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Gamestarter x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 29th of July

Welcome to another episode of our AMA series. Today we are glad to tell you about the AMA session with our friends from Gamestarter, an NFT-based crowdfunding platform & marketplace that adds liquidity, player-ownership, and new funding resources to the largest entertainment industry in the world. The AMA took place on July 29 and our guest was Sylvia Savi (Marketing Lead).

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.


Sylvia | Gamestarter: Hi everyone. Pleasure to be here!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello, Sylvia how’s going?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: It’s going really great; we’re excited about the upcoming launch. How are you doing, Mary?

Mary | Satoshi Club: I am fine, excited to hear more about Gamestarter today. Sylvia, could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about Gamestarter.

Sylvia | Gamestarter: I’ll start by telling a little bit about me. I’m Sylvia Savi and I’ve been a marketer for around ten years now. I’ve been working with startups mostly, although I’ve started my career at IBM. I also have my own digital agency. We do marketing, design & branding. However, at the moment, I’m fully focused on Gamestarter.

In late 2017 I joined a crypto VC, as their marketing lead. I was taking care of all the investment projects in terms of marketing. Although I was fascinated by crypto before, that was when I really learned the ins and outs and fell in love with the crypto community!

The rest of Gamestarter’s team come from a game development background. They also have experience in SAAS. We’re based in Northern Europe and the UK. Because of the game dev background, our team understands the pain points of indie game developers and the value we can create for players. NFTs open unlimited possibilities, you can now play your favorite game and earn money! That being said, our team values their reputation, so this is definitely not a pump and dump project. We put a lot of heart into it and I hope it shows. You can find out more about our team here:

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: What is SAAS?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: What makes Gamestarter special? We are building a platform, similarly to Dao Maker, but focused only on GAME projects only. We are tapping into a huge market of game funding and crypto, not to mention the largest entertainment industry in the world. Gamestarter’s economy will be supported by many games, instead of just one. So the NFT tokens will be highly liquid and the $GAME token will have a strong use case. We have also introduced Gamestarter Fund and going to introduce Gamestarter Launchpad in the near future. So this is just the beginning!

Oh, it’s a term that means Software-as-a-service.

Mary | Satoshi Club: How old is Gamestarter project? Did you join thus direction on the wave of hype or developed it for a long time?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: We started Gamestarter at the beginning of this year, as a solution for integrating NFTs with Unity 3d and Unreal Engine. And then it evolved into a crowdfunding platform for indies. And now we have expanded our vision even more, by introducing a complete ecosystem with GS Fund & Accelerator, GS Originals and GS Launchpad.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Could you clarify more about Gamestarter Fund? How it will work?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: It’s a Fund & Accelerator built to fully finance the best teams and games. It’s also a valuable addition to the GS (Gamestarter) ecosystem, which will increase the value and use case of our token, $GAME.

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: Gaming projects are trending topic right now.

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Yeah, they started trending especially intensely this summer, so we’re on to something.

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: So how did you choose the name of the project?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: We actually started out with the name of ‘Start NFT’, which was a cool name as well. But our advisor from Dao Maker, encouraged us to rebrand as Gamestarter. We think it was 100% the right move.

And the name itself is kind of a nod to Kickstarter, the most famous crowdfunding platform in the world. We, of course, aim to be number 1 in terms of game funding, surpassing Kickstarter for sure.

Q1 from Telegram User @ysasoma

I read that the NFT market is driven by Gamestarter’s “GAME” currency, does this mean that every transaction must be done through this token, could you tell us a little bit about the economy that moves around the NFTs and the GAME token, also inform us about, what other utilities and benefits would offer to be a GAME holder, in which markets can we do transactions with this token, how many ways can we generate more of these, what characteristics make it a profitable token and with a good liquidity?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Ok, that’s a lot of questions in one sentence! I’ll try to cover it all.

I’ll leave this infographic to illustrate.

Every transaction on the platform will be done using $GAME. We also consider adding $GAME stablecoin as well.

$GAME holder benefits:

  • Premium access to the hottest NFTs
  • Little to no asset trading fees
  • Growing coin value supported by MANY games

Mary | Satoshi Club: Will you have any kind of governance on your platform?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: $GAME tokens will be used to:

  • buy and sell playable NFTs during the crowdfunding stage and in the marketplace
  • pay out community rewards & creator’s revenue.

Mary | Satoshi Club: I am asking in the meaning if your token will have governance function.

Sylvia | Gamestarter: We will involve our community in the process of choosing the best game projects as well as in every step of Gamestarter Originals. We’re open to the idea of implementing it in the future.

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: Could you share some of those NFTs with us?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: You’ll have to wait until the platform is live! Early access date will be announced next week, and fully working platform will be available in autumn.

So coming up very soon.

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: So excited for it, don’t forget to share with our community the big announcement.

Sylvia | Gamestarter: We actually will have a Platform Launch Party on Coinmarketcap next week.

Where we will giveaway 250 000 $GAME tokens to early platform users.

So they will be able to spend it on NFTs.

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: Great opportunity Satoshiclubbers, don’t forget about it.

Q2 from Telegram User @jodasf

In your roadmap you mention that you will be incorporating the Gamestarter API — for direct integration of the GAME Coin economy into the game (Unity 3D and unreal engine plugins). Could you explain a bit more about this incorporation, how it will benefit the Gamestarter economy system, what you are looking to improve with this and of course, how it will benefit the users?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: I’ll start by answering how it will benefit the users.

Game developers will be saved of hours and hours’ worth of coding. So we will provide them all the tools to mint NFTs and easily connect them to their game and our marketplace. So we take away all barriers to entry to non-crypto devs.

Our platform users will enjoy a wider selection of games, because of the easy NFT adoption tech provided to the devs.

Mary | Satoshi Club: When developers will be able to enjoy your platform services?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: So the APIs are absolutely vital for Gamestarter to work well.

The API is scheduled to be released in mid-September, and our talented devs are perfecting it as we speak.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Not soon to wait! Do you already have some projects ready to use it?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Of course! we announce all our game listing on our social media. Currently we have announced partnerships with the following games: MARS4, DinoX, DeRace, Faraland, Sovi Finance. And we have about 20 games that are waiting to be announced, and onboarding more and more every week!

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: Perfect, btw what else is coming in your roadmap? Could you share it with us?

Sylvia | Gamestarter:

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: Wow Game coin wallet, iOS and Android supported?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Basically, we will continue to expand, perfect and market Gamestarter platform. We will go fully mobile in 2022, introducing Gamestarter app and expanding on mobile-based games featuring NFTs. As well as our own original games.

Q3 from Telegram User @antoni_azx

Gamestarter is a platform powered by ETH based GAME coin token. So this brings us to the main problem of similar platforms and that is that many times the cost of gas for transactions and buying / selling of items are sometimes higher than the same item, which can be ridiculous. Can you tell us how GameStarter will do to scale the project and reduce the impact of the cost of gas?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Well actually, there will be no transaction fees on the platform for $GAME holders. Only for those who will want to pay with FIAT or other cryptocurrencies.

Mary | Satoshi Club: But anyway users will need to pay for gas?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Inside Gamestarter platform — no. Outside the Gamestarter platform default gas fees will be applied.

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: Which payment methods will you accept into the platform?

Mary | Satoshi Club: Have you thought about l2 solutions? Also what about another blockchains integration?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Most stable coins. And fiat payments (credit card, bank transfer) coming next year.

We will use Polygon for NFT minting, also we are researching on other useful solutions.

Q4 from Telegram User @Highpee

You closed your private round in June after you raised over $2 million in a fundraise that was let by DAO Maker. How many tokens were sold and how has this been able to help the development of your project so far? In addition to this, you announced that you will launch on August 2nd through a public sale that will be done using DAO Maker Strong Holders Offering (SHO). Usually, DAO SHO requires presale participants to lock a minimum 500 $DAO (about $950) in order to stand a chance to win public sale allocation spot. This looks like a “strong” requirement. Why did you prefer to launch on DAO Maker or was this decision influenced by the fact that DAO Maker contributed a large chunk and led your private round? How will you ensure your tokens will be fairly sold to various categories of investors?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: How many tokens were sold and how has this been able to help the development of your project so far?

We’ve sold 25% of tokens, 25,000,000 $GAME. We were able to expand our team, hire more talented developers and fire up our marketing!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Will your private round tokens have vesting period? How different are private and public round prices?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Why did you prefer to launch on DAO Maker or was this decision influenced by the fact that DAO Maker contributed a large chunk and led your private round? How will you ensure your tokens will be fairly sold to various categories of investors?

We decided to launch on DAO Maker only because, in our opinion, they’re the best Launchpad at the moment. They offer unparalleled marketing support, as well as great community. Also their ROI is the best on the market. We actually had a massively oversubscribed funding round, and had to say no to amazing VCs in order to have DAO on board.

We will list $GAME in both centralized and decentralized exchanges right after SHO, so investors of all kinds will be able to get on board.

Yes, both private and public rounds actually have the exact same terms in terms of vesting and token price.

$GAME price $0.08. 20% on TGE; followed by 16% on months: 4, 7, 10, 13, 16.

Mary | Satoshi Club: I should tell you made a good choice.

Thank you for your answers! We will wait for your public sale hope some of us will be lucky to buy.

Ready to jump to the next question?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: You can also join the community round to win $100 worth of allocation.

Q5 from Telegram User @Arisabela

Gamestarter mainly supports the fundraising of indie games. Which is interesting since there are many platforms that offer liquid NFTs but none have a particular interest in indie games. Can you tell us why you have focused so much on providing liquidity and funding resources to these types of games? Who are the main players in this type of game and what are the current market conditions that makes it so interesting?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Games are a massive informal digital economy. Games are the holy grail of traditional crowdfunding. Games are also perhaps the ONLY sustainable implementation of NFTs.

  • Game items are massive economies.
  • Game items are often non-fungible digital items with a utility: skins for showing off or celebrating, weapons for combat, resources for creation, etc.
  • Game items are heavily adopted among the global game economy, a $160 billion business that grows by 10% or more every year.

Game items have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Game items generate tens of millions in fundraise through traditional crowdfunding.

  • -Game items are an incredible popular way of fundraising.
  • -Gamers participate because (a) they like games and (b) they know rare game items can be worth considerable amounts.

Game items are a form of investment. They are an entire asset class that is far bigger than all current NFT marketplaces put together.

Game item traditional crowdfunding is massive even though it has all the same problems:

  • Illiquid: most players do not know when they can trade their items
  • Risky: as some indie games may not deliver, there is no opportunity for gamers to cut risk early on to more risk-taking buyers, even at discounted selling prices
  • Limited: highly regulated platforms are the only places game items are funded.

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: What about security? Can you assure that user funds are safe? Have you done audits?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Our developers are very familiar with all possible security issues. We will use industry’s best practices to prevent possible threats.

Our contract is being audited right now, and all the documentation will be published next week. It’s being audited by

Q6 from Telegram User @Zohaya

Your platform’s primary goal is to connect game developers with funding sources. Can you now tell us how these game developers will submit their proposal game and what Game Starter criteria will be used to choose indie games to assist? And what advantages do they stand to gain? Just so anyone interested in submitting a game knows what kind of games you prefer.

Sylvia | Gamestarter: It’s very easy for game developers to get on Gamestarter, the integration is seamless.

All you need is a set amount you are looking forward to raising, and a list of NFT assets you are going to sell. At this point we will help each developer to find the best fit in order to raise their set amount of funds.

Also we will take care of the technical aspect of the NFT generation process and an API for Unreal Engine and Unity 3d. So game creators will not have to do ANY extra work.

Regarding the fees, there will be no fees for the first 100 game listings! And after that, the fundraising fees will be up to 2% — so very small compared to Kickstarter.

Regarding the reviewing process, our team will screen each game, talk to the team etc. We’re looking for interesting, quality games that would capture the attention of the gaming community. We’re open to different options, so nothing to lose in submitting your game!

AndresM. | Satoshi Club: Do you have some games in plans? Could you mention the names?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: We announce all our game listing on our social media. Currently we have announced partnerships with the following games: MARS4, DinoX, DeRace, Faraland, Sovi Finance. And we have about 20 games that are waiting to be announced, and onboarding more and more every week!

Unfortunately, I cannot give out the names of the games that aren’t announced yet, because of the legal side.


The chat was open for 120 seconds; a lot of questions were posted by Satoshi Club community. Our guest chose some of them.

Q1 from Telegram user @Karoceh

Many people are still skeptical about the quality of blockchain-based games, such as the plain interface and poor graphics. How does Gamestarter fulfill this section for your upcoming game?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: I agree, and that’s the thing! We will bring many non-blockchain, regular games to Gamestarter. Games that have a lot of potential, great graphics and talented teams. We will also have our in-house games, called Gamestarter Originals. The first one, Horizon, will be released in Q4, 2021.

Q2 from Telegram user @KASG95

You say Gamestarter “is going to change the way NFTs are used in the gaming industry”, but could you really explain a little about how NFT tokens actually work in current NFT games, their benefits and their disadvantages? And also, what will be the changes that Gamestarter will make?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Gamestarter is the first platform in the word to:

– help game developers fundraise by pre-selling NFTs

– provide an easy way to non-blockchain games access the benefits of crypto

NFTs are used to represent the ownership of the game item. It’s without a doubt, the best way to own in-game items.

Q3 from Telegram user @luismi_rt

How do you see the future of play to earn and how can that impact Gamestarter?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: We see a very bright future of play-to-earn. And crypto is the perfect currency to power the games, as many developers are not tied to legal regulations in different countries. Also, it’s a great chance to turn your hobby to a paid ‘job’!

Q4 from Telegram user @feranno

Gamesstarter has made a partnership with Sovi Finance, which I like very much. What key benefits will this partnership provide for both parties and will you continue to partner with truly promising projects?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: We’re glad you like Sovi Finance! We’re very happy to have them on board. We’re actually helping them on two fronts:

– with their existing game

– with their new game project

So, some exciting news are coming soon!

Q5 from Telegram user @cindy_crypto

As I know the original name of the project was Start NFT so why did you change it? It was a cool name.

Sylvia | Gamestarter: We rebranded, because we wanted our name to reflect the industry we are focusing on — GAMES!

Q6 from Telegram user @BJosefina61

As we know, Gamestarter helps to finance indie games to launch their product, but does Gamestarter somehow have a mechanism to ensure and incentivize indie game developers to actually develop and launch the product? and prevent them from leaving with the funds of the contributing users.

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Yes, the funds will be released in batches, based on the progress made. So we will protect our community by closely monitoring the progress of the game devs! In a rare case, they’ll not hold up to their promise, we will return the funds from locked batches to our users.

Q7 from Telegram user @orlemys

Gamestarter lets indie games fundraise by selling digital game items as liquid NFTs. But only those indie games which do $250M+ equity crowdfunding every year. This is quite a harsh condition. Indie means independent, but it can also be a synonym for small, and not so well known. So, why did you decide to set such a condition? Are there any exceptions for lesser-known, smaller projects? More importantly, is this a decentralized project? Will the community be able to vote on the games that can get on the platform?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Do you know, that as the technology moves forward, indie developers can now make games that are indistinguishable in their quality from AAA games! So all it takes is talent and hard work, and of course a reasonable amount of money. Also, all huge game studios were once indie, so well-known is a question of time. All it takes is for one game to succeed out of a hundred for $GAME token to go up in value!

The community will be able to vote, especially on Gamestarter Originals. But they will also vote with their $GAME, by deciding on which NFTs to buy.

Q8 from Telegram user @tatarrama

You mentioned in your Medium article that gamers are looking for new channels to access high-quality games. How will you let them know that you are a good option for seeking players? Which communication channels will you use to present your innovative platform to game enthusiasts?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: That’s a great question! I’m attaching our growth model; all the channels are listed here. Very soon we will release an article that will review each channel in depth, also mentioning our existing partners.

Q9 from Telegram user @HisokaM_Hunter

Lately there are many obstacles to access gaming platforms since it is required to make huge investments to start using their products in addition to rigorous user verification processes. Can you tell us what the KYC that will be required on your platform will consist of and how accessible will it be for users to make their first investment?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: KYC will only apply if you’ll purchase more than X amount. And this X amount will be defined by our legal team for each country.

KYC will not be required at all, is you will make your purchase with FIAT.

Q10 from Telegram user @Cheriemike

What is unique difference between your project Gamestarter and Kickstarter that will convince me to join your project?

Sylvia | Gamestarter: Gamestarter has much lower fees, gives access to the crypto market, feature in-house accelerator for larger financing amounts, provides marketing support to game devs, and most importantly — features NFTs!


As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about Gamestarter. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat. Participants had 10 minutes to answer. 300$ were distributed between the winners.

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