely get a cool spaceship with unique features.

So if you’ve ever wanted to own a spaceship in the real world and government laws said no, don’t fret, get on Dark Frontiers’ side of the metaverse and unlock superb spaceships. Who knows, maybe with the right spaceship, you’ll be lucky to find an alien who’s willing to follow you back to the real world.

Features of Dark Frontiers

We’ll not leave you in the dark about the amazing features of this galactic game. Here are some of the features of Dark Frontiers that will blow your mind.

Play to Earn

Play-to-earn games like Dark Frontiers are reshaping the future of the blockchain industry and reshaping the future of work. Soon, Dark Frontiers will feature Dark Matter Energy, a mineable token, on its platform. When combined with $GAME or $DARK tokens, players will be able to forge peculiar NFTs to aid their quest for a space adventure. By daring to explore the darkest and creepiest parts of the galaxy, players get to win amazing rewards. Dark Frontiers is one of the fast-rising play-to-earn and role-playing games in the blockchain industry.

Dark Frontiers’ DAO

With Dark Frontiers, you get to make crucial decisions. Players are in control of their experience with Dark Frontiers. They decide what happens next and how that affects their journey within the game. Players get to make these decisions by voting. Since Dark Frontiers functions as a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), players can vote on the future development of the game using their $DARK tokens.

Land Ownership on MoonBase Alpha

This is an upcoming feature of Dark Frontiers. Players will get the chance to own lands on Dark Frontier by committing 1,000 $DARK tokens which are locked inside the smart contract for 2 months. After two months of farming on their lands, players will earn farming rewards which are paid out per block. With only 2000 NFT land units available on the moon for sale, there is only a limited supply of land available for sale. Once all of the available lands have been sold, a player will only get a chance to own a land unit if another player burns his NFT for $DARK tokens. It’s easy to see that Dark Frontier does not joke with its first come, first serve, principle. Dark Frontiers’ moon NFTs are built on the BEP-721 standard, so players will be at liberty to transfer their NFTs and even trade them freely.


Dark Frontiers’ official token is $DARK; $GAME is also utilized to boost transactions. The $DARK token has no monetary value outside the game, and there are no taxations for $DARK holders. However, in a case where $DARK holders choose to swap it for fiat or digital currency, they may be subjected to taxation depending on their location. $DARK has a total supply of 250,000,000 $DARK tokens.

The token releases for the sale participants are the most significant things to note here. All who purchased tokens during the Seed/Public sale will receive 20% of their tokens during the TGE (Token Generation Event), which will be accompanied by a three-month cliff. Contributors will receive 5% of their allotment on a monthly afterward, with a full payout on month 16. There will be seven- and thirteen-month cliffs for the team, advisors, and programmers, respectively.



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