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Jetfuel x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 29th of June

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Jetfuel and our guest was @jetfuelmiro the CEO of Jetfuel. The AMA took place on 29 June.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 500$

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram community

Hello, dear Satoshi Club community! We are pleased to announce AMA with Jetfuel.


Sticker ]

Today our guest is @jetfuelmiro!

@GoldRocket27 Thanks for having me! I’m happy to be here

Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club, @jetfuelmiro!

We’re very excited about the upcoming AMA, and you?

Very much so

Let’s start!

Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Jetfuel?

Tell us please about your position in Jetfuel?

@jetfuelmiro, is a pleasure to have you here!


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Sure! I’ve been involved in the crypto space since 2013 when I first discovered Bitcoin.

We started to develop Jetfuel after I was a victim of a terrible rug pull. The rug pull inspired us to build Jetfuel, an audited, all in 1 defi application where users can feel safe to invest their funds.

My position with Jetfuel is the CEO. I lead the development, marketing, and community out reach teams.

You have rich experience

What is the essence of Jetfuel?

How long does it take to develop a project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from Jetfuel?

Jetfuel is an all in 1 defi application.

We have yield optimizers to compound and grow your assets automatically at Jetfuel.Finance

A decentralized, over collateralized money market and lending protocol at Fortress.Loans. Users can earn interest on their crypto assets like BTCB, BNB, USDT, and also take out loans against their deposits and EARN money.

We also just launched our AMM (automated market maker) exchange Jetswap.Finance. You can earn the WINGS token by providing liquidity to the AMM and earn swap fees from the LP.

Our income token is JETS token which receives 5 income streams.

We also have our passive yield and automatic liquidity token GFCE.

We truly have everything you could want in a defi application under 1 roof.

This is a unique set of tools as far as I can see. You thought it well

Also we would like to know about your team. Who is on the project team core?

We take our time to ensure all new products and features we launch are fully audited and secure. Jetfuel and the ecosystem has been running for nearly 7 months with 0 security or exploit incidents.

That is why our TVL is over $210 million across our entire ecosystem.

We have a number of plans to go cross chain and to develop some really great features for all of our products.

Some soon to be released items on the road map

-Polygon Jetswap

-Polygon Fortress

-Wings token Lottery

-BNB DICE gambling game

-Fixed rate loans at Fortress

-Boosted Autocompounding Vaults

and many many more

I agree with you, a really all in one project

We are happy to know that everything is safe into your ecosystem

There is currently about 20 people on the team between management, marketing, and community support.

Our development team has 8 developers working on Jetfuel, Jetswap, Fortress, and our consulting projects.

We have a full time marketing director overseeing our marketing.

The rest of our team is community managers running our many telegram groups.

Is the team anonymous?

Yes, the team wishes to remain anonymous but we’re here nearly 24/7 for our community.

Do you have any plans to declassify your names over time?

Not at the time

Where is your office located? Or do you work remotely?

We are international and all remotely

Thanks for the introduction, we will have a question selected for the Part 1. ready to start?

Let’s go!

I love your stickers.

I will try them all

$FUEL is the first token in the Jetfuel Ecosystem. FUEL has a 2% tax on transaction. 1% is burned forever and 1% is sent to the “Hangar Reserve” for JETS staking.

FUEL emissions (farming rewards) ended in early June so FUEL is now 100% deflationary. We are burning about 1,000 FUEL per week. There is only about 124,000 FUEL left.

JETS is the staking and income token for Jetfuel. JETS holders receive 30 FUEL per day from the Hangar Reserve, 4% of every vault harvest is used to market buy FUEL, 10% of net income from monthly, a permanent WINGS staking pool, and other staking opportunities.

What is the APR for staking?

You can trade FUEL at Jetswap.Finance and convert your FUEL to JETS at

And is there a minimum amount of tokens to join staking and farming programs?

Standalone JETS holders without staking receive about 40% APR and you can stake JETS for WINGS and earn an additional 33% APR. So the JETS APR is over 70%

$FUEL- BNB can be deposited to the Jetswap vault and earn about 200% APY.

There is never a minimum in Jetfuel. Investors of all size are welcome

I think this is very fair

Thank you very much for your answers! Ready for the next question?


This was just answered above

Single FUEL staking is not enabled since FUEL is a transactional tax token. You can convert your FUEL to JETS at Jetfuel.Finance and stake the JETS

By the way, share your tokenomics with us please

It seems to me this is also something unique.

This will be a long one since we have 5 tokens

Perhaps a link to your web resources to study

Thanks for the clarification. Btw, you mentioned Polygon Fortress as part of your roadmap, could you tell us more about it?

1. FUEL. FUEL is a deflationary token with 2% tax on transaction. 1% is burned for ever and 1% is sent for staking. FUEL had 6 months of farming that started Dec 6th 2020 and ended June 5th 2021.

2. JETS is the income and staking token for Jetfuel. The only way to obtain JETS is to convert FUEL to JETS at Jetfuel.Finance. JETS holders earn up to 5 income steams by holding and staking JETS. There is a 2.5% withdraw fee to convert from JETS to FUEL to ensure long term holding.

3. GFORCE is our passive yield and automatic liquidity token. There is 1,000,000 GFCE. 3% of every transaction is taxed and distributed to every GFCE holder. 3% of each transaction is taxed and is added back to liquidity at Jetswap. We are nearly done with our GFCE lottery where you can earn GFCE LP tokens!

4. FTS is Fortress. Fortress is our lending and money market protocol. You earn FTS rewards by supplying and borrowing against your deposits. FTS has 10,000,000 tokens and a 2.5 year farming schedule.

5. WINGS is our AMM token for Jetswap. It is an inflationary token and is used to incentivize liquidity at Jetswap. We have a number of exciting features coming up for WINGS like the WINGS lottery, voting, and NFTS.

Yup! We’re working to build Fortress on Polygon. We can have more information when it’s closer to production

Oh, then we will be waiting for coming announcements


Sticker ]

Ready to proceed with the next question?


Yes, as answered earlier FUEL has a 2% tax.

1% is burned for ever and 1% is sent to the “Hangar Reserve” and 30 FUEL per day is sent to JETS holders 1 time per hour. The 2% fee is on every on-chain transaction. So transfers, purchases, sells, and going into/out of an LP its’ charged.

Bitmart does not charge a 2% on standard trading since Bitmart is not onchain trading. However, Bitmart charges an additional 2% on deposit to cover any internal fees they might pay.

Why you take the decision of create 5 different tokens? Why not one token with different usecases?

We have built an all in 1 defi application. Each token serves it’s own purpose for the ecosystem. It’s not possible to use one token for all of our plans so we’ve developed each protocol with their own tokens

can you tell us briefly about these goals? this is a rather original system

Thanks for the clarification, I agree with that

Our goal is to become the #1 defi protocol! We currently have a TVL of $210 million and are going to keep building our products until TVL is in the billions.

Well thanks for the answer! Ready for the next question?


Yes! We are exploring the best way to integrate NFTS to our Ecosystem. We plan to have an NFT minter and marketplace at Jetswap and let users use WINGS to make NFTS.

This is a very promising direction!

That’s amazing, you tried to adopt all of trending topics to your project


Great job, what about synthetic assets, will be part of jetfuel in the future?

Can you explain more about synthetic assets?

We’d love to hear about it.

Crypto versions of commodities assets, stocks as Tesla, Apple

We do not plan to incorporate synthetic assets but we have plans to keep growing and building our current products like Jetfuel, Jetswap, and Fortress

Amazing, we should recognize the big potential of your project

So, would you like to add something else before the next question?

Yes! That’s great

Next question please

We have shifted focus away from the IJOs. There is too much work, risk, and stress involved with launching IJOs. Jetfuel has a very strong name so we want to ensure that we’re only endorsing the best projects.

Our focus now is to build our partnership program and pilot pools. Pilot pools at Jetswap allow users to stake WINGS for partner programs. Soon we’ll be launching our $500,000 Partnership Incentive program to help new projects incorporate Jetfuel and our ecosystem into their projects!! We can’t wait to roll it out.

Thanks for your answers

What is the most important thing you consider is coming for jetswap in the second half of 2021?

We are currently working with a regulated crypto gambling project and we plan to integrate a fully regulated and licensed casino into Jetswap!

That’s sounds promising

Time to go with the final question is our lending and money market protocol.

Users can deposit their assets to Fortress and earn interest to their deposits that’s paid by borrowers. Depositors also earn FTS rewards.

The greatest part of Fortress is the ability to earn while borrowing! You can borrow against your deposits up to 60%. You’ll pay interest in the token you borrowed but you’ll earn big FTS rewards which is more than your interest paid. So you get paid to borrow! Isn’t that great?

And that makes 6/6, thank you so much @jetfuelmiro for your answers, it has been a great time with you in this first part of the AMA

It’s been a great time here for the AMA!

Now, is time to interact with our dear community members in the live segment of the AMA

A ton of questions are coming when we open the chat, ready to go?

Lets go

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Jets are great!

We built Jetfuel after a nasty rug pull. You’ll be able to check that we audit all our code before we deploy to the public. Team is anon for now

Fair Launch means there is not a presale, founder allocation, pre mint. Everybody, including the devs, have to start at the same place.

We have a number of amazing partners.

-Yield Watch, Billion Happiness, Auto Farm, Beefy, Swamp Finance, Safermoon, Apeswap to name a few

We’ve been around for 7 months with 0 exploits or security issues. Our team is around 24/7 to help the community. All our code is audited before it’s released to ensure safety for the public.

You can read the questions answered in this AMA for info on JETS. You can also check our Jetfuel Docs page here:

Zap is a feature we’ll be rolling out again soon. It’s the ability to use BNB to get right into a vault. So no more buying all the tokens for the LP. Just use BNB and get right in.

You can use any mobile DAPP browser to access our websites

prices, volume, liquidity, tokens available, fees

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

English Telegram group:

Russian Telegram group:

Spanish Telegram group:

Chinese Telegram group:

Indonesian Telegram group:

Telegram Channel:







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