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The crypto industry has continued to witness widespread adoption and the amount of cryptocurrencies in the digital space continue to increase on a monthly basis. As at February 2022, records from Statista revealed that there are well over 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the digital space worldwide, a glaring departure from just handful of digital coins in 2013.

The rise in the crypto market has led to the influx of investors and entrepreneurs that are seeking to maximize the financial opportunities brought in by the decentralized financial system as well as have a dependable alternate income stream. The increased popularity of cryptocurrencies led to the development of innovations and investor-centered initiatives that can act as a bridge between investors and startups.

The tremendous expansion of the blockchain industry accompanied by the proliferations of new startups desiring to raise capital for their projects in a decentralized fashion led to the creation of Crypto Launchpads. Launchpads and fundraising platforms allow blockchain-based projects to raise capital while giving investors access to early-stage token at a bargain price, before its public launch on the market. No doubt, this has accelerated the acceptance of crypto and its adoption on a global basis.

However, the rise in blockchain technology and increasing list of crypto projects has come with its own headache. One of such problem is that of rugpull and scam. According to a publication from Independent , over GBP 146 million was lost to cryptocurrency last year, a 30% increase in the estimated loss of the previous year. Apart from rugpull and scam, there is also a problem of unfair allocation to early investors and lack of support to newbie startups post IDO, which often lead to a lack of direction and inability of some startups to survive pass the initial hype of launching.

The passion to tackle these challenges and deliver a Crypto Launchpad that is capable of effectively bridging investors and startups together through a secure and hassle-free decentralized offering led to the creation of Harmony Launcher — a Crypto Launchpad that is specially built on Harmony Blockchain. This review examines this impeccable Launcher and the outstanding features, which makes it a desired foreground for startups to raise funds and commence their blockchain life successfully.

Harmony Launcher is the world’s first decentralized IGO + IDO Launchpad and Incubator with an integrated AMM DEX built on the harmony Blockchain. It is a launcher with enriching resources which cut across human, intellectual, technical, and infrastructural organization, which provides all the necessary grounds for start-ups and projects based on the harmony network, to build, raise funds and launch successfully.

Harmony Launcher aim to establish itself as the ideal launcher that Harmony Blockchain based projects can use to raise initial funds/capital in a safe, secure and hassle-free manner, thereby encouraging more and more start-ups to utilize harmony blockchain as their core foundation.

Starting life is hard, but you will agree with me that continuing to leave meaningfully after starting is harder, especially when you lack the experience to direct you. Harmony Launcher is well aware of this and it has in a place a system that can effectively guide harmony based startups through their growth and developmental stages by providing all the necessary elements and support.

The Harmony blockchain offers numerous opportunities that developers can key into, and Harmony blockchain is well prepared to encourage and promote projects by assisting them to explore this opportunities.

Harmony Launcher is not only serving project and developer’s interest. Its services are also tailored to provide investors with appealing benefits. Investors are able to directly invest in authentic and carefully verified start-ups that have passed through heavy vetting and screening in order to ascertain their legitimacy.

In addition, the unique tier allocation system of Harmony launcher is designed to eliminate the possibility of unfair allocations methodology within the De-Fi ecosystem and ensure that all participants are able to secure sale allocation in a fair and transparent manner.

2. Why Harmony Blockchain?

I am sure you are not the only one asking this. Other users may also wish to know why Harmony Launcher prefers to create a unique and user-centered Launchpad on the Harmony Blockchain despite the availability of other blockchains and their razzmatazz.

Blockchains are increasing by the day and as you might have noticed, it is either one of them is priding itself as the real killer of the other ones or they are engulfed in competition for superiority. However, Harmony Blockchain is designed with a different goal of harmonizing the attributes of different blockchains. It is open, fast, secure, scalable, and it offer a vast and powerful user experience with its cross-chain interoperability. Users can enjoy lower fees transaction and its environment is safer for startups to build, nourish, and take a deserving spot within the blockchain ecosystem.

Harmony blockchain is presently undervalued, the same way the likes of Ethereum and Solana were undervalued some years ago. Its unique sharding mechanism, trustless cross-chain bridges, Effective Proof of Stake, together with other superior technical layout gives it an edge to take over the blockchain industry and make a name for itself.

With full knowledge of these potentials, Harmony Launchpad decided to release the world’s first decentralized IDO + IGO launchpad and Incubator with an inbuilt AMM DEX built for the Harmony network. Prior to this, there is a lack of Incubator and fundraising platform, which is fully dedicated for the Harmony blockchain, and this has crippled most innovative start-up’s and institutions that intent to build their projects over the Harmony Network. It is believed that the creation of Harmony Launcher has finally addressed this and the road is now clear for project to launch successfully.

In order to create a unique system that can tackle Launchpad inefficiencies, Harmony Launchpad has come up with unique set up and fundamentals that has now solved known Launchpad inevitable challenges. These features fundamentals are highlighted in the next sections.

3. Decentralized IGO + IDO Launchpad

Harmony Launcher is the world first launchpad to feature the concept of initial game offerings (IGO) and Initial Decentralized exchange offering (IDO) on the Harmony Blockchain. It is specially tailored to deliver value to users by giving them the a chance to participate in token sale of promising projects at a bargain price and enjoy substantial returns at a later stage of the project when the token value appreciate.

The IGO + IDO Launchpad currently uses a unique allocation tier system that has eliminated the possibility of unfair allocation and ensure that all community members can participate in the fundraising process, where they will be treated fairly.

Presently, Harmony Launchpad allocation system is categorized into Community tier, Lottery Tier and Guaranteed Tier which are further split into 15 tiers into total. I will quickly run through the tier structures and how you can benefit from them. Trust me, I will also provide some infographics to assist you to comprehend it better.

Community Tier: It is based on First Come First Serve and you need to hold 4000 $HARL tokens or a series A NFT to join this round.

Lottery Tier: It is completely based on the lottery system and you will need to have ‘Lady Luck’ on your side for you to secure a lottery spot. There are 5 lottery tiers. The amount of $HARL to hold in order to enter the lottery draw increases from 6000 $HARL in Lottery Tier 1 to 30,000 $HARL in lottery Tier 5. Similarly, the probability of winning an allocation spot increases from 1x in Lottery Tier 1 to 5x in Lottery Tier 5. Guaranteed Allocation: This tier consists of 8 unique tiers (Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Fish, Dolphin, Shark, Whales and Humpback) and it is a guaranteed tier. This means that as long as you meet the allocation requirement, you will be eligible to grab a reserved or guaranteed allocation.

However, reserving a spot requires you to hold/stake more tokens and the withdrawal unlock period is longer compared to the earlier two allocations. The total amount of $HARL required in each spot is shown in the image above and the unlocking period increase with increasing Guaranteed allocation Tier.

You can get a multiplier of the base allocation which increases from Shrimp to Humpback. In fact, you can get up to 10x of the base guaranteed allocation if you meet the condition of the Humpback Tier.

The Launchpad will function fully as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and it is expected to be handed over to the community which will allow them to influence and determine future tiers and pricing of pool tiers.

4. Harmony Incubator

Harmony Incubator is the accelerator arm of Harmony Launcher that is structured to offer unique and innovative services, shaping, mentorship and assistance to start-ups that are primarily based on the Harmony Network, in order to help these projects fit into the De-Fi ecosystem.

All projects that sign up for fundraising on the Launchpad, are passed through rigorous scrutiny by panel of industry experts, who have the responsibility to certify that the project is legitimate and safe for investors. Upon successful screening, Harmony Launcher enlists these projects into their incubator program where projects will be able to benefit the following:

Projects that are intending to build on Harmony Blockchain would find it hassle-free to launch their projects as harmony launcher would assist them all along their project journey ranging from Raising Funds, Connecting to Investors, Business and developmental growth, successful launch as well as other post launch activities.

5. Harmony Launcher AMM DEX

Harmony AMM DEX is a blockchain based liquidity protocol that can facilitate the instant swap of tokens with low fees and slippage along with industries best exchange rates across the entire Decentralized Finance ecosystem. The DEX also offer users the ability to earn passive income via farming, mining, providing liquidity and staking $HARL the native token of harmony launcher.

This AMM DEX is capable of further amplifying the power of the Harmony Blockchain through its user friendly interface and ease of operation. It provides users with enriching experience and allows them to carryout decentralized financial activities without any restrictions. In Mr. Harshad (CEO of Harmony Launcher) words, “We have been working relentlessly into achieving our vision and the launch of our DEX on the Harmony Network draws us closer towards achieving it.”

Harmony AMM DEX would also act as HARL insurance by facilitating an insurance protocol that can further secure the DEX and prevent all liquidity providers from falling into any impermanent loss. It is impressive that Harmony launcher AMM DEX is doing everything to protect its user’s interest. The introduction of an insurance covering of this nature will definitely drive in more liquidity into the platform and give users more assurance.

6. HARL Token

$HARL the native token of harmony launcher and it is has a major role to play in regulating the platform. It has a total supply of 2,000,000,000 and its distribution is as follow:

$HARL is a utility token that is regarded as the heart of harmony launcher due to its numerous utilities, some of which are:

1. Yield Farming (Users stakes $HARL tokens to earn other coins)

2. Staking: you stake or lock your $HARL coin and earn more $HARL tokens

3. Earnings from liquidity pool. (Add to liquidity pool & earn/share trading fees.)

4. Lottery. You buy tickets with $HARL tokens and win amazing prizes.

5. Play games to earn Cryptocurrencies. Other projects donate coins to Harmony Launcher pool to gain a larger community as people adopt their tokens. As users, you can play these games freely and receive those tokens.

Other than staking, farming and securing project allocation spots, holders of HARL will be able to acquire premium range of NFT cards and there are future plans to integrate the token in metaverse as mode of currency especially for the harmony metaverse projects and gaming alike.

7. Closing Thoughts

Harmony Launcher has provided an avenue for users to invest in carefully vetted curated project on Harmony Blockchain at an early stage, using a transparent and fairly designed sale system that has finally put an end to the lopsided and obnoxious sale practices which tend to put public investors at a disadvantage in being part of a project early journey.

Start-ups have now been emboldened to raise fund frictionlessly and the industrial level guidance they stand to gain from Harmony Launcher Incubator Program throughout their developmental stages, will further help them to carve bigger and better ideas that can spur their project to greater heights of accomplishments.

The decentralized Launchpad ideas, incubator program which provides complete end-to-end assistance and AMM DEX which does not only facilitate instant swap but also insure liquidity providers and their funds against impermanent loss, has positioned Harmony Launcher as a go-to destination or preferred choice for investors and project start-ups on the Harmony Blockchain.

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