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MyCointainer x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from the 5th of April

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from MyCointainer and our guest was . The AMA took place on the 5th of April.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $500

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&WebSite

Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with MyCointainer! Welcome to Satoshi Club

Greetings, dear Satoshi Club community!

Today our guests are @BartoszPozniak @yrmnh

Pleasure to meet you all

Hi Satoshi Club! Excited to join this AMA session!

Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club

How’s going?

Fantastic. We’re very glad to be hear and thank you for invitation.

Nice to e-meet you guys


Happy to hear, let’s start our AMA

Let’s start with the introduction to warm up.

Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & MyCointainer. Tell us please about your position in MyCointainer

Sure. I’ve been in crypto since 2016–17 and in building digital products since nearly 15 years. Always wanted to help people ‘use’ their products better and saw this opportunity in PoS coins back in the days.

You are early bird

It was really difficult to earn reward so I thought I’d combine my Proudts skills and crypto and that’s how MyCointainer started… a lot of new people needed a simple place to earn from PoS coins and that’s how we started. Right now I’m mainly focused on Product and Managing Company as a CEO and CPO

Yuri Romanyukha

Head of Sales at

Having 10+ years of experience dealing with B2B Sales and process automation. Last year I’ve meet Bart and since that time building here the B2B story.

MyCointainer is a great example of company that building traction results organically since 2018 with trusted customers and partners.

Is your project young? When did you start to build it?

Great background

We started late 2018, December.

Also we would like to know more about your team. Who is on the project team core?

We have 67 employees

With 9 executives

Team is completely distributed globally

Not bad

Is your team anonymous?

A lot of people that got into the crypto very early too, many with strong technical and financial background.

Not at all. I think you can search LinkedIn and many of them will be seen there.

Tell us please about the benefits of MyCointainer. How is it different from others?

That’s a great question

Give us a brief introduction to the project. What is the essence of MyCointainer

In short what we try to focus on are three pillars:

– simplicity and user experience

– high yields

– many ways to earn

We believe in comparison to many platforms out there we certainly stand strong in those areas and it’s only a beginning for us. Better UX, higher yield and more ways to earn this year coming!

MyCointainer ( is a platform that enables customers to stake cryptocurrencies and tokens without any hassle. Users can start with as little as 1 EUR and have their pick from more than 100 digital assets, including Polkadot, Cardano, and Elrond

You choose right way


Essentially our vision for the company is very clear: we want everyone to gain easy access to earn yield from many crypto protocols. We think that this will greatly accelerate adoption when people realise the potential.


Thanks for great introduction, we will have several questions selected for the Part 1. Ready to start?

Let’s do it

Q1 from Telegram user @captainprice111

What does a user need to be rewarded on MyCointainer, how much do I need to invest to start MyCointainer? How can a user create a passive income portfolio through the MyCointainer project, do you offer training materials such as passive income training or scholarships to your users? How will amateur users understand MyCointainer and convey their investment portfolio, does a user need to have crypto knowledge or software knowledge to use MyCointainer?

A lot of good questions . Essentially MyCointainer was designed with a new user in mind, however it can be used by advanced users alike. There are two simple ways to earn rewards:

1. Deposit and earn instantly

2. Exchange and earn instantly

For deposits the minimum amount is as little as 1 EUR (for some coins this minimum can be a bit higher). For the exchange itself you can start with minimum 10 EUR. In short users’ funds are allocated to various staking protocols where such rewards are generated. There are tones of guides on our Insight blog: You can also find nice videos For newcomers we offer one stop shop to manage their investment assets; mainly PoS coins. As with every crypto assets users should do their own research to make investment decision. Though, when they make up their choice to invest in a given coin we want to simplify their experience as much as possible to be able to do so.

How easy is to withdraw funds? Is your platform available for all countries or you have some restrictions?

We do have restrictions on several countries as we operate a regulated platform. It’s a simple as making a request and it will be processed. There could be obviously some extra security checks to ensure overall safety on the users funds.


Thank you for your answers! Ready to proceed?

Anytime , let’s keep the ball rolling

Q2 from Telegram user @meml97

It caught my attention that when it comes to MyCointainer, I saw that there will be an exceptional feature called “My Cointainer POWER”, can you give us more details about it? I saw that it will help those users tht want to avoid percentage fees, but how exactly will My Cointainer POWER will work in order to help them avoid fees? Also, what kind of other things will My Cointainer POWER allow users to do on the platform that other users won’t be allow to? Most importantly, what do users need to do if they want to fully enjoy My Cointainer POWER? How can they use this feature?

POWER is already working since over 2 years. In short it allows users to skip all the platform fees and get amazing benefits that we constantly work on and improve; including extra tokens from partners that we collaborate with. In order to get POWER you can visit: and pay with FIAT or crypto via MyCointainer Wallet. In the future we plan on to add even more benefits and higher yields to subscribers.

For fiat payments users need KYC verification?

Not to buy POWER, since it’s consider a subscription product, like any subscription for that matter.

Super, so, everyone can enjoy!

Thanks for your clarification and clear answers


You’re welcome

Thank you for your answers! Ready to go to the next question?

Can’t wait

Q3 from Telegram user @ysasoma

Could you please share information about MyCointainer wallet, give us a list of tokens and coins that we can store and use, also tell us how you guarantee that your wallet is secure and transparent, tell us a little bit about its unique features and last but not least, I read on twitter that after an in-depth analysis, it has been decided that #BitGreen coin will be removed from #MyCointainer platform, so how do you guarantee that this kind of events will not happen constantly and that if they happen you will always have enough liquidity for all your users to get their money back?

The list is very long, we lost the count after 50 added coins. Right now there should be close to 100 assets that you can stake and earn rewards. All of them they can be found here: 3 years of our platform constantly running and not a single breach in our wallet infrastructure speaks for itself. This year we will also add extra insurance and do audits to ensure safety. BitGreen case it’s not an unusual example; every single platform monitors the progress of blockchains that they are integrated with. When a given project is not following good practices, team leaves or the blockchain is buggy then we decide to remove it from the platform. We always give enough notice to people so that they can react accordingly and withdraw the funds in a timely manner.

If a project wants his coin to be listed on your platform what does it need to do? Do you require fee for listing?

We have a dedicated part on MyCointainer website for coin developers. Simply they can visit this link:, write to us by clicking “Get in touch” and we discuss collaboration. As for the fees it depends from the deal structure; sometimes we do charge listing fees, sometimes we don’t. The fees are and can be adjusted but we always expects from partners to deliver various extra benefits for our community such as airdrops or big giveaway pools.

Thanks for your great answers


Are you ready for the next question?


Q4 from Telegram User @ghostofcharmeleon

Hello, the MyCointainer team.

In the company information, you indicate that you successfully conducted a seed round to raise funds and made an excellent cash receipt. You are also going to launch your native token. In this regard, I have a question. At the seed round, did investors and funds buy tokens or invest on some other contractual terms? If they bought tokens, what was the price for them? How many private rounds do you plan to hold before the public sale round?

The 6 mln USD Seed round was an equity sale of MyCointainer company. This year however, we will be releasing our whitepaper that aims to revolutionise borrowing and lending and for that we will be making private token sale. As for the moment we aim to do so at the end of Q2. We’re super excited about it. In fact it will not be tied to MyCointainer platform itself. Everyone in the crypto space will be able to connect to it and use it, including centralised Businesses & Institutions.

Who are your investors? Can you name them?

excellent result

Sure ByBit, Shima Capital, MapleBlock… around 10 institutional and 6 angles participated.

You can find the full list on our homepage:

in one of the section

Familiar names! Great job, guys!

Thank you for your answers! Ready for the next question?

Is there a necessary for user to pass KYC?

I can make a bit of a spoiler here… first time we would publish this info. The answer is both yes and no. It will be anonymous but with option to do KYC. Details matter a lot here as with every well structured project. I think we will release a new protocol to the space, so I hope it could be a good contribution for everyone.

Hope you dont’ mind me to sound too cryptic but we feel that that part can resolve current mandatory requirement of a collateral

It makes sense

We here at Satoshi Club are very fond of secrets

Haha I bet, when do you release info who’s the real Satoshi ?

This secret behind seven locks

Ahaha, when we will get his permission

All right we wait patiently…

Thanks for your great answers

when the last block of bitcoin is mined, we will be able to open this secret

Ready to proceed to the next question?

please go ahead

Q5 from Telegram User @ProwGrowl

MyContainer is also bringing a crypto cashback through the EarnBack extension with up to 50% cashback in cryptocurrency. Please tell us when the extension is expected to be ready for the public? How does the cashback % are being earned? Is it when buying crypto or any other goods and services using crypto? Have you already a portfolio of partners where it will be possible to trade with the cashback? Thank you.

Yes. This is yet another step towards maximising rewards for our community. It’s only a beginning of our strategy for 2022. For now we expect Cashback to be released early May in beta. If you want to know more you can sing up to our dedicated updates list here: At the start over 10,000 stores will be supported. When you buy on any of them you will receive a Cashback. It doesn’t matter if you pay in crypto or FIAT. You will always get crypto cashback directly to your wallet in MyCointainer. What is even more exciting is that those funds will start compounding and get you extra staking rewards! We have a few prominent partners in crypto space to launch with us for the start, thought since the agreements are not yet finalised we would prefer not to reveal more info. More secrets again 🙂

Thanks for your answer

Wow, that’s awesome! As it will be beta will be there any limitations?

Not really. We think community gives the best feedback (sometimes very harsh), but it’s the best way for us to battle test our new solutions.

True! You know how to gain community support

Thank you for your answers! Ready for the 6th and last question from this part?


Q6 from Telegram User @NataliyaKil

In your Telegram channel, I discovered the ability for MyCointainer users to report bugs they encounter on your platform. Tell me, do you have a Bug Program, will the user be rewarded for the work done, who has compiled a bug report? What other initiatives and motivational programs can the user use on the MyCointainer platform to receive rewards or passive income?

Yes we do reward people very often. Most of the suggestions & bug reports are processed directly via our support. As for the other ways to earn you should constantly watch our Twitter, and other social media; we do a lot of giveaways with our partners constantly. In the past we did it with Waves, Cartesi, NEM and the list goes on. Also, our exchange is not only very useful (it connects to over 10 exchanges to get you the best rate), but also every time you make an exchange we gift you with a random coins. It’s part of our general strategy to reward people every time they participate in our ecosystem.

Nice rewards!

Thanks for this amazing first part of AMA

Thanks, great questions.

Thank you for this amazing first part! Before live part will start could you please share your social media, so we won’t miss any updates





There are few more you can find on our website in the footer

Thanks for sharing!

Are you ready for the live part?

Of course

Let’s go

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user

I personally use Binance platform for earning extra profits on my deposits,

Why should I look towards MyContainer Platform,What benefit it will give to me?

The 2 most important factors, maybe 3:

  1. You don’t have to lock your coins, we reward you daily. In Binance you must lock you coins if you wish to earn staking coins.
  2. We’re connected to over 10 exchanges if you wish to exchange your rewarding coins..
  3. By having many ways and applications build on top of staking this year, your rewards in MyCointainer will be incomparably greater than on Binance

Q2 from Telegram user

Crypto has changed the game. MyCointainer is a piggy bank that will make your money work for you.How will MyContainer make more money for me?

Combined rewards from many earning apps, compounded daily rewards, lower fees.

Q3 from Telegram user

How to become a Super Rewards partner? Could you please give some more information about the award distribution?

It’s clear if you are Coin Developer — we can even create a special program with listing of your coins and additional promo campaigns on the MyCointainer platform: please DM

Q4 from Telegram user

In recent information in Estonia, January 26, 2022, MyCointainer announced that it has raised $6 million in a seed round. Could you give us details of the successful event and what was the growth of confidence in your company?

Look I mean we were self-funded for nearly 3 years… I think this is super super rare in this space. We built a lot of things and delivered results without external funding. We were running a profitable business and then decided to go to investors and get seed round. The main objective is now to accelerate growth and create even more amazing product. We like that approach.

Q5 from Telegram user

Is MyCointainer for big investors? Or is it suitable for small investors to make a profit in the form of ‘bet’? min. or max. Is there a bet amount limit?

It’s suitable for both. What is paramount for us is to make the platform so easy that everyone on the globe can use it. If a new person that is coming to the crypto can easily stake and earn rewards then we think we succeded. Advanced users and big investors can use their own wallets to delegate funds directly to our nodes and validators, so that they are in charge of their funds.

Q6 from Telegram user

Can you provide the list of exchanges where the $NGM token can be purchased and the platforms where we can stake? @BartoszPozniak @yrmnh

Hello ! I think you can use any data provider like coinmarketcap or coingecko to show you if this token is listed on your favourite exchange. Though as I mentioned, when you buy NGM on our platform with embeded exchange we connect to those exchanges automatically under the hoo. In such case you don’t have to constantly search for best rates, move transfers around. We take care of all that and your funds stake at all times!

Q7 from Telegram user

I read that POWER allow users to skip platform fees and avail benefits that has benefits and is changed and improved constantly. What kind transactions then are you levying fees? Furthermore, how do I avail the MyContainer Wallet in order to pay dues here in crypto? How beneficial is the wallet?

Our strong hold is our team expertise in crypto stakin.

BIG UPDATE: we are planning to launch in Q2 our White-Label B2B stakin platform that will helps everyone from the fintech to enable stakin inside there products. This will be a game changer update

Q8 from Telegram user

Many new projects make a good impression at first but are suddenly abandoned. My question is, how will you manage the project and the token to get a position in the market and become the best project in the crypto world?

Well, this is obviously a challenge to every single project no question. As mentioned we’ve been self funded for over 3 years and we have not done a single ICO. We’re here for the long run and even our token roadmap will be for at least 3–4 years. Succesful project is very often a combination of great team, narrow deep expertise & focus mixed with high level thinkers and constant hard work. I think what we have managed to built, namely a MyCointainer ecosystem, it will serve as a good proof of what bigger can be done when now new investors and partners are on board.

Q9 from Telegram user

Hello Sir @BartoszPozniak I’ve read that you’ve been to crypto since 2016–17 and that you’ve built digital products for than 15 years now. With that long experience, can you please share us the undertakings have undergone before you established MyContainer project? What skills will you apply to make this project a success, just like what you have done in the past years of your crypto experience?

Sure, so I’ve spend substantial amount in various disciplines; design, product, tech, coding, management, investing, banking. I worked in a very small start-ups and large sized companies. You can find those easily on my LinkedIn profile.

Q10 from Telegram user

I noticed on your website that Businesses can use MyCointainer to run staking Nodes that will allow their customers to earn passive incomes and rewards. Can you tell us more about this? How will it be possible for businesses to use your services for running staking Nodes? What other advantages and features do you offer to said businesses and their customers in order to attract them to you? Also, what benefits does MyCointainer get from this?

Hello! Yes we didn’t talk about it much today, but hopefully at the end of this month we will be able to release beta to Business customers. Business Clients will be able to delegate their funds to our nodes or run their own nodes with our solution. It all depends of their preference. We have established a lot of partnerships with many projects and work with them closely. Our services will include 24/7 support, automatic upgrades, very high SLA and vast array of assets to chose from.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

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Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

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