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Digination x Satoshi CLUB AMA Session 12 November 2021

PART 1. Introduction of Digination project and community questions.

  1. Part — Introduction and preselected questions.
  2. Part — Live questions
  3. The Quiz about Digination

Introduction of Digination project.

Preselected questions about the Digination DeFi project.

  1. Identity data is stored on-chain, owned by the user, and readable by metaverse.
  2. Single metaverse should permit access from a variety of identity systems.
  3. User’s behavior and credit information in all metaverses can be 3)recorded on-chain and open to dapps with user’s authorization.
  1. NFT asset created by users should be stored on-chain, together with media files stored decentralized on systems like arweave.
  2. The creators communities are free to build or extend nft assets’ utility, visualization and composability in metaverse
  1. creativities, utilities and gameplay are encapsulated as modules in the form of nfts.
  2. modules are composable and interoperatable across various metaverses.

PART 2.Questions about the Digination project from the live chat of the telegram community.

Part 3 — Quiz about project



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