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HornHub ($HHUB)

Let us be the first to say, if you are going to live life to the fullest, do not haul in your own about everything! Sometimes you need to close your eyes, inhale some cool air and build a fan hub. Wondering how that could work? You’ll find out more as we journey on in this piece of writing!

It takes a lot to get people to love you or your work — especially as a creator. What’s the whole point of creating if your creations are not appreciated. Every need to get your work out there as much as possible. Many people dream about this and do nothing about it. Eventually, the dream fades away. On the other hand, a smart few work hard to earn fans and steal their loyalty. Building ‘fan loyalty’ could be all you need to get out there as a creator. Think about it, if your fans are loyal to you, they’ll help you promote your work and increase your fan base — super cool ain’t it?

Just so we are clear, fans here do not refer to the piece of equipment hanging down your ceiling or standing in a corner of your room (Ha-ha humor intended). Did that make you smile? Let’s get back into our conversation now.

In the content creation business, you need to get known for what you do. No one is going to do it for you, so you have to blow your horns yourself! It’s up to you to get people to see how amazing a creator you are. To achieve this, you need more than just the will, you need the right tools, and there happens to be one that we think might do the trick — HornHub!

HornHub is a great tool that doesn’t just fetch content creators good money but also helps to make them even more famous for what they do. Want to learn more about this? Join us in the rest of the article.

Introducing a Top-solution for Content Creators and Content Lovers: HornHub

If you are a creator looking for a platform where you can grow and earn, HornHub is a great choice for you. HornHub is a ground-breaking new blockchain-powered content creation website. Its unique and dynamic system makes it possible for creators to build and manage their Fan Hubs. Content Creators can earn brilliantly while interacting directly with their fans.

Wondering how that works? Here’s how: With HornHub, content creators can seamlessly mint their creations into interesting NFTs and sell it right on HornHub’s custom-designed marketplace. Content Creators can then earn lifetime royalties for their sold content! You’ll agree that this is pretty terrific.

If you love social media, you will definitely love HornHub. Its user interface is friendly and very easy to use. On HornHub, anyone can create and manage their own FanHub, or follow their favorite talents (artists and actors). A striking feature of HornHub is that it allows users to not only buy and sell cutting-edge, limited-edition content created by content creators but also to market and sell their non-fungible tokens. The NFT marketplace is unique in its amazing ways; creators even get to receive royalties whenever their NFTs are exchanged. It’s worth noting that $HHUB tokens are the only type of currency accepted on this platform.

Here’s How to Earn with HornHub

Raise your hand if you do not like money. Did you? I bet not. Everyone loves to earn some cool cash especially for something you spent some good time creating. Fortunately for creators out there, HornHub provides a chance to grow wealth and fame for your creations. Here’s a sneak peek into the different things you need to put in place to start earning with HornHub:

Keep a close eye on the user type you choose during this process. This is where you decide if you are a fan or a talent.

Usually, everyone starts as a HornHub member and proceeds to either Step 2 (for talents) or Step 3 (for fans). Check steps 2 and 3 below.

The next step is to become a verified creator or talent. To become one, all you need to do is upload your KYC credentials. Once verified, you can proceed to create your profile, publish your photos and videos and fix your rate.

Where’s the fun in having fun alone? Get your fans to tag along and invite others to join too. The more, the merrier, and the ‘monier’. You make more money as your fan base grows larger.

You can top your account easily with FIAT or the HHUB token.

Let’s get to business. Earn some passive income by turning your work into an NFT. You earn passive income by setting your royalty fee. You can purchase, sell, bid, and win NFTs on the HornHub marketplace. The HornHub marketplace is linked to the HornHub platform, making it easy for you to start earning.

HornHub’s Saving the World One Step at a Time!

Unlike many cryptocurrency projects out there, HornHub has a very prominent charity system. HornHub is an ardent supporter and co-soldier in the fight against sex trafficking.

We at HornHub truly believe in sexual freedom and openness. Unfortunately, ill-intentioned individuals have been exploiting women of all ages in sex trafficking activities but there’s something we can do about it. Its mission is to support charities globally to fight against sex trafficking and help with sex education.

To support the movement against sexual exploitation and ignorance, HornHub allocates 1% of its transaction into a wallet specially set aside to help humanity. This wallet also serves to solve other charity-related problems in the world asides from sexual trafficking.

Hornhub further demonstrates its integrity by allowing only non-exploited creators of legal age to submit legally owned content.


The official token of HornHub is $HHUB. There can only be 10,000,000,000 $HHUB. Ten billion $HHUB sounds like enough to go around, doesn’t it? We wouldn’t readily agree because once upon a time 21 million $BTC seemed like a whole lot. Who knows, perhaps such a time will come in the future when 10 billion of any token might be small. Let’s catch her breath here and move on to see how HornHub distributes its token.

HornHub burns 3% of $HHUB for each transaction made. As a result, we can see that with each transaction, we have less $HHUB circulating and potentially more opportunities for investments and large profits. HornHub is quite generous to its holders. So, another 3% of each transaction is redistributed amongst the holders. 1% of all HornHub goes into its large charity wallet and is used to support charities to solve threatening problems in the world, especially sex trafficking. Finally, 5% of every transaction is preserved for marketing activities and buybacks.

2021 HornHub Roadmap

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