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Blockchain gaming has revamp the gaming industry by adding a GameFi layer that enable players to earn cryptocurrency just by playing games. Through the play-to-earn concept, players are able to earn not just virtual coins that lack usability outside the game but also monetary assets, in addition to being direct owners of in-game items which is made possible through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in form of in-game characters, lands, wearables, among others.

The intersection of cryptocurrency concepts with gaming is one of the most interesting and exciting area of technological development that is witnessing fast growth and increased attention. It has offered numerous flexibilities and opportunities for game development. Not only is blockchain industry revolutionizing a play-to-earn game model that provide financial uplifting to ordinary user who are the driving force behind the gaming concepts, it has also redefined game socialization and how gaming communities operate.

Teamwork and collaborative gameplay has been in existence since the early gaming days and is a key component that characterized traditional online gaming. Players often come together as communities or guilds in order to work together on raids, battle and achieve a competitive edge over the other.

Similar to their traditional counterparts, GameFi Guilds are organized group of gamers that coordinate game resources and work together to complete missions. GameFi Guilds has popularized the guild concepts by functioning as a decentralized autonomous organization that helps to reduce the entry barrier for a large number of new entrants into the web 3.0 gaming ecosystem, while at the same time providing training and the ability to monetize game resources.

Since it is true that the GameFi industry is blessed with numerous games that have huge potentials for gamers, game managers and investors, it is aptly necessary to have a single platform that is effectively designed to network the gaming metaverse by connecting gamers to guilds and guilds to games. A platform that can allow gamers to fulfill their goals, maximize their earnings and skills. This is where Infinity Force comes into play.

As a unique platform that is set out to simplify guild formulation and management, Infinity Force is equipped with automated yet attractive wealth management tools. It is endowed with proven experts and trained managers that offer scholarly training to other gamers, and it provides financial support to help gamers on their journey to the metaverse.

1. Infinity Force — A Force to be Reckoned With

Infinity Force is play-and-earn guild management system that guides users to develop their own guilds through its integrated platform. As play-and-earn games continue to gain traction and global mass adoption, Infinity Force supplies the infrastructure to support the ecosystem.

The platform has its own end-to-end software and offer software-as-a-service encompassing player recruitment and onboarding, training and development, as well as performance management automation, payments processing, and data analytics. This is made possible through the creation of automation tools that allow a simple way to manage teams at maximum efficiency.

The platform does quite a number of things from automating gamer and scholar recruitment, training and development of gamers across multiple play-to-earn games, and allowing the lending of NFTs for profits. You can monitor the performance of your scholars, and process payments automatically to yourself and all of your scholars from the flexibility of your dashboard.

Guilds have seen a new round of development since the emergence of games based on blockchain mostly because Play-to-earn games’ business models significantly differ from those used in previous online multiplayer games. Infinity Force guild management system has been able to successfully bridge the gaps in blockchain gaming and eliminates the manual management process.

The presence of blockchain games has ensured that guild concept is not just a point of interest for players, but also large investors. Guilds contribute to users’ gaming experience in a variety of ways; from helping newcomers learn the game faster to providing access to characters and attributes that are necessary to overcome difficult challenges in the game. Infinity Force integrated platform is designed to supports guild management and maximizes earnings for players, guild managers, and investors.

Infinity Force was born with a vision to revolutionize the play-to-earn ecosystem and it has a mission to drive the growth for play-and-earn games with the implementation of a simple and efficient SDK. With personal experiences gotten from the management of their own guild of over 1200 unique scholars across the globe, the team behind Infinity Force perfectly understands the shortcoming in the play-to-earn game space and they are more determined to make the metaverse more accessible and efficient.

2. Infinity Force Ecosystem

Infinity Force is the access point for guild managers, players, investors, and games. The ecosystem play-to-earn management system offers valuable automated services to games, gamers and guilds, eliminating the hitherto manual management processes. The ecosystem is designed to benefits various categories of users which I have described below:

For gamers: The platform has a simplified application and onboarding process that allow you to enroll onto a guild seamlessly. It opens up the possibilities for you to join the team you love and earn for free.

More interesting is that there are no neck-breaking requirements demanded before you can get started as a scholar apart from being resolute, dogged, passionate about play-to-earn games, have an unquenchable thirst to maximize your earning potential and a competitive determination to be the best in the class.

In addition to the ability to share earning within your guild, as a scholar and holder of $INFF, you are given an exclusive access to the Infinity Academy, where leading players and games provide you with training and development resources, that will make you to earn more. You will benefit from resourceful materials, mentors, coaches, tutorials and videos across multiple play-to earn games

Guild Managers: Infinity force offer automated service that ensures effective guild management. A Guild Manager can be you or anyone that is interested in creating their play-to-earn guild. They can use the platform to recruit and onboard a team of top players, purchase and lend NFTs, and share earnings automatically.

Guilds have been found to be very useful in tackling the entry problem into blockchain games because they make it possible for new players who cannot afford the initial NFT to start a game to rent them. Infinity Force Guild management system equally provide an NFT custodian service and allow gamers to gain access to its NFT treasury.

As a Guild manager, your major responsibility will be to monitor and track your guild’s performance, which the integrated all in one platform of Infinity force can allow you to do with less hassle. You can decide how much of earnings you wish to share with your scholars, set triggers, alerts, and reminders and interact with them within the interconnected atmosphere of Infinity Force platform. For Games: Game developers are important member of Infinity force ecosystem and the platform has useful services that can assist in getting the right audience to their games.

As a game creator, you can list on the platform and use Infinity force Software Development Kit and customizable dashboard to tailor you in-game economy. This will assist you to connect gamers and guilds who love play-and-earn to your game and grow your player base organically and sustainably.

For Investors: Infinity Force is not just a platform that is limited by focusing only on gamers. The platform is opened to non-gamers who can invest in the platform either by purchasing NFTs of supported games within Infinity Force. Infinity Force will do their best to help you lend these NFTs to gamers or scholars, after which you can start to enjoy shares from winnings with the team, giving you passive income automatically, even while you are asleep.

Additionally, Infinity Force has staking opportunities that allow investors of $INFF to participate in staking to earn passive yield or receive a share of fees generated from the platform in form of reward. As new games/guilds get formed and as the play-to-earn gaming continue to evolve, the ecosystem is bound to witness expansive growth as the infrastructural technological will be extended to support future games and guilds. This is expected to have a positive impact on the value of $INFF; thereby offering a good return on Investment to holders and investors.

3. How it works

Getting started either as a scholar or manager in Infinity Force can be done in few easy steps. A guild manger only needs to first select the initial set of scholars that he has identified to be part of his guild. He can then purchase NFT assets used within play-to-earn games. You can also decide how much earning you want to share with your guild during this configuration process. After this, you can file an application to register your guild. A scholar can equally submit an application to join any guild he desires which will be reviewed before scholarship is granted. Games can also use the game registration portal to easily introduce exciting games that can benefit the Infinity Force ecosystem users.

Guild formation process have been made easy such that you no longer need to be overly dependent on other guilds anymore; you are now the boss and you can form your own guild of like-minded gamers. Infinity Force system has proven to be very effective in guild management and the entire management workflow is summarized below:

  • Community Manager and bots interview new applicants and directly feed the information into the Infinity Force CRM for account allocation.
  • Accepted players are passed through internal training provided by Infinity Academy
  • Infinity Force curates their team based on desired player qualifications.
  • Guild Managers configure tiered performance-based incentive payments (e.g.: 50/50 or 60/40 to players and themselves as the guild manager)
  • Once the team starts playing, managers monitor in-game performance in real-time or with 24/7 automated alerts and triggers.
  • Finally, Infinity Force distributes automated payments to both managers and players.

Boom! It is as simple as that…!

4. Infinity Force Tokenomics

Infinity Force has its own native DAO Infinity Token $INFF. It has a total supply of 1,000,000,000. The token distribution is shown below:

$INFF is a token that is packed with valuable utilities. I have highlighted some of these utilities below for your perusal.

  • Holding $INFF grants you access to staking reward which are derived from the revenue that the platform generates as fees from all the transactions processed.
  • NFT Assets owned by Infinity Force appreciate in value; hence increasing the value of the DAO token as more and more NFT assets and games becomes integrated over time.
  • Infinity Force operates a guild with over 1200 scholars and this guild generates income and values for the Infinity Force DAO token Investors.
  • As an $INFF holder, you will be able to unlock access to specialized Infinity Learning and Development Academy; a standout training and mentorship learning-place that allow gamers to be best in class and maximize their earning potentials.
  • $INFF serves as currency exchange between the metaverses/games that are supported within infinity Force ecosystem
  • $INFF owners can vote on the future direction such as which NFT assets to buy, which games to be made available on Infinity Force, e.t.c., and this gives them the ability to have a voice in governance decisions.

5. Formidable Force of Partnership

Infinity Force is well supported by notable partners and investors. The platform already supports Axie Infinity and it has announced gaming collaboration with other exciting games such as Engines of Fury, CodyFight, PlanetQuest, Kaoakuma games, LOC games and MetaOasis.

It already has an existing and robust partnership with Mintable which has opened the doors of networking with different games. Also, this cooperation supplies the infrastructures needed for various game integration and future collaboration.

There are many more game changing partnerships and product announcements that have been lined up to add value and benefits to the Infinity Force ecosystem and you will need to follow up this project closely in order not to miss out on the exciting opportunities that are cooking up in the pipeline. I will be dropping the social channels at the end of this review so that you can always keep tabs with development and be up to date with the turn of events.

6. Closing thoughts

Blockchain games have given us the privilege to not only have good playing time, but to also earn while doing so. Infinity Force is prepared to further strengthen the system by allowing easy guild establishment, training, management, with an ultimate goal of full maximization of earning potentials that exist within the play-to-earn GameFi metaverse.,

The automated guild management tools, not only makes the effective pairing of scholars with mangers easy, it further ensure simplified monitoring and tracking within guilds, while at the same time providing better internal economies mechanism.

As a complete ecosystem, Infinity Force integrated platform has been able to capture the interest of gamers, guild managers, game creators and regular day to day traders or investors. No matter the side of crypto divide that you fall into, Infinity Force will always be a force to be reckoned with, as it is perfectly designed to make your crypto journey a profitable one.

7. Social Channels

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