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It is natural for us to want to learn more about ourselves. Astrology is defined by many as the study of how celestial bodies align and how that may influence our lives. This mysterious concept provides a prime opportunity for many people. Some even believe it is divine fact, that an unseen hand is profoundly changing and reshaping lives at every turn. Others believe the whole thing is a load of nonsense, and that reading your weekly horoscope is a pointless exercise.

Regardless of where you fall on that spectral range, the impact is undeniably true: The astrology industry is a multibillion-dollar business. Furthermore, it’s a rich field in more ways than one. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Even if you consider yourself an astrology expert, there’s a good chance you don’t know everything there is to know about the subject.

The concept of astrology has even found its way into metaverse and digital gaming. One of such projects that beautifully brings astrology into gaming is Glory Planet. If you would like to find out more about how this project finely combines astrology, the metaverse, and DeFi, read on.

Introducing Glory Planet

Glory Planet is a hybrid decentralized metaverse project built on the Build and Build Chain (BNB Chain) with multi-chain intentions. It blends DeFi and the metaverse to provide a unique play-to-earn gaming experience that eliminates the uncertainty of getting rewarded. It is set in a major metropolis. It is a lifestyle-themed story set for immersive gameplay that connects to what makes people fascinating: a thirst to explore, discover, play, work, and do more.

The outstanding Glory Planet project allows users to create multiple personas, and use relevant technologies to construct and create their community. It also enables these users to engage in real-life practices such as making friends, leisure, work, and more. Users will be issued a G-Pet with a personality depending on their astrological sign as well as get rewarded for their efforts in training their G-Pet through missions.

Users will be able to play and win various rewards by accomplishing worthwhile mission objectives. They can use these awards to advance in the game or exchange them for a profit on the Glory Planet Market or a CEX/DEX. The creation of a full game ecosystem will provide players with a variety of ways of using their reward points within the game to boost their earning potential, lowering the amount of liquidity put into the market.

The Glory Planet Market will house all of the NFTs and assets required for the game. Once purchased, the NFTs will function with the metaverse, or games within the metaverse, in a variety of ways. Glory Planet also allows its users to stake rewards earned in the game to earn additional money via liquidity mining on Glory Planet.

Glory Planet’s Gameplay

Glory Planet has interesting gameplay. If you are not very time conscious, you might just find that you have spent the entire day training your G-Pet through scaling through amazing missions/challenges in the game. For one to participate in this amazing game, you first have to buy a set of NFTs from Binance/Glory Planet’s NFT marketplace. After buying these NFTs, you will be allowed to join the Glory Planet game and earn cool rewards that you can sell for profit.

There are amazing features that make the game super fun to play; our two favorites are G-Pets and Mystery Boxes. Mystery Boxes provide players with either an outfit or item in the form of an NFT. Each participant will be given a G-Pet depending on their date of birth after registering on the Glory Planet app (e.g. Pisces). Players will gear their G-Pets with the NFTs provided in the mystery box, and they will be ready to begin their first mission to play and collect rewards.

Initially, players will be challenged with training their G-Pet by performing various levels of tasks. When further game updates are introduced, the missions will extend to cover all facets of daily metaverse life and more. Upon onboarding, each assignment lasts 30 days, with extra missions unlocked at future stages.

Meet the Brains Behind Glory Planet




As shown on the Glory Planet’s official website, the following is the project’s current roadmap:

Q3 2021

  • Project initiation
  • Commencement of game development
  • System architecture, product UI/UX design, and wireframing
  • Mobile app development for client-side access, including iOS/Android applications
  • Seed round funding

Q4 2021

  • Development of NFT marketplace
  • Blockchain infrastructure development and integration
  • MVP tested internally
  • Collaborate with NF kings and Princess Syahrini, an Indonesian celebrity to jointly launch an NFT promotion

Q1 2022

  • Onboarding strategic business partners and investors
  • Ramping up marketing and investors’ roadshow
  • IGO, IDO & TGE
  • DEX & CEX listing of Glory Tokens
  • Glory Planet’s Metaverse product launch
  • Community tester program
  • Private round funding

Q2 2022

  • Private round closed
  • Marketing plans and AMAs
  • IGO, IDO & TGE
  • DEX CEX Listing of Glory Tokens
  • Glory Planet’s Metaverse mobile gaming product launch
  • The release of Glory Planet’s mobile gaming platform launch
  • Buy and sell lands on Glory Planet’s Property Exchange
  • Additional CEX listing

Q3 2022

  • The release of Glory Planet’s Browser gaming platform
  • The launch of Glory Planet’s e-commerce platform
  • Buy and sell lands on Glory Planet’s Property Exchange

Q4 2022

  • Implement a governance model for future protocol improvements
  • Glory Planet’s wallet development
  • Glory DAO initiation


$GLORY is the platform’s native token that drives the ecosystem. It is a BEP20 token that is used as a means of trade in the metaverse. $GLORY is used to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets.

All activities in the game happen through the exchange of the $GLORY token. These activities include:

  • Making In-Game Purchases: All in-game purchases must be made using a mix of $Glory tokens and reward points.
  • Governance: Token holders will be able to vote on DAO governance as well as have a voice in Glory Planet’s features and activities such as Glory Planet Fund allocation, Glory Planet’s Roadmap, and the creation of in-game structures after the DAO is created.
  • Staking Advantages: Users will be able to stake $GLORY for awesome rewards and privileges in the game.


Glory Planet’s Website

Read up all you need to know about Glory Planet, get started with this amazing tool, and launch your way to easy trading and monitoring just by visiting the Glory Planet website.

Glory Planet’s Telegram Community

Join the discussion and connect with more Glory Planet users on the Glory Planet telegram page.

Glory Planet’s Twitter Page

Join Glory Planet’s Twitter community to stay updated with all the fun features of the game and hear what other game-lovers think of it.



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