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Legends of Mitra x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from the 27th of December

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Legends of Mitra and our guest was . The AMA took place on the 27th of December.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $500

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&WebSite

Hello, Satoshi Club community! We are pleased to announce AMA with Legends of Mitra Project

Hello everyone and welcome to our first AMA for today with Legends of Mitra!

Thank you for having us

Today our guests is @ismeblaq

Welcome to Satoshi Club!

Welcome to Satoshi Club!

How are you doing today?

Glad to have you here, how is it going? @ismeblaq

Doing wonderful and very happy to be here. Thank you for asking

we are so excited to do AMA with Legends of Mitra

So lets Start our AMA !

Please Introduce yourself and your team.

How did you get to be involved in Cryptocurrency & Legends of Mitra Project?

Thank you

Gem Studios, the Studio building Legends of Mitra is currently a 9 member team on a mission to bring F2P2E (Free to Play to Earn) games to both traditional gamers and blockchain gamers.

It was founded in December 2020 by myself and our CTO Oanh Nguyen, both of us having a combined 10+ years in the blockchain space.

I started my career as a software developer and entrepreneur in 2010 and have since successfully sold my last two companies before starting Gem Studios.

My journey in blockchain started in 2015 and I became full time in 2018, helping other projects build and scale.

Two years after actively contributing in the space, I co-founded Legends of Mitra game and here we are today

Nice background! Quite solid to get to know the market in details!

Thats really awesome ! You have a great journey and experience into crypto

Thank you

So can you introduce a little about what is Legends of Mitra?


The story around the game starts from a Kingdom called Mitra. Mitra was a very rich and powerful Kingdom until it was invaded by the Evil Horde. He took everything from the Kingdom and killing almost everyone in it. The rest who survive relocated to a safe space ans started building all over again. You are the hero and getting ready to attack Horde to claim MITA back

All heroes are NFTs and as you play them, grow them and level them up. They become poweful and can do a lot of damage

you can sell them to other players or keep using them to earn more MITA tokens

In simple terms, LoM is a strategy defense game and your job is to take Mitra back to its previous glory

That’s really great game

Sounds very challenging!

Thanks for the great Introduction.

we have collected 6 community questions from Satoshi Club community,

ready to proceed?

yes please

Q1 from Telegram user @Billz120

Legends of Mitra (Battle) — I learnt the Battle mode is designed to accommodate a wide variety of players who wish to engage in active PVP and to accommodate this objective, there are various defensive options that a player can acquire and use during a Battle in which players are randomly matched to fight each other, depending on their Heroes Level, Skills and Abilities and Combat Mode is Locked until a Player Completes Chapter 3 in Campaign Mode or Pays to Unlock Combat Mode. Could you please tell us how much a Player would pay to be able to unlock Combat Mode should the Player be unable to Complete Chapter 3 in Campaign Mode? I read that players are randomly matched to fight each other, depending on their Heroes Level, Skills, etc. Does it mean that under this structure or arrangements, Players of equal Hero Levels are only Matched to Fight? Of no, how exactly could it be?

Thank you for the question. Players can pay a small one-time fee with their MITA token or stake a certain amount of MITA token (we are still discussing the amount internally) to unlock, locked or hidden levels. Yes, players of equal hero strength are automatically matched to fight.

Is it possible to play for free?

And how do we possible to get $MITA token?

Yes.. 100%, you actually don’t need to pay anything to start playing LoM.

The more you play LoM, the more you earn MITA. You are reward for your time and skills in the game. Everytime you complete a level you earn MITA

That’s a huge advantage to attract community!

That is our goal, most traditional games you don’t have to pay to get started and we are strong believers that is what games on the blockchain should be like, if we want to reach the masses

that will be really nice , is this mean every new user will get starting hero as NFT ?

Yes.. they can’t sell the free hero they get, but they can use it to build their MITA balance and buy a new hero from the game’s marketplace

oh i want to try play the game now

thank you for the answer, let’s continue to next question ?


Q2 from Telegram user @thisistoyin

In your Whitepaper, On NFT’S it was stated that :

All Heroes, Towers, Resources in Legends of Mitra are NFTs. & that Heroes will have limited drops, except for Doku, which is given for free to players during sign up. But Apart From DOKU which was Stated, other Heros NFT’s informations or details where Not Listed On your Whitepaper, can you please share with us details on how to Acquire this Purchased Hero NFT’s? What Unique Advantages do they present, are there Specific game Levels for unlocking these Heros? And can they also be bought or Traded on your Market place?

Thanks, we will be launching these NFTs in Q1 2022, you will be able to buy them from our web app marketplace using your MITA tokens or directly from the game’s marketplace. Also to learn about the backstories of our heroes, please follow us on Twitter or telegram, we have started sharing them from time to time. Here is an example we will also have other heroes you can farm (NFT farming) just by staking MITA.

Dont forget to follow Satoshi Clubber so you can get the new update from Legends of Mitra

Just a reminder to all Satoshiclubbers to join LoM Telegram channel!

by the way, do the Heroes possible to upgrade / increase their skill during in game?

Is your Marketplace already launched?

No not yet, we are currently working on this and it should be up in a few weeks after TGE

This hero is called Kong and the he is the teacher who trained Wukung

WOW! That’s the Fire!

Awesome !

Thank you

What is the meaning from different with the colour? or its just art?

down the line, heroes will have skins that players can buy. These are some of the skins you are seeing

ah i see skin ! Thank you for the detail answer

Do you want to add anything or we can go to next question?

we can move to the next question

Q3 from Telegram user @Anne_Tim

I have noticed that Legends of Mitra is also creating the ecosystem fund with the purpose of growing the LoM community. It will initially be managed by the Gem Studios team. Overtime Gem Studios team will integrate the funds into a DAO and hand it over to the community and stake holders to manage. Could you reveal the details of upcoming DAO? When is it planned to be launched according to your roadmap? What other features will LoM DAO support? Thanks!

Thank you, for us everything is about the community. We are looking at launching the DAO on or before Q4, 2022. But before that we will be completly transparent on how the ecosystems funds are used with constant report. Some of the features we will be bringing in the DAO, apart from being able to decide how the ecosystem funds are used, token holders will also have a part to play in deciding which heroes, levels and features we release next in Legends of Mitra. Lastly, token holders via the DAO will be able to help decide on what we should do as a community to bad actors in the game.

can you explain what are function of $MITA token ? what are the benefit by hold?


MITA Utility

– Buying heroes

– Upgrading Heroes

– Staking

– PVP battle rewards

– Unlock time-gated content,

– Governance

– Game Merchandise (buying 3d printed versions of your hero and having them ship to you at home)

oh we can buy merchandise using $MITA ? thats cool , do you support to delivery to all country?

Yes, as long as you have an addresss we should be able to get your package to you


You also mention we can buy new heroes, are there any benefit by having much heroes?

Thank you, so heroes are limited , meaning there can only be a certain amount of a particular hero ever sold by us. Example, Wukung as a hero, there might be only 300 of it, if you happen to be one of the few holders of this hero, you can always down the line sell it to other players in the game’s marketplace.

Even better if you use it in the game and build his skills

only 300 ? oh i want one

just an example.. but yes something in that line hahahaha

okay thank you for your answer, lets continue to next question


Q4 telegram user @Korryl

I notice from telegram announcement that Legends of Mitra is built under WAX chain. Usually i only hear mostly Blockchain game using BSC chain and rarely using WAX for a game, so what are the reason from Legends of Mitra build under WAX chain, is there any specific reason ? and by the way if we using WAX chain, what wallet that compatible with $MITA token from Legends of Mitra ? how about Metamask wallet ?

Thank you, we are building a multi-chain game, so it is not only going to be Wax but also BSC, Algorand, Klaytn and Cronos. The first compactible wallet I will recommend will be Metamask since we are first launching on BSC but as we scale to other chains you will be able to use other wallets those chains support that you trust

So there’s no limitation for usage!

Not at all

do you have plan to reach other chain in the future beside BSC,Algorand, Klaytn and Cronos?

For now these are our main focus, but hey, who knows …

btw can you please share the roadmap from Legends of Mitra?

yes sure

This can also be found here :

thanks for sharing, as i see its all on schedule

So, the public IDO is close, but this is going to be our next question!

Public IDO is starting on the 9th and 10 of next month… Jan 2022

yes, lets continue to next question about IDO

Q5 telegram user @DK177

According to your roadmap, the public IDO is ready to be launched by the next quarter. Have you already fixed the dates? If not, when do you announce the sale? Is there a Whitelist process including a KYC procedure? Please let us know how should we prepare ourselves to purchase tokens from the sale. What are the prerequisites to participate? Further, launch of the Public Playtest version and listing $MITA on DEX have also been scheduled for the same quarter. Since there are a few days remaining to the beginning of the new quarter, please explain about the progress of these events. Have you already finished the work of the Public Playtest version and dicussed with a DEX?

Yes, our public IDO is going to happen on — RedKite,

– GameFI and

– Oxbull

on the 9th and 10th of Jan, 2022. In terms of timeline we are currently on track and we have a few Dex lined up which will be announcing in our telegram and twitter community soon. Please use this link to join our community :

For play testing, we have that launching around 25th of Jan, 2022 and some of our community members will be whitelisted to take part in this

Its already near around 2 weeks, dont miss this opportunity Satoshi Club

so lets go to the last question from part 1 ?

Q6 telegram user @victorogb

Taking a particular interest in the economic and DeFi functions of your native MITA tokens, you have allocated 25 million MITA tokens out of the 200 million total token supply to Staking and Liquidity. I would love it if you could provide an extensive analysis of your Staking and Liquidity programs, how would they be particularly organised, and when should we expect the Legends of Mitra Staking program to be fully rolled out? Can you also provide the overall Liquidity funding sources for Legends of Mitra, how best will you look to improve and increase revenue to these funds and also rewards to players?

Sure thank you for the question. Our staking program will be launching on the 10th of Jan, 2022 same day as TGE. MITA holders can right away stake their MITA and start earning. We have 3 different buckets you can stake in 3, 6 and 12 months. We also have special NFT gift boxes for MITA holders who stakes for 6 or 12 months. The APR is currently set at 35%. In terms of liquidity, we are still working out a few details, depending on how many platforms we will be listing MITA on, but a huge part of that fund is for staking rewards.

Thank you for the detail answer, do we also possible to stake NFT ?

Great numbers and the dates are really close — so the users take part in IDO, then stake if they wish to and the game release will follow on 2 weeks!

yep.. beta version of the game will be 2 weeks after

Main launch will be in May, 2022

Thanks for your detail answers, @ismeblaq

it has been an amazing time in this first part of the AMA

Is time to proceed with the second part, the live segment

Are you ready for the biggest storm of question in Satoshi Club ?



can’t wait

we will open chat for 2 minutes and then chat will be closed –

you can start select 10 best questions !

okay.. got it

Please wait till the chat is closed after 120 seconds before answering the selected questions


chat will be open in 10 sec

@Pratze, let’s bring a storm here!

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user

I’m curious if your project is built on transparency so could you please share the audit report of the token with us?

Thank you for your question. Yes here is a link to our Audit report

Q2 from Telegram user

You can give hero NFTs in-game power, recovery time, armor, weapons, etc., especially in combat. Can it be given? Is it possible to buy power upgrades/energy?

Great question, it is not every upgrade you can buy. Most of them you have to earn them via gameplay. This present to some level a fair playing ground for all players.

Q3 from Telegram user

To start the game, do I need to pay a one-time fee or I will be needing to pay a subscription fee monthly?

It is completely free to start playing the game and earn. You don’t need to pay anything at all

Q4 from Telegram user

Many Investors dump the Project’s token from time to time,
What necessary steps you have taken?

As part of our SAFT there is a clause that gets executed as soon as an investor dump to a certain slipage. If an investor does that, they vesting will automatically be cliffed by 12 months. Meaning they will not recieve any more of their tokens until 12 months is over.We believe this will prevent such dumping, we also took our time in selecting investors so we made sure we have strong hands only

Q5 from Telegram user

Does this game is built For any certain age group people?
Or anyone from any age group can play this game?

The game is built for anyone from 10 years and above. It is completly safe and with a great gameplay for both children and adults.

Q6 from Telegram user

Onboarding new users is really a challenge for many games,
What work has been done of the UI of the platform?

Thank you, this is one of the key challenges we have seen with many blockchain games and one we have solved. Our game onboarding is very simple and a player will not even know they are playing blockchain game. All transactions fees will be paid for the user at the blockchain level and they user will only pay with MITA. Example you will not need any BnB in your wallet to play

Q7 from Telegram user

Can you tell me how and where I can buy MITA token? Which exchange will it be listed and how do I spend/use the tokens to earn rewards?

MITA token will be launched on the 10th of Jan, 2022. We are currently in talks with a few exchanges and will be announcing them soon. Please keep an eye out for more information on this.

Q8 from Telegram user

Based on what you have noted in the Legends of Mitra roadmap, in the fourth quarter of 2021 you carried out the private sale of the MITA token, which has already ended and all allocations have been filled. And now, for the first quarter of next year, you plan to carry out the public IDO of the MITA token. Can you tell us in which month this IDO will take place? Will this IDO take place in the month of January? Do you already have a probable date or exact date that you can share with us to be alert and not miss that opportunity? Will you run a single IDO on one platform or multiple IDOS on different platforms?

We will run IDO on 3 different top IDO platfroms

  • RedKite
  • GameFi
  • Oxbull

on the 9th and 10th of Jan, 2022

Q9 from Telegram user

I noticed that LoM has completed its $1.45M private funding round, backed by its impressive GameFi & Blockchain VC series. So how will the LoM platform handle this incoming $1.45M, do you have any plans to improve LoM and add more gaming features?

Thank you. We are still building Legends of Mitra and we see ourseleves building this game for the next 10+ years. This funds will be going towards increasing the team size and bring more smart engineers into the team as well as marketing. For us we are building a long term business and not just a project.

Q10 from Telegram user

In comparison to traditional game creation, what are the most significant factors to consider when integrating a blockchain into a game?

I think one of the most important things to consider is the onboarding experience. Traditional games don’t have to really worry much about this and traditional gamers don’t really care about blockchain. They want to enjoy a good game and as a game developer or studio you need to provide them with a good gameplay. If you can bring a good gameplay and a smooth onboarding to the table, you will win. I believe companies that will win in the long term are those that understand this and build solutions to solve them.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

WebSite —



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