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Matrix x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 31st of August

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Matrix and our guests were @josephliu03 — representative of Matrix. The AMA took place on 31st of August.

The total reward pool was 500$ and has been split into 3 parts.

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Website

Greetings dear Satoshi Club

Hello Satoshi Clubbers! Today we are excited to announce our AMA session with MatrixSwap!

Today’s guest is @josephliu03! Welcome to Satoshi Club!

Matrix swap will be presented to us by wonderful guest

Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club, @josephliu03!

Hey guys.

Sorry for the technical delay

Great to be here.

Thanks for having me.

Excited to share Matrixswap with you all.

We are very excited about the upcoming AMA

That’s right!

Please tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into crypto. When came to the matrix


I’m originally from Taiwan, currently living in Germany. I’ve been in crypto since 2016 mainly as an investor and swing trader.

I’ve helped multiple early stage startups in crypto to raise funds and built a strong network in crypto since 2017.

Our team is based in Asia and we have seasoned developers that worked on Defi, oracle and NFT projects.

Matrixswap started as a dream for the team.

Wanting to trade altcoins with leverage.

You are an early crypto adopter

And we decided to build and solve our own problems

What is the essence of Matrix swap?

What do you mean by this concept?

Matrixswap is bringing leveraged trading, multi-token swaps and proper risk management tools to the DeFi space.

Traditional AMMs like Uniswap don’t offer leveraged trading and are limited to single token transactions.

At Matrixswap, traders can trade any assets with up to 25x leverage and will be able to swap multiple tokens at once via our DEX aggregator.

How long does it take to develop a project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from Matrix swap?

In our case, we’ve been building since late 2020.

And we will continue to build and optimize the platform for years to come.

The benefits are obvious. You just took into account the mistakes of the pioneers and the model is getting better.

Expect Matrixswap to be THE platform to trade on for DEXs.

By the way, I’ve seen that the whole team is public — you guys deserve a big praise for the transparency

How many team members are working on MatrixSwap at the moment?

We really hope and believe that it will be so.

We have a total of 8 core team members.

And we are expanding!

Looking to bring on more people to join us in the future.

For now — we are focused on the tech.


Thanks for great introduction, we will have several questions selected for Part 1. Ready to start?


Let’s do it.

Q1 from Telegram User @Jmagsss

The platform is really designed to offer traders to trade anything.


As we start our mission at matrixswap we hope to stay crypto native.

Meaning we will intend to stay with offering just crypto markets.

But if DAO decides to branch out later on to other markets.

The DAO has the power to do so.

We want that control to be held not by us, but by the protocol users.

That’s called empowering your community and stakeholders


It is really revolutionary what you do

I’d say the vAMM design is pretty unique.


We give credit to the team that invented it.

Perpetual Protocol.

By the way can you demonstrate something?

Our system is similar.

Visualization is perceived by users much better.


I’ll do my best.

What is it that you’d like me to demonstrate?

I have a quick video on our DEX aggregator.

If you guys want to take a quick peek at it.

Nuke button.

All user needs to do is to click on the nuke button and approve the transaction.

The app auto inputs all pre-approved tokens and set to max sell.

This is our DEX router example ^

Both live on polygon mainnet.

These are our DEX router demo videos.

Separate from the vAMM.

It works very simply! Thanks for the guides!

This nuke function… is definitely cool

I could get addicted to it very easily haha

Glad you guys like it!

Thank you very much for the clear answer and demonstration Joseph!

Ready to hop onto the next community question?


Let’s go.

Q2 from Telegram User @Highpee

We initially set out to deploy on Cardano and polkadot because they are considered the 3rd generation blockchains.

Compared with ethereum, they had way better scalability.

Polygon development came later in the picture as we saw the massive growth in liquidity.

BSC and ETH both are too costly to run our protocol.

We will stay with more cost-efficient protocols.

If ETH figures out scaling through layer 1 later on, we’re happy to deploy.

That being said, we are always looking to adapt.

Your solution really makes sense. And flexibility is more important than ever.

If certain blockchains are: 1. fast 2. cost-effective 3. secure

We will deploy there.

Yes, unfortunately, Ethereum right is mostly a playground for whales… or least the minority that can afford


We want our users to be able to make trades without spending too much on gas fees.

Even BSC when congested can cost up to $5 a trade.

So we want to make sure our users are protected from that.

I think this an exhaustive answer and @Highpee will probably be satisfied

Brilliant, thank you!

Thanks for your answers! Ready to proceed to the next question?

Yes, I’m ready!

The next question is about the mechanisms and funding rate behind MatrixSwap perpetual contracts

Q3 from Telegram User @Jonahapagu

Sure thing!

Very similar to how FTX works.

Perpetual contracts never expire.

So technically you can hold on to them forever.

That said.

Perp market can easily diverge from the real market price.

So to fix that.

We have a funding payment on a per hour basis.

The funding payment is calculated by position size * (TWAP of perpetual price — TWAP of Index price)/24.

TWAP comes from oracle price feed.

Which we will use chainlink — on polygon.


And another one for Cardano.

What about the Index price, how is that calculated?

This is obviously a more technical question.

Index price comes from oracle.

So if you go to chainlink price feed website.

That data is constantly being updated.

Great to read that you’ve picked the best oracles for the project

chainlink is by far the most battle-tested oracle out there

Really very cool

Oracle failures have been quite a thing in the previous months, Chainlink is the hallmark of quality in the space

Thanks for your detailed answers

No problem!

Ready to proceed?


Next question please.

Q4 from Telegram User @andrey_seleznov

Here is it

Good questions!

We are currently developing a stoploss function that will fit quite well with multi-token swaps.

So it will act as a great risk management tool for DeFi users.

Limit orders are more limited to single tokens — but you can set many limit orders which essentially acheive the same result.

Polygon transactions are confirmed relatively quickly so we have been able to make smart contract calls while routing through multiple AMMs.

Similar with how 1inch and work.

Regarding slippage — we give users the ablility to set them and if some tokens don’t go through the rest will still go through.

This is thanks to our “partial fill” function.

And over all — matrixswap not only saves you gas fees.

It also finds the best rates for you.

Thanks for great answer

I truly feel the scope of what you guys are building can really ease the life of so many users out there in cryptoland

The videos I dropped earlier demonstrate some of the stuff I talked about just now.

Thank you

Next question gets back to the governance theme

Q5 from Telegram User @yellowchamp

Our DAO design is relatively similar to blue-chip defi projects.

Think compound.

Or markerDAO.

Token holders will get the ability to propose, vote.

Overall I believe DAO is the best approach to fully demonstrate the power of decentralization.

It’s the best solution long term.

There’s no seperate community council.

Token holders are the DAO members.

It’s more straight forward this way.

Simple and clear

Speaking of token holders, could you please share your tokenomics paper?


And by the way, has the project undergone any audits yet?

We’re currently in the queue.

But we will definitely have the smart contract audited before our platform launch.

Tokenomics can be found here.

Safety first

We priced the token to be $0.1 per token.

For both private and public.

Fair price for everyone.

Thank you very much for sharing @josephliu03

Sounds good

Great, thank you very much. This is the last question for this very first part of the AMA, then we’re heading into the LIVE part of the session.

Q6 from Telegram User @cheriemike

For the red pill NFTs, today is the LAST day.

You can still enter until midnight (EST).

That’s for you Satoshi Clubbers, an opportunity not miss out on!

Take the red pill guys

For whitelisting — check out our twitter page!

And yes, a KYC progress is required.

But only for the winners.

And that’s the Twitter page

So you guys have no excuses to be up and ready to explore how the MatrixSwap rabbit hole is

Apart from the NFT giveaways, we don’t have airdrop plans for now.

We might in the future

We will be glad if you share with us all the useful links before opening the chat

Twitter —
Website —
Telegram — @matrixswapofficial

Thanks for sharing

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user@BJosefina61

Our unique multi-token swap will stand out from the rest of the market

Q2 from Telegram user @Ratash97

Cardano has a smart contract coming on live later this month.

Q3 from Telegram user @Guandog

We have a maintenance margin ratio of 6.25%.

And yes.

We will introduce base assets like WBTC and WETH later on.

Q4 from Telegram user @csgonub

We plan to hire more people and we are already in the process

Q5 from Telegram user @ethcypherpunk

Yes proposing for new market creation is one of the main governance functions.

Q6 from Telegram user @victorogb


The insurance fund acts as a backstop for the markets.

When there are losses that need to be paid to traders.

Insurance fund covers it.

The assets of insurance fund comes from trading fees.

50% of trading fees go to insurance funds.

The larger the open interest our platform has, the bigger the insurance fund needs to be.

Q7 from Telegram user @sweetdoge

We’re interested in deploying on Solana as well, but that will be much further down the line.

Q8 from Telegram user @Titanium432

The main difference is that users get to retain custody of their own funds and trades are 100% on-chain and transparent.

Q9 from Telegram user @horrampure

Our tokens cannot be bought right now, but we will have our IDO on card starter on the 10th of September.

Shortly after we will list our token on uniswap.

Metamask will be the wallet to use.

The registration starts on Sep 3rd.

IDO is on the 10th of Sep.

Q10 from Telegram user @Tahsinahmett

We set out to be a protocol to not take revenue from traders.

We want to empower our users and the value of matrixswap tokens.

So instead of making fees as revenue, we use that to buy back tokens.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part, we tested your knowledge in terms of Matrix. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for the quiz was 300$.
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Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

Matrix Telegram community:



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