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Mist x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from the 14th of April

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Mist and our guest was:

The AMA took place on the 14th of April.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 500$

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&WebSite

D. | Satoshi Club:
@Kickdev @Indigo_Guru @Mist_game @Scythe_Q welcome guys! happy to see you in Satoshi Club!

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Hello, Satoshi club! Excited !!!!! Maybe too much coffee I dunno. Let’s go! It’s me for now. They worked hard last night having their rest.

D. | Satoshi Club:
Gotcha! let’s start then!

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
So basically I am one of the team members of Mist. Our team is in the double digits now. Some of us are actively involved in Academic research/ Machine learning. This project started as a fun game project for ourselves later things have gotten bigger and here we are.

D. | Satoshi Club:
Are you prefer to stay anonymous or you are a public team?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
We are an anonymous team at the moment. Some of us wanted to go Public, but the majority didn’t so we ended up staying anonymous.

D. | Satoshi Club:
And what is Mist all about?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
We have been working on this for more than a year now, the name wasn’t Mist actually.
We went through a semi incubation process with @Indigo_Guru and @Kickdev. They helped us re-brand and integrate some of the blockchain functionality and also helped us with the tokenomics. They are one of our many advisors (Soon to be announced on Twitter).

Mist is basically a kickass Action RPG that you would wanna play. And on top of that, we are on the blockchain.

D. | Satoshi Club:
Nice! Btw do you have any advisors from the game industry?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Yes, we actually do and hopefully, you will see it in the upcoming announcements.

D. | Satoshi Club:

got it!

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Okay so basically the first thing that is relevant to today is this.
We have a whitelist event at the moment and everyone should join to earn a chance to get a whitelist spot.
This whitelist contest on gleam doesn’t require you to hold a kickpad so anyone can join.

Secondly about the game; we are trying to combine all the good things of Defi and gaming.

D. | Satoshi Club:
1020529 Total Entries! HYPE!

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Yes, we must say we really appreciate all the support and we are overwhelmed with it!

D. | Satoshi Club:
Q1 from Telegram user @victorogb
One of the features of Mist’s unique partnership with MantraDAO is the cross-community token offerings which is a pretty awesome idea as it will further open Mist & $MIST token to a bigger, larger, and the even greater community of users. I am particularly interested in knowing, how will these cross-community token offering events be carried out and what are some of the basic requirements for members of both communities to fully participate?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
It will be done via 2 part sale on the KickPad IDO Platform.

D. | Satoshi Club:
I should say that your medium-full of articles about partnerships, nice work guys

you working with many different projects.

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
And more to come! Yeah so basically a whitelist spot would be around 30000/350 USD. There is no minimum.
Whatever that calculation gives

D. | Satoshi Club:
Cool! Thank you for your answers! ready for the next question?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:

D. | Satoshi Club:
Q2 from Telegram user @Winner_don
You said that MIST is built on Unity with the Mist NFT Game Framework(MNGF) in your whitepaper. What is the MIST NFT Game Framework? What are the features of this Framework? On which blockchain network is Mist based?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Okay, so this is not only a good question but a great question

Mist NFT framework is something that will allow independent developers to develop their game on our framework without actually knowing how to code.
Drag and Drop.
Add a quest
Add a monster
Add a character etc. all of these will be without needing to code.
Mist is based on Binance smart chain (BEP-20). Compare to ETH, BSC has super low gas fees which is convenient for a game where there are many transactions.
We don’t want to burden players with gas fees!

D. | Satoshi Club:
Yep, gas fees are a problem and BSC is the perfect solution to this.

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Ah, so why don’t you apply for the Whitelist contest.
You might get a sweet NFT! Absolutely possible.

D. | Satoshi Club:
Appreciate the answer! Ready for the next question?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Yes, send it!

D. | Satoshi Club:
Q3 from Telegram user @meml97
When we talk about the gaming side of Mist, we can see that is an RPG, and as with almost every RPG we have playable character classes and items and weapons that can help us through our adventure. But what I don’t see is if there will be any level difficulty mechanism and skills/weapons upgrade mechanism. So, will these two things exist within Mist’s gameplay? If so, can you tell us more about it and how will it work?

Question from a true RPG fan

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
So to answer the first question, Yes as you get stronger the monsters will become more difficult just like most RPG games, Different zones with different difficulties.
Coming back to the skill upgrade mechanism: Yes, and more importantly the planned skill trees are so flexible, it gives you the chance to almost make your own class. Obviously, you pick your own class says, shapeshifter. But at the end of the day with the skill t, thecan also make your character unique.
Also, not everyone has seen but we have shown it to special few people early on in our gameplay. It is pretty fast-paced and enjoyable. All will come including some lore bits and stories

Currently, our focus is on a successful launch

Are you an RPG nerd as well?? How about I show you some early gameplay footage? Well, you ain’t that cool then. We will let him hang out with us!
Just kidding of course. Y’all are cool. Yes, let’s skip the formality aha.

D. | Satoshi Club:
Q4 from Telegram user @yiselen
Players can stake in-game currency (MIST’s native token) by purchasing or investing in in-game businesses such as taverns, general stores, and more. Do players get rewarded by “gambling” this way? What other uses does the Mist token have? Can you buy farmland in the game to get farm rewards?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
So first of it isn’t gambling. Imagine a pancakeswap pool right. Our farm/business/taverns are a visual representation of what would be a “farm” somewhere like Pancakswap. You purchase them with your token (stake tokens) and get rewards! Just like you would outside of the game. Which hopefully soon after launch we will have. Soon after launch, you will be able to have an lp pair where you can liquidity farm MIST tokens.

D. | Satoshi Club:
Are you planning any pack sales? With NFTs.

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Not at the moment, most of the items in our game are actually regular items. Special ones usually become an NFT. This means having the more special ones are not a necessity but a bonus within our game. So let’s say if a player chooses not to purchase these NFTs, it is fine they can still have a full gameplay experience. However, they will most likely have these NFTs drop in-game anyway. And obviously, we have a tier system from least rare to rare

One more thing about our NFTs and how they are different. Our NFTs are functional NFTs. This means let’s say you purchased the Shield of Agrazzak right, what that does is that you can actually move the NFT from your wallet to the game and Voila! It is an item. And they give you bonuses. For example, that shield I mentioned gives the player 10 percent chance to cheat death when their hp is below 3 percent. Or when you get the Stag, it gives you extra carrying capacity

But we are launching on Kickpad no later than this week. That I can say for sure.

D. | Satoshi Club:
Q5 from Telegram user @johana0012
As we well know, 2020 and 2021 have been crucial years because the use of the internet and devices has increased significantly. Most human transactions are carried out through the web, but there is significantly great insecurity. Have they conducted an audit to determine possible attacks and risks? What were the results of that audit? What management company provided the audit?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
We had 3 audits done and all were posted on our medium.
Results were great we passed them with flying colors!
Also, we have 1 more security feature added which we will announce soon! We were audited by Solid, Solidity, and Hacken! This is because we are an anonymous team and we want to provide reassurance to people.

So we do everything we can to show the contract is secure, 100 percent.

D. | Satoshi Club:
Very good approach! I would love it if every anon team acts like you.

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Let’s go!

D. | Satoshi Club:
Q6 from Telegram user @JoanaZ
The pictures of the games look awesome, but looks that there are high CPU requirements associated, so can you please tell us what are the requirements to install and run the game? Can be played with Smartphones?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
So let me answer the second question first, no there aren’t any mobile versions atm.
We want to provide a full game experience on PC.
So what I will tell you about the CPU requirements atm, if you can play League of Legends or World of Warcraft on your computer, you should be able to play MIST

Btw to stay in the loop, give us a follow on and our awesome advisors,

We haven’t ruled out or even discussed this atm

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @ Johnny

Hello MIST. You will allow GAME DEVELOPERS to be able to use your framework to build their own game on your protocol. What type of game can be integrated with MIST? Will you only support RPGs? How easy can this be done without the knowledge of coding as you claimed?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
We are going to be Genre- agnostic. So any type really.

Q2 from Telegram user @ Cs GO

After playing and getting in-game items is it possible to sell them for $MIST tokens?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Yes, some, but not all.

Q3 from Telegram user @ Luke

How many whitelist spot is up for grabs?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:

Q4 from Telegram user @ Winner(Don)

MIST native token is the in-game currency, allowing you to farm and stake tokens to earn in- and out-of-game rewards. How can I get the token?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
We haven’t launched yet. Follow us to get updates!

Q5 from Telegram user @ Pie

Where can we purchase the $MIST token? What will be the long-term benefits for $MIST holders and buyers? Thank you.

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
You can purchase it on pancakeswap once we are life.

Q6 from Telegram user @ CoinTravolta

Can I sell a farm that I have developed and grown on the Mist platform to another user?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
you can’t however you can cash out.

Q7 from Telegram user @ Coin Test

You are arranging the first IDO on KickPad right now while granting 350 whitelist spots to people on April 15th. After getting the whitelist winners on gleam, when will you make the IDO? How many tokens will be up for sale, what will be the price per token? And there is a limited edition in-game NFT for some whitelist winners. How you will determine the NFT winners?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Gleam whitelist campaign is based on points. Winners are selected randomly however more points you have and more entries you have increased your chances of getting it. The whole process is lottery-based.

Q8 from Telegram user @ Marian Merheb

One common thing on RPGs is the possibility to have a different kind of objects/weapons/equipment/etc, that can be more or less valuable and powerful depending on how rare and difficult to find they are. So, will Mist’s NFTs be more valuable and powerful depending on their rareness both in-game and out there? If so, how will these rareness categories be and how can we get more valuable NFTs?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
We will list their tiers in-game and it will be obvious which ones are rare and which ones aren’t so much.

Q9 from Telegram user @

Seoyun 서윤

Why did you choose the KickPad platform for IDO? Are there any different advantages over other platforms?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
Yes. Kickpad gives their investors a chance to get allocation depending on how many tokens they have in proportion to the pool size. As opposed to other platforms with a tier-based system. Also again we value their hands-on approach to providing us the best advice/resources.

Q10 from Telegram user @ Sweety

How many characters do you have in the MIST and how can anyone own land in the game?

Mist NFT — Will Never Ask For Money:
5 playable characters at the moment. Owning land is easy, depending on how many mist tokens you have you can get in and purchase land. The farms and taverns are a visual representation of your staked tokens.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

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