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HODL Valley ($MONEY)

DeFi, as a viable and relatable financial alternative, has gradually increased in acceptance and adoption within the past few years. Statistics has shown that locked value in DeFi space has grown considerably. According to DeFi Pulse, the total value locked in DeFi space this year alone has risen from 20 Billion USD in January to over 100 Billion USD in November. Despite the expanding scope of the decentralized financial system, there is still a general perception that Defi is likely to accelerate the more, as it is believed that it is still at an early stage.

DeFi offers numerous financial prospects in the area of lending, derivatives, insurance, asset managements and NFTs. NFTs particularly have been gaining rapid attention since the past year. It has assumed growing popularity and diverse applications of NFT has been initiated beyond just mere collectible.

The boom of NFTs has transcended into a supercharged era of gamifications. NFTs have perfectly been used to cradle the intersection between blockchain-based gaming inventions and decentralized financial attributes. NFTs present the possibilities to add gaming experience to yield farming, lending/borrowing, token mining and minting.

According to PRNewswire — a financial news media, market projections of global gaming market will be worth $268 billion annually by 2025 as compared to the present worth of $178 billion in 2021; many believed that a sizeable chunk of this projection is expected to be covered up by the DeFi and blockchain games.

The desire to create a gamified DeFi experience that is based on real-time digital environment and laced with an interactive feel of human setting, led to the development of HODL Valley. HODL Valley was construed to blend the hottest DeFi trends and onboard the next drift of users adoption using innovative techniques of DeFi + GameFi + NFTs.

HODL valley is a creative idea of an experienced team. The project design involve the use of the best blockchain innovative technology to launch a three-dimensional immersive metaverse world where people can meet, interact with each other, create, buy and sell things within a virtual tokenized city. Without further ado, I will like you to fasten your seatbelt and join me on a ride, as we explore the exciting attributes of this city.

  1. HODL valley: Crypto First Tokenized City

The HODL Valley metaverse is a virtual tokenized city and decentralized network that you can use to manage your digital assets. It is described as the most valuable city on the internet and it features real estate digital properties, which citizens can explore using fun gamifications to execute various financial and investment services.

HODL Valley exclusive properties include digital assets that are relevant in the area of yield farming, cross-chain swap, NFTs, gamifications, etc. A great percentage of HODL Valley digital properties are citizen owned. This means you, I or anyone can own choice property in this city. Apart from these, there are other franchise properties that will also be available for auction to the public.

Franchise properties in HODL valley are NFTs that are dynamic in nature. Owning these NFTs grants an additional revenue generating businesses in addition to the core revenue yield. With over thirty unique properties within the HODL valley metaverse, HODL valley has created the perfect space for users to manage their digital assets in a fun, interactive and easy to use way. We will continue our exploration of HODLverse by shinning our inquisitive lenses deeper into the ecosystem. For those who may be wondering what HODLverse mean, worry less. HODLverse is a term that refer to the HODL Valley City or Metaverse. Now that I have clear up some doubts (if any), lets continue our journey.

2. The HODL Valley Ecosystem

HODL Valley City municipal designed is anchored on rendering utilities that can adequately capture Financial Services and Gaming. The financial services offered within the network carry more priority and attention. The financial services of the city are expected to be powered by HODL Swap and HODL Gallery

HODL Swap: The HODL Swap is the city’s decentralized exchange that will enable citizens to swap assets with each other. The DApp can interact with HODL Valley Atomic Swap and Swap smart contract in order to provide cross-chain P2P exchanges between different crypto assets.

Cross-chain interoperability has been one of the challenging problems of the current blockchain era and sometimes, users may have to go through tedious and long path in order to be able to move their assets around multiple blockchain networks. This problem appears to have been given a permanent fix. Citizens can enjoy an innovative HODL Swap that can enable the exchange of tokens between multiple blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and many more.

For cross-chain non EVM swap, HODL Swap will engage the use of Atomic swap using hash-time-lock contracts. For cross-chain EVM swap, HODL Swap will effectively handle this using a cross AMM Pools. For native single-Chain non EVM asset exchange, the direct AMM pools of HODL Swap is well equipped to cater for it.

HODL Gallery: The HODL Gallery will act as a Decentralized NFT Marketplace within the HODLverse where citizens will be able to list, discover, buy and sell various forms of digital NFT assets. The marketplace is completely trustless, decentralized and sales are executed between citizens as swap.

HODL Gallery uses the same technology as HODL Swap. It is non-custodial, permissionless, and leverages a combination of algorithmic-based routing and swapping options to provide citizens with the most efficient and cheapest means for exchanging NFTs.

3. Franchise and Functional NFTs

As explained earlier, HODL valley has franchise NFTs which are meant to serve business purposes. They serve a revenue-generating franchise or business inside HODL Valley ecosystem. NTs are essential component to the HODL Valley network. Citizens and tourists will interface with these NFTs as they navigate their way round the city’s feature.

The HODL valley metaverse is innovating NFT application from being limited to a static image and content. HODL valley NFTs will not only be a beautiful and immersive 3D-NFT, each NFT’s properties are designed to reflect a functioning protocol or franchised business and are attached to the token or property itself.

Properties within HODL valley ecosystem are not static but can evolve to reflect a certain metric as they gather experience or achievements during citizens’ financial journey within the valley. Assets owners can attach a wallet to the NFT representation of their properties. When these properties are auctioned, lent or borrowed, they can be used to earn revenue. All NFTs from the HODL Valley network can also be acquired as in-DAPP NFT purchases and as in real-life, can increase in value based upon their scarcity and popularity.

4. The HODL Valley Economy

There is a saying that MONEY makes the world go round. The same time can be said for HODLverse. HODL valley metaverse utilizes a play-to-earn model built around its own money mechanism. $MONEY token is a cross-chain token that functions as the primary utility token within the HODL Valley metaverse.

MONEY is a multipurpose utility token that has a fixed supply of 5 billion and various operating models have been designed to improve the usage of the money token. The token also represents a share in the HODL Valley protocol and is the voting currency for all proposed protocol and platform changes on the network.

In any organized city or municipality, responsible citizens are required to regularly pay tax in order for them to be able to reside and utilize government infrastructure or public resources. Similarly, citizens within HODL valley pay taxes which form the revenue base for the city. HODL valley accumulate revenue from taxes, swap fee, NFT marketplace fee, digital ad sales and in-dapp purchases.

As a show of good governance and transparent resource management, city’s administrators have designed the system in such a way that revenues are reinjected back into the society using a distribution model that we are going to examine shortly. HODL Cityrevenue redistribution is meant to appreciate citizens for their support, hardwork and contributions to the city development.

5. Revenue and Reward Distribution

HODL valley ensures a judicious use of all fees collected. The city has a revenue distribution model that is structured to directly incentivize users and others who are contributing to the growth of the city.

If you are a citizen that is happy to be a market maker and you can enable the supply of adequate liquidity, you will have more reasons to continue to do this because you can benefit from the 62.5% of all swap revenue that is meant to reward LP providers. The remaining 37.5% is meant to buyback MONEY which will be used to replenish the pool to further enhance network operators reward in the ratio 6:3:1 for LP providers, stakers and DAO, respectively.

This transparent and rewarding allocation of revenue is another way HODL valley has ensured that citizens are continuously rewarded as they create liquidity, utilize the network and evangelize new citizens to join the city. Additionally, the MONEY buyback mechanism will in no doubt help to pull back money from circulation; thereby resulting in value appreciation and a virtuous circle that facilitate increased participation and utility of the network.

6. A City of Gameplay

HODL Valley has not left citizens behind when it comes to leveraging on the current popularity around GameFi, to create an opportunity for citizens to have a rewarding recreation. Inclusive to the city network are gaming and entertainments.

HODL Valley has innovate a vastly efficient blend of gaming which will definitely result in an interesting scenario that enables citizens to play, relax, have leisure and still earn.

HODL valley metaverse enables players to buy and spawn NFT characters as new citizens to the city. To ensure an engaging and interesting gameplay, users will be required to acquire specific HODL Valley NFT base or custom character. These NFTs will be available in Opensea as well as in HODL Gallery NFT marketplace, where you can pay with MONEY and enjoy additional discount.

After acquiring your NFTs, you can trade them on exchanges within and outside the HODL Gallery marketplace. However, for the lovers of exciting gameplay, they can further use it to explore HODL valley gamifications which cover trade battles, achievement and executing a function to win in-DApp currency which can be exchanged for other currencies.

The network will focus on three play-to-earn functions which include achievements, Trading battles and leaderboards.

Achievement: As you interact with the network, you will be able to unlock some in-DApp achievements which will be accompanied by a trophy that you can see in your trophy cabinet. Emerging as master of a class of achievement can result in the receipt of MONEY reward directly in your wallet. Some of the classes of achievement available for citizens include number of swaps made on HODL Swap, NFTs sold, NFTs purchased, buying functional NFTs, having certain wallet balances, winning battles in Stadium, winning predictions in the Psychic Park, adding liquidity to pools, checking the Data Centre, receiving staking rewards, making a proposal and voting.

These are easy tasks that are designed to encourage interactivity within the network. Users can easily build up a rewarding achievement profile by roaming around or promoting the use of HODL Valley’s services, as well as motivating users to act as a community to help benefit the city.

Trading Battles: This is different to the roaming functionalities of the P2E achievement gameplay. In the trading battle, citizens can meet one another and slog it out for reward. Trading battles present a peer-to-peer prediction-like market setting where one citizens can randomly be paired with another.

Once they agree on a market system to trade in, they can then decide on a bet amount to wager and thereafter, engage in an investment trading contest based on price movement during a specified period of time. The party with the most accurate prediction wins the battle and the losers will relinquish their battle amount to the winner

Leaderboard: This can provide an overview for users to track the competitive strides against others. Leaderboard will further increase users’ engagement and enables them to monitor the activities on the network. Users can also use it to show off their achievements, standings and level of engagement with others, which will further deepen competitiveness within the network.

Even though HODL Valley will prioritize focus on financial service application first, these base gaming features will provide supplementary core functionality upon which broader gaming strategies, which can create simple, fun and engaging experience will be built.

7. Roles and City Governance

The HODL Valley has some set of roles for everyone in the metaverse. The city’s roles include Mayor, Architect, Chief of Public Relation, Treasurer, Attorney, City Clerk, Chief of Police, Engineer, Council Member, citizens and tourists. Apart from the last two, the others are administrative roles. Citizens, which can otherwise be called users, refer to the participants in the HODL Valley city. Tourists are visitors of the HODL Valley city.

Central to HODL Valley is a democratic process which will be executed via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Citizens are crucial to the smooth operation of the city’s DAO. As a citizen, you can submit proposals to improve the HODL Valley system, introduce new rule sets, add additional protocols etc, via the governance portal which will be reviewed for approval quarterly.

8. Conclusion

HODL Valley is an interesting metaverse that uses a simple, intuitive interface and instinctive gameplay to enhance the ease of financial interactions and asset management. By incorporating 3D — immersive visuals, HODL valley has ensured that the barrier to entry and complexities surrounding blockchain transaction execution have become a thing of the pasts. Newbies and even professional crypto enthusiasts can utilize the city’s appealing layout to seamlessly manage their digital assets for better profitability with little or no friction.

With a combination of a novelty environment, smart contract innovations and outstanding revenue distribution model, there are several reasons for citizens to continue to Hold On to a Dear Life of financial fulfillment within the HODL Valley.

9. Social Channels

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