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MCDC x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 9th of May

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from MCDC and our guest was @CommaClub, @birdietheearlybird, @firstmcwifelilith, @swaggyp50, @UncleOGrimacey — representatives of MCDC. The AMA took place on 9th May.

The total reward pool was 500$ and has been split into 3 parts.

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Website

Dear community, thanks for be here, is time to go with the last AMA session of the day

Dear community! We conclude our today’s AMA marathon series with MCDC.

Our friends from MCDC are here

Welcome to Satoshi Club, our guests:


Thank you for having us!

Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club, @CommaClub @birdietheearlybird @firstmcwifelilith @swaggyp50 @UncleOGrimacey!

How is going your day guys?

Thanks for joining

Today has been going fantastic and we’re very excited to be sharing our project with you guys.

We managed to miss you

Can you add to the AMA.

Tell us about the news from our last meeting


A lot has went on since our last meeting, including an incredibly successful virtual NFT art show in Pete’s Art House which gathered the 2nd most visits in the entire Cryptovoxels world

Development has been going on, at an insane pace.

We also started live testing our Drivethru game and hope to fully launch at the end of the month.

Our most important development in my opinion is that we unified our entire ecosystem and coin to focus on breast cancer charity

Wow! you worked very fruitfully !!!

Fees from our games, NFTs, and even milestones from our coins go directly to breast cancer charity and we’ve been getting some big faces behind our coin to support

There’s plenty of charities for dogs, cats, and frogs.

But none for breast cancer.

This is a very noble cause!

Thank you, we hope to make an impact.

Great job guys, that’s what all projects must do

We are the McDonald’s of the blockchain serving up fast fun.

Well! it was as always very energetic and informative! I suggest moving on to the community questions!

We’re rallying more and more support with our #McTittyChallenge this month with our own Instagram filter


How is the campaign?

With my pleasure

We kicked it off this week and have been getting big faces which include Britney Amber and Molly Stewart

They are not only beautiful girls, but they also know about crypto!

I’ll tell you guys more how MCDC specifically plays into our ecosystem

Thank you for this exciting introduction

So! We have great questions! Are you ready for them?



Q1 from Telegram User @yellowchamp

Great question!

The xDai blockchain provides users with more flexibility, functionality, and cost savings when compared to Ethereum. Furthermore, with a free random number generator, games such as the MCDC Drivethru can run forever without external funding from the community.

The xDai team has actually officially recognized our project in their docs and in their popular Twitter.

We hope to collaborate closely with them.

Imagine if a project had contact with Vikalik himself or with CZ.

That is what we will have with xDai.

I really understand them! You guys are incredible!

Btw, could you tell us more about your current partnerships?

We work closely with the Unifty platform and their lead dev Benny to make our NFTs and their novel iNFTs which allow users to uniquely interact with their NFT

We also are collaborating with multiple models on the #McTittyChallenge to spread awareness of our project and our charitable cause

Really? Please share with us some NFTs designs? We are art lovers

We are also going to be donating to this charity for breast cancer in the coming days!

This is a collage of our NFTs in the style of Beeple “Everydays — The 5000 Days”

Meanwhile other community members create gamified iNFTs such as “Crypto Fortune”

These our our NFT/NFC merch designs we have. Blockchain authenticated merch.

Great designs.

This is awesome.

Love to see it every time.

How to buy it? I want one of them

And we are the first project to make the first NFT/NFC merch in the blockchain space

It is very important to do good deeds and also take care of crypto.

As part of our ecosystem, McDonalds Coin Land, we’re building a gift shop where all merch will be available for purchase in MCDC.

I love Mona Lisa

I also want to mention that MCDC gets fee-sharing from every part of our ecosystem, part of which goes to breast cancer charity

They are the first of their kind. No other crpto has done what we have done with our merch. I will include a link at the end of the ama.

This is a kind of inspiration for us.

Thank you and congrats for your big effort

Well, ready to proceed with the next question?


You also inspire us!


Q2 from Telegram User @Highpee


McSwap will have all our gamified tokens, the first bunch will be from our upcoming game Drivethru.

And to elaborate further, Drivethru is a token trading game. The interface of the game is a menu where you can buy tokens/menu items (such as a Flury for a Big Mac etc). When you open the game you will see 8 tokens reflected as menu items, along with the number of tokens (or Macs) available, their value. It’s a whole little market on it’s own, so you can play while actively participating in real trades and swaps!

We’ll also have other games such as cards and slots, like an entire casino built on xDai

Fees will go to MCDC holders and to breast cancer charity

This will be our inspiration going forward as we expand out our online amusement park.

A whole ecosystem wow, is there any approximated date to launch?

It’s an evolving ecosystem that is constantly being expanded by our community.

Our left side is well developed.

We have art shows at Pete’s Art House and NFT farming on Unifty.

Meanwhile, our right side with the game will launch end of the month.

Guys this is amazing!

Could you explain how staking an farming rewards work?

We will have liquidity farming for 1000+% APY for our game subtokens and meanwhile, we also have NFT farming which lets someone accumulate points for holding MCDC to purchase NFTs

Wow, that’s high.

Our community loves McDonalds and trading fast food tokens.

This includes our custom NFT/NFC McMerch, all McArt, our McThot farm

Thank you very much for your answers! ready to move on to the next question?



Q3 from Telegram User @nadee5

Give us one moment, we are preparing an answer!

PlayPlace is a 18+ Members-only club hosted by the McThots! And MCDCTV is a Discord stage that we will route all of our SFW programmings through! McBloomberg, Twitch streams, Youtube, all that fun stuff.

Take your time!

McThots have all been handpicked and taste tested by Satoshi McDonald himself, btw

We will be hosting a party and will do party hat airdrops to celebrate our McMascots, @McKlowyn, Birthday today at 2:00 EST

Give a link for Satoshi Clubbers

PlayPlace is indeed only available to cardholders (Membership NFT vouchers from our farm). We have 3 tiers

Platinum members have umbrella access, but we have black and blue cards for Telegram and Discord!

And a McDaddy point system to earn points for NFTs if you’re a good tipper 0:)

So, is it VIP?

It is our Premier Adult Playground! Only the most elite, and limited to 100 total members.

All MCDC holders at that


Thanks for share this amazing info, would you like to add something before the next question?

Just excited to see it all expanding and be a part of the McEcoystem!! McThots do a lot of cool collabs with the team. It’s been a blast!

All good! Continue!

Happy to see that we can mix up blockchain with a lot of use cases

Q4 from Telegram user @Indomiekuy

That’s exactly what we expected!

The purpose of the campaign was to create some buzz and have some fun, and in our eyes, it was a massive success.

It’s really fun

I even tried it on Seamless, they said they would talk to McDonalds but I havent heard back yet…

We still hold out hope.

They gave me fries for free! Seriously!

Fries for free?

Yeah, Seamless felt bad they didn’t know about MCDC yet so they comp’d my fries.

McDonalds secretly loves us. We subtly shill Big Macs for them and want nothing more than to Reclaim the Magic. We have fun!

You are so beautiful that a whole restaurant can be present to you


Thank you guys very much for your answers! Are you ready to proceed to the next question?


Q5 from Telegram user @Ajpaa

This was an unfortunate situation where our audit from War on Rugs was faulty. We had to halt our game immediately and delay it until the end of the month. The amount lost was minimal with regard to total marketcap and this allows to actually modify our game mechanics to automatically donate to breast cancer charity.

When people play our game, there will be a live ticker that shows the number donated to charity going up.

We are exploring other audit options currently.

For anyone who is looking to do an audit, I advise Quantstamp or Solidity Finance.

Twitter popularity is not a good representative for audit quality.

Lesson learned.

(WoR is very popular on Twitter)

Twitter heroes.


Safety first

thanks for the answer! and also for the fact that you are not afraid to honestly answer difficult questions!

Never trust someone who has Pokémon as their profile pic

We have to learn of the errors, it won’t happen in the future I think

I suggest moving on to the last question in this part.

Please go ahead!

Q6 from Telegram user @dudeiebitch

Certainly, yes. Provenance and notoriety are critical to the value of NFTs.

What is the highest price that you have sold one of MCDC NFTs?

Most usually go for 50–500 USD. Our community loves to create artwork and interactive artwork, so we have lots of people buying/selling

We have one very talented NFT artist MATRIX.HH

I regularly buy NFT’s that are priced at 100 USD on our ecosystem and own upwards of 100 NFT’s now

I think this is a great investment in the future.

Thank you for the clear and amazing answers. I would like to ask, what’s the greatest event coming for MCDC on this 2021?

We hope to donate $100,000+ to breast cancer charity, most of which will hopefully come from fees from our blockchain games like Drivethru!

…and the grand opening of McDonalds Coin Land.

Well done guys, our best wishes for you on that

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @adaatalay

Yes we will be getting more influencers on board. Currently, we have 4 girls that work with our team directly via the McThots. We kicked it off this week and have been getting big faces which include Britney Amber and Molly Stewart.

Q2 from Telegram user @smelekin

PlayPlace is a “club” on Discord and Telegram that is hosted by the McThots, who themselves are amateur adult content creators. We share a lot of exclusive/ explicit content there. GIFs, videos, live shows on the PlayPlace Stage (right on our Discord) — we keep it 18+ because quite frankly, McTitties!!

Q3 from Telegram user @ronaldo_super

Honestly, it happened organically. Our community is super creative and talented. We have a few channels across the web and wanted to keep it in the McEcosytem! I thought it would be funny to have an MCDC TV Guide and it evolved from there. I hope it provides entertainment, an outlet to get the latest news and updates — encourages people to create their own programming.

Today we’re streaming McMascot McKlowyn’s favorite movie for her birthday!

Q4 from Telegram user @messilolz

Follow our TG

We are always active and having fun there and keeping everyone up to date. You can also check out our LinkTree for all of our social media. We even have a Minecraft server listed on there!

Q5 from Telegram user @jizellu

Q6 from Telegram user @Cryptojubair

We’re well aware of the countless ‘flash in the pan’ tokens out there. The work that we’ve put into developing our ecosystem is clear to see. For example, in two months we went from concept to live demo with This game is totally original in its mechanics using the xDai network random number generator to induce market activity between the subtokens. MCDC is also the first crypto to devote a percentage of all future transactions into breast cancer research; so every time a user plays a game in our ecosystem, they’ll also be doing real good in the world.

Q7 from Telegram user @Aqillaa

We want to go viral so the goal of it is vastly different than what other coins are planning. Since this method hasn’t really been tried before once we have executed on this then we will see significant valuation changes due to the scope of taking it to the mainstream audience.

Q8 from Telegram user @lusiana_lambreth

I made the filter for fun, and the guys had the great idea to tie this into charity and expand into the whole ecosystem. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide & the second most common cancer overall. It runs in my family, so it’s really personal to me and means a lot that we’re able to unify under this cause. Play games = money for breast cancer research? WIN WIN.

You can get involved already, if you want to check out the filter on Instagram & join our HQ!

Q9 from Telegram user @tatarrama

We intend to localize our platforms and tailor our marketing for different regions. At the moment, our focus is on North America/Europe. We have a Japanese language Telegram group, with more to come.

Q10 from Telegram user @Babu11khaiso

All of those are important but our investors are our community. We make owning MCDC fun. Price reflects those that believe in the project and want to make a difference in the world. Reclaiming the Magic isn’t just about having fun though. We are leveraging our name, our ecosystem, our marketing, our Twitter list and IG list, everything. All to make as big an impact on the world as humanly possible. McDonalds is the biggest fast-food chain of the world. McDonalds Coin aims to be the biggest charity contributor to breast cancer in crypto and McDonalds Coin will be the most fun place in crypto imaginable.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part, we tested your knowledge in terms of MCDC. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for the quiz was 300$.
English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

MCDC Telegram community:



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