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Moonkat Finance x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 9th of June

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Moonkat Finance and our guests were @simbamoon and @cryptolord44. The AMA took place on 9 June.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 500$

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram community

Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with Moonkat Finance! Welcome to Satoshi Club

D. | Satoshi Club: today our guests — @simbamoon and @cryptolord44 !

hey guys, how is it going?

simba: Awesome

Trust you doing great likewise ?

Mary | Satoshi Club: Welcome here

simba: Thank you for having us here

Meowsie: Hi

Mary | Satoshi Club: We are great and want to know about Moonkat Finance as much as possible!

Meowsie: Thank you for having us

Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello, happy to see you here

Let’s start our AMA

Guys, please introduce yourself and tell us more about Moonkat Finance

Meowsie: I’m known as Meowsie in the community a data Analyst and blockchain enthusiast

Excited to be building the future of Defi at MoonKat Finance

How did you get involved in cryptospace?

simba: I’m known as Simba, I’m a creator and an innovator with a background in Engineering and blockchain enthusiast been involved in this space for 5 years now

Mary | Satoshi Club: Long time here

sure, your experience will help!

So, what is Moonkat Finance?

simba: Definitely, I hope to invest my wealth of knowledge and experience into MoonKat

Mary | Satoshi Club:

simba: Moonkat is a yield generation platform built on Binance Smart chain to reward token holders in $BNB while increasing in both liquidity and value, it does this by applying a 6% tax per transaction (buy/sell/transfer)

Mary | Satoshi Club: How old is Moonkat Finance? When did you decide to build this project?

D. | Satoshi Club: Moonkat was inspired of some other projects? in crypto

simba: I have always been fascinated with Defi and what it has to offer, started planning late last year but I wanted to be certain I have the right team first, so we kicked off April this year and we having our presale tommorow

D. | Satoshi Club: [

Sticker ]

Mary | Satoshi Club: Gotcha

simba: To be honest we aren’t the pioneers of defi and have seen so many projects get it right and so many get it wrong, we’re inspired by the success of most and challanged by the failure of others. We intend to right most issues plaguing most defi platforms, one of which is inflation.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Honest answer, we appreciate your affords!

D. | Satoshi Club: got it, thanks for answer

Mary | Satoshi Club: Thank you for your intro! Are you ready to start with the questions from our community?

simba: Ever ready

Meowsie: Born ready

Q1 from Telegram user @xperia3

Can you please tell about the team of Moonkat Finance? How experienced is the team and how did you become together for this project? Do Moonkat team have an intention to stop being anonymous? Don’t you think being anonymous have some disadvantages since market is full of scam projects? Won’t this make investors doubt on Moonkat Finance? How will you build a trust between Moonkat and investors?

Meowsie: Our team is made up of 4 professionals who are enthusiastic about crypto currencies. Currently we have 2 experienced developers that work on all our technical aspects, smart Contract, Website and DApp.

We have received serveral concerns about being anonymous, however, The team has plans of becoming fully doxxed once we are certain our model works.

We are currently focused on working hard and continuously introducing new developments in the yield generation space .

Mary | Satoshi Club: What will be the signs for you that your model works?

simba: Great question,

Our team is made up of 4 professionals who are enthusiastic about crypto currencies. Currently we have 2 developers that work on all our technical aspects, smart Contract, Website and DApp,

We have our lead marketer, we also have a creative designer that helps provide innovative designs to keep us going forward. Most of the team members have been around the crypto space for no less than 4 years.

Most of the team members have worked together in other successful projects which we complemented well. However, we haven’t launched any public project in this space, especially at this scale.

More than anonymousity, what matters is being able to deliver over time, Bitcoin being the lead crypto currency by market cap is still an anonymous project

However we do have KYC in view with trusted partners in the defi space.

Once we able to deliver on our goals and timelines, the trust will be built plus we are Community centred and have very little control of the platform tokens.

D. | Satoshi Club: understood, thank you for answer!

Meowsie: Our current usecase is rewarding holders of MKAT with BNB rewards weekly without increasing the circulating supply of our native token like most Defi projects

Mary | Satoshi Club: Got it! Thank you for your answers! Ready to proceed?

Meowsie: Yes please

Q2 from Telegram user @Asela1112

Moonkat Finance will launch presale on 10th of June 2021. What is the percentage of $MKAT, that allocated for the presale? How can we participate in Moonkat presale? What is the Hardcap & Softcap in presale?what is the $MKAT Price in preasle? Some of Defi platforms burn their tokens if tokens were remained, even after presales in order to incentive their token holders. Will there be a such a protocal in your presale? Please provide more details about your upcoming preasale.

Meowsie: Thank you for your question

The presale will be carried out on our platform because we need to vest some initial tokens.

Soft cap: 250BNB

Hard cap: 578BNB

Regarding Burning of tokens , yes we will burn 10% of tokens at launch

Kindly check the medium article for the upcoming presale and Tokenomics update


D. | Satoshi Club: thanks! so it will be your first presale?

Mary | Satoshi Club: So, why you need to burn tokens? Also, what will you do if all tokens won’t be sold?

Meowsie: We sold out our in house private round , Hard cap- 66BNB

So this is presale , then launch comes after

Meowsie: To maintain a healthy Token price

D. | Satoshi Club: so the some part of your tokens are already bought in private round? am i right?

Meowsie: Yes please

Mary | Satoshi Club: Thank you for your answers, guys! Ready for the next question?

Meowsie: Born ready

Q3 from Telegram user @Arisabela

From what I could read, Moonkat offers a service to earn BNB passively, so I wonder, what are the benefits of rewarding your holders with BNB and not with your native $ MKAT token? How is this good for the sustainability of your project and are there other possible uses for the token?

Meowsie: Once we reward our users with more of our native tokens it would lead to increased circulating supply , leading to inflation, I can cite a few projects having this particular issue.

Our model ensures that a percentage of our tokens are removed from the circulating supply with each transaction .

D. | Satoshi Club: how this passive income will be work? do users just need to hold tokens and thus they will able to earn BNB?

Mary | Satoshi Club: Where will you get BNB to pay rewards?

Meowsie: Yes please!

So there’s is 6% tax per transaction

2% goes to providing liquidity

4% is used to buy BNB and distribute to holders of MKAT weekly

Mary | Satoshi Club: Nice model! Hope it will work perfectly!

Thank you for your answers! Ready to jump to the next question?

Meowsie: We are almost certain it will

Yes please!

Thank you

Q4 from Telegram user @surendra040

One of the best features I have seen on your project is anti- pump — dump- exit whales . How does this works ?In the other hand how will you make sure your anti pump — dump — Exit whales will prevent to attract large investors and get on your project ? What are your plans to attract new investors and grow your projects in the long run?

D. | Satoshi Club: btw dev’s wallet also will collect rewards from all transactions?

Meowsie: Yes the anti pump — dump is put in place to checkmate pumping and dumping of MKAT however whales deem fit.

So all buy/sell transactions greater than 0.1% per transaction of the supply would be rejected . If whales want to buy , they can still buy multiple times and get appropriate tax too

We also have an NFT generator to be released in 3rd quarter, where users will be able to mint NFT backed by real world product, while I can’t provide much information on it right now, but I promise it’s going to be a game changer

Meowsie: Yes, Devs can also collect their BNB. This is an incentive to keep us working hard and creating a long term project.

D. | Satoshi Club: thanks for the answers!

Q5 from Telegram user @imwiiw27

One of the exciting features of Moonkat is the Moonkat NFTs, and the superb use case enables all kitty lovers to mint unique NFTS for their pets, print and wear on their cats. These Cards can be further traded on the platform. So can you tell us how this NFT works? And how will you promote this NFTs to the kitty loverz? And Do you have any particular organization for the charity?

Meowsie: While the NFT generator is still in the Testing phase ,

Every MKAT holders will be able to create an NFT token backed by a real-world product featuring their art, meme or logo . The NFT generator allows you to create over 20 different products such as: T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and many, many more!

Thanks to our generator, we will be able to easily create real NFT collections for our community.

More developments would be updated in your community

D. | Satoshi Club: thanks! i want to ask question about security of your project. did you pass any audits? if not, do you plan to do so, before the launch?

Meowsie: We have an ongoing full audit & publishing with Tech Rate, should be available before the presale

D. | Satoshi Club: nice

will your NFTs appear on Binance NFT marketplace?

Meowsie: It will tradable on any binance smart chain market place

Mary | Satoshi Club: That’s great

D. | Satoshi Club: [

Sticker ]

Q6 from Telegram user @sofiaisla

On your website you mention the Kitty Foundation and talk about the harsh treatment poor kittens receive around the world, especially the physically deformed ones. Will this foundation offer any other services to help kittens in this situation besides donations? And regarding donations of funds that will go to different feline charities around the world, could you tell us when you plan to do this? Could MoonKat users help raise funds for the Foundation? If so, how can they participate?

Meowsie: We believe making it voluntary to the MoonKat community , cash donations can be easily sent to partner organizations and they’ll channel the funds how they want to

So, will you donate or you want your community to donate themselves directly to partner organisations?

simba: We will have a collection Wallet which funds will be sent weekly to partner organisation with proof of transaction published weekly

Mary | Satoshi Club: Gotcha!

Thank you for your answers!

D. | Satoshi Club: that’s fair

Mary | Satoshi Club: And now we came close to the live part of our AMA

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from telegram username @jasontr4

Does your project support staking program?if yes. how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform?

simba: We don’t have a lock up staking model, you only need hold and claim your BNB Rewards weekly from the DApp on our platform

Q2 from telegram username @vedamatrix

With the NFT generator can we only create Kitty NFT’s or is it allowed to create other NFT’s too?

Meowsie: Hi

No you can create other NFTs too

Not just kitty centric items.

over 20 different products such as: T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and many, many more!

Q3 from telegram username @Mjwillameee

Questions deleted by user

Meowsie: We have an audit in progress with Tech rate. Should be available before the presale .. kindly stay glued to our platform for more details

Q4 from telegram username @Mclyeree

Questions deleted by user

simba: Our smart contracts have been compiled by the latest and most secure Version available. We also intend to partner with top cyber security firms in the coming days.

Q5 from telegram username @cryptoneco

Is there a minimum amount of tokens $MKAT holders must hold to receive $BNB? Why did you adopt this kind of model, won’t you use the STAKE mechanism?

simba: No minimum amount, Every holder is eligible and our model is more safe and secure compared to regular staking model

Q6 from telegram username @nitrogenpower

On your website it says you need to connect wallet to use metamask. Why metamask and isn’t it possible to use other wallets?

simba: Metamask is for the demo, other wallets will be compatible at release.

Q7 from telegram username @Cryptoo347

#MKAT team has made it clear that they are in no way a meme token. But chances are high that the Project can be misunderstood as one. Though it’s very clear from the white paper, what are the main points the Team think that makes the MoonKat project an unique one and distinguishes from other meme projects !?

simba: 1)We believe we can provide a much better user experience and utility through our DApp and make it easier for main stream adoption of Defi

We also have our NFT Generator coming in Q3: 20% of the earning will be added to the reward pool while 30% will be used for buy-backs that will be burned.

2) compared to other meme like projects we have been able to reduce our tax to a moderate 6% since we have other revenue models alligned in the near feature .

Q8 from telegram username @NicoNicoNamo

Your vesting policies is great i know, but this thing is like a handcuff to your investors. You want our full trust on this and we will but can you give us some key points why we can trust you with our investments?

simba: It’s not an handcuff, it’s rather a gift, if you thinking long-term and going through our AMA recap and checking our traction this far, should give you all the key points to make your decision.

Q9 from telegram username @Arisabela

I saw you’ll be doing an upcoming pre-sale on June 10th, and there will be 30 posts for whitelist just for influencers with more than 4k followers from Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, Tiktok and Reddit. This sounds a bit exclusive since most crypto users are not influencers, why give this benefit to them first? Will there be a fair whitelist opportunity for others?

simba: The 30 slots is less than 5% of the entire whitelist, so everyone has a fair chance, it’s not exclusivity, it’s just Marketing with leverage

Q10 from telegram username @Alika061

Where can I get the latest information, what social media can I follow to get the latest #MoonkatFinance information?


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Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

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