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Fantasy of the three kingdoms

Grab a seat and some popcorn, let’s begin storytime.

Once upon a time, in fantasy land, lived the Eastern Han Dynasty. The Han Central Government located at the end of this dynasty is weakening internally. The power of the landowners had become a nagging issue. The court eunuchs, in particular, had amassed significant power over the emperor, which they utilized to enrich themselves. Ordinary folks had nothing on which to rely to earn money. The Yellow Turbans had launched an insurgency against the Eastern Han Dynasty. Warlords used the suppression of the revolt to expand their territories and compete for dominance… It is a battle of power and survival, only the fittest can win.

Let’s borrow these words from the Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms…

“Have you ever imagined if you had been Cao Cao, would Zhuge Liang have been able to cheat you out of arrows through thatched boats? If you were Guan Yu, would you still have been defeated in Maicheng? If you were Lü Bu, what would have happened to Diao Chan?”

It’s that kind of game you’re gonna fall in love with, have fun, and learn a lot from. In no little way, we believe you’ll like this project when you discover more about it as you read on.

Introducing Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms

Welcome to Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, a wonderful game that combines Three Kingdoms history with cutting-edge blockchain technology. You’ll take on the role of a Lord in tumultuous times, seeking dominance over other players from all around our planet. All of your in-game possessions, as well as generals, equipment, mounts, and land, will be minted as NFTs on the blockchain and can also be traded and exchanged for other tokens in the market.

Aside from the incredible game experience, Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms offers a complex, functional, and rare NFT called FTKS (an ERC-20 governance token). You will learn more about FTKS as you proceed with the article. FTKS enhances player loyalty to the game and maintains the stability of the underpinning NFT resources and the token pool. This new gaming concept has been nicknamed “play-to-earn.” Players can profit while having just too much fun with the game.

Look at that! You’ll agree that it is super amazing to earn while doing something as simple as playing a game.

Here are a few more glimpses into the world of Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms.

When you level up in Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, you’ll come across a variety of enemies. Battles cannot be avoided. As a result, the growth of in-game generals becomes the key to combat triumph. Increase the effectiveness of your generals by teaching them, equipping them with better equipment, and allocating mounts. During the boost, the value of your digital assets will increase. These are the basic methods for earning money through in-game activities.

The team behind this mastercraft has revealed to the world that the combo of digital games and blockchain is a smart way to move. Over time, as more and more people join the game, it will become hotter and bigger

Meet the Brains Behind Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms


Governance Token: Fantasy Three Kingdoms Shards (FTKS)

Fantasy Three Kingdoms Shards, or simply FTKS, is the ERC-20 governance token of the Fantasy Three Kingdoms metaverse. In real life, it leads to a DAO that will have a two-year influence on the internal team. This is the real-world benefit for holders of this token.

FTKS holders take over the game’s governance and revenue rights from its core crew. Every proposal to amend the norms and standards of the Fantasy Three Kingdom’s metaverse will be voted on by the DAO. These would include but are not limited to, the development of rules of play, the usage of ecosystem funds, new game expansion, and so on.

There are also in-game rights. The first in-game right is the revenue rights. When players form an alliance and this alliance dominates over an area, players can stake FTKS and share the tax income depending on how they staked. Users who stake FTKS also gain management rights. You will have more voting power if you staked more FTKS. In severe circumstances, a dictatorship will emerge, but this will also mean that players who are unhappy with the dictatorship will quit.

The total supply of FTKS is 100,000,000, including the real world (50.5%) and in-game (49.5%). In the real world, the 50.5% is allocated thus:

  • 3% will be allocated to Partner Investment
  • 3% will be allocated to Ambassador Round
  • 12% will be distributed via IDO
  • 20% will be allocated to Moontrek
  • 1% will be distributed to the Advisory Committee, and
  • 11.5% will be held by the Ecosystem Foundation.

Now, you know the basic things you should know about the FTKS token. Let’s jump right into the basic details of the in-game Currency — Golden Coin.

The in-game Currency: Golden Coin (GC)

If you take a trip to the metaverse of Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, you would definitely use the Golden Coin throughout your stay there. Golden Coin, or simply GC is the currency in circulation of the game’s metaverse.

Initially, in the Genesis period, Genesis GC is issued. The issued Genesis GC will have a circulation of GC 12. After Genesis GC has been issued, all GC can only be earned via in-game activities. These activities are Resource reward PVE reward, PVP reward, and Seasonal Tournament. You should note however that the game’s core team will not hold GC. You can use GC for several purposes like:

  • Forging a variety of tools
  • Rare mount breeding
  • Land and building improvements
  • Generals’ abilities improvement
  • Buying and selling rare resources
  • Issuance of the GC

25% of the $GC token will be allocated to the AMM liquidity management pool. 7.5% will go to the core team, 7.5% will be distributed to $FTKS staking players and 60% will be burned.

In-Game Resource Token

In the legendary world of Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, there are four primary resources you would need to excel. These four resources correlate with four tokens: Food (FF), Iron (FI), Wood (FW), and finally Stone (FS). These elements are needed materials for building and equipment, and they can be exchanged in-game and on a decentralized exchange.

Players can only obtain resource tokens through gaming tasks such as buying or inhabiting land that produces resources such as mining areas and forests. At the start of the game, there are no available resources, you’ve got to work to earn it.







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