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Deblox x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from the 4th of January

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Deblox and our guest was . The AMA took place on the 4th of January

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $500

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&WebSite

Greetings again, dear Satoshi Club community! Non-stop AMA-marathon!!!

We are pleased to announce AMA with Deblox

Good day everyone and welcome to our next non-stop AMA session with Deblox!

Today our guest is @metasisi

@metasisi, Welcome to Satoshi Club!

Hi Satoshi Club community

Glad to spend this wonderful evening with you guys!

Hello and welcome to Satoshi club

We are really excited about upcoming AMA with you

And we’re excited to host you here today!

How are you doing?

Good so far, we’ve been working super hard lately to present some exciting news for our supporters and users

Thanks again for joining!

Let’s start! Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Deblox

Amazing! And for sure you will share them with us today!

thanks for having me!

Also tell us please about your position in Deblox

I’ve been in the crypto space since 2018, focusing on marketing and branding ever since then. Now I am the markeing lead at Deblox. Deblox is the next-generation decentralized gaming platform that aspires to provide a comprehensive and exclusive experience for game players, developers, and investors.

This is a very promising direction in the cryptoindustry

Indeed lol

How long does it take to develop a project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from Deblox

Deblox is the next generation decentralized gaming platform that aspires to provide a comprehensive and exclusive experience for game players, game developers and investors. We’d like to bring game providers, players, and crypto investors together with a fair launch mechanism using cutting-edge blockchain technology, which allows boundaryless, permissionless accessibility and transparency to all games or dApps across the platform. We just launched our Pre-IGO in December 2021 and heading to our official IGO Round 1 in the following days

Also we would like to know more about your team. Who is on the project team core?

It’s a continuous development, and we already work on it for more than 3 months, the platform is still young, and we have one year development plan already. You can view more details on our website

Wow! You didn’t waste your time!

Indeed, that’s a long story to make a product special!

According to the protocol of our AMA, an important question

We are an anonymous team with 10 team members and mainly based in Singapore, Sydney, Dubai and other places. We all have our own full-time jobs before July this year. Anonymity is based on many reasons, one of which is that we are not a well-known person, and the users may not know who we are even if we disclose team information. As the project progresses, we will gradually disclose team information.

Thanks for great introduction, we will have several questions selected for the Part 1. Ready to start?

Let’s go get it!

Q1 from Telegram User @Alonhusk008

Our market is filled with a wide range of gaming platform now. But the major disadvantage is that after playing for hours we are left with in-game rewards with no real world monitory value. So will Deblox address this problem, and what solutions will you provide? & One of the most striking features is Deblox Decentralized DAO. The DAO of Deblox is 100% decentralized? What kinds of decisions can users participate in? What are the requirements to participate in DAO voting? Does your DAO guarantee fairness, transparency and security?

Deblox comes in from a different angle, that we are trying to bring the traditional games or matured games into the platform. This is to address your first question, the majority of games in the current GameFi markets are more for earning rather than gaming experience. We hope to bring enjoyable games to blockchain users, and attract more users to play more and earn more.

It won’t be 100% decentralized in the early stage, we have to make the platform stronger before making it a real community driven platform. The plan is to start from a gaming alliance to balance different games, and make sure users are satisfied, once the platform is stable, and we have enough games onboard, say, 50 games, then we can transfer ownership of game slots / manager to the DAO, an 100% decentralized DAO is our final target.

Rest assured, every DAO feature will be transparent and secure by design.


Fully agree with this attitude. The project should first be 100% ready before introducing DAO


Thanks for your great answers

Ready for the next question?


Q2 from Telegram User @Billz120

Deblox- I learnt is a game platform which have introduced a brand new concept of “game slot” that links various game providers and game players virtually and it’s also a user centric platform that provides a safe, convenient, and fun place to play and earn with a financial system with it’s own platform Token DGS, which is a BEP20 Compatible Crypto Token for all the activities in Deblox platform, like buy game points, stake to earn, trade with other token, etc.what is the cost of buying points and how many game points is allowed to a player to buy? Could you please explain to us how a player could buy game points under Deblox ecosystem? Are there no other way a player could earn Game points other than buying game points? Please tell us. Finally, I learnt players can equally trade with other token and etc. Please tell us which other Tokens could be traded under Deblox? Thanks

The game point has a fixed ratio of 1:1 DGS token to in the game. Besides directly purchasing, the gamers can enjoy the platform games and find creative ways to earn the game points.

First of all, the user who joined our IGO to mint Avatar NFTs, will get airdrop for sure, and it will be a good amount of tokens that users can try out different games. At the same time, the DGS holders can stake the DGS to earn the game point reward with high APY, so that they can try out different games for free

We’ll also learn from the community on this part. We don’t have a plan to run a token swap on Deblox at the moment, can leave community to vote on this part

By the way, it would be great if you could share your roadmap with us yep you can check our roadmap here


Thanks for sharing and for your great answers and clarification. Let’s proceed with the new question

Q3 from Telegram User @iceVermithraxx

GAME Slot Is the key component in Deblox Platform, which enables different game providers to provide their games with Blockchain users permissionlessly and the Deblox platform has only 100 Game Slots, which will be released gradually in each IGO. Can you elaborate more on Game slots in Deblox? What are the features which Game Slot will bring to game developers in Deblox Platform? Why did you choose to limit the number of Available Game slot in Deblox? In line with this, can you explain on your planned IGO programs, how users can participate and how will Game slots will be distributed to IGO participants?

Good question!

Game Slot is unique, and it comes from some real requirements from traditional game providers, who are interested in bringing their games on blockchain. But they found it would be risky in both technical and ROI. Game Slot was born from an integration with 2 games, we found that this is a gap when we talked to those game providers, hence we decided to build Deblox, and the key is Game Slot, which targets to bring games and on-chain users together via some smart contracts, and Game Slot makes it easier to onboard games on-chain, also easier for gamers to switch games with no hassle.

We set a cap of the Game Slots, to make games more competitive, in terms of gaming experience and user satisfaction. We would expect our users to promote Deblox in future and bring small game studios or even individual developers onboard, we’ll incentivize those great games and help them, as you may know we allocated 5% of our tokens to do so.

btw, a whole year roadmap will be released by end of this month, so stay tuned with us!


Great news! Don’t forget to share with Satoshi club

Satoshiclubbers, please keep tuned on Deblox updates

Thanks for your answers

Ready to proceed to the next question?

Let’s go!

Q4 from Telegram User @Anne_Tim

Deblox is also introducing its staking program where the rewards are the bonus that user can earn in different staking mechanism, the rewards can be: DGS token, Game points and NFT. Please how do the players choose which option is preferable for them. If in usual staking the ARP is approx 15% per year, how it work with NFT or game points? As the staked token is locked for the period of staking, what happens if the NFT price changes during this period? Thanks!

The staking pool will launch after the DGS token issuance. Then, the DGS holders can stake the DGS to earn the game point reward. The game point can use every game on the Deblox platform; but we won’t provide liquidity to the market, It is only used in the games. The game point has a fixed ratio of 1:1 DGS token to inside the game.

We haven’t decided the staking APR for NFT yet, NFT holders already have quite some privileges, I believe

Avatar NFT price will be dynamic per market demand, and we have no control over it.

What we recommend is to hold your Avatar NFT as the ownership of Deblox platform, and more premium privileges will be announced later.


Personally, how long would you suggest to hold Avatar NFT?

I mean the period

HODL until i die, and then pass to the next generation. SERIOUSL

Keep to catch it to the moon

Show please your own Avatar NFT

will be able to see my own avatar NFT until the mystery box open lol

then let’s wait for the mystery box! and the next question will not wait !!!

Let’s proceed with next question

yeah bring it on!

Q5 from Telegram User @thisistoyin

I understood that Deblox would also allow Users to mint Their Avatars, can you please tell us the use cases of This Avatars? what Advantage or benefits would this avatars present to its owners? Are this Avatars Also Trade-able? Is there going to be A Marketplace In your platform to which Various Transactional Activities are going to be Carried out? & could you please state processes to which Users could Access this Avatar Minting? What currency is going to be used in Minting this Avatars? Furthermore, i also noticed that there would be A Mystery Box for owners of this Avatars, what should users expect from this Mystery Box?

The Avatar NFT will be used as Avatar of users in Deblox platform, including dApp UI and games. They are the NFT assets in Deblox. By exchanging them on the Deblox NFT marketplace (will be launched in the near future), the players will gain profit. The Avatar NFT is standard ERC721 token and it’s tradeable, AFAIK, there is a platform called TofuNFT and there some orders to sell our mystery box already, I cannot understand this but someone bidded one by 0.5 BNB for mystery box, LOL

Only BNB(The binance smart chain gas token) is accepted to mint Avatar NFT, and price is 0.1 BNB

Regarding the Mystery Box, we’ll reveal it upon all 8888 avatars minted, so it will be equal to everyone including myself, we won’t know the rarity until the boxing day, and good luck to every Avatar NFT holder to have a rare NFT!


Take breath away from these opportunities

Thanks for your great answers

Ready for the last question of this part?


Q6 from Telegram User @victorogb

I would love it if we could focus a little bit more on some of the notable events and products that came to the Deblox platform late last year, especially your Pre-IGO Early Bird Sale. Can you elaborate further on this recently concluded event, why was it necessary to organise this event and why was it done in such a format? May we also know how successful this event was, and how were vetted winners duly selected? Finally, can you provide us with some of the premium utilities and distinguishing features of the Deblox Avatar NFTs, how can owners possibly improve the value and features of their NFTs?

Glad to know you’re aware of our Pre-IGO Early Bird Sale!

It was our first attempt to the market and it worked well. We sold all 888 NFTs within 15mins, provided there were restricted by whitelisted wallets only. The idea of IGO is we want to incentivize our early adopters to, everyone joined the IGO is the platform investor!

Definitely there be more interesting events in the pipeline, and here are some confirmed events:

1. There is one event ongoing: IGO for Game Providers Batch 1, we are still working on this with multiple early partners, who are mainly game developers, there will be 8 Game Slots NFT to be minted per game. And we’ll publish all info once the event is concluded, hopefully a few games can onboard successfully and release the beta games by end of January.

2. IGO for Everyone Round 1 is confirmed! On the coming 10th Jan 2022, and thre will be 8000 Avatar NFTs can be minted in this round, with 0.1 BNB only.

There is no restrictions on this round of IGO except 20 NFTs per address, since we want more users to have at least one Avatar NFT, which is the key to Deblox Platform

Great results

And talking about premium utilities, we honor every early adopter a.k.a the Avatar NFT holder, and they must be treated as first-class citizens, so there are multiple privileges, for example:

That’s quite affordable to join this amazing experience!

1. From the name of this NFT, you can use this uniquely designed NFT as your avatar across the platform, we hope you’ll be loving it, the naughty Deblox Money

2. Every Avatar NFT holder will receive our token airdrop!

3. It will be the ticket to beta games

4. We’ll make the Avatar NFT with strong voting power as token holder

And more to come!


Thank you for these great answers!

Thanks for those excellent questions!

This is a great thank you to your community for the support from you!

Before we proceed to the second part of our AMA, please share your useful links with our community




Thanks for sharing!

And for this amazing first part of AMA

Get ready for the storm of LIVE questions!

@GoldRocket27 , Please open a chat!

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user

“Avatar NFT” is the first collection of your platform,why it’s unique and what is the price of avatar NFT’s ?

As I mentioned in the previous answers, the price of our avatar NFTs in IGO Round 1 is 0.1 BNB

Q2 from Telegram user

Can you give us one reason why we should join the DEBLOX platform? what are the advantages and disadvantages?

With the rapid development of the GameFi Industry in 2021, especially in Q4, tons of on-chain games are flooding to the market. However, we found that it is hard for most users or investors to participate in. It’s normal to see that the game tokens or NFTs have a 100x price spike before the valid players join(higher cost). Or it’s also normal to see a real game player who wants to play a new game will quit due to numerous rules(higher bar of entry).

As such, Deblox is trying to provide an all-in-one solution for the above problems: On Deblox, they can try as many games as possible and get certain rewards when trying out different games, reducing the cost of switching games or risks of rug pull (Anyone heard of BNBH? ). In order to play different games, players will have to buy many NFT cards or game equipments, and then switch to other games, this could be costly. Deblox provides a new way for NFT cross-games and NFT value discovery.

Q3 from Telegram user

How can a new buyer get DGS token? Can you explain us the easy way to buy it?

Well for the time being the most easy way to get DGS is to buy our Avatar NFT in IGO Round 1 coz the DGS tokens will be airdropped to our NFT holders as well.

Q4 from Telegram user

Hello Deblox team. The Deblox GameS token (DGS) is the native platform token of the Deblox Platform, users can use it to play and as a payment method in any game on Deblox. Those use cases are very important, but besides those, what other use cases do DGS tokens have? Is there a staking program available? What are the rewards that users who decide to stake their DGS tokens will receive? What other benefits do players who hold the DGS token receive? Will this same token also be used in the Deblox DAO or will the DAO have its own token? Thank you!

Deblox Games Tokens (DGS) is the governance token that will play a crucial role in the Deblox ecosystem. DGS’s primary function is to be used as unified tokens on Deblox and it is further empowered to DAO governance. Gamers can use it to play in any games on Deblox, exchange game points for joining the game, or stake it to earn digital assets as rewards with high interest rates. Game providers will be able to earn DGS every time when gamers buy game points

Q5 from Telegram user

I would say STAKING is a smart way to earn some money and many people also prefer that. So do you have Staking feature on Deblox? Can we Stake NFTs?

Sure we will have staking feature in the near future. Staking rewards at Deblox are the bonus that user can earn in different staking mechanism, the rewards can be: DGS, game points, and NFTs. You can stake NFT or game items in our staking platform

Q6 from Telegram user

What are Deblox’s plans to build a community-driven society? What will $DGS holders be able to vote for? Do you consider community feedback?

We’ll start from community, and we’re good listners to all the feedback esp. in the early days.
Next there will be Game Alliance, then DAO, we’re also working on the NFT DAO , and we’re willing to bring equal voting power to the NFT hodlers rather than big whales who hold a ton of tokens to dominant the community

Q7 from Telegram user

I was interested in the Deblox project, does Deblox have an Ambassador program? If you have an Ambassador program, how can I join and what are the advantages for me to join Deblox’s Ambassador program?

We will have our referral and ambassador program coming soon! So be sure to follow our social media to stay up to date on our latest event! Website:

Q8 from Telegram user

Users who joined IGO to mint Avatars will surely get airdrops tokens. How about those who did not partcipate, are there still any event/program for them to receive airdrop?

There will be other airdrops in different events for sure. As a platform, it’ll be our priority to aquire users and players, so that make our games profitable and sustanable from a platform point of view, we’ll try every possible approach and welcome new comers

Q9 from Telegram user

There are three main feature of your platform…

1-Game Slots
2-unifield Economics
3-P2E Alliance

Can you tell more about these feature ?

Game Slots, Unified Economics and P2E Alliance are the main features that Deblox provides.
Game Slots Game Slot is the unique feature on Deblox that connects various game providers and game players virtually. By using Deblox self-developed SDKs, game developers will be able to create various games on blockchain with lower cost and technical risks. With the help of Game Slot, gamers can skip the tedious user registration process, gamers with valid crypto wallets like MetaMask can start to play any game available immediately.
Unified Economics: DGS is the native token on Deblox, which allows game developers and gamers to stake, trade and mint NFTs. Gamers will be able to enjoy multiple games and switch games at their wills with the unified tokens.
P2E Alliance: Deblox aims to build a community-driven society, all DGS holders will be able to vote on how the platform develops by DAO. In-depth research through DAO governance will reduce the learning curve and time cost of players, and increase the revenue generated by improving the competitiveness of the game.

Q10 from Telegram user

Can we use your project from a mobile application for ADNDROID systems and also iOS? or does the PC version exist? or can it work on any device?

Any kinds of games are welcome due to platform’s permissionless nature, so it can be HTML5, android, iOS games, just like another mystery box, can wait to see what will it be like the very first game!

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

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