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The debate over whether cryptocurrency is superior to banking is as old as blockchain technology itself. Blockchain technology traces its history to the 2007 economic downturn when the world suffered as a result of poor central bank management.

As a consequence, cryptocurrencies were born, and they now outperform banking systems in terms of efficiency. They also provide superior financial systems than banks. The primary downside of cryptocurrencies right now is their volatility, as evidenced by the crypto fear and greed index. As a result, cryptocurrency cannot be used in day-to-day transactions.

Cryptocurrencies have rather strong security systems, which is appealing to investors. They also provide more dependable transactions at faster speeds than conventional alternatives. As a result, they are becoming crucial in facilitating a better and cashless financial era. However, as previously stated, there is still work to be done for cryptocurrencies to close all gaps in traditional banking systems. Kyrrex aspires to fill these enormous shoes.

What is Kyrrex?

Kyrrex is a worldwide investing, payment, and economic ecosystem that aims to blur the line between banking and cryptocurrency by offering a concise range of products and services to everyone, wherever.

Kyrrex is the first of its kind. It holds its place as the first global digital bank to ever exist. It is a remarkable platform that has disrupted the traditional financial world by integrating it with digital finance and cryptocurrency trading. It is now simpler than before to exchange fiat currencies for digital assets and conversely by using a single tool like Kyrrex.

Commitment is one of the core languages of Kyrrex as it is committed to reshaping the fresh-faced cryptocurrency market. It hopes to achieve this with traditional market expertise, professional tools, and techniques adapted to an online environment. Kyrrex is one of those projects that sees the demand for all-in-one solutions and opts to wear the big shoes.

Kyrrex’s primary goal is to create a global system of financial services or products that are accessible from anywhere and at any time, regardless of geographical, legal, or time constraints. Kyrrex’s products are available to both corporate and retail clients. Its product collection includes Crypto Exchange, Liquidity Hub, OTC Platform and Wallet, Banking, Tokenization Platform, and Crypto Merchant.

Kyrrex is the World`s First Global Digital Bank

Kyrrex, as a neobank, provides users with unparalleled versatility and flexibility. This platform uses the best of technology, an avalanche of finance and investment tools, investment services, and traditional banking all finely paired with blockchain technology.

Kyrrex has several features which come together to make it stand out from anything you’ve ever seen out there. Kyrrex’s robust ecosystem offers the market a game-changing financial model that includes digital banking services and the capacity to work with more than 177 cryptocurrencies. Also, it can be used to send funds directly to credit and debit cards. What’s more? It is also very secure to use because of its hybrid cryptographic encryption methods.

More features include low trading fees, a deep liquidity pool, speedy transactions, Up to 14.5% APY with $KRRX token, 24/7 virtual customer support, integrated wallets (web and mobile wallets), and a Class 4 VFA License.

The Exceptional Kyrrex Ecosystem

Kyrrex’s ecosystem enables a one-stop-shop experience by utilizing cutting-edge trading and custody innovation that is rooted in advanced and proprietary algorithms and is delivered via a safe and stable infrastructure. Its ecosystem comprises:

One of the key business components of the Kyrrex ecosystem is its professional cryptocurrency exchange. Users can trade on demo or real accounts, exchange and store cryptocurrency and fiat, and enjoy daily trading tips as well as educational courses, and a lot of other features.

The extensive range of services offered on the exchange includes trading on demo or real accounts, exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies and fiat, educational courses, daily trading ideas, and many other features. The exchange also offers users complete protection and management of their crypto assets.

Kyrrex offers a diverse profile of crypto services, as well as ample and often available liquidity via a dependable order book with installed real-time data streams. Its adaptable liquidity hub provides extremely high liquidity to meet even the most stringent corporate requirements.

Kyrrex Crypto OTC (over-the-counter trading) serves as Kyrrex’s professional retail and institutional traders with fast, secure, and convenient ways for purchasing and selling digital assets at fixed rates.

The Kyrrex Crypto Wallet is a multicurrency wallet that allows you to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. It gives you complete control over your holdings thanks to industry-leading portfolio management features. All users can backup their funds, protecting their assets from third parties who try to gain unapproved access to the wallet.

Kyrrex is the first global digital bank in the world. It enables all global traditional finance operations to be completed quickly, securely, and efficiently. Customers, both private and corporate, can open accounts and trade multi-currency bank accounts, including IBN. Users can do a lot more with this key feature of the Kyrrex ecosystem.

Kyrrex supports tokenization on any of the user’s assets. It offers the user actual accounting system auditing, equity ownership, the development of a secondary asset market, and the upkeep of a token ownership registry. Also, users can safely trade with assets.

Kyrrex’s crypto merchant platform hopes to connect users to the world of e-commerce and online business. It allows these users to receive payment for any goods or services that their company provides. It also allows customers to make payments to businesses via the Kyrrex platform, and much more.

Meet the Kyrrex Team

Kyrrex’s team comprises a group of European genius entrepreneurs and technical gurus as well as financial and technology experts from the United States.



The native ecosystem utility token of the Kyrrex project is the $KRRX token. It has various use cases across all products and features available on the platform. It also provides exclusive benefits to all $KRRX holders. It is a critical part of the Kyrrex ecosystem. The total emission for the $KRRX utility token is 500,000,000. Currently, the token price for one $KRRX is one dollar ($1).

  1. Trading Commissions: Users receive additional discounts on all their trades when they stake $KRRK tokens. The more $KRRX tokens that are staked, the greater the discount that users receive on all of their trades.
  2. Smart Trading: This feature is expected to be implemented in Q1 2022. Upon launch оf the Trade Ideas functionality, users will be enabled to subscribe and follow other traders. The cost for this service will be fixed and can be paid either in fiat, crypto, or $KRRX tokens.
  3. Multi-Account Management: This feature is expected to be implemented in Q1 2022. Following the introduction of the MAM (Multi-Account Manager) service, investors who consent to pay a fee on profits made in $KRRX tokens will be able to claim a 10% discount on the amount paid for a manager’s services (trader). Managers (traders) who claim a reward in $KRRX tokens from investors will earn a 10% bonus on that reward.
  4. Referral Program: This feature is expected to be implemented in Q1 2022. The Kyrrex Referral Program urges users not only to stake their $KRRX holdings but also to refer new users to the Kyrrex ecosystem. Kyrrex offers a secret bonus that becomes accessible after a user invites at least three other users to register and transact on the platform.
  5. Bonus Program: Each user has the opportunity to receive additional bonuses for using the Kyrrex crypto exchange when they pass verification on the exchange. They also receive bonuses when they deposit assets valued at $500 or above.
  6. Online Banking: This feature is expected to be implemented in Q4 2022. Users of Kyrrex’s online banking feature will receive benefits like $KRRK tokens, cashback, discounts, and payment widgets.

Collected funds by the Kyrrex Team will be used thus:

45% of the total received funds will be invested in the development of the Kyrrex ecosystem products. 35% will be used to implement Kyrrex’s top-notch marketing strategies. 10% of the funds received will be used to support legal operations in various regions. The remaining 10% will be used as an insurance fund to cover costs in any unforeseeable circumstances that threaten the contract between Kyrrex and its users or investors.




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