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Most people have probably heard about the mafia, what it is and what it does. And, believably, many of them all were fascinated by their criminal stories, so they could not even be distracted from them.


Are you still looking for a really worthwhile play-to-earn game? But there are a lot of them and you do not really know which of them will bring you a profit, because not every play-to-earn game is really qualitative and as modern as it should be in 2022? So, there is a truly cool project which might be will interest you because of its technology,

MOBLAND is built on the latest Unity real-time development platform in C#, the industry standard for cross-platform game development. The game will use this technology stack to provide an advanced pipeline of graphics visualisation, overall scalability, streaming capability, network readiness, and continuous gameplay setup.

MOBLAND begins as an adventure role-playing game in which users acquire, manage, trade and expand their syndicate members. Reflecting a stylized view of the world of the modern criminal syndicate, MOBLAND takes another step in this concept, making the game free, where you can play and earn. Become the boss and take control of the territory, businesses, looting and raids on other unions to expand your empire. Users start by creating their own original crew members for free.

Users start by creating their own original crew members for free, but they still have to pay for the gas which they use for minting. The players can pick up their own crew of four for future battles.

The mechanics of the gaming process begin as a real-time card battler. Players can deploy a character’s abilities as they cool down in real time.

Users will be challenged by both PvE and PVP battles. The PvP battle will be asynchronous, in which the attacker will face the AI, appointed defender.

Climbing to the top of MOBLAND will not be easy, but it will be profitable and fun! If you want to reach the top, you should build your best crew and take on the teams of others to earn a reputation and assets. Create your own strategy to build a ruthless empire backed by a tough syndicate of peers, friends and enemies.



MOBLAND also has quite a few well-known and influential investors and partners who really know what they are doing and why they are doing it. And as almost everybody might know, great support is important thing when we are talking about quality of any project.


The game token, $SYNR, is the core of the game in the form of management and plays a central role in Mafia-as-a-DAO. $ SYNR you can bid to get $sSYNR (synthetic SYNR), a synthetic SYNR. You can use this currency to buy items in the game at a discount market. You will also get $sPOWER by setting your $ SYNR. This can be delegated to the union leader. It works like their right to vote in the DAO Mafia. Finally, you will earn extra money and increase your game characters by betting $ SYNR. In general, there are many advantages in this metaverse.

  • $SYNR is also utilized by staking to earn $sSYN which is used to purchase in-game assets on the marketplace at a discount
  • Stake $SYNR to generate $sPOWER and delegate that to the syndicate leader.
  • Stake $SYNR to earn an additional yield
  • Stake $SYNR to boost your in-game characters to help take over the world

Seed Round — 1% at TGE, total of 4% at month 1, then 12 months cliff, rest vested over 36 months

Strategic Round — 1% at TGE, total of 6% at month 1, then 12 months cliff, rest vested over 36 months

Private Round I — 2% at TGE, total of 8% at month 1, then 10 months cliff, rest vested over 36 months

Private Round II — 2% at TGE, total of 10% at month 1, then 9 months cliff, rest vested over 36 months

Public Round — 10% at TGE, rest vested over 9 months, 30% quarterly

Copper Round — Fair Launch Auction

Marketing & Community — 0% at TGE, then vested over 10 months

Earns — Unlocked as needed

Liquidity — 12.5% at TGE, then unlock as needed

Advisors — 13-month cliff + 36-month vesting

Team — 13-month cliff + 36-month vesting

Treasury — Unlocked as needed


MOBLAND has a great variety of NFT. Characters, equipment, field, license and more. MOBLAND has launched its own decentralized market, which takes place in the BSC network. Users can now buy, sell and exchange their gaming items via BUSD and BNB.

In the near future, $sSYNR will be available on the MOBLAND NFT Marketplace and will provide up to 25% discount on mysterious boxes and other limited edition items.



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