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Metaxy ($MXY)

It is time for war!

Ever wondered what it takes to be a superhero? Is it the coolest job in the world, or is it tougher than it appears?

Being a superhero, especially on the Metaverse is honorable. Imagine going to bed knowing that you fought gallantly in a great war and defeated many villains. Superheroes have superhuman strength, bravery, and a golden heart. These extraordinary individuals inspire the world because they embody honor, integrity, and everything else that many others desire to embody in their lives.

Many argue that superheroes are not real. They say it’s all made up and that you couldn’t be a superhero even if you wanted to. Well, we think that superheroes do exist and we know just where to find one or become one.

Introducing Metaxy

We are ecstatic to introduce METAXY to you.

Metaxy is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT combat game with the most distinct anime-inspired characters that form a Multiverse where players can call up their best-loved superheroes to battle and accrue benefits. Players will be subsumed into exhilarating versus-fighting action with their fave Metaxy fighters if they participate in the ultimate Multiverse showdown. The greatest superheroes will be ready and waiting for your summons to battle, with gorgeous visuals and godlike skills.

Metaxy is set in a fantasy universe where superheroes are summoned to fight in the Great Multiverse War. Each character has a unique appearance and fighting abilities that evolve over time as the user gains experience. Players can soak themselves in an enchanting narrative story plot (PvE) with epic AI-based combat overseen by a diverse cast of Metaxy superheroes.

There is so much more! Metaxy is full of awesome features that make it stand out as an epic game project. Metaxy players can earn unique items and $MXY tokens with verifiable ownership. These items can be brought, sold, or traded in the real world. With this amazing feature, players do not only get to enjoy the addictive gameplay but they also have many awesome opportunities to grow their income in real-time.

Metaxy offers you a chance to become not just a superhero ally but a superhero. Superheroes exist in the Multiverse, and with Metaxy, you are one now. Metaxy’s dramatic tension and excitement, as well as the romance, battle scenes, and deaths, are bound to feed your mind’s imagination.

Melding all of the above-mentioned motivations, Metaxy was created with the intention of developing an integrated digital platform of tokenized characters that piques the interest of the average user by allowing them to participate in and enjoy the gameplay while also profiting from Blockchain technology. This is why Metaxy has created a digital platform universe of unique digital creatures by combining the blockchain-based gaming world and NFT in a next-generation concept.

Metaxy’s Mission and Vision

The brains behind Metaxy have crafted a beautiful mission and vision statement for the project. We have quoted it below:

Mission: We designed Metaxy with an aim to create a dynamic and vivacious Multiverse that generates high engagement value amongst players and provides them with the utmost sensational experience. Players can dive into the immersive storytelling and participate in fierce battles against one another to claim well-deserved rewards. Our philosophy is to work collectively towards the goal of disrupting the conventional technological model whilst involving players in every crucial systematic and economic step of the project. We endeavor to create an inclusive and socially interactive Multiverse for the community.”

Vision: Metaxy was conceptualized to become a leading complex Multiverse. We seek to enable mass adoption of blockchain-based gaming by creating engrossing and innovative cross-chain gaming experiences. This can be achieved by integrating blockchain technology advancement with traditional gaming frameworks which are centralized upon a balanced ecosystem.”

Game Play

The multiverse is vastly larger than we previously imagined. It includes all that has ever existed: all of space, time, matter, energy, and information, as well as the physical laws and constants that explain them. Universe Z — the multiverse’s final and bleakest dimension, where the worst from the multiverse assembles, the seed of a heavy war is reawakened. There is a dark force, a hybrid product of the DNA of the very worst traitors in the Manga and anime universes, including the five Evil gods: Zamora, Coycytus, Demagri, Sabe, and Mera. They want to rule the entire multiverse, and in order to do so, they must topple GOD at the center of the multiverse, a location known as METAXY.

Metaxy superheroes are the collective name for the assembled warriors. They contain the DNA of the strongest superheroes from the Manga and Anime universes, including Ziku, Ninja, Zaku, Izgo, Ozaku, and others. They must band together to stop the Evil gods’ plot from gaining control of the multiverse. In this battle, they must not only fight evil gods but also their own dark clones, which the evil gods managed to bring in through the space portal. Fighting this disaster requires more than one person. All Metaxy warriors must fight for their lives, or their power will be subsumed and the dark force will become far more powerful!!!

The battle begins…

After choosing their favorite Metaxy superhero from among the many available characters, players will constantly upgrade their fighters’ stats to increase their chances of victory in the battle against the Evil Gods. To accomplish this, players will battle in diverse gameplay modes in order to earn rewards that can then be used to improve the abilities of their Metaxy fighters.

Market Place

To win against super-powerful villains, you might have to spend to purchase characters and items. Getting more powerful characters and items that can boost your character’s strength in no small way increases your chances of winning.

The Mirana Marketplace is the go-to place for players who are looking to buy or sell in-game characters and items. All transactions occur on the Binance Smart Chain and are simple for users to perform due to clear interfaces and transparent workflows.



Metaxy’s official token is $MXY. Its total supply is 1,500,000,000. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The $MXY token was allocated thus (from highest to lowest) :

  • The highest percentage of tokens (30%) was allocated to in-game rewards.
  • 16.0% was allocated to Metaxy’s teams.
  • 15.0% of the total supply of $MXY was set aside for Ecosystem Fund.
  • Another 15.0% was allocated to Marketing and Liquidity.
  • 10% was distributed in the private sale round.
  • 5.0% was distributed in the seed sale round.
  • Advisors didn’t go unrewarded as they received 5.0% of the total $MXY supply.
  • 2.0% was allocated to the public sale (initial DEX offering).
  • Finally, 2.0% was allocated to airdrop events.



  • Metaxy Introduction
  • Fundraising
  • Game trailer


  • IDO
  • Staking
  • NFT Marketplace
  • MVP
  • Leaderboard
  • Open in-game market
  • Play to Earn
  • Auto Raid Mode


  • Full Game Release
  • Release Soul within the in-game market
  • Special skill
  • Second sale for New NFT Characters
  • Arena Mode


  • Multiverse-great beast Mode
  • Mobile Version


  • Power Challenge Mode
  • Multiverse announcement
  • DNA Fusion

Metaxy’s Communities

Become a part of Metaxy’s communities on any of these platforms:


Join the Metaxy’s Telegram community by clicking here. Metaxy has a second Telegram group where you can get the latest announcements about Metaxy. Click here to join.


Follow Metaxy on Twitter and keep your ears out for recent updates on the project. Join the Metaxy’s Twitter community by clicking here.


To join Metaxy or find out about upgraded or added features, visit their website. Click here to go to Metaxy’s website.



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