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EpiK Protocol x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 16th of September

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from EpiK Protocol and our guests was @EpiK_James — representative of EpiK Protocol. The AMA took place on the 16th of September.

The total reward pool was 500$ and has been split into 3 parts.

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Website

Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with Epik Protocol! Welcome to Satoshi Club

Today’s guest is @EpiK_James! Welcome! Great to have you here!

Hello, everyone. I’m James Lim, founder of EpiK Protocol. Nice to meet you here.

How are you today? It’s a great pleasure for us to have you here at Satoshi Club

We are happy to see you here today!

Everything is nice!

Thanks for your warm welcome.

That’s great, so, we can start our AMA

We’re all very fond of Epik projects here at Satoshi Club

Really excited to get to know more about it!

And we want to know as much as possible

Let’s start with the intro!

So, let me introduce our project briefly first, shall I?

Yes please

That’s right

EpiK Protocol is the world’s first decentralized storage protocol for AI data

Why you choose data for your protocol? How different Epik Protocol is from existing decentralised storages?

AI consists of algorithms, data, and computing power. With the computing power, we have today, the algorithms have reached the bottleneck. But the facts tell us that with higher quality data fed to the same algorithm, the intelligence of AI can be improved a lot.

AI data market is huge. But they meet the problem of rising labor cost and rising management cost. This is exactly what blockchain is good at.

Back to decentralized storage, it is a fact that miners in Filecoin had spent a lot of storage resources to store meaningless data.

We need effective data in the decentralized storage ecosystem and the huge AI data market is a perfect solution for it.

Really? You can solve this?

Right, you mentioned high quality data — how does Epik Protocol manage to filter that data and make sure only meaningful data is fed to the algorithms?

That’s why EpiK Protocol aims to build a data sharing economy platform based on decentralized storage technology to reduce the costs of producing AI data and provide effective data for the decentralized storage ecosystem at the same time.

Our loop-of-value looks like this.

Interesting solution

We have a lot of partners using EpiK Protocol to collect data what they want in healthcare and i-City.


We believe EpiK Protocol could make a difference in global AI market.

It seems to me that you should have a big team to provide such services, am i right?

It’s just a beginning now.

Our team is not BIG. But our community is big. Because our token symbol is EPK. So the members in our community is called EPKers. EPKers are passionate. They join us to contribute as bounty hunters, domain experts and knowledge nodes.

Sounds cool to be an EPKer

By the way, is the core team public yet?

As for now, more than 30k knowledge nodes and 600k bounty hunters have joined us.

Yes. Our core team is public.

Wow, that’s some impressive numbers there

We have published our data-labeling game called Knowledge Mainland. All EPKers could download it via

Bounty hunters could help EpiK Protocol to label data via this Play-to-Earn game.

An opportunity for our Satoshi Clubbers to join in and become EPKer Satoshi Clubbers

Check it out, boys and girls!

Big chance

Okay @EpiK_James, it was a wonderful intro!

We have collected some community questions to learn more about Epik Protocol, are you ready to go?


Q1 from Telegram user @highpee

Good question.

Ai is good at improving production efficiency, and blockchain is good at optimizing collaboration efficiency.

EpiK Protocol aims to leverage the technology of Blockchain to reduce the costs of producing high-quality data for AI.

What’s more, the data we work together to produce should belong to us and it cannot be stored and controlled in a centralized manner.

That is why we integrate the technology of decentralized storage in the solution of EpiK Protocol.

And that’s why EpiK Protocol is also called the world’s first decentralized storage for AI data.

I find this to be an essential principle

So, as an expert, how can I interact with the knowledge Graph and the Gateway?

In order to make sure the data we work together to produce is valuable, we have a special role in EpiK Protocol called domain expert.

We have developed a lot of tools for domain experts.

The tools look like this.

Domain experts could design the format of data, publish tasks, verify data and submit data with our tools.

The more verified data a domain expert submitted, the more EPK he could earn every day.

If a domain expert submits dirty data to cheat all EPKers, he will be punished with EpiK DAO.

The punishment will be very strict.

I am impressed with your answers

We use economic incentives to keep data submitted into EpiK Protocol high-quality.

Reward and Punishment.

How are domain experts chosen?

Given the key role that they have in the protocol

Good question!

  1. Each candidate domain expert need to be nominated by active domain expert.
  2. Each nominated domain expert need to get 100k votes supported by EPKers. 1 EPK = 1 vote.
  3. Each nominated domain expert with more than 100k votes will be active. Whenever his votes are less than 100k votes, he will be inactive.

If a malicious domain expert is punished in EpiK DAO, the domain expert who nominate the malicious one will be punished too.

Very thoughtful and careful design

Thank you for your answers, James! Ready to proceed?

We are pre-recruiting our first batch of domain experts, please check this link to know more.


Ah this another cool piece of news and opportuity for our Satoshi Clubbers! Thank you for sharing!

You’re welcome!

Great answers @EpiK_James! Thank you very much!

The next question enquires about the current AI potential

Q2 from Telegram user @Orlemys

We don’t believe the Matrix will come true. But we believe J.A.R.V.I.S. could be feasible. That means, AI is able to assist us to make better decisions instead of conquering us.

AI consists of algorithms, data, and computing power. With the computing power, we have today, the algorithms have reached the bottleneck.

But the facts tell us that with higher quality data fed to the same algorithm, the intelligence of AI can be improved a lot.

That’s the Jarvis in Iron Man right?

High-quality AI data is indeed what EpiK Protocol focuses on. Blockchain is the perfect technology to build a data-sharing economy platform to reduce the costs of producing high-quality AI data.


Darn, cool


Everything is clear and future seems bright with Epik Protocol

Thank you for your answers! Ready to jump to the next question?


Q3 from Telegram user @Jamesxmen

I love this question as it’s about one of my favourite unsung experts in the space

We also had the pleasure to have our friends from the Singularity project here at Satoshi Club

We have a close partnership with SingularityNET. Ben is not only our advisor but also our candidate domain expert in Healthcare. We are working together to producing more high-quality AI data for the Robot Grace who is the sister of Sophia.

Wow, I haven’t heard about Robot Grace

BTW, we believe our partnership will make the Grace smarter. Stay tuned!!!!

Haha great pick! I don’t think there are experts as knowledgeable as Ben

Please, we want to have AMA with Grace

Is that Grace by the way?

Haha, Grace is not here.

Grace is shy and works in hospitals now.

If you will have a conversation with her tell her Satoshi Club is waiting

Haha. It’s a good idea.

Haha, yes we definitely want her here when available

Thank you for your answers! Ready to go to the next question?

I’m ready!

Q4 from Telegram user @Jmagsss

In one word, everyone could join us as a EPK bounty hunter.

But we have to accept that the data-labeling tasks in different domains will require different knowledge backgrounds.

For example, if you have good English speaking and listening skills, you could help to label voice data.

As i know bounty hunting require different kind of verification now, to exclude bots and multiaccs. What about your requirements? Only quality?

If you have common sense to American Universities, you could help to label the knowledge graph data of universities.

As for each domain, we will have an exam for all bounty hunters. You could take the tasks in the domain only when you passed the exam.

Like this

Oh, it’s cool! New level of verification

Thank you for your answers, James! Ready for the next question?

Not yet! According to our economic model, 330k EPK will be minted every day.


Do you have a tokenomics paper you would like to share with our Satoshi Club community?

If so, this is the best momento to do so

75% of them will be distributed to all knowledge nodes. 9% will be distributed to all domain experts. 1% will be distributed to all EPKers who participate in EpiK DAO. 15% will be distributed to all bounty hunters.

What will be the total supply of EPK?

Light whitepaper, economy whitepaper, and governance whitepaper could be found at our website

Here is the economy whitepaper.

Perfect! Thank you very much for sharing!

Well, thank you for the clear answer, are you ready to proceed with the next question or do you want to add something else?

Yes, still something! That means, there are about 30k EPK distributed to all bounty hunters in Knowledge Mainland every day. Here we want to prompt that your credit scores will be decreased if you answer questions in Knowledge Mainland carelessly. If your credit scores is less than 60, you cannot share the EPK rewards. Your initial credit scores will be 80. It will be increased if your answer is accepted by domain experts.

This is a very smart design, love it

If you answer questions in Knowledge Mainland, your will get reward scores. You could use reward scores to open mystery box including EPK and game tools in it. If you invited friends to Knowledge Mainland, you could get rewards scores commission which is up to 30% at the first level and 15% at the second level.

Does it often happens that user can’t get enough credit scores?

If your answers is selected by domain experts as the highest quality data every month, you could get a NFT as a knowledge badge.

If the users answer the questions with a serious attitude, that won’t happen.


Can you show us this NFT?

Wait a moment!

Drum roll moment

If our users answering questions with emotion and rhythm, we will reward him with NFT like this.

It looks really nice

Haha, thanks!

And next question is knocking at the door

Thank you for sharing @EpiK_James! Here comes our next community question

Q5 from Telegram User @Cheriemike

Good question!

In a decentralized storage ecosystem, we need to face a lot of attacks. One of these attacks is outsourcing attack.

Let’s go through a special case together. A and B are friends. They both provide the storage space for a same file in a decentralized storage network. A and B are rewarded 2X together for two copies of a same file. One day, A and B wonder if they could only maintain one copy to get rewards for two copies. Then A and B share a same storage space and announce they both have stored the same file.

When we ask A if he still stored the file, we will get YES. And we will get YES from B too.

This is a big economic problem in a decentralized storage ecosystem. In order to solve this problem, we need Proof-of-Replication and Proof-of-Spacetime.

The trivial idea is to make each miner to store different bytes even for a same file. With PoRep and PoSt, when A and B announce they both have stored the file, we could know they actually have different bytes in their storage space and they cannot use 1 copy to earn rewards of two copies.

EpiK Protocol focus on producing and storing AI data. The data we store in EpiK Protocol is bin-log format.

That means, if you want to get a complete database of a domain, you need to download all bin-logs in this domain and replay these bin-logs to recover the complete database. In order to speed up the replaying period, we encourage EPKers to store a snapshot in Filecoin.

Are PoRep and PoSt already live?

When you need to get a complete database in a domain, you could download the latest snapshot in Filecoin at first and then replay the diff bin-logs from EpiK Protocol.

Cool tech


It’s alive in our main-net.


Great, great! Thank you very much!

Coming now is the last question for this very first part of the AMA, then we’re heading into the LIVE part of the session

Q6 from Telegram User @Arisabela

AI data is used to make AI smarter. This process is just like to teach our children. Teaching is never a short-term thing.

That’s why we schedule our EPK release plan in next 50 years.

In order to make this journey go through 50 years, we design EpiK DAO to make this journey decentralized. EpiK Protocol and this dream don’t belong to any individual. They are controlled by all EPKers.

I like the idea of nurturing a project looking at a “true” long-term scope. Kinda feels like putting things into perspective as well, and the fact that it will be in the hands of the community is very empowering

In my opinion, DeFi solves the problem of token liquidity, NFT solves the problem of data ownership and metaverse solves the problem of virtual business environment.

Thanks to these technologies is ready now, EpiK Protocol could leverage them to push AI and Blockchain forward.


Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user@Xusuo

All EPK is minted in our own main-net. In order to leverage the prosperous defi / NFT / Metaverse ecosystem in Ethereum, we create a cross-chain bridge between our main-net and Ethereum. All EPKers could convert EPK in our main-net into ERC20-EPK in Ethereum in our Wallet,

ERC20-EPK could be converted into EPK in our main-net too. The rate is 1:1 except for transaction fee.

Q2 from Telegram user @syedbesharat

EpiK Protocol focuses on AI data. Our domain experts will focus on the A.I Apps. Here is the App of one of our candidate domain experts. It’s a digital twin solution. They simulate a real city and allow AI-driving cars to run in their simulated city. In this way, they could help companies like Tesla to train cars for 10k hours every day. The more amazing thing is that they could simulate earthquakes in the simulated city to test what the AI-driving car will do in this special situation which they could test in the real world.

It looks like this.

Q3 from Telegram user @niko518

Please be care of another project called EPIK Prime. We are EpiK Protocol. We are two different projects. They used our information in DAO Maker to do IDO so that many people misunderstand.

Q4 from Telegram user @Gemshunter22

EPK is listed in Uniswap, Bitmart, Gate.IO. Please check the link of coinmarketcap to catch up the listing information.

Q5 from Telegram user @Rinhere

If your friends are good at labeling data, please download this app and share the invitation link with them.

If your friends are experts of AI, please share this article with them to apply to be EPK domain experts.

Q6 from Telegram user @Arisabela

Bounty hunter is open for everyone. Have a try via downloading our App.

Q7 from Telegram user @surendra040

All EPKers could vote on the published Proposal by scanning the QR code of your preferred option with our wallet,

The weight of your choice depends on how many EPK you have in your wallet.

If you want to submit a new proposal in EpiK PreDAO, please follow this guideline.

Q8 from Telegram user @King_Raja

“Epik” was derived from “Epigraphic Knowledge”, which means the deciphering of knowledge
previously recorded on stele.

It means the data will be stored safely and it cannot tamper.

Q9 from Telegram user @coinerman

We are NOT EpiK Prime. Please be careful of the misunderstanding. We are EpiK Protocol. Our token symbol is EPK.

Q10 from Telegram user @Nonerlike
Can you please provide detailed information about EPIK PROTOCOL foundation grants program? How long will the proposal be accepted?

Wave I of EpiK Protocol Grants Program will end at October 15, 2021. More details could be found at

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part, we tested your knowledge in terms of EpiK Protocol. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for the quiz was 300$.
English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

EpiK Protocol Telegram community:



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