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King Baby Doge x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 3rd of August

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from King Baby Doge and our guests were @tskw1706, @Jeff177, and @migueljay230 — representatives of King Baby Doge. The AMA took place on 3rd of August.

The total reward pool was 500$ and has been split into 3 parts.

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Website

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with King Baby Doge! Welcome to Satoshi Club

D. | Satoshi Club:
Today our guests — @tskw1706 @Jeff177 @migueljay230 !


Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Hi everyone, thanks for having us here, we are from King Baby Doge!! Unfortunately, Jeff and Miguel are not able to make it tonight, but I will introduce them in the introduction section, and try my best to answer everyone’s question!!

D. | Satoshi Club:

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Hello, happy to see you here!

How are you today?

Hope everything is ok with guys

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Have not been better, it is a big pleasure to present our token in front of Satoshi’s community and ours too!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
So, let’s start

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yep Let’s Go!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
And we will start with intro

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about King Baby Doge

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Sure thing!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tobias, founder of King Baby Doge token, an ordinary man who fell so hard for crypto earlier this year, now a Crypto enthusiast that have decided to go all out and build a community with a bunch of awesome folks.

Then we have Marks and Miguel, our main devs, both are a Ruby back end developer who is in charge behind the coding of KingBabyDoge on BSC, I learned so much from them for the past 3 months. Also Jeff who is our marketing manager involved in the project.

Our team is made up of 10 awesome people located all around the world. Which ensures the community to be live 24/7 thanks to all the time zones we cover. We have been working for the past 3 months on how to give you the best token and community you could wish for.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
How did you get involved in crypto?

Yes, crypto unites

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
I believe you all know how crazy the vibes is at the beginning of the year how bitcoin is rocketing, and then I just nosedived and got more involved, and end up trying to develop a community revolving a token

You can say I start off as a FOMO but end up fell so hard to learn more about crypto, blockchain, and this whole community

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Ahaha, right! Understand what you’re talking about

One more question about your team

are you anonymous?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
We are actually doxxed, as mentioned here, you can find us in our TG group, where all members know us there, as we believe transparency is the best policy. But the rest of the team are still anonymous at the moment

Yeap, but along the way we will be doxxing more people throughout, to get them be more public with our community.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
By doxxed you mean that we can see your LinkedIn profiles etc?

That’s great!

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
I’m sorry, can I revert by saying we are semi-anonymous, we show ourselves in the group, but still keeping some personal information private.

Mary | Satoshi Club:

So, now tell us more about King Baby Doge

your mission in crypto space.

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Will do.

Our token is King Baby Doge, and our motto is to Journey Like a King!. Our main function is smart buyback and high deflationary concept. Basically yes, we are one of the “DOGE” themed token, but we are definitely not your typical meme token.

Our long term goals is to stand among the successful Doggie tokens or even be like Dogecoin itself. Acknowledged by the public and getting adopted by big institutions.

But first, we set sights on our more feasible target in the near future which is to be able to contribute more to the society through charities, and make our community so much bigger!

Hahaha glad to see you like our stickers!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Nice mission

Thank you for your intro

and now, are you ready to start with the questions from our community?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Sure thing!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Let’s go

Q1 from Telegram User @orlemys
In recent months the reputation of ‘Doge’ projects keeps going down, being categorized mostly as scams and rug pulls. So, how do you plan to prove yourself trusty to the community? What are your valuable products? How will you keep your value growing and what are your main plans to attract investors?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
For all these questions, let me sum it up into 3 important values and points.

First, Transparency, We believe that transparency is the best policy, and honesty is something that nowadays is hard to find around the meme-token community. You can always find us around the TG group! Because of our transparency, we also passed 2 audits right before token launch (something very rare for a meme token)

Second, Our best feature is the auto-burn, auto-buyback, and the reflection function, the auto burn & reflection to holders function shall be investors greatest incentive to buy KBD, as it will ensure the KBD that you hold grow in value and in figures. While the auto-buyback will maintain the stability of when each transaction happens, the moment someone sell, a distributed portion of buyback will happen.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Can you share your audit reports with our community?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Sure, let me forward a link super quick


Completed before launch!

Solidity Audit (

DessertSwap Audit (

Third, AWESOME COMMUNITY our project is 100% community-driven, and we have a strong community who has been with us since the bad launch, and still sticking with us, until now because they believe in our core values and our commitment!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
All these features are working now?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
If everyone sees our chart, it is visible that we had a bad launch due to a couple of reasons, from DxSale erred, then presalers all started to freak out by selling their tokens, resulting in the dropped of liquidity. But we’ve fixed everything, and from it we are climbing back up. Our first strong point is getting listed by Coingecko within 24hrs!

Yes it surely is!

So, I would say people who get in now, can consider themselves on a 200% discount

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Do you have any statistics about auto-burns and auto-buybacks that have been done till now?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes, we do!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Community is real force

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:

King Baby Doge Burn ( ( (

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:

Mary | Satoshi Club:

So, everyone can check!

Thank you for your answers! Ready to go to the next question?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Ready as ever

Q2 from Telegram User @DK177
Security is a vital ingredient of a project. Therefore, users tend to invest in a project by inspecting audit reports. According to your roadmap, #KBD will be listed on several DEX and CEX during first three phases. You have a milestone to create 10, 000 holders by the second phase and 25, 000 by the third phase. However, your CertiK audit submission has been planned for the third phase whereas it will be completed in the fourth phase. Do you believe 10, 000 people will hold #KBD without examining any audit report? Prior to the CertiK audit submission, what are your security measures to assure the safety of the investments? Further, please let us know the reason for postponing the audit to the third phase.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
As i see people mainly trust Certik

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes our plan is to get listed on several DEX & CEX and we are still very new, more or less 3 days old, but close to 2500 holders, and 6000 telegram group members along the way.

As mentioned that we managed to pass 2 financial audits before token launch, solidity finance, and dessert finance, this really shows a great statement that we are definitely serious in our project despite being a meme token.

We all know that passing Certik audit is always every token’s mission, as I would say one of the best audit among several audit in the blockchain, or I can say it’s the best.

But it is never easy to passed the audit thus we would like to give ourselves more time before we get to that audit.It is initially plan to start on the 3rd phase of the roadmap but along the way we will definitely get more audits to verify and convince us to our holders. But we can definitely bring the Certik Audit forward the moment we are eligible.

As for security measures, we have proof that all of our distribution is locked well before the presale or even token launch. Allow me to share to you all.

King Baby Doge Launch

$KBD Tokens are

Distributed, Locked, & Loaded.

KBD DeepLock (

6.7% Total

AirDrop Lock ( 2%
Charity Lock ( 1% August 1st
2nd Charity ( ( ( 1% Aug 15th
Marketing Lock ( 3% for 30 Days


D. | Satoshi Club:
What is the problem to have 10,000 holders? just do an airdrop and you will have 10k holders, even 100k holders if you want to, how it can be a goal in roadmap?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Well, having 10,000 real investor holders, in compared to 10k holders through airdrop totally says it all, one will easily dump it any time, while the other are those who truly believes us in our fundamentals and project.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Uniswap story differs

but i understand what you’re talking about

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Indeed, we truly aim to be transparent and totally community-driven!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Thank you for your answers! Ready to proceed?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes sure!

Q3 from Telegram User @Crypilord
Since 2% of the total supply and 1% of the transaction fee is for charity and there is presently no way the community can vote for or against a charity plan. Will there be any added layer of transparency to let users know that their money is going where it should? The king doge charity has been divided into one for dogs and another for children to be distributed biweekly. How do you plan to rationalise the charity allocation? Which charity are you funding first? Is there any plan for the community to be involved in the governance of the Charity?

Mary | Satoshi Club:

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
As mentioned that we’ve formerly locked our tokens way before the presale and token launch, thus the 2% charity distribution will be released every 1st & 15th of each month

We’ve just launched on the 31st, thus the 1st of Aug charity distribution has been unlocked, though we’ve not gathered enough funds to make our donations yet, so we are pushing for the 15th of Aug.

We push 2 different campaign is that we can be more involved in different communities, our first drive on the 15th will be aiming for the UNICEF as you know there are so many children’s in need nowadays, especially with COVID-19 cases still booming in the Asia and Latin America region.

We will definitely show proof to our community the moment the donation happen, allow me to share a thread too

Saving Dogs In Need

We will work together with different
dog shelters over the world, as of
this moment we are land a
partnership with Angels Among
Us, a dog rescue non-profit
organization based at Georgia, USA.
Our charity fund will definitely
provide assurance and relieve tons
of dogs to be saved.

Save Children In Need

Our King’s Charity will also be
distributed to save every children
in need throughout the world, may
it be victims of malnutrition,
Covid-19, or other diseases,
many children throughout the world
in particular the Africa, Middle East,
or other several 3rd World Countries
are suffering. We will donate all of
the funds to UNICEF and may our
little thoughts reached them
and provided them ease and comfort.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
So, your donations will go straight to UNICEF?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes indeed.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Do they accept crypto?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Cause we all know big a foundation they are for Children’s charity

They are still considering because a lot of other projects is proposing it! But if they refused, we can definitely adapt to covert to FIAT for them.

Once again, every transaction will be transparent to the community and we show every single details to them

Mary | Satoshi Club:

we will wait for the 15th of August

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Sure do look forward to it:)

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Thank you for your detailed answers! Ready to jump to the next question?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Let’s go!

Q4 from Telegram User @KathDM
I did read that the owner of King Baby Doge token is from Argentina. Lately we have noticed how the adoption of cryptocurrencies has increased in Latin American countries. Being an Argentinean … what opportunities would King Baby Doge provide to the Latin American community? How would you increase adoption in Argentina and in all Latin American countries?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Haha yes I’m from Argentina, and allow me to elaborate more on that

The adoption of cryptocurrencies are definitely happening globally, including here in Argentina. The Latin America is still a developing country, you can still well notice the economics disparities, and I’m aiming to make King Baby Doge, the “Dogecoin” from Argentina

, Big dreams but we have long way to go from here. The opportunities are definitely huge once our token has been adopted by bigger institutions.

We have our Spanish telegram groups, which is still not huge, but by making use of the same language, I’m pretty sure we can increase adoption along the way. We are still improving every day.

Viva la Argentina!

D. | Satoshi Club:
Are really believe that meme coin can get adoption from institutions?

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Maybe you will have some special events for your Spanish users?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Well it is never bad to dream big, Dogecoin itself were adopted by Dallas Mavericks to be used in their merchandise transactions. So, yeah why not?

Definitely, it will happen along the way, we also worked with Spanish Influencers, let me show you too!

Mary | Satoshi Club:

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Oh, nice video

D. | Satoshi Club:
This is your ambassador?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes, she is!

One of the IG influencers that we’ve been working together with now!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Good choice!

Thank you for your answers! Ready to go to the next question?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes sure!

Q5 from Telegram user @josegamboac
KingBabyDoge has concept of highly deflationary moon shots will be the best feature of $ KBD, where TOKEN BURN occurs frequently to increase token value and deflate supply. As this is their best feature, how often do they estimate to burn the token? What percentage of token is it estimated to burn in each burn? What other deflationary characteristics does the token have?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes, the token burn has occured since our launch, we have managed to burn around 20% of our supply, 12.4% upon initial burn, and the rest are the auto-burn function from each transactions. 1% is the distribution from our transaction taxes. Yes it is very big, also pushed by CG Listing, which makes the influx from the transactions resulting to more burns.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Can you share your tokenomics with us?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Apart from token burns, we also have part of the characteristics to be reflected to the holders, so each time a transaction happen, they will get certain distributions of reflections.


King Tax Fees:

4% Buy-Back Function

1% Burn

2% Reflected to Holder

1% King’s Charity

2% Marketing (for non-stop ads)

This applies for both buy and sell transaction

You might wonder why does our sell tax is the same price with our buy tax, that is simply because we are trying to take a different approach/angle on this. Most of the time, if a project is not good, but there is a lot of hype going on, people will nevertheless dump the coin upon launch, despite the number of tax imposed on the sell transaction.

But what if you implement the exactly same tax on the sell tax with the buy tax, simply gives people a different thought that oh, this token is confident that their holders can sell whenever they want, thus making them holding longer all thanks to us having great fundamentals, and marketing. Eventually tokenomics is still just part of the token, and how we grow the community is still what matters most.

Mary | Satoshi Club:

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:

You can also refer to this for the number of tokens burnt.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Everything is clear for me

Thank you for your answers! And only one 6th question left from this part

Ready for it?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes of course!

Q6 from Telegram user @yellowchamp
I found out in Phase 3 your roadmap that you plan to partner with some Big Influencer. But as we know that collaborating with some Big names or influencers cost also a big funding,so how will King Baby Doge provide funds for collaborating with some big influencer as we know that you are still new in the market? How will your platform deal and negotiate with some Big influencer? Can you tell us a little idea,who will be the influencer you are eyeing in partnering to advertise and market King Baby Doge? So,aside from this marketing strategy,what other options you want to engage that does not cost so much funds? Since, partnering big influencer is in the plan already,are you in the midst of negotiation already or you are still finding some big influencer? Thank you

Mary | Satoshi Club:

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes, collaborating with Big names required big big funding, 1 thing for sure is that we are going to use the Marketing distribution to fund it and it the same time, we are still growing our community and exposing it to more people to realize that goal. So, one of the reason for us to do 600HC presale is to get enough fund locked for the marketing action plan.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
600HC presale already happened?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
We definitely could not aimed Elon Musk haha, but we actually started to reach out to different IG influencers from different background, Fitness, Beauty, Football stars, to attract more newcomers to the crypto community and thus organic word by word shilling is definitely on our plan with our community too! We are in the midst of negotiation but we decided not to divulged any news until further confirmation. So, we urge everyone to join us and stay tuned for our exciting marketing plan!

Yes it did, on the 30th july and filled within 10 minutes!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
So, now only good news ahead

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @rinnguyen
As King baby doge is audited by two different Financial audits, How is this as an achievement?
What were the positives of these Audits?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
I have seen a lot of projects, especially meme token that has decided to launch or even do presale without any audits passed, so considering us a meme token, getting verified by Solidity Finance and Dessert Finance way before presale shows that we are transparent and serious with our projects!

Q2 from Telegram user @Ishan1_7
Many projects use the buyback mechanism, which is a very good mechanism. This mechanism will greatly benefit your project. Do you intend to incorporate this mechanism into your project?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
We already have a smart buyback mechanism in plan, which will buyback a certain number of tokens to maintain stability in the price.

But in the near future, we are looking into adopting the Kraken Buyback function, where there will be whale wallet in place that will be used as an insurance in case there is a massive dump happening, by whales, and we can buyback that huge gap to pump the price up!

Q3 from Telegram user @Kathdm
Your community-driven $KBD pours 2% charity distribution into your King’s Charity. Your King’s Charity shall be utilized to fund dogs In Need. Will you work together with different dog shelters around the world? Will charity programs also located in Latin America be included there?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes, same like other doggies token, our main motivation to start this token is to care for more dogs around the world, we started with Angels Rescue at Georgia, because the USA is a huge market, and this charity reached out to us, when we promoted through social media.

We are definitely looking to donate to other organizations, and by time we will let the community choose on which place to donate.

Yes as for Latin America charity, we are looking at a charity place located at Guatemala.

Q4 from Telegram user @Korryl
As we know NFT really popular on this year 2021, can you explain what King Baby Doge development regarding NFT section ? and what will be look like your NFT ?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
We are definitely looking into NFT, to work together with unique artist to create our very own NFT, at the moment thing are still work in progress, and the development are on track, if things goes well we will launched it on our phase 4.

in the NFT World

Our latter stages involve bringing in King Baby Doge’s very own NFT collection. Our DEVs has been tireless in producing new innovation. With KING BABY DOGE very own NFT collectibles, we are creating a statement, fun, and joy to the community. Every NFT collectible of ours has all the potential to be the next Jack’s Tweet. Cause why live like a commoner when you can live like a KING!

75% Buyback & Token Burn

20% Team Design

5% Marketing

Q5 from Telegram user @highpee
Your project has some fantastic features

but your launch was not as fantastic. What happened during your presale? Have you been able to fixed and overcome this issue? Do the team has commitment that can overcome the challenges you may be faced with so as to ensure this project succeed?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Yes we honestly having had our token dumped upon launch is something that no developers want to happen. It was caused by several reason, 1st. Dxsale erred and unable to finalize to initiate token launch for 13 mins, cause major investor to panic, 2nd lots bots buy dumping and paperhand to dump the price further, and yes, our devs worked so hard to overcome theissue, and our team has been putting huge effort to overcome this hurdles.

Also shoutout to our amazing community, who has stayed with us, and enjoyed the Coingecko listing surge, I know at the moment we went down, but with strong fundamentals, we are on track to go back up!!

Q6 from Telegram user @orlemys
You’ve said that King Baby Doge’s best feature is its high deflationary moonshot concept for the $KBD token. There will be regular token burns and a smart buyback feature. This is done to make the price of the token go up. But I’d like to know what are the limitations of this strategy? What is the highest value that the $KBD token can reach? And also, what’s the risk behind it, how volatile can it be?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Volatility is a common features of every tokens in the crypto market, the limitation to this strategy is at there will come a time where the supply got so limited, and the value of our tokens spiked high up. As always, we aim to kill as many zeroes as possible, and we would like incentivize our community with huge gains!

Q7 from Telegram user @Shaa93
Why should I and everyone buy $KBD instead of other doge tokens? Is $KBD a long-term investment?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Simple answer is we have a loyal community, strong fundamentals, and we are at a crazy discount, so KBD sure is a long-term investment for Satoshi’s clubbers now! Check us out in our TG group for way more detail!

Q8 from Telegram user @MdLuffyo
What blockchain is the kingbabydoge platform integrated into? can you share the reason? Do you have plans to work with multiple blockchains in the coming period?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
We are using the BSC platform at the moment, and yes along the way, once our token has gained way more attention and huge interest around the blockchain, we are looking to integrate with multiple blockchains, starting from Ethereum, and actually, Cardano, once it has launched its smart contract, it will then be a huge boost for them and definitely for us

Q9 from Telegram user @Nonerlike
How old is your project? Isnt it too early to go for donations within short time?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
We are definitely 3 days old only, and yes as you might have thought that it might be way too early, and our initial donation might not be as huge as we might have contributed if we postponed it further! But we would like to show the public that we are true to our words, and Action over Words.

Q10 from Telegram user @PrudhviB8
This is the best project that I have seen from a lot and the feature that impresses me is buyback option. Can you please tell me how this option actually works in detail?
How much amount of burn can we expect in the future? and
What are the biggest plans ahead in marketing. Can we see this as a long-term project?

Tobias @KingBabyDoge:
Thank you for your support, the buyback options as mentioned is to maintained stability in every sell transactions, and since we’ve burnt around 20% of supply, upcoming burns will purely based on the transaction and probably goes slower.

Our biggest plan on marketing at the moment, is to get listed on Coinmarketcap and we are just a few holders away on that, in the same time this is definitely a long term project and we would like to invite Satoshi’s member to ride our project to the moon!

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part, we tested your knowledge in terms of King Baby Doge. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for the quiz was 300$.
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