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It’s true indeed that to predict the future, you first have to create it. You’re about to meet a project that believes that it is creating the future that others just are predicting. What do you think? Well, we’d like for you to follow us through the rest of the article to decide whether or not that claim is right If indeed a project like this exists, then gamers, DeFi experts, and NFT creators and lovers are in luck. This project was birthed in superb style to bring a big turnaround in the GameFi sector. If you’ve ever thought that games should be more about skill and chance and not just paying to win, you’d literally fall in love with this project as soon as you learn enough about it. It could be what the blockchain gaming industry has been waiting for.

You see, the gaming industry is home to hundreds of millions of people in the world. Even the busiest and most serious persons always find time to crush some candy, win a race or kill some zombies. You’d agree that if the gaming industry experiences some sort of awestriking growth, the world would become better by some minute percentage. Why do we think a better gaming experience can change a lot of things for a lot of people?

In real life, we all love to interact and to interact we need some activity. It’s the activity that makes our interaction fun. It could be grabbing some drinks, having lunch together, or even going shopping. In the digital realm, gaming fulfills a similar function. It’s a valid reason to get together with friends and family, as well as meet new people. Gaming is the online equivalent of doing things like golfing, watching football, and drinking beers. The COVID-19 epidemic has raised our desire for intimacy, triggering digital connection and, as a result, driving a surge in gaming. People are getting gradually absolved in the lively and visually stunning virtual gaming world.

Gaming is social and social is gaming; the lines are blurring, and people who would never have

considered themselves “gamers” are now regular participants in vibrant and immersive virtual worlds.

Meet what you would agree later on to be the star of gaming and GameFi: JEDSTAR.

Introducing JEDSTAR

JEDSTAR is more than a gamers’ superstar or hero, it is a decentralized ecosystem that is set to turn things around for good for the NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi space. It hopes to achieve this by offering true value and creating potential opportunities to make more income, thereby clearing the way for the adoption of cryptocurrency on a pretty huge scale.

It’s not every day you find remarkable projects that have the heart to empower both gamers and artists through creating a passive and active income system and giving them true ownership of their creations.

According to the JEDSTAR team, JEDSTAR’s vision is to “bring back community-driven games that support the backbone of our community, which consists of gamers and artists. ” Team JEDSTAR is so well-organized that it didn’t just sketch out its vision; it described in detail the various ways it will assist in turning around the GameFi, NFT, and DeFi ecosystems. Here are a few solutions the JEDSTAR team is willing to implement to make its vision a reality:

JEDSTAR and the NFT Marketplace

JEDSTAR is looking to create a platform that can provide enough support to artists. This support system will comprise top-tier tech-savvy artists and internal tech support. Looking at the amazing structure, it isn’t hard to predict that JEDSTAR’s robust support system will assist artists in completely embracing and using the NFT environment to publicize and sell their work.

That’s not all, JEDSTAR also has created something called “Artist Launchpad ” on which time and funds will be spent to promote artists. It has also created a marketplace that gives NFTs ‘super powers’. Now we’re sure that you’re probably trying to wrap your head around what we mean. Here’s what: NFTs on the JEDSTAR enabled marketplace, can have other use cases other than simply being owned. For instance, some NFTs created by the community can be used in some of the games developed by the community.

What’s even cooler about JEDSTAR’s involvement in the NFT space? There’s always joy in the community when you give, so, JEDSTAR rewards the token holders within the community with a portion of all NFT sales. Exciting, right? Now let’s move on to see how JEDSTAR plans to change other sectors in the cryptocurrency space.

JEDSTAR and the GameFi Sector

We already mentioned at the start of this article that JEDSTAR is all out to revolutionize GameFi. With JEDSTAR players get to receive rewards for just playing the game. Whenever players play community games, there is an increase in the value of the JEDSTAR community. In appreciation of the players’ efforts, JEDSTAR thinks it’s just perfect to show their appreciation by sharing this increase through rewards. Players can earn through mining, PVP, farming, and winning tournaments.

JEDSTAR also makes it possible for its game clients to evaluate player behavior and award them depending on the length of time they spend playing and their in-game strategy.

JEDSTAR and the DeFi Sector

JEDSTAR intends to add to the DeFi market by providing a deflationary token that gives its holders rewards through reflections. It also has a staking program where holders are given rewards in different currencies and grant them up to 120x annual percentage rate.

JEDSTAR seems to have come up with a pretty authentic plan to change things for the better in GameFi, the NFT Marketplace, and Decentralized finance. Tag along as we go ahead to check out some of the features of JEDSTAR.

Meet the JEDSTAR Team

JEDSTAR’s DECO Tokenomics Overview

★ Meet the First Token, $JED

$JED is the first of 3 tokens that comprise the JEDSTAR network. It is a disinflationary, completely decentralized utility token. $JED’s maximum supply is 100,000,000 and its launch price is $0.0001.

•In two phases, 60% of the tokens will be burned. 45 percent at debut and 15 percent later on.

• 30% will be remitted as liquidity to Pancakeswap and will be frozen for one year.

• 2% will be kept apart for subsequent DEX/CEX/Swaps.

• 3% will be distributed via airdrop to past $DSTAR holders who’ve been duped.

• 2.5% will be allocated to the NFT and game creation wallet

  • 2.5% will be allocated to marketing activities.

$JED’s Buy Transaction Diagram

$JED’s Sell Transaction Diagram

Token Allocation: $KRED

$KRED is the second token of JEDSTAR’s DECO and will be the primary currency of its NFT Marketplace and future games. $KRED’s maximum supply is 10,000,000,000,000 and will be launched at $0.0001.

• 1% of tokens will be distributed to the $KRED Presale event.

• On PancakeSwap, 0.1 percent of tokens would be used as liquid assets.

• 20% will be held in reserve for a Tier 1 CEX listing.

• 25% will be set aside for in-game prizes and Play-to-earn.

• 5% will be set aside for out-of-game staking and farming.

• 0.9% will go to our Artists Launchpad.

• 35% will go toward our production and marketing activities.

• 3% will be assigned to the team.

• 10% will be set aside for specialist advisors, consultants, and financiers.

★ Meet the Third Token, $ZED

$ZED is the third token in the JEDSTAR DECO. It is a story governance token. Apart from granting the ability to propose advances and vote for changes to JEDSTAR’s story and lore, $ZED holders gain a whole host of other benefits. Users holding $ZED get an invite to join the exclusive $ZED telegram channel and participate in JEDSTAR’s annual meeting held in Singapore. That’s not all, $ZED holders also get to receive free airdrops of incredibly rare NFTs, exclusive NFT cards, and other exclusive NFT items. They also receive a special title and portrait border. These are all yummy benefits you’d agree, and that’s not even all of it, JEDSTAR plans to announce more goodies that it has in store for $ZED users. $ZED was created with a higher emphasis on utility and a lower focus on token price and liquidity.

• The presale will be limited to 200 tokens.

• The $KRED Presale event will receive 80 tokens.

• 100 tokens will serve as initial liquidity on PancakeSwap.

• The JEDSTAR team will be given 180 tokens.

• The remaining tokens will be frozen for a minimum of a year.


Visit the JEDSTAR website to see more for yourself and start your JEDSTAR journey. Click here to go to the JEDSTAR website.

Become a part of JEDSTAR’s online community. Receive updates and stay up to date with the latest development in JEDSTAR. Click here to join JEDSTAR’s Twitter community.

Join the conversation, contribute, learn and gain from the JEDSTAR telegram community. Click here to join.

Read more about the JEDSTAR project and the most recent updates on the platform here.



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