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Epik x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 19th of July

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Epik and our guests was @AgentDarren and @theGamma — representatives of Epik. The AMA took place on 19th of July.

The total reward pool was 500$ and has been split into 3 parts.

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Website

Hello again, dear Satoshi Club community! We are pleased to announce AMA with Epik.

Today our guests are @AgentDarren @theGamma!

Hi Everyone!

Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club

Thank you. we’re excited to be here.

Hello everybody!

We are glad to have you here!


How are you doing today guys

Doing great here!

Fantastic! how are you @GoldRocket27?

We are really excited about upcoming AMA, and you

Let’s start!
Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Epik?
Tell us please about your position in Epik?

Sure sounds good.

Hi I’m Gary, COO of Epik. I’m responsible for Epik’s daily workflow and operations. I have over 16+ years of experience in technology sales and other operational roles across multiple industries.

Prior to Epik, I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands and celebrity artists, producing large scale Ultra Music style concerts across the world. And now at Epik, we work with the biggest brands and IP to create premium digital merch and collectibles.

Darren Smith,
I’m Darren, VP of Product at Epik. I’ve been with the team since 2018. My background is in the video game industry. I worked at Nintendo for 20 years, bringing great products there to life as a Director there. I worked on development of game consoles such as the N64 and Wii, and all of the online services.

(and a lot of other cool stuff!)

Nice to meet you guys… You have a great background

What is the essence of Epik?

Main idea of project

Sure, I can give a brief intro…

Epik is an NFT platform working with AAA gaming platforms and giant entertainment IP brands to create in-game NFT goods and marketplace.



Haha bad bot

Gary M:
Epik is the leading NFT crypto company coming out from stealth since 2018.

First rule of satoshi club.. don’t talk about satoshi club.

Okay, let’s start again…. lol.

Epik is an NFT platform working with AAA gaming platforms and giant entertainment IP brands to create in-game NFT goods and marketplace.

Epik is the leading NFT crypto company coming out from stealth since 2018.

We work with over 360 clients including half of the top 25 video game companies such as Tencent and Garena and global brands like Warner and Universal.

We specialize in unique NFT drops with many coming out this year from some of the biggest names.

This is a very promising and demanded direction

How did you choose the name of Epik?

It evolved naturally.

We’re shaping the future of gaming and NFTs.

Future of all digital merch.

Epik was something that resonated to encompass what we are doing.

And you definitely have every chance of becoming a leader in this industry

Yes… we’re on a mission.

Also, we would like to know about your team. Who is on the project team core?


We’re fortunate to have some of the best in the industry working with Epik

As mentioned, Epik is the global leading digital licensing agency working with brands and AAA games. Producing unique in-game content and original NFTs.

So as you can imagine, our team has expertise in multiple domains

Including licensing veterans that are 2nd generation licensing industry, working with the best brands in the world.

Is your team anonymous?

Amazing, an experienced team behind a great project

Not anonymous at all!

Great! thanks

As you can see.. we are NOT anonymous.

Thanks for the introduction, we will have a question selected for the Part 1. ready to start? Or you want to add something?

We’ve been in blockchain doing NFTs since 2018.. on our team includes the lead author of ERC-721 … Will Entriken.

So highly technical team.

And of course major gaming veterans like Darren.

@AgentDarren did you want to share a bit on your background?

Amazing team!

NFTs were your initial aim, right?

I worked for Nintendo for 20 years. I was a Director there.
In 1990, I started as an engineer working on an online game service for the original 8-bit NES. Throughout my career there I worked on the development and launch of game consoles from the Nintendo 64 through the Wii and 3DS, as well as all of Nintendo’s online game services (multiplayer game service, Nintendo’s eShop, Netflix for Wii, Facebook for DSi, etc.). I also developed a game with Mr. Miyamoto (PilotWings 64), produced some products for Pokemon, and all of the pre-installed apps for the Wii.

Darren is a legend in gaming industry. super fortunate to have him on the Epik team

Yes! absolutely.

Nintendo.. is the dream of all children of my generation

Long story short… we started early 2018 to work with mainstream game industry for NFTs and blockchain.

Darren is truly legendary

Over the past few years.. we’ve grown the largest enterprise blockchain ecosystem in the world, with over 300 enterprise gaming clients.

Giving us a user base of over 1 billion users.

Guys, this is an incredible result.

Well, we are even more excited to know more about the project, ready to proceed with the first community question?


Yes, let’s go!

Q1 from Telegram User @xperia3

You just got a sneak peek on Darren Smiths long history with Nintendo. Gail Tilden, one of our advisor, was one of the driving forces behid Pokemon and helped Nintendo make it a household name globally.

Epik is the only NFT company working with AAA games, and you will see a lot of new collaborations and unique drops coming from collaborations.

Which are your most important partnerships right now?

We can share some of the recent developments with our partners that are truly groundbreaking.

Epik has been doing in-game digital merch drops with the leading game companies for the past two years.

Our clients include the likes of giants like Tencent. We put Ultraman (#1 Japanese anime on Netflix) into Arena of Valor (#1 MOBA game in the world, by Tencent/Garena). In fact, this event is live right now!

Also live right now is our NFT collaboration with Gameloft’s legendary game franchise Asphalt 9: Legends. This is HUGE. Epik Prime is the world’s FIRST and ONLY company to do multiple deals with Triple AAA games and launch NFTs with them.

Learn more here about the collaboration and NFT drop:

Congratulations, great milestones

Thanks for the clear answer



Thanks for your answers

Can we proceed. Or you want to add something?

Can proceed.

Q2 from Telegram User @NAZMP2

Please visit

Great question and sorry for any confusion! I believe you are visiting which does invite users to register for the future beta.

Please visit which is live.

Oh yeah! I have already registered

What are the main features and what are you most proud of now?

Great design btw

Also to wrap up this question… is open to everyone to join

Satoshi Clubbers!

don’t be shy to check out

One of our key missions is to bring blockchain and NFT to mainstream adoption. So we’ve partnered with AAA game companies to produce premium NFTs which are available in our marketplace. Here mainstream users can purchase these NFTs with either credit card or crypto.

Which cryptos do you accept as payment method?

Right, we make things accessible, and low friction, while giving consumers something valuable.

Right now we accept Eth, but we plan to accept other cryptos soon.

It is really important to give the consumer a quality product!

High fees could be a problem to generate liquidity, don’t you think?

Epik has developed an efficient NFT platform that optimizes the user experience by removing unnecessary latency associated with public blockchain transaction confirmations.

It does so by utilizing a hybrid on-and-off chain solution, whereby transactions (purchases, transfer of items) on the platform are conducted off-chain in real-time.

This minimizes the frequency of on-chain transactions, thus incurring less gas and less energy usage for every transaction that occurs on the Epik system.

Users are given the ability to transfer NFT items out of the Epik system (into their own cold wallet or to another marketplace, etc.), and only upon this event will an on-chain transaction occur that requires gas.

Thanks for your clear answers.

Ready to proceed to the next question?

Great job

Let’s proceed.

Q3 from Telegram User @Asela1112

Haha.. there’s a few questions inside one; let us answer you

Please take your time

Difference of Epik from other NFT marketplaces are unique in-game drops & NFT Technical platform. How is this leads to gain mass adoption in crypto space?

Epik is a B2B network. We have over 300 game company clients. This includes both mainstream games and crypto games/platforms etc.

Epik is bringing the most users to blockchain and NFT by the end of the year. Period. 100%

This is because the scale we offer. To give you an example, our client, Garena has the #1 mobile game in the world — Free Fire. Over 100M+ daily active users…..

When we do callobrations, we are reaching millions of users worldwide…

Which security tools & methods do you have to protect their original creations from being copied?

— > I believe blockchain handles this…

Also lot of events & digital collectibles have been created by your team. So will you not a give chance to the Epik community users who skilled with NFT creating?

— > There are many marketplaces that are geared for creator economies. Unlike other marketplaces where anyone can put their items up for sale. Epik Prime only offers premium digital content and licensed NFTs.

So, talking about Epik Token, what are the main benefits do you offer to long term holders?

When you buy and own $EPIK, you get access to exclusive rewards and benefits, Rare NFT drops.
Epik Prime+ is a higher level membership that gets you more access to more rare drops/items/events; get previews on upcoming items and can pre-order and reserve items before they hit the public.

That sounds amazing, another great reason to invest

Well, do you want to add something else before the next question?

All done.

Benefits for users are obvious.

Q4 from Telegram User @ishan1_7

All of the content on Epik Prime is premium. These are officially licensed NFTs. Many of which will be based on crossover collaborations making the NFT rare and unique, while also giving it potential attributes and usability inside games; or real-world value from our clients and partners.

To access Epik NFTs, simply register on

Ongoing announcements and notices about exclusive rewards will be sent to you.

you’ll want to stay tuned and follow our channels as well so you don’t miss out on unique opportunties and rare NFT drops

@GoldRocket27 done

Thanks for your answers

Let’s proceed with the next one

Q5 from Telegram User @yellowchamp

Epik does not have any app that requires downloading today. Please double check you are on the correct website.

you can sign up on with your email etc. it’s a simple signup process to get a new Epik Prime account.

By the way, can you share how EPIK Prime works?

That being said…. allow me to say a little bit about Lockr.

Lockr is a Mobile app to hold in-game and NFT items, complimentary experience and can browse, collect and view other people’s items, social features (think like Instagram for NFTs).

Stay tuned for announcements and updates for the Lockr launch.


Epik Prime is a loyalty reward membership program that grants access to better quality in-game and NFT items to its members and all Prime members have a chance to win random NFT prizes.

Anyone can qualify to become an Epik Prime member and customers can choose to purchase their Epik Prime membership directly from our website or they can do so on their own if they are familiar with linking and managing their own digital wallets.

Epik Prime+ gives members access to the most exclusive high quality items and premium services. They can also get previews on upcoming items and can pre-order and reserve items before they hit the public.

@GoldRocket27 done

and like a cherry on a cake…

EPIK Prime Token Metrics

Tell us a little more about this, please.


There are 2 billion total supply of $EPIK

In terms of utility, as mentioned, it’s a membership token.

This is a widespread membership spread out over our large user base. Making the token increasingly scarce over time.

Select rewards and privileges will be made available when users stake $EPIK to reach higher levels of rewards.

Additionally, there will be ongoing evolution of utility, further increasing the demand, which will give pressure for the price to increase.

@GoldRocket27 done

tell us a bit about private sale.. when? what results you expect

Epik Prime has already completed a SHO sale on Daomaker.

The demand for $EPIK broke the all-time high of the most registered participants ever on daomaker.

@GoldRocket27 done


Thanks! Ready to proceed to the next question?

Last question of this part


Q6 from Telegram User @Giniwhite

100% we have successfully worked with gaming companies of all sizes. From the biggest of the big like Tencent and Garena. To emerging blockbuster game makers.

Epik helps game companies access licensed content and brands.

Epik helps non-crypto native game companies incorporate NFT and blockchain capabilities.

Epik works with everyone. mainstream gaming and crypto games/platforms.

@GoldRocket27 done

Thank you so much for your clear answers, it has been a great time with you

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @iam12312

We support premium branded content. Unlike other marketplaces where anyone can put their items up for sale and there is no restriction and no filters for quality, on Epik Prime, we only work with highly vetted, premium digital content, whether that creator is by Epik or in collaboration with well-known brands and partners.

Q2 from Telegram user @esrarengizbtc

We’re super proud and excited about this groundbreaking collaboration with Avakin Life, which marks just one more accomplishment for Epik Prime and a huge milestone for the entire NFT industry.

Avakin Life is a 3D virtual role-playing mobile video game with over 200 million registered players.

The Solar Sound Festival is a one-of-a-kind virtual world inside Avakin. All players have the chance to receive a free, limited edition, collectible digital artwork designed by a renowned crypto artist ( by visiting the Epik tent.

Players will be able to store the collectible on their Epik Prime accounts and immediately begin collecting the latest Digital collections on the Epik Prime Marketplace.

Learn more here about the collaboration and NFT drop:

Q3 from Telegram user @captainprice111

Lockr is our mobile app to hold your in-game and NFT items. It’s a complimentary experience, and you can browse, collect and view other people’s items, social features (Instagram of digital items). We will release it this year.

Q4 from Telegram user @meml97

The Epikverse is a truly innovative and disruptive virtual world experience. The Epikverse are unique Epik worlds that perpetually exist on many metaverses (mainstream and crypto). It provides interconnectivity between a network of metaverses, acting as a bridge (a gateway) between them.

Within the Epikverse, users can buy/sell/trade all forms of digital merchandise and enjoy shared experiences (streaming, virtual concerts, etc). Epik will be the global leading digital merchandise and NFT provider and ecosystem.

We see ourselves becoming almost like gaming and digital platform infrastructure. Providing the rails cross-chain, cross-platform (crypto and non-crypto platforms).

This will make getting on and off-chain, in and out of metaverses, and bridging web2 to web3 and back seamless for all types of users.

Epikverses will begin unveiling in 2021Q3, with anticipated 3 unique metaverse worlds going live during 2021.

Q5 from Telegram user @orlemys

Funimation is a great company and really achieving wonderful things, including really developing Anime in the North American market.

Yes, we love their content and their shows

a little birdie says… stay tuned for more upcoming NFT and in-game collaborations with some of your favorite anime characters/shows!

Q6 from Telegram user @Kabirkapoor9

Please check out Asphalt 9: Legends and Avakin Life. In both of these games, you have the opportunity to get NFTs in our marketplace for free. Learn more here about the Gameloft collaboration and NFT drop:
And visit here to learn more about the Avakin Life collaboration:

Q7 from Telegram user @rinnguyen

Yes, Epik is the leading digital licensing agency putting brands into games.

This opens up a universe of new content for our game partners and clients. And because Epik specializes in unique crossover collaborations we produce exceptionally rare and unique in-game and NFT merchandise along with it.

Q8 from Telegram user @obulin

This will constantly evolve and select campaigns may offer special offers.

Information will be available at

Q9 from Telegram user @KhaleesiTheCryptoLady

Please visit
In our marketplace, you can view each NFT edition available. There you can see the number of each edition that we’ve minted. For example, we minted just 4 of the Legends Trophy NFT.

Q10 from Telegram user @Arisabela

Epik’s first collaboration NFT drop live features exclusive NFT items from our in-game collaboration with the award-winning mobile game Asphalt 9 developed by AAA game studio Gameloft.

This is an industry first. First-ever AAA game company doing NFTs. Epik is forging new ground, innovating. Bringing mainstream gaming and mass adoption.

We will be minting hundred of thousands of NFTs from this event, and we have chosen to mint on HECO. We project to onboard a few hundred thousand NEW mainstream gaming users onto blockchain and HECO from this single event alone.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part, we tested your knowledge in terms of Epik. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for the quiz was 300$.
English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

Epik Telegram community:



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