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HornHUB x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 3rd of November

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from HornHUB and our guest was @roccotastic, lead DEV and CEO of The AMA took place on 3 November

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 500$

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram community

Hello Satoshi clubbers welcome to Another AMA session with HornHUB 👏

Our guest is @roccotastic

Hello Welcome to Satoshi Club 👏👏

Hello Satoshi Clubbers!

It is a pleasure to greet everyone in the channel and before starting, we would like to express our excitement for this AMA!

Big thank you to Satoshi Club for having us today.

We are super Excited to have you here as well 😊

Now let’s start our AMA 🚀

So can you introduce yourself to us?

Hello everyone! I will be helping Jonah with this AMA 🙂

Sorry for the delay

Hey @roccotastic! Nice to e-meet you 😊

Welcome mate.. 😊

Thanks for joining

I thought I would be alone here 😅


Of course;

I am Rocco, lead DEV and CEO of

For those who want to know a bit more, there is a KYC verification available on our website (

Also, it is to note that we have already planned a full doxxing for the team and myself, later down the roadmap!

Great… How many team members do you have?

We are a total of 15 team members. This includes the moderators, the DEV’s, the GFX design etc.

However, it does NOT include our team of Lawyers.

So can you tell us about your project HornHUB what is it all about?

And are you planning to expand the team?

Hornhub is a revolutionary new adult token created on the BSC network, which will allow artists and performers to directly connect with their fans on our relaxed and intuitive platform. Talents — as we call them — will have complete autonomy over their businesses, and also be able to mint their content as dynamic NFTs with the click of a single button, which can then be bought, sold and traded on our connected marketplace, all whilst earning the talent royalties, for an infinite amount of time!

Yes of course Luis!

At Hornhub we are constantly looking for the best ways to expand and add valuable members to our staff!

Let’s not forget, we are only 26 days old but proud to say that during this short period of time, we have experienced a lot of growth!

Thank you for your answers. Ready to jump into community questions?

Yes! fire away.

Very good questions Lena!

Just to clear any confusion, the KYC aspect is actually only for Talents. For fan users of the platform, all that will be required is the standard box check to prove legal age by entering their date of birth. The TAG’s only usage is to guarantee that the TALENT went through the full KYC verification successfully. A regular user just needs the required funds to subscribe and enjoy!

The reason age verification is required and that Talents must perform extensive KYC is to ensure that the platform is always fully compliant with international laws. It is our intention to create a fun but safe and secure platform, where everything going on is legal and not representing untoward. We are very serious about this.

Hornhub welcomes all investors and you do not have to be in any way involved in the adult content at all. Our social media groups are all SFW and very friendly and professional. Any bad behaviour or graphic imagery is not tolerated at all. So in that way for investors who like the project, it is no different to investing in any other fantastic project! To re-iterate the actual Hornhub platfrom is in that way separate, and investors need not interact with it.

Apologies for the delay, we love answering questions with complete honesty and accuracy.

Thank you for the great answer 🙂

Very important question Victor!

Of course there are a few subscription based platforms out there, however the difference is that with a project based on the blockchain technology, there is the use of dynamic NFTs that immediately create an asset that can gain value over time and pay in royalties for ever!

Also being a cryptocurrency project allows the platform to be more lenient with its charges to talents (sitting at a very reasonable 10% only, compared to 15 or even 20% in comparables). This means that it presents a more attractive opportunity for those who might be looking to join a subscription platform as a talent.

This can add up to a 5 or even 6 digit increase in earnings for performers based on their popularity!

You do not need to have any crypto experience as a fan to use the site either, as you can simply use a credit or debit card, and all the conversions are done behind the scenes.

Thank you for your Detailed answer.. 😊

Ready for next question?


You were born ready 😄

A question that warms the heart, Mem.


Hornhub dedicates 1% of every transaction ever done to fight Sex trafficking, violence etc.

Some of our community already knows, but we like to remind them by publicly displaying the Charity Wallet.

It has been accumulating funds since the beginning of the project and we plan on doing a LIVE, on camera donation in front of the whole world.

We will take suggestions from our community as to which NGO’s are the best to work with besides doing our due diligences before doing the charity


1% of all our profits from the Platform will be donated to these causes as well.

Thank you for your answers

Next Question loading 🚀

Good question Melissa;

The rewards are automatically reflected across all current holders at the point of each new transaction.

They will be automatically sent to your wallet. There is no minimum number of HHUB Tokens to hold in order to receive them!

Can you share your Tokenomics with us?

Of course!

🎯 Total: 12% tax

🎯 Rewards: 3%

🎯 Burn: 3%

🎯 Marketing 5%

🎯 Awareness/ Charity: 1%

And where do those taxes go?

Good question Luis;

As mentioned above:

3% is redistributed in rewards across all HHUB Token holders. They can literally see their Token balance growing everyday in their wallets!

3% burn that is completely removed from the supply. Not transferred to a ‘dead wallet’ but rather completely removed from the Blockchain.

5% goes to the Marketing wallet, which we use to market and promote the project.

1% transactions goes to our charity wallet with the sole purpose of donating to great causes. We have currently accumulated a good amount ready for our first few donations that will be announced shortly.

Thank you for your Answer

Let’s proceed to next question

Okay thanks for the question. There are actually a couple in here so give me a moment to answer them one by one.

Firstly yes it absolutely does allow those who wish to engage with a talent directly the opportunity to do so. In which way they do depends on what is offered, but will usually involve, tipping, live cam and of course direct personalised messaging between the fan and the talent.

Onto the next part of the question — the platform takes inspiration from popular social media sites that are renown for their ease of use. We will be implementing similar functions, which will mean it is an extremely streamlined, relaxed and fun experience for the fan. Interacting with their favourite talents has never been so fast, easy, simple or enjoyable!

Thank you for your Detailed Answer ready for the last Question from this part?

One more thing to add for Q5

Go ahead

There is a lot of incentive to hold HHUB Tokens because with time, when the token value goes up, holders will pay a lot cheaper than the non-crypto clients!

The part of the platform created by talents will be as simple as creating a social media account with no complex knowledge of web design needed. Like we said, it’s a great and easy platform to use — on both sides!

In order for a new talent to join the platform, they have to be fully vetted through the KYC system before they are allowed to create their fan hub.

So firstly we need to let you all know something very exciting. The Platform and NFT market place are being designed by none other than the OpSkins’ designer and coder himself, who created a platform to sell/exchange skins for the beloved Valve game Counterstrike! They are going to be beyond stunning, trust us. The reason that we will be ready comes down to the age old thing of ‘fail to prepare and you prepare to fail.’ We started planning everything 6 months ago, fully funded by ourselves, preparing meticulously rather than, like some projects, launching and hoping for income to scale later.

And that’s the end of part 1, @roccotastic. If you don’t want to add anything else, let’s proceed with the second part.

Nothing to add!

Actually, one last thing.

Sure 😄👍

The marketplace will be split into two sections;

On one side there will be all the verified talent, and on the other side will be the open market place that is available for all to use.

The only method of payments accepted will be fiat card payments and HHUB tokens. All conversions are done behind the scenes and in no way affect the user experience which is why we are deemed as Fiat On-Ramp project!

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Yes and actually we are having FOUR audits! We want the everyone to be fully trusting of us and this project. So the first was performed by respected company SolidProof, who checked the contract, whilst fully KYC’ing (know your client) myself.. The next to be carried out is TechRate — a popular move being that they are an industry favourite and very well regarded — which would give a second opinion on the contract. The third and fourth audits we are still keeping under wraps, but they are gonna be BIG and encompass the entire project as a whole, leaving no stone unturned.

Currently the only way to purchase the token is through PCS. However after the Platform’s release you will also be able to purchase HHUB credits with FIAT.

So yes, the owner of the NFT can set a royalty fee of their choice at the time of minting. Then any time the NFT is resold they will make those royalties!

The seller that will re-sell the Talent’s NFT has the choice to price his art more expensive at the moment of selling it, but will not make any royalties back as this feature is only available for NFT creator.

First of all it was recently revealed that the extremely popular musician and ‘king of drums’ Fadi KOD has taken position as our marketing lead!

He didn’t come empty-handed either, bringing with him over ONE HUNDRED top adult industry ladies, which include some big names from Playboy Mexico!

Also, Donna Romera dropped by to chat with us recently — she is a top LA agent who has eleven extremely popular talents working with her and are at the top of their game. They, along with the other 100 ladies will be helping us beta test the platform!

We can’t reveal any other names yet, but rest assured we will be very soon, and you’re going to be very happy!

0x907da75a846fc0978869616f1c68783ee99067b5 is the contract address to buy and you can use a slippage rate of 12%-15% depending.

It is to note that slippage is not the same thing as tax!

You can always visit our Website at to find out more!

Great question, Fadi KOD will be providing strategy and support for all marketing campaigns.

His knowledge in the Entertainment industry and his wide array of contacts around the world will provide us with great opportunities to create unique exposure.

Also his collaboration with other artists and talents will bring access to more celebrities and influencers who will embrace our business. Not to forget, he is also in contact with many agencies around the world that will provide us with known talents that have already answered positively to his call!

So we totally agree! We have been working hard to create a brilliant community and I have to give a shout-out to our amazing moderators who engage with those on the groups in such genuine and friendly ways, but also help keep at bay those who don’t represent out values.

We might be building an adult token but we always create an environment of mutual respect and compassion. We have such an amazing community, who support us and appreciate the work we are putting in. And that will only grow with time as we do.

Also we will be introducing dedicated groups for other languages as we grow further!

One of the main ways we do this is by having a seamless user experience.

No prior knowledge of crypto is necessary as its all done in the back-end. In fact some might not even realise its a crypto project at first! We know we will stay around because we are taking the adult market in a new direction by bridging the always growing adult industry with the DeFi sector which is growing at an explosive rate.

This is the way everything is going now — soon all digital content online will likely be some form of NFTs for example. We are right at the cutting edge of this, leading the market forward.

This and our amazing and dedicated team & community is what will allow us to revolutionize the adult industry and work towards becoming market leaders.

So merch stands for merchandise and refers to our branded wearables.

So far our amazing HHUB merchandise will consist of T-shirts, Hoodies and Jogging bottoms. The purpose behind this is that it allows those who support us to show their appreciation of the project but also serves as a type of ‘guerilla marketing’ which means that those who see our brand being worn by others might encourage them to check it out themselves or ask questions!

We will also be sending merch to our Talents and influencers for marketing purposes. The profit made from merchandise will go back to the companies marketing wallet to fund buybacks!

It’s also going to look super cool, so people will want to wear it!

We highly think that part of the profits realised by our Merch store will also be allocated to our Charity programs.

We do indeed have a roadmap released which you can check out right now on our website

Special features include FIAT ON-RAMP which no other adult industry token offers, state-of-the-art Platform & NFT Market place designed by the one and only OPSkins designer. KYC verification and

full doxxing of our team later down the roadmap.

Another feature that we are planning to release is YIELD FARMING.

This will help buff the LP and also GIVE BACK to our community.

Many many more exciting news to come, you definitely want to stay in tune!

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

English Telegram group:

Russian Telegram group:

Spanish Telegram group:

Chinese Telegram group:

Indonesian Telegram group:

Telegram Channel:







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