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If hacking or being part of a revolution interests you, then you would absolutely love this game. Everyone wonders what goes on in the minds of the mysterious masked guys who sit behind a computer writing lines and lines of codes. You probably consider hackers as lethal demi-gods who can figure out the toughest things and break the sturdiest barrier. If there was any revolution against a system majorly ruled by technology, you would agree that hackers are going to come in very handy.

In this project, you get to be a cool combination of a hacker and a revolutionist in an alternate universe. Join the revolution and hack into the Future Systems network to win some FCOINS. You will find this legendary play-to-earn game quite interesting and rewarding.

Introducing DEFY

DEFY is a location-based mobile game with a play-to-earn model developed on the Ethereum blockchain and the Polygon Layer 2 platform. The game’s players, known as Operatives, are engaged in a metaverse that connects the virtual and actual worlds. DEFY employs Augmented Reality (AR), algorithmically generated geolocations, and collaborative code-breaking games that are not limited by geography.

The DEFY in-game economy has been developed to enable players to join through the purchase of a token and NFT. It also provides a free-to-play pathway for players new to Web3 or without the means to get started, considerably increasing possible user acquisition avenues. DEFY draws on pop culture to build a dynamic Player vs Environment (PvE) narrative in which operators join a revolutionary hacker group tasked with maintaining the metaverse open and free of the vile tech oligarchy that is called Future Systems.

As the game progresses, factions and Player vs Player (PvP) aspects will increase the game’s lifespan and the economy’s complexity. DEFY is based on an economic flywheel that rewards new operative acquisition, repeat play and user-generated content through passive and active earning systems. DEFY is based on a dual currency system. Because of the dual currency feature, the DEFY app is available on the Apple and Android app stores ( usually, the Apple and Android app stores prevent the inclusion of crypto tokens into apps). The two currencies utilized in DEFY are $DEFY and $FCOIN.


Future Systems has gathered power in the bleak society of the near future that only a dictator could dream of. This faceless organization has obtained control of worldwide networks that run the internet through a series of unscrupulous acquisitions under the pretense of giving it out for free to all. Personality and privacy are past eras.

Operatives rely on Future Systems to deliver the needs of life that governments used to regulate, such as health care, education, and banking. Not everyone decides to follow the crowd. Some people prefer to fight back. Are you already intrigued?

Future Systems has a mole, an insider who intends to bring down the entire system from inside. The creator of this revolution, known as Kha0s, is a systems administrator at Future Systems who has developed a method for Operatives to conceal their identities from Future Systems and attack their network. With Kha0s’ created NFT Virtual Private Masks, operatives conceal their identities and hack into the Future Systems network through the use of an exploited mobile app.

Operatives must accomplish research missions in order to produce exploits, which are needed to hack into the Future Systems network towers scattered throughout the real world. Successfully hacked towers release FCOIN into the surrounding region, which operatives can gather. The operatives then send these FCOIN to Kha0s, who is building a treasury from which he can launch a 51 percent attack on Future Systems and knock the entire system down.


  • Phase 1: Q1 2022
  • DEFY White Paper Publication
  • Strategic Partnerships for DEFY Token
  • Token pre-sale to the general public
  • Genesis NFT Virtual Private Mask Mint Token DEX/CEX Listing (provides early access to game)
  • Mobile app closed alpha release
  • Phase 2: Q2 2022
  • Mobile App Beta release
  • PvE Game live globally
  • DEFY LAND sale
  • Secondary NFT Virtual Private Mask Mint
  • FCOIN -> DEFY Token swap live
  • Phase 3: Q3-Q4 2022
  • Factions & PvP Gameplay Live
  • Mobile app beta launch
  • Mobile app v1.0 launch
  • Land sale
  • Further NFT mask mints
  • Launch of sovereign mask NFT class
  • Phase 4: Q1-Q2 2023
  • Customizable virtual spaces via LAND creators platform
  • Enhanced Avatars
  • Further development of gameplay and in-game economy


The native token of DEFY is the $DEFY token. The total supply of $DEFY tokens is 2,500,000,000 tokens, minted once, and distributed among nine pools. The supply is divided into phases, and there will be no burning or additional minting to benefit the DEFY game as planned.

The $DEFY token is allocated thus:

  • 20% wa allocated to private partnership placement. OliveX and Animoca have joined the DEFY team as cornerstone investors.
  • 5% was allocated to strategic partnership. Strategic Partnerships will strive to foster partnerships with external corporate partners for DEFY. Tokens will be locked up for 18 months following investment, with a two-year vesting period followed by quarterly releases over two years.
  • Just about 0.75% of the total supply public pre-sale. The Animoca launchpad will be the aim for the public pre-sale. The proceeds from the public pre-sale will be employed to improve the game’s gameplay.
  • 5% was allocated to staking and liquidity pool. Using this pool for staking and other liquidity requirements will be the main goal.
  • 29% will be allocated to the Defy Game. Players will receive rewards from the Defy game in the form of DEFY tokens.
  • 15% was allocated to the team and marketing partnership. As compensation and an incentive to maintain the game and economy, DEFY tokens have been distributed to the founding team.
  • 20% will be left in the Company Reserve. The company reserve will be retained and allocated for platform and game compatibility.

DEFY’s Communities

Join any of these DEFY communities to meet other DEFY enthusiasts and learn more about the play-to-earn game.

DEFY’s Discord

Become a part of DEFY’s Discord Community. Click here to join.

DEFY’s Twitter

Follow DEFY on Twitter and join other Twitter community members to talk and learn about this project. Click here to join.

DEFY’s Website

Want to see what DEFY is like for yourself? Click here to visit the DEFY website.



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