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Imagine that sometime in the future, an AI was developed by a group of mad scientists. For a while, it was good, until it went gaga and started turning animals into terrible ferocious monsters. Over time, these creatures become stronger and stronger, conquering cities and countries until humans become almost extinct. A ray of hope shines on the remaining humans as powerful beasts and newly discovered technology help to protect humans and whatever was left of their civilization. Gradually, humans are getting strong enough to take over their world. Just imagine you were one of the heroes in this story.

If you joined us in that brief moment of fantasy, thank you, it was worth doing that with you. And what’s even more awesome is that you could get a chance to save human civilization — not in the universe though, but in the metaverse. In your flip-flops and pajamas and from the comfort of your room, you can join other warriors to tame and make new friends with good monsters and save human civilization.

Wondering how you’d do that already? Welcome to the world of Gunstar. Gunstar is an amazing GameFi project that is wowing a lot of game lovers already.

What is Gunstar?

If you love role-playing games, you’ll love the very massive Gunstar! Gunstar is a turn-based NFT strategy game that strongly defines the thrill of gaming. It is a cyber-prone game that enables avid gamers or even the casual ones to put their skills and partner with their to put their skills into practice and collaborate with their peers in an order to make the “ultimate-high” shoot, or even have the fabulous opportunity to participate in whirlwind intellectual games to achieve truly memorable victory. There’s so much fun in StarWorld that you don’t want to miss out on.

Fantasy StarWorld is the grand location of the Gunstar game. It is a large continent bounded by a slew of islands known as Pearl Island. It houses all Gunstar gamers who are all charged up and eager to overcome unwelcoming Monsters and rescue their StarWorld. After completing their assigned tasks on Pearl Island, the Gamers’ primary objective is to collect enough GSC tokens to continue their valiant journey to Skyland, the core homeland that has recently been under attack by the Monsters.

You have probably heard that there is nothing free in Freetown. Well, the same thing could be said of Gunstar’s fantasy world. For players to remain alive in the cities of Fantasy StarWorld, players can spend their earned GSC tokens on monthly or daily accommodation expenses. Renting houses is one way for a player to increase the GSC token quickly.

Gunstar and Fantasy StarWorld offer what mere tactic games can’t offer — an opportunity to participate in reality-based quests. If you’re a gamer, you’ll easily recognize that that’s a real golden opportunity.

Gunstar offers an amazing pet collection that would wow you with their different strengths and abilities, you can even merge these pets to create more powerful ones. This game is everything to get enthusiastic and thrilled about, especially when you find out about its amazing features later on in the article.

Just the Gunstar team would say, “Let’s enjoy your shot, your adventure in StarWorld”!

Gunstar’s Family and Clan System

Communication is an essential part of our everyday lives. It is essential to everyone and in literally every place in the world. Gunstar is more than a game, it is a family. Since the start of the 2D game, it has been connecting people from all over the world and making them work towards the same goal. To show how purposeful the Gunstar team is about uniting people, there is the family and the clan system in Fantasy StarWorld.

The family system comprises a small group of people who could be friends or even relatives, only about 4 persons are permitted to be in the family system. More features will be made available for families like family battles, farming, or building.

You might have a problem with the family system if your community is larger than just 4 persons. There’s nothing to worry about, there is an incoming clan system. If you’d like to lead or join a relatively large group of persons in the Fantasy StarWorld, you could stick around for the clan system which the game company might release soon. You get to not only play but connect and earn with Gunstar.

Meet the Brains Behind Gunstar


Gunstar’s has two official tokens: $GST and $GSC.

$GST is earned by participating in the Gunstar arena and getting on the leaderboard, joining special events like Alpha Release, Close Beta, Open Beta, and by trading in the marketplace. Players can use $GST for staking, NFT pet exchange, buying or selling NFT House, and governance. The total supply of the $GST is 400,000,000. 13.0% and 6.0% of the token were allocated to private sales and seed sales respectively. 15.0% was allocated to marketing and another 15% was allocated to the team. 18.11% of the token was reserved, 0.5% was dedicated to airdrops, 19.0% for the team development and 1.89% to public sale, and 15.0% to DEX deposits, exchange payments, and liquidity incentives, and MM.

$GSC is earned by taking part in activities like campaign, daily quest, leaderboard rewards, direct exchange with other players, etc. $GSC plays the role of a soft currency in Gunstar. It will be used to level up a pet, buy player stamina, pay for house rent, merge pet fragments into an NFT pet, and transportation. $GSC token’s total supply is uncapped.


Would you love to receive amazing updates about the legendary Gunstar? Join Gunstar’s Twitter clan here.

Join Gunstar’s Telegram community and connect with other game lovers and possible teammates in Fantasy StarWorld. Join here.

We’re not making any promises, but you sure won’t have to cut the cord with Gunstar’s discord community. Get the right amount of community activity by joining Gunstar’s Discord community here.



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